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1. Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver) - Bocagrande

· 42 reviews

Edificio Nautilus (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cra. 2 ##9 145, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver): what do users think?
Wayne Jackson: It was very clean, professional and the staff was friendly. They responded quickly to my needs.
Denise Tilson: Good experience I made my trip solo staying at Holiday Inn Express across the street good hotel 6 nights $499 staff excellent. Doctors staff an doc also very good. I only wish I had done this 10 yrs ago an not waited till 63 yrs old. I cannot fight the aging process an when I look at my smile I feel younger. Anyone want more of my journey story get in touch with Claudia.Sincerely Denise 😊
Sept Alix: Dr. Oliver and his team are wonderful! I did extensive research before making the decision to travel to Colombia and had many reservations about why I should not go. Nonetheless, I can say it was definitely worth the trip and one of the best decisions I have made.Dr. Oliver is kind and does amazing work! The extensive amount of actual dental work I needed was handled well. I would recommend Dr. Oliver without hesitation for anyone seeking dental work in Colombia.Additionally, Carlos who was my driver most of the time was top notch he spoke fluent English, gave us information about Cartagena and checked on me often. The other drivers were also kind as well. I actually felt like they cared about my well being.Great job!!
Jessica Carter: It was a wonderful dental experience. They were very professional and willing to work with my hectic schedule. I can not say enough about this practice. I would come back, and absolutely recommend this dentist office!
Yatta: I had a appointment for teeth cleaning, received a warm welcome, got work done, satisfied with my results.
Lek Phomlavan: Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole process and was a little concern about my safety. But rest assure. They make sure you are informed about the process. The service I received was outstanding! Starting from the coordinator, the driver, and the assistant, all the way down to Dr. Julio and his staff. I highly recommend them.
Jo Sousa: Excellent site, Dr. Oliver is a true profesional, my dental work is incredible, very satisfied.
Cisco Cruz: Amazing place if you go ask for Angie ! She is amazing and fast
DW: Appointment was changed from 10 to 11 am but was not called in until 11:20. I was finished in 40 minutes with 3 applications for whitening. It did not change much at all. I was told it would not change much so there were no great expectations. It would take several more, I was told. I guess it is worth 100 USD
Jake Jones: Dr. Oliver and his entire team made the entire experience fantastic. One third the cost of my dentist in the USA, and way more pleasant. If you are on the fence about going, stop, make the appointment.
Katrina Llanos: Dr. Julio Oliver and his whole team are the best! I have anxiety about the dentist and they were great. Dr. Oliver made sure I wasn’t in any pain. He does great work. I feel like a whole person again. 10/10 would recommend!
Keith Knighton: The whole staff was wonderful especially Angie, Dr oliver is the man if you want a beautiful smile for a good price visit him you won't be disappointed.
michael mallon: I had a good experience with dental tourism, they cleaned and gave me a filling very effectively and professionally and my tooth ache is gone
Chantelle B: I just want to say this was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I’ve had numerous dental encounters. They are attentive, they respond quickly and the work is amazing. Not only is your dental experience great but from pick up at the airport to drop off you are taken care of. My favorite part is they always ask me to text them when my flight lands safely. Dr Oliver and his team did an amazing job on my teeth and gave me not only my smile back but my confidence back. P.S. I got a implanted bridge on my upper front teeth. I was missing 4-5 teeth.
Marta Nazzar: Dr Julio Oliver is very talented and really cares about his patients. He spent a lot of time with me and was extremely patient. My results were amazing! I would definitely recommend him! He is bilingual and his staff as well.His office staff are very professional and friendly. His office is beautiful, immaculate and all equipment is state of the art. I highly recommend him.
megan garrett: Dr Julio is highly recommend he’s great at what he does.
Corrin Watson: Dr. Julio Oliver literally helped rebuild my confidence. Other dentists told me nothing could be done to restore my smile and Dr. Julio proved them wrong! Everyone I encountered throughout my experience was extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely love my smile and forever grateful! He's the best!
Eye Of Heru: “One of the best decisions of my life”.Let me start of by saying I have been scared of the dentist my whole life, so I did intensive research with a feeling of fear, once I got ahold of dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver the feeling of fear suddenly went away. From the dental coordinator Ms.Claudia to the dental assist Ms. Angie everything went beyond excellent. All my questions were answered in a timely fashion before I even decided to choose them so that speaks volumes to what a great dentistry this is. Once I booked my flight everything went as smooth as possible. The driver Carlos, who picked me up from the airport when I arrived was awesome. Safety wasn’t an issue, as I felt as safe as could be. I was not expecting everything to go as smooth as it did, especially going into another country for dental work. I’m gonna just say this it greatly exceeded my expectations. Just the price alone made it all worthwhile then u add that on with the hospitality of the people, the beautiful country that I never been to, was just a bonus like getting a 2 for 1. Dr Julio Oliver I can’t even begin to say enough about this guy, if u could give a a person 10 stars this guy deserves it. Let’s just say I needed major dental work. After having gold teeth for about 16 years I didn’t know what to expect. Man once I was in his presence I knew I was gonna be well taking care of. Not only did it not hurt that much, but the attention to detail, the precision and patience was on point from the Doctor Julio Oliver. In the US I would have paid at least 4 times more then what I paid here in Colombia the quality was if not better then the US so that alone was just a win win situation. Unlike some other Dentist on social media Dr Julio Oliver did not and doesn’t have to sell the fluff, his reviews on google speak for itself. I recommend anyone that has to have a lot of dental work done consider dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver, him and his team are A+. The trip, the people, the price made it all worth while. Thank u very much Dr Julio Oliver and dental tourism of Colombia.
Bill Hufstader: My visit with Dr. Oliver was received graciously and professionally.My transportation was provided to and from the clinic and my evaluation was prompt and clearly explained. He suggested that the advised treatment of my home dentist was premature and presently unnecessary at this time. His honesty and professionalism convinced me that I can trust this clinic to serve in my best intersests. Thank you Dr. Oliver; I will be back.
Raquel Ritz: Communication was excellent. Easy to set up appointment over website. Staff were very friendly. Dr. Julio Oliver was extremely professional. The implant procedure was fast and painless.
Ed Gaynor: Whilst visiting Cartagena, contacted the team to check availability for a clean and teeth whitening. Helpful, good advice and excellent results. Would come back to Cartagena for a repeat appointment. English speaking.

2. Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Tarsys Loayza Roys - Bocagrande



· 69 reviews

bocagrande avenida 3 # 6-128 edificio centro de negocios 204, Cra. 3, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Tarsys Loayza Roys: what do users think?
Malan Sane: I found this clinic trough my friend who found it by total hasard....I was impressed by their kindness.. I was well received.. what struck me the most was the devotion of Dr. Loayza ... she even scolded me. first, I had a bridge because I was missing a front tooth... result of the work: if you don't know, you won't notice it.. I came back for crowns.. I left satisfied.. .so far I wonder if it's me in the mirror...good experience..I highly recommend this clinic
jesus muñoz: Thank you very much Excellent service, Dr. Tarsys Loayza, it's good to have the human quality when it comes to providing your work and your professionalism and dedication, continue with your disposition, what a pleasure to be able to enjoy what you do.
FREDY RICARDO SERRANO TOYO: Excellent patient service; personalized attention with the best prices on the market. Do not hesitate to ask for your budget, the best 👌
Elena Perez: Good morning ☺️ Success to you, always paying very good attention in constant search for excellence
Tarsys Loayza Roys: guarantee excellence and high quality. The place is exceptional. Excellent
Luis Lopez: Best dental office to come to. Dr. Loayza is an excellent Dr. with great bed side manner. Has changed my life.
MINTAKA HOTEL: excellent service
Karina Gonzalez: Dr. Tarsys cleaned my teeth and I was amazed at the kindness ofher team, is incredible! I will definitely be back for more procedures.
Dayana Guerrero: Excellent service
Rafael Freile: Excellent attention. The best Doctor in oral cleaning 🤩
maria lopez arnedo: I recommend Dr. Tarsys Loayza for her excellent work and dedication to her patients!
Evenide Paredes: Excellent cleaning Doctor, recommend your work
Erick Acevedo: Good service and very good kindness.
ana pecas: Me encanta y la recomiendoMi vida y mi sonrisa cambio
Franklin Rivera: Excelente
Yohan Estevan Murillo Romero: Es exelente
Katerine Lopez arnedo: I thank God for putting Dr. Loayza in my path, she is an angel who changed my life and gave me a beautiful smile
Concepcion Santamaría torres: Excellent doctor very nice facilities all super clean divine
bertha sofia: Very good facilities good attention very good and work very good doctor
richard batista martinez: Nice facilities and very professional
María Fajardo Berrio: Excellent doctor very good service super guaranteed facilities in perfect condition att María God bless you

3. Cartagena English Speaking Dentist - La Matuna

· 20 reviews

Calle 34 C.C Comercios La Matuna, Oficina 204, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Cartagena English Speaking Dentist: what do users think?
Jane Greenup: Dr Rodriguez has given me my dream smile! A true artist...but also a dentist, Dr Rodriguez is both skilled and talented.I immediately started receiving compliments from strangers after my veneers were completed. "You have perfect teeth!" "Your smile is glowing!" "You look amazing!"My only wish is that I had fixed my smile sooner lol.Thank you, Winnie!! You're amazing!!
Fern f: As a digital nomad, I often have to get my dental problems seen to abroad and am very wary in doing so in case service isn't of a good standard, there is a miscommunication or I get ripped off. Dr.Rodriguez provided top-class service, was friendly and comforting. I found the price very reasonable and am happy with the result.
Hannah Woods: About a year ago, I got composite veneers done by Dr Rodriguez. She is a very kind person who is committed to your satisfaction, and her English is excellent. She wound up putting in perhaps twice as much time as expected on my veneers to correct something that I was unhappy with. She really takes pride in the quality of the results.I am very satisfied with the results, considering the price I paid.To tell a more complete story:Before my trip to Colombia, I contacted a few dentists in Cartagena who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, asking for prices and information about coming in for gum trimming, whitening, and composite veneers for my maxillary incisors (the top 4 front teeth). One of them quoted a price above my budget for just composite, another insisted on up-selling to porcelain veneers (more than double the price) and wouldn't talk to me about composite at all despite advertising it on their website. Dr Rodriguez replied very fast and offered a really reasonable price for my veneers. She set up 3 appointment dates (if I remember correctly) for the whole process - whitening, gum trimming, and veneers. For some background about the condition of my teeth: they are in good health, but naturally are a little small, and also had some coffee staining that contrasted sharply with some white fluorosis spots on the front. So my goals were to conceal the white spots and to have teeth that were a bit longer - reducing the amount of visible gums in my smile.Dr Rodriguez was very good at keeping me updated about what was going on and answering my questions about the procedures.After talking about my options for the veneers, we decided it would be best to do my canines as well, and she kindly offered adding them at a discounted rate.On the third day when we completed the veneers, there was a bit of a complication with the color of composite she used to mask my fluorosis spots - she had my satisfaction in mind trying to use a combination of colors to evenly mask the uneven color of my teeth - but the result was something I was uncertain about. At this point my teeth already looked much better than they had naturally, and Dr Rodriguez managed to give me veneers without even having to do any abrasion to my teeth - my teeth are completely intact under my veneers! - which really assuaged most of my fears about the risks involved in the decision to get veneers. So, Dr Rodriguez recommended I take a day or two to get used to them and see how I feel and let her know if I want it fixed. In general, I felt like my new teeth looked amazing! but after 2 days I still felt like if I went back home with this slight color mismatch in my front teeth I would regret it. So I texted Dr Rodriguez and she had me in the office immediately the next day to redo the tooth, she expressed that even she felt like the results were not up to her standards and that she wanted to fix it. She spent several hours remaking my front teeth, and they look great. I was very impressed with her professionalism and perfectionism - she really wants the job to be done right. She also included a night guard and whitening gel and trays at no extra charge. A year on they look the same as they did then I got them. My only problem is that a couple of my teeth had a little bit of edge that was imperfect and needed to be polished a bit more. I can see how it would be easy to miss, though, since composite veneers are built onto the teeth instead of polished and perfected before application. So, I would recommend that if you get composite veneers, to double check that you are satisfied that they are thoroughly smooth before leaving so you can avoid needing any corrections.
Ashley Gee: super super recommend Dr. Rodriguez. She is honest, personable and excellent at explaining her work! Clean office and very professional atmosphere!Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!
Robert Cantu: Spectacular from start to finish and beyond! Professional service, excellent communication, experienced craftsmanship, competitive pricing, a wonderful experience that will not find in the USA. I could not have asked for a better result!Grinding my teeth down over the years caused major neck and jaw pain + extreme tension within my head muscles. I needed a permanent solution to to restore proper function, which included 21 crowns + 4 root canals, + one molar implant. I had my temporary crowns for about one month (which I was VERY happy with), and then I returned to get my permanent crowns which are designed in a high-tech laboratory. WOW! The permanent crowns look extremely natural, and more importantly, my new teeth have alleviated the pain that I had. Yes, it is absolutely more than worth it to travel down here to get any dental work completed.
Gary Watson: I would not recommend this dentist unless you couldn't afford anything else. I visited her 4 times, once to replace a 20 year old veneer that had come off, the one she put on lasted 7 days, I returned to have it repaired and the tooth beside redone so they matched, now months later I find the material used was not antibacterial and the teeth have a constant terrible smell that brushing doesn't fix and the color match is way off, they will need to be redone... But we're not finished, I also had a crown done, the temporary tooth put in while waiting for the original fell out that evening and when I went to have it fitted it was so badly molded it cracked during fitting. So they made another which I have now, it's oversized and interferes with the upper teeth, it will also need replacing. Don't get me wrong, she's a very nice person and speaks perfect English but when your dentist says to you "I think you care more about your teeth than I do" you really have think twice.
matt erland: One of the best dental experiences I’ve had. Dr Rodriguez was great. She was kind and personable and above all is a quality dentist. Did a wonderful job on my fillings and will fly down here anytime I need more work done. Can’t recommend her enough.
Jihe Seo: I got a root canal and a crown with Dr Rodriguez. She worked so precisely and thoroughly. No pain and perfect fit. She is indeed a perfectionist. Further, she is such a nice and lovable person. Her English is outstanding.
Mei Zondag: Dr Rodriguez provided us, a family of three, with excellent service. The treatments we received were thorough and painless. As we travel around the world full-time it was hard, especially due to Covid, to get dentist appointments. Hence we required a lot of work, including teeth cleaning, X rays, fillings and crowns. Dr Rodriguez went out of her way to accommodate us in the brief time we had available to get it all fixed. We are very happy with the end result and on top of the good service, it was also very affordable. We whole heartedly recommend Dr Rodrigues and the root canal specialist she used! Should we ever return to Cartagena I would not hesitate going back to this English speaking dentist. Communicating via WhatsApp made the whole process easy.
Miss Faith moore: Dr. Rodriguez is the best , she takes her time and also educate you about the procedure that your getting. I’m very Happy with the service I received
Emmet: She will observe you closly how you open your mouth, to see how the teeth can best fit you for best look and the teeth style you want. Happy and friendly but very hard working. Very skillful dentist perfectionist, and top cosmetic skills. She will give you all the attention and detail you need to get result you want. If your older i recommend consider the whiter shades for veneers because of translucency 😎Thanks for everything 🙂
Ronald Frechette: Dr Rodriguez did a great job at a reasonable price. She did a deep cleaning , repaired a cavity and composite veneer on my front teeth. Regular tv teeth now.
Wayne Boe: Worked with Dr. Rodriguez and her staff. They deserve more then 5 stars in all areas. Went there because of cost savings but came away more impressed with quality and Her concern and care for patients. I don’t normally write reviews but they definitely earned a great review. Traveled from Minnesota and would definitely do it again
Meek: I received excellent dental care from Dr Rodriguez. She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly who speaks proficient English. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great dental care services for reasonable rates in Cartagena. The office is located in downtown and their staff were kind and helpful.
Bullion Home Inspections: I am from the Nashville, TN area and I have been to the best dentists in the area. I was quoted an unaffordable price for three crowns and a night guard. I visited Dr. Rodriguez instead. She is the best dentist I have ever been to! She is a perfectionist and will keep working, until you are satisfied and everything is perfect. Her English is great and we had no problems communicating.Dr. Rodriguez will be doing ALL my major dental work from now on!
Mr. D: Highly recommended!! Everything I asked for. It was a pleasure Dr Rodriguez and I’m sure I’ll see you again. Thanks
Kob K: As a traveler that speaks English, I needed to find a dental clinic that can speak English. Hands down a fantastic dental clinic! Dr. Rodriguez speaks excellent English. She is a professional and a wonderful person. Anyone that needs to see an English-speaking dental clinic with care and attention to the patients, she is the one. You will not find many that can speak excellent English in Cartagena.I got two dental care done. Composition fill and cleaning.First, was the composition fill. For many years, my teeth was in pain. She stated the problems that there was a gap between my gum and teeth, and she fixed four teeth right away. The shape of the filling looks perfectly done. The whole process was painless and relaxing. By the end of the day, many years of pain was gone.Secondly, I got my teeth clean. My mouth felt fresh and clean. Relaxing process.The cost of getting both dental care done from her is absolute of great value. It’s affordable and fair. Contact her now!!! The clinic contact information is set up on WhatsApp as well to help better communication if you are unable to get a mobile phone in Colombia. Wifi is everywhere.Besides that, I needed to see Ophthalmologists for Lasik and Dr. Rodriguez went out of her way to find and call a couple of places. Then she recommended to me a great clinic called LAFAM in Barranquilla city. I got my eyes done and the whole process from start to finish was a success. And their price is a fraction of a cost compared to the USA that costs about USD 3,500.00.So far my traveling experience in Colombia so far has been amazing. People are warm and helpful. Don't forget to smile and have an open mind when you come. :)
Linda C: Excellent service and care! And she speaks English.
Felix: I had an emergency in my holidays, a massive gum abscess suddenly developing in my mouth - and since I do not speak Spanish, I was quite happy to find Dr. Rodriguez.She was very responsive and gave me an appointment as soon as I was in Cartagena. She really took time for me, over 1h to consult me, do an x-ray, walk me through the possible next steps, explain me the relevant medication necessary and even researched the price of the medication so I do not get overcharged. Overall the process was very professional & pleasant. The medication was perfect as the abscess immediately started shrinking and is now basically gone one day after the consultation.5* dentist, would recommend.
Mark Roberts: I'm very fortunate to have found Dr. Rodríguez while traveling abroad from the US. I had a sudden sensitivity in my tooth which Dr. Rodríguez was able to address on the same day. She did an INCREDIBLE job communicating with me through WhatsApp, diagnosing the x-ray, and performing the procedure to replace a complicated filling. Dr. Rodríguez used all the same tools and procedures I am accustomed to in the US and was extremely meticulous and careful to address the problem permanently and walk me through each step. She gave no pressure to perform the procedure and shared the x-ray in case I preferred to have the procedure performed when I returned home. I'm glad I chose to do the procedure with Dr. Rodríguez and grateful to be pain free. Additionally her English is excellent and the price highly affordable. Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez!
Mama Bigs Fun: Both myself and my husband had deep cleanings today with Dr. Rodriguez. It was very helpful that she knows English. She was very thorough and professional. We were both happy, but my husband was extra happy because he could tell by looking, that his teeth were cleaner.

4. Matizz Dental Veneers - El Laguito

· 2 reviews

Cl. 4 ## 2-49 local 5, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Matizz Dental Veneers: what do users think?
Marilyn muñoz martinez: The best dentist in Cartagena
Valentina Triana Gonzalez: 100% personalized attention, excellent facilities, has a parking lot, my cleaning and bleaching are great
Server Minecraft: First class care, Dr. is an excellent specialist, my phenomenal results
Leider jose Castro: the best dentistry in cartagena
Albeiro Guerrero: Spectacular attention, it was the best experience at the dentist,
Patricia Diaz: I am very grateful for all the treatment, the doctor is a great person, my results are incredible, 100% recommended, spectacular dentist
Valentina Osorio: Excellent service, the dr is a specialist in Oral Rehabilitation, my daughter and I are happy with the results
Alejandro Ramirez Calvo: Clear process, super detailed consultation, excellent experience in dentistry, Dr. is very very professional
Aniston Sarmiento días: The best ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jaimelys Martínez: Easy location, Happy with the results
Fabricio Sanchez: I traveled from Florida to get my teeth done and my veneers were spectacular, Smile Makeover Cartagena fulfilled my expectations. Dr. Fanny thank you very much
Maria Isabel: One of the best experiences at the dentist, I had no pain, my teeth were very beautiful after the whitening
Claudia Masco: The best dentist in Cartagena. clear explanations, wonderful results
Diego Alejo: Smile makeover cartagena, offers quality and good treatment, the clinic is very beautiful
INSTINTO YT: The best Oral rehabilitator in Cartagena
Marcela Cadena: It was amazing, I recommend
Walterwilson Romantabares: State-of-the-art technology, quality, the zirconium crowns were perfectly adapted
barbara velasquez: quality dentistry
Andres c: I really liked my results from implants and crowns, I got a new smile, first class quality and service, excellent prices, perfect location, quality dentistry
darwin salazar: My design was phenomenal, the best dentistry in Cartagena
JOSE OCAMPO: Very comfortable facilities, the best dental service in the city of Cartagena

5. Centro de Implantes de la Costa By Julio Oliver Clinica Odontologica - Bocagrande

· 6 reviews

Cra. 2 ##9-145, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Centro de Implantes de la Costa By Julio Oliver Clinica Odontologica: what do users think?
Solomon White: Highly professional and excellent....better than Montoya. Price is half what Montoya charges
Jeff Verbois: Very professionalHad my teeth whitenedVery satisfied
Mike Greenberg: I needed extensive reconstruction of my upper row of teeth.My initial apprehension, quickly dissipated once Dr. GONZALEZ started the work . I was very comfortable in his expert hands.Dr. Gonzalez 's service exceeded my expectations.His office, his staff, professionalism, and expertise is equal to and exceedes my experiences in the States.If you need a lot of work done, don t hesitate!Stay at the Hampton Inn, it's the least expensive for an excellent no frills hotel with a great free breakfast. Only 400 feet from his office!Mike Greenberg
Mahmoud Assad: It took me few months and a lot of research and being skeptical about the whole thing. Finally I decided to go with Dr. Julio Oliver, and he did not disappoint!! He changed my entire smile in just few days and he couldn’t have done a better job. I will forever be greatful for what he did. The entire process was a breez. All the way from contacting Carlos who was very responsive and answered all my questions “which were a lot”. He also recommended me few hotels that were located few blocks away from the clinic.Once I reached Cartagena, dr. Julio was very welcoming and ready to get to work. He was very gentle, patient, and understanding of everything. In just 5 days he was able to give me the smile I’ve always dreamt about. I had 7 veneers and 4 unit bridge done, and whitening at the bottom. I will definitely be going back to get the bottom teeth done in the near future.
George George: Dr. Julio Oliver is a very gentle Dentist who I recently saw for filling repair in Cartagena while on vacation in February 2019. I had a lose filling that my Florida Dentist felt was not worth repairing and recommend root canal! When I went to Dr. Oliver, he looked at the X-rays and suggested repair of the filling using 3M composite. He took his time and was able to extract the old filling and replaced it gently with another one without any major drilling! I am very happy with his office staff, and beautiful large bright windows allowing in the Colombian sunshine! I stayed for some expert cleaning and whitening treatment with Angie who did an excellent job. The whole experience was very satisfying and priced reasonably. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional dentist in Colombia who practices at western standards! Sincerely, GT
santiago coronado: Excellent serviceEven when it's an emergency and you don't have an appointment

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