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1. Premium Care Plastic Surgery - Bocagrande

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Premium Care Plastic Surgery
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Address: Cra. 3 ##7-166 Local 9, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 312 5455569

Business type: Medical Center

Premium Care Plastic Surgery: what do users think?
Derek Negron: The entire experience was a great one - the communication, consultation, hospitality, operation, post-observation care, staff, surgeon, doctors, and facility are all five stars! I highly recommend!
Jacklina Polyakov: Absolutely amazing, there isn’t enough nice things that I can say about Premium Care.. They really take care of their patients and the accommodations are like no other; they even helped me get a nanny so I can enjoy a smooth recovery with my baby with me. I have sent my mom, husband and even came back for more surgeries. Daniella has been so attentive and responsive at coordinating and making sure that we are absolutely comfortable during our recovery period/stay. All of the nurses are so sweet and kind, I really connected with Lady, she’s extremely knowledgeable and gentle. I can confidently say that Dr.Alex & Dr. Carolina are masters at plastic surgery, and the results speak for themselves.
Fede B.: I am a Colombian living in the US. I had a major weightloss and unsightly excess body skin that did not allow me to enjoy the 100 lb loss. I give Dr. Campbell and Dra Restrepo a 5 star recommendation. I had surgery with them including a tummy tuck, liposuction and internal corset. Additionally they removed underarm fat deposits that would not retract. The transformation and look is amazing. Now 1 year later i still look and feel as great as I did the day of surgery. I stayed in their recovery suites and had absolutely the top care that you could not receive in the USA for less than $70k minimum for a 2 week stay. There is no doubt that they are the #1 premicum care provider in Las Americas.
Bailey Delbridge: I never write reviews and I had to write a raving review of the care I received from Premium Care. The entire process was very smooth and stress free starting with Pedro, my patient care coordinator. Pedro helped me every step of the way from arranging accommodations, drivers, billing, and recommending places for other cosmetic procedures during my stay. Dr. Campbell and his wife made me feel so comfortable with all the procedures and answered all my questions. Dr. Alex listened to exactly how I wanted my body to look and made recommendations for the best possible outcome. They are very personable. All the nurses were so sweet and caring from the moment you wake up from surgery. I specifically want to shout out Carmen. She came daily to give lymphatic massages. The first few after surgery were really painful, but she was so gentle and really took her time. I also loved Manuela! If you are thinking about plastic surgery go to Premium Care. You won't be disappointed!
Denises Pamela S.: I traveled from Texas to Cartagena for a breast augmentation on January 2023. I have nothing but great things to say about Premium Care. I’m currently 1 week post-op, but I’m loving my results. I was unsure on what size I wanted but during my consultation with Dr. Campbell he helped me by showing pictures of previous patients and come to a decision. The day of I was hesitant on the size that I picked because I wanted to go up. So before surgery, Dr. Campbell came to see me to go over the surgery and I told him I wanted to go more than the size I chose. He was very kind and said he will go up. After surgery, I was so happy with the size Dr. Campbell chose for me. He brought my vision to life.
Nyoka Robinson: The experience was unremarkable and perfect. Everyone was attentive, caring and kind. I felt safe Dr. Campbell and his wife were awesome. I travelled out of the country to go to Colombia on my own and every thing was arranged from airport pick to drop off. Fret not thy self, this is the place to go. I am a healthcare professional and let me tell you the service supersede my expectations, I am in all aspect. Everything was a 10/10 for me. I had done extensive research before going and trust me If you are looking for a safe place to be, look no further, this is it. You won’t regret it. I love my new look and I am just 3 weeks post op. The Doctors understood exactly what I wanted and that I got. How could I forget Pedro, Hannia, Miss Lopez, Diana, Vanessa, Alba, the lovely nurses. This is what you call recover in paradise in every sense. Thanks again everyone
Karina: After a couple of weeks of communication, I decided to set a date for my surgery, which will be August 12. Communication was excellent, but some things always get ignored, so I'm encouraged to write the review so that other people know all the expenses involved. Suppose you already have the quote for your surgery, and like me, you cannot stay in the recovery room that they offer because, due to the high demand, they do not have rooms available. In that case, you must rent a room in a hotel. In the recovery room that they offer, they only provide you with breakfast, and you must have a budget for your other meals, and it is the same if you go to a hotel. The hotels are between 95 or more per night, which is the same as they charge for their recovery room. I made my reservation but accidentally booked a hotel 1.7 miles from Bocagrande. So now I will have to pay for the transportation of the nurses and therapist to my hotel. I also have to pay for my transportation from the hotel to the clinic for my cures. I don't mind paying for my transportation because it is my responsibility. But paying for the nurse's and therapist's transportation does not seem fair to me. I wish they had explained all that to me when they told me they had no room in their recovery room and that I had to stay around. I think it is their responsibility to take care of the transportation of their nurses and therapist. The advisor told me not to worry that the therapist would go to where I was staying. But she left out that I would take care of her transportation according to "company policies." I hope another surprise charge doesn't turn up. I hope this can help you take into account all expenses when planning your surgery. I give them 3 stars for the lack of information.
skylar Carmona: After months of messaging and talking to different surgeons I finally found Premium Care. Im from the US and was nervous about coming to different country. So making the choice to start my search in local surgeons in the US and ending up with Colombia was because of the INCREDIBLE communication Ive had with the patient coordinator and the staff at Premium Care. Currently I'm 13 days post OP from a extended tummy tuck, breast implants,360 liposuction, arm lift and lip fat transfer. Ive had several surgeries in the US, and I've never received care like I have here. The doctors, the staff, the nurses, the recovery suits, EVERYTHING is incredible. The day after surgery i was up and walking, feeling great. They organized everything, they treated me like I was family and they genuinely cared about me. I honestly could not recommend them enough, this was the BEST medical experience of my life. Ive been actually exploring the city this week and going to the cafes with no trouble, thats how great I feel. And my results are INCREDIBLE. I had weightloss surgery in 2019, and at 28, i had a healthier body that I hated. 13 days ago I woke up with my dream body. And everyday it gets better and better. I wish I could express to this team and doctors how much theyve done for me. I will never forget this experience, I'll never look at medical care the same. Premium care has set the bar so high, I dont know that anyone will EVER measure up to what they provide.If you're thinking about coming here, DO IT.
Kara Messina: Do not walk, run to this place. I am in the medical field and have higher standards of care so I was really hesitant about going out of the country for cosmetic surgery. I had a thigh lift, arm lift, and breast lift - I could not be happier with everything.Dr. Campbell is American trained and board certified so there is nothing lost in translation with your expectations and what he and the other doctors will be doing. Most of the staff speak English and for when there is a little language barrier I just used Google translator.As a type A personality I was never left wondering where I needed to be or how I was to get there. The staff is always available via WhatsApp.A nurse will stay with you the first night after surgery, a nurse will come change your bandages every day, and they are always a text away if you have any concerns. No-one ever made me feel I was a bother and anything I needed or could have wanted was at my disposal.Also, spend the extra money and stay in the recovery suite. There is an attendant that is there every day from 6a to 3pm. They cook breakfast, which is included, and you can purchase lunch and dinner. I was there 2 weeks and my bill was under $200 for meals for me and my friend that was with me.I already booked my tummy tuck before I left.
Amanda Huntington: Durning quarantine I spent months researching different procedures and had a dozen zoom consultants to find the right Doctor. I had chosen a Breast Augmentation and Liposuction 360.On a mommy makeover facebook group Premium Care Plastic Surgery came up a few times. I was curious so I booked a consultant. Not thinking I would actually travel for surgery. But I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This place was special, you could tell right away.1st - the consultant with Dr Alex was to comfortable and not rushed. He took the time to listen to me, what I wanted and explained, in detail, how we could make it happen.2nd - after the consultant I was never bombarded with phone calls and text messages from pushy consultants.I was contacted by an extremely helpful associate named Pedro. He was never pushy and answered all my question. (There was a ton)I had narrowed my doctor choices down to two. One local and Premium Care.I ultimately chose Premium Care because The doctors are well educated and had amazing reviews, I saw dozens of thier patients on the private facebook group and I loved thier results. Plus, the only material they used for a BA is top of the line and would have cost a fortune locally.I also based my decision on the gorgeous recovery suite and after care you receive.With 4 kids at home, I would never have been able to the rest after surgery.With constant access to nursing care, and post-op massages in beautiful condo that overlooks the ocean, yes I definitely relaxed!The condos are in a gorgeous resort that is attached to a high-end mall and grocery store. Very convenient, and safe location right on the beach. I loved it!Honestly, I was taken care of from the consultant to current day. (4weeks post-op)I did run into an issue with a covid test needed to return home. This was completely my own fault. This forced me to extend my trip. I reached out to Pedro from Premium Care, and with in 15 minutes I was in a cab driving 30 minutes away directly to the lab. The cab driver stayed with me the entire time and interpreted with the lab to make sure I got the test that was required. This let me clean up the mishap in one day and not wait the 3-4 days that was customary. I am forever grateful for this. That alone was above and beyond.(Anyone traveling now won't have to worry about which kind of test they take, the rules have changed now.)The results!Oh my! I am soooooo happy. The BA size was ultimately left up to the doctor but I did give him an idea of what I was looking for.He picked the perfect size and shape to avoid a lift. They are gorgeous.The liposuction 360 is like a dream come true. The curves I have now make me getty. My confidence has shot up.This was the best gift I have ever given myself and I am so happy with the results.Again, I had an amazing experience with Premium Care plastic surgery. I can't say enough great things about them.I already have three friends who are planning thier own trips now. They wanted to wait to see how my experience was first.They didn't wait long and have already booked, lol.If you are looking for an amazing adventure, care, and results. Premium Care Plastic Surgery is the perfect place!
Wendy Nguyen: My sister and I we got back from Cartagena, Columbia. I have gotten the Mommy Makeover and my sister had the Tummy Tuck done. Dr. Campbell is absolutely excellent, the stuff is great. I definitely reccomend going here!
bernadette chrispin: I just came back from Cartagena . I had abdominoplasty and back lift surgery at Premium Care Plastic Surgery. I was amazed about the care I received. Premium Care exceeded my expectations. Dr Campbell and his wife are great. The entire staff is just amazing.What touched me the most is that Dr Campbell came to the recovery house for my last visit because it was a holiday, the office was closed and I was supposed to leave that day. I look and feel good. Now I am refering my friends to this place.
Jessica Hernández: I would look for someone else. Had lipo twice and found that this place was lacking in a lot. The first place i went to, i had focused on my stomach. I loved the results. This time i wanted to focus on my back. At premium care, they clearly tell you that if you are not happy with your results, that they will take care of the treated area again for free and you would only need to pay for the rented operating room they had at the time..... Literally one week after the surgery i told them i was not happy and she kept saying it was swelling. i knew it wasn't. It was very clear that she did not take out enough. At the consultation I was clear with what and how much a wanted removed, the doctor never told me that it was not going to be possible or that I was "dreaming" with the expected results. I wanted to remove all of my back fat and told her to focus on that. I also had my mid section done, but kept telling her to focus on my back. After the surgery she told me she did the opposite and didn't do what i asked. At the consultations she said it would look how i wanted and to not worry. "Don't worry" that's what she kept saying. I ended up hating that phrase because I felt she wasn't listening to me. As i mentioned, after the surgery I told her I wasn't happy and she said to wait a year. After the year I cam back to her and told her I would go back in a year to fix what she had not done. That's when all these excuses came up. Yes, i had gained some weight but nothing where it would have affected the area AT ALL. I promise this. The back fat was always there. She ended up telling me that i then needed to cut the skin (like a tummy tuck) and THAT would fix the issue. When I went to another doctor in the States, I told him what the doctor in colombia said and he said I was too young and my skin was very resilient and he didn't understand why she would recommend that. Long story short, the doctor did not honor what she said and three years on, here I am thousand of dollars out and the same exact results. I would also recommend you finding your own post-surgery masseuses as the one they had hired was really bad at their job and was only slightly caressing me instead of doing an actual massage. There are places around Bocagrande that specialize in this. I would have given high results because the place is very clean and i felt they were overall professional with how they treat you BUT the rest of the experiences were not good and therefore they deserve this rating so that they don't take advantage of anyone again.My advice is for people to be VERY clear and to get in writing with their signature what their guarantee is.
S H: The wife and I both went in for Liposuction, mainly around the midsection -The surgery results are absolutely great. And that is good for us.What is good for anyone curious about this location (especially from the US or traveling from elsewhere) is that the entire process was phenomenal. The price would be hard to beat on its own, especially taken into account the service. The location within the city, as well as the country itself is great and was easy to navigate and interact with people/locals.The staff speak and understand English fair to Perfect - so language barriers are not an issue. You never feel out of the loop, and the therapy following surgery is very nice although sometimes painful, but that is due to the fact that you are having elective surgery!Bear in mind it takes time to heal and see the results the way you want them. You may have panic attacks and doubt that your decision/investment was wise the week following surgery due to swelling/bruising - but this cannot be avoided here or anywhere else. We are both 2 weeks post surgery and are delighted with the results, which still have a ways to go as far as healing. Would recommend highly for anyone who intelligently decide plastic surgery is for them.
Marisol Gomez: I want to share my experience in premium care plastic surgery!!!!! I'm delighted!!!! With my new body!!!! The staff of the recovery suites are a love I miss them!!!! My surgery was on May 17, 2018 I had very low self-esteem now I am happy with the results the doctors do a very good job the very fine incisions are not noticeable I had a mommy makeover I in love with my new body!!!!! Thank you Carolina Restrepo and Dr Campbell you are the best doctors ever!!! I highly recommend them!!!!
Minnie Andrade: My experience at Premium Care Plastic Surgery was THE BEST care I’ve ever received. I am extremely thankful, I found the Premium care team online. After months of dedicated research, I knew this was the team to help me with my Mommy Makeover. From the moment of first contact via email their Coordinator Andrea was very helpful and always answered all my questions. Once I arrived to Cartagena, up until my departure everything was great! Even now with my post up emails 2 months later, they still provide exceptional customer service. All my questions were answered, all my nurses were amazingly sweet, supportive and courteous with me at all times. Dr. Campbell and Dra. Restrepo are very professional, kind and listened to all my concerns, questions and helped me be at ease especially the day of surgery. I highly recommend them and miss them all so much. They treated me as family and that is an experience I’ll never forget! Xo Minnie 3
LA (LA): Dr. Campbell and his wife doctor Carolina reputation speaks for itself please people do not listen to The Weasel bunch of lies from the pits of Hell. Dr Campbell and his wife r outstanding surgeons very trustworthy and they do very good work. I know someone who actually went to them and OMG what an amazing job did did I'm going in September and I'm looking forward to getting the work done. I just want to say to you people that are trying to sabotage their practice stopped because no one's going to believe you there reputation speaks for itself
MELISSA CROWDER: Love! Love! Dr. Campbell and his staff! I have been home now for about 3 weeks from having a tummy tuck, bbl, replacement of implants, and Lipo. I must say I miss the staff VERY much! They were amazing! I have never been so well taken care of ever in my life! They truly made you feel at home and part of their family! Nayiby was amazing! She made sure I was where I needed to be at all times, and even took me sight seeing! On day 3 I was at the mall next door shopping! Massages, nurses, house staff at the recovery suites... they were all so amazing, words just can not describe the care I received! I would do it all over again in a heart beat! I traveled alone from Texas and glad I did! Karen even took time out after surgery to call my husband to let him know how I was doing. If you are in search of plastic surgery, don't even consider anyone in the states! Come here it's AMAZING!! You will not be disappointed! I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me in this journey! Xoxo
Wissal Yassine: I came here recently (April 23-29) for a breast augmentation all the way from New York. I have been to many many doctors in New York and I was not pleaser by their work and I wanted the gummy bear implants more then anything which I can't get here because of the price range and I have to be 22 years old. I was doing research on doctors in Colombia and I came across premium care plastic surgery and decided to give it a go, I emailed them and spoke with them for months after receiving my quote and I was pleased by my quote but nothing caught my eye more then the doctors fantastic work. Shortly, I was contacted by the doctor himself and he had spoken to me and I started getting comfortable with him and the staff. After almost 1 year of being In contact and researching, I gave it a go! After I got to Cartagena, I had a driver waiting for me and brought me to my recovery suite and Nayiby had met with me and greeted me along with a nurse! My second day, I met with the doctor and ran errands before my surgery and I was so comfortable around them all even on my second day! Anyways, after my procedure I was completely happy and satisfied and no words can even begin to explain how thankful I am. Dr Alex Campbell really took my biggest insecurity away and boosted my confidence, just last month I hated my looks and now even while they're still healing, I love my looks. The implants look fantastic and sit on my chest so great because of his fantastic work. The nurses really were on top of everything, they took really great care of me... Virginia who does the massages, does an amazing job at facials and massage (got a facial while I was there) . Everyone in premium care was like a dream come true, even with their service! They own up to their words more then any other plastic surgeon place. They really care for their patients more then anything! I will be coming back for lipo and bbl and I truly can't wait! Dr Alex Campbell is going to be my dr going forward. The premium care plastic family really treat you like family 💕
Andrea V: Excellent doctors and facilities, very attentive, helpful staff
Pedro Muvdi: excellent facilities, great team and excellent doctors!

2. Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver) - Bocagrande

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Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver)
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Address: Edificio Nautilus (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cra. 2 ##9 145, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (201) 614-3272

Business type: Cosmetic dentist

Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver): what do users think?
Wayne Jackson: It was very clean, professional and the staff was friendly. They responded quickly to my needs.
Denise Tilson: Good experience I made my trip solo staying at Holiday Inn Express across the street good hotel 6 nights $499 staff excellent. Doctors staff an doc also very good. I only wish I had done this 10 yrs ago an not waited till 63 yrs old. I cannot fight the aging process an when I look at my smile I feel younger. Anyone want more of my journey story get in touch with Claudia.Sincerely Denise 😊
Sept Alix: Dr. Oliver and his team are wonderful! I did extensive research before making the decision to travel to Colombia and had many reservations about why I should not go. Nonetheless, I can say it was definitely worth the trip and one of the best decisions I have made.Dr. Oliver is kind and does amazing work! The extensive amount of actual dental work I needed was handled well. I would recommend Dr. Oliver without hesitation for anyone seeking dental work in Colombia.Additionally, Carlos who was my driver most of the time was top notch he spoke fluent English, gave us information about Cartagena and checked on me often. The other drivers were also kind as well. I actually felt like they cared about my well being.Great job!!
Jessica Carter: It was a wonderful dental experience. They were very professional and willing to work with my hectic schedule. I can not say enough about this practice. I would come back, and absolutely recommend this dentist office!
Yatta: I had a appointment for teeth cleaning, received a warm welcome, got work done, satisfied with my results.
Lek Phomlavan: Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole process and was a little concern about my safety. But rest assure. They make sure you are informed about the process. The service I received was outstanding! Starting from the coordinator, the driver, and the assistant, all the way down to Dr. Julio and his staff. I highly recommend them.
Jo Sousa: Excellent site, Dr. Oliver is a true profesional, my dental work is incredible, very satisfied.
Cisco Cruz: Amazing place if you go ask for Angie ! She is amazing and fast
DW: Appointment was changed from 10 to 11 am but was not called in until 11:20. I was finished in 40 minutes with 3 applications for whitening. It did not change much at all. I was told it would not change much so there were no great expectations. It would take several more, I was told. I guess it is worth 100 USD
Jake Jones: Dr. Oliver and his entire team made the entire experience fantastic. One third the cost of my dentist in the USA, and way more pleasant. If you are on the fence about going, stop, make the appointment.
Katrina Llanos: Dr. Julio Oliver and his whole team are the best! I have anxiety about the dentist and they were great. Dr. Oliver made sure I wasn’t in any pain. He does great work. I feel like a whole person again. 10/10 would recommend!
Keith Knighton: The whole staff was wonderful especially Angie, Dr oliver is the man if you want a beautiful smile for a good price visit him you won't be disappointed.
michael mallon: I had a good experience with dental tourism, they cleaned and gave me a filling very effectively and professionally and my tooth ache is gone
Chantelle B: I just want to say this was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I’ve had numerous dental encounters. They are attentive, they respond quickly and the work is amazing. Not only is your dental experience great but from pick up at the airport to drop off you are taken care of. My favorite part is they always ask me to text them when my flight lands safely. Dr Oliver and his team did an amazing job on my teeth and gave me not only my smile back but my confidence back. P.S. I got a implanted bridge on my upper front teeth. I was missing 4-5 teeth.
Marta Nazzar: Dr Julio Oliver is very talented and really cares about his patients. He spent a lot of time with me and was extremely patient. My results were amazing! I would definitely recommend him! He is bilingual and his staff as well.His office staff are very professional and friendly. His office is beautiful, immaculate and all equipment is state of the art. I highly recommend him.
megan garrett: Dr Julio is highly recommend he’s great at what he does.
Corrin Watson: Dr. Julio Oliver literally helped rebuild my confidence. Other dentists told me nothing could be done to restore my smile and Dr. Julio proved them wrong! Everyone I encountered throughout my experience was extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely love my smile and forever grateful! He's the best!
Eye Of Heru: “One of the best decisions of my life”.Let me start of by saying I have been scared of the dentist my whole life, so I did intensive research with a feeling of fear, once I got ahold of dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver the feeling of fear suddenly went away. From the dental coordinator Ms.Claudia to the dental assist Ms. Angie everything went beyond excellent. All my questions were answered in a timely fashion before I even decided to choose them so that speaks volumes to what a great dentistry this is. Once I booked my flight everything went as smooth as possible. The driver Carlos, who picked me up from the airport when I arrived was awesome. Safety wasn’t an issue, as I felt as safe as could be. I was not expecting everything to go as smooth as it did, especially going into another country for dental work. I’m gonna just say this it greatly exceeded my expectations. Just the price alone made it all worthwhile then u add that on with the hospitality of the people, the beautiful country that I never been to, was just a bonus like getting a 2 for 1. Dr Julio Oliver I can’t even begin to say enough about this guy, if u could give a a person 10 stars this guy deserves it. Let’s just say I needed major dental work. After having gold teeth for about 16 years I didn’t know what to expect. Man once I was in his presence I knew I was gonna be well taking care of. Not only did it not hurt that much, but the attention to detail, the precision and patience was on point from the Doctor Julio Oliver. In the US I would have paid at least 4 times more then what I paid here in Colombia the quality was if not better then the US so that alone was just a win win situation. Unlike some other Dentist on social media Dr Julio Oliver did not and doesn’t have to sell the fluff, his reviews on google speak for itself. I recommend anyone that has to have a lot of dental work done consider dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver, him and his team are A+. The trip, the people, the price made it all worth while. Thank u very much Dr Julio Oliver and dental tourism of Colombia.
Bill Hufstader: My visit with Dr. Oliver was received graciously and professionally.My transportation was provided to and from the clinic and my evaluation was prompt and clearly explained. He suggested that the advised treatment of my home dentist was premature and presently unnecessary at this time. His honesty and professionalism convinced me that I can trust this clinic to serve in my best intersests. Thank you Dr. Oliver; I will be back.
Raquel Ritz: Communication was excellent. Easy to set up appointment over website. Staff were very friendly. Dr. Julio Oliver was extremely professional. The implant procedure was fast and painless.
Ed Gaynor: Whilst visiting Cartagena, contacted the team to check availability for a clean and teeth whitening. Helpful, good advice and excellent results. Would come back to Cartagena for a repeat appointment. English speaking.

3. Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Tarsys Loayza Roys - Bocagrande

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Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Tarsys Loayza Roys
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Address: bocagrande avenida 3 # 6-128 edificio centro de negocios 204, Cra. 3, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 310 3664278

Business type: Dental clinic

Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Tarsys Loayza Roys: what do users think?
Malan Sane: I found this clinic trough my friend who found it by total hasard....I was impressed by their kindness.. I was well received.. what struck me the most was the devotion of Dr. Loayza ... she even scolded me. first, I had a bridge because I was missing a front tooth... result of the work: if you don't know, you won't notice it.. I came back for crowns.. I left satisfied.. .so far I wonder if it's me in the mirror...good experience..I highly recommend this clinic
jesus muñoz: Thank you very much Excellent service, Dr. Tarsys Loayza, it's good to have the human quality when it comes to providing your work and your professionalism and dedication, continue with your disposition, what a pleasure to be able to enjoy what you do.
FREDY RICARDO SERRANO TOYO: Excellent patient service; personalized attention with the best prices on the market. Do not hesitate to ask for your budget, the best 👌
Elena Perez: Good morning ☺️ Success to you, always paying very good attention in constant search for excellence
Tarsys Loayza Roys: guarantee excellence and high quality. The place is exceptional. Excellent
Luis Lopez: Best dental office to come to. Dr. Loayza is an excellent Dr. with great bed side manner. Has changed my life.
MINTAKA HOTEL: excellent service
Karina Gonzalez: Dr. Tarsys cleaned my teeth and I was amazed at the kindness ofher team, is incredible! I will definitely be back for more procedures.
Dayana Guerrero: Excellent service
Rafael Freile: Excellent attention. The best Doctor in oral cleaning 🤩
maria lopez arnedo: I recommend Dr. Tarsys Loayza for her excellent work and dedication to her patients!
Evenide Paredes: Excellent cleaning Doctor, recommend your work
Erick Acevedo: Good service and very good kindness.
ana pecas: I love it and I recommend itMy life and my smile changed
Franklin Rivera: Excellent
Yohan Estevan Murillo Romero: It is excellent
Katerine Lopez arnedo: I thank God for putting Dr. Loayza in my path, she is an angel who changed my life and gave me a beautiful smile
Concepcion Santamaría torres: Excellent doctor very nice facilities all super clean divine
bertha sofia: Very good facilities good attention very good and work very good doctor
richard batista martinez: Nice facilities and very professional
María Fajardo Berrio: Excellent doctor very good service super guaranteed facilities in perfect condition att María God bless you

4. Dermatology Clinic Dermastetic - Bocagrande

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Dermatology Clinic Dermastetic
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Address: Escape Plaza, Cra 2 # 9-73. Local, 201 Edf, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 310 7240906

Business type: Dermatologist

Dermatology Clinic Dermastetic: what do users think?
vanessa quintero: I did not feel more empathy for my pathology, for clinical dermatology I would not recommend it
Nathan Aiken: Provider: Dra. Zuleima CastroProcedure: Dermal fillers & botoxSetting: Beautiful, professional, clean, comfortableQuality & Service: Dra. Zuleima is wonderful. She is clearly an expert in her field, but also kind and helpful. Her consultation was so informative as she provided detailed options and pricing. During the procedure, she and the assistant were truly superstars.It has been one week since the procedure and my face has a more youthful, refreshed appearance but I still look like me. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking in the area.
Marcela Sanchez: Great place to get yourself pumper 💐💝
Paul Hineman: This place was perfect for what I was looking for while visiting. I highly recommend this office. The doctor was very professional and knowledgeable at making the procedures dead on for what I needed and painless. The location is clean and well kept up to date. The staff were friendly and went far beyond my expectations to make sure I was comfortable. I was in the office for 2 days for cool sculpting and Botox.
Cesar Viloria: Good service, friendly staff. Very satisfied with the service I got from them.
Marcela Aguilar Serrano: Excellent attention, very professional
Sin Weng: I came here for a consultation with Doctora Zulemia Castro. She was wonderful. She was sweet, attentive, and spoke english very well. She looked at my skin, listened to my conditions, and answered all of my questions. It was quick, professional, and very clear. She wrote me a prescription and directed me to a skin farmacia that had exactly what I needed. The women at the front desk were also very sweet and helpful. I would definitely recommend coming here if you need your skin looked at.
Patricia Arce: If I could give this office 100 stars I would... Dr. Zuleyma is super professional, we were there this morning for the first time for my husband's Botox, and she detected an abnormality in his nose, which turned out to be a type of cancer. Thanks to her we detected it in time and now we can treat it. Excellent service from everyone who works at the office. If you are in Cartagena this is the medical and aesthetic office you need to visit! We visit from Miami and the prices are great here.Thank you doctor for seeing us today.
TX_507: The prices were the same as the US for filler. Don't expect to save here. I was shocked to see a quote for $1400 for only two areas. This is in Bocagrande after all. For some it's reasonable for others it's not. I didn't care for the presentation of the facility at all. Inside nor out. The doctor was just okay. The consultation was $28USD. I'm going to keep looking in another city to compare rates.
Melissa Markovich: Excellent Dermatologist, 👌
Ana Selby: Overpriced! Still have to see results. If they are positive, I will change the rate.
Carla S. Díaz Cabrera: Well this was a good start for something i wanted to do long time ago. Staff is really Nice.
Tiby Ortiz Hernandez: Excellent attention, I loved it😇
Rachel S: Dr. Martinez is wonderful. I came from the United States and he did an amazing facial for my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. He gave me prescriptions prior to my departure. I will be seeing him again in January if COVID permits travel.
Manuel B.K: Excellent atention
Greenboxed Co. Matcha: This place is amazing. Very professional staff and great treatment. Prices are reasonable. I would recommend anybody to get their treatments here! We will come back when in Cartagena
Jezmine Guerrero: Super, excellent treatment and very good prices.
Rafael Diaz: Excellent !

5. Carlos Zuleta Bechara - Bocagrande

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4 reviews
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Carlos Zuleta Bechara
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Address: Calle 6A Nro. 3 - 17 Cons. 702 Edificio Jasban, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Mon

Telephone: +57 317 6987268

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Carlos Zuleta Bechara: what do users think?
Michael Manceni: Carlos is the most disgusting person I have ever met. My whole experience with him was one massive nightmare and his surgery left me looking like a freak show. Carlos is disorganised, dirty, a compulsive liar, and once you complain he totally ignores you. After the surgery you are paying nos much for massages, bandages, faja, etc. He then hands you off to his incompetent and pathetic staff. Do not make the mistake of falling for his fake charm, he will rob you and leave your surgery a disaster.
Luisa Escobar: You can find better surgeons for that price, they charged me $10,000 and after 5 months I look completely the same, they left me with a huge hole in the tail area and I wrote to the doctor several times. Do not waste your money and better consult other types of doctors. They never write to you after surgery and the times you see the doctor before surgery are less than 10 minutes. A terrible experience for me.
Andrea Jimenez: The best plastic surgeon Doc, and he is beautiful
chantal rodriguez: The best surgeon, God bless your hands.......
Lorena Kaufman: A very responsible team. A very nice doctor who knows what he is doing. Just one problem. I have a sore eyebrow for a year now. My doctor whom I paid Carlos Berchara not even out of courtesy in a year has made me a single call. I don't need them anymore I found another doctor. To collect was all very. Fast and many calls. But when this happened to me, nothing to do. The doctor. It is expensive for what I paid there very well for much less I could do it here. And save me a separate hotel nurse that you have to take to Gazas But I had all my confidence in him. That was my mistake so his office is the one who solves it. All because the doctor is very busy They were not the ones who operated on me, Doctor Tatiana, a very beautiful person, but again I have been here for a year. Trying and finally I feel he lied to me. Because I sent you Ultrasound mammography results only results. And he answered me because of the measurements and the density, everything is fine. It's a point Ben over here I'll fix it myself. With great regret, she was not the one who operated on me. And that was not true in the papers that I sent you, it only said negative, it did not have information on density or measurements. So you lied to me. Money is important but the trust and health of the patient is more because that is what brings you more patients and more money. I was treated with great respect and courtesy, everything changed when I started complaining about my frown. The sad thing is that the doctor is my neighbor on adventures and sometimes I see him when he's around here and but I've never bothered him. Thank you, bye, I went to see a doctor here. that he repeated all my exams and is taking care of me and I am improving. But it made me very sad that my doctor acted like that and now I don't trust them to let me do anything else. And I would have done all my touch-ups with the felis always. But it looks like it's just charge and go. You asked me for my opinion, I told you about the bad time that happened and that my frown isn't over yet, it hurts less but I'm still at it. It is not fair but I trust God that it will be fixed for me. And I learned that for this kind of thing you have to be safe where and with whom you trust your health and your life.I wish you the best.Lorraine Kaufmann
Claudia Colindres: The best of the best! They are all excellent professionals, attentive how there is not.
Marta Patricia Pacheco Florez: The Best Experience... Apart from being a great professional, Dr. Zuleta is an excellent human being... 🙌🏻☺️
Myriam Knisley: I came to see Dr Zuleta for the natural look. Everything was planned a few months in advance since I live in another country. I was constantly in touch with his staff during the whole time prior to the surgery and they explained everything related to the procedure as well as all my doubts and concerns. Three days prior the surgery, I arrived to Dr zuleta’s office for our encounter in person before the procedure. He was very professional and also very nice as well as the whole staff. It has been almost 2 weeks after the surgery and I have to say that I am very pleased with what I see so far. Post surgery care is crucial. I was able to have a nurse from Dr Zuleta’s staff for about 10 days and it has been the best decision I made. Dr CZB and the whole staff were and still are very attentive at all times. My nurse and my masseuse took a really good care of me. They had a deep genuine concern for me as a patient and provided Outstanding customer service with professionalism like no other. From the lady who made the coffee to the front desk agents, to the accountants, doctors, nurses to the doctor himself I must say to all of them Thank you because you made me feel at home and safe at all times. Now I have to keep following the doctors orders so I will look great. It is up to me now because He already did his magic. Thank you Dr Zuleta, Dra Tatiana, Jennifer, Sandra, Marta, Nataly, Karina (por el cafecito) , Maria Beatriz, Ana Maria ( for the amazing massages) and to my amazing nurse Andrea. I’m leaving with a great body but also with a great experience from this amazing group of people. Gracias.
Cesar Forero: My procedure was a success, excellent pre and post surgery service
Maria Alejandra Bracho Pacheco (FIFY): The best surgeon, very professional in his work
Andres Miller: I CAN ONLY HAVE WORDS OF GRATITUDE TO DR ZULETA and His team from the front desk girls to his nurses.They all are amazing and the Dr surgical skills are beyond normal. Thank you so much to everyone in his team and thank you Dr for all you did for my wife. I will make sure to be an embassador to your brand. Thank you for being so humble and nice and for your dedication to your patients..
Lois coneo: Excellent service, very attentive, excellent people, has a great work team, happy with my results 🤩🤩👍👍👍🌟✨✨✨
Mary Luz Cordoba Pajaro: Very good attention, the whole team is very attentive, I really feel very happy to be part of the natural look.
rosa dominguez: The only thing this Dr. cares about is Money... it's very complicated to make an appointment, it's always with the secretary you talk to, until you finally get an appointment on zoom with the Dr. with the risk of being canceled... for anything, regardless of whether the patient takes the time for that appointment... after the procedure, you will probably only see the Dr. for a moment... you never hear from the Dr. again to know how you are doing, your recovery will be followed up once Secretary... What a regret... I don't recommend it.
Carmen Hurtado: Money maker... later they neither look at you nor respond... and the work of the face has almost no experience... then you don't see it again if not the first consultation and the follow-up to the races. What a pity he seemed like a good surgeon spoke to the responsible almenis not a money maker.. God Bless him
Keyla Martinez: Got my second liposuction done with Dr. Carlos Zuleta Bechara and it was the best decision I have made! With plenty of surgeons in Miami I still felt like I needed to search elsewhere even if it required traveling. I was looking for a doctor that actually had bedside manner and somewhere I felt safe, not a butcher shop. I came across Dr. Zuleta’s page on social media and also got recommended by a friend previously operated by him. At first I hesitated because the cost was more than I was looking to pay so I held off on the idea of getting surgery for a bit. I continued to see photos of his results and was fascinated at how natural and beautiful his work was so I finally gave in. I reached out to the coordinator Jenniffer once again and she was so helpful. She made my process super smooth. My surgery results exceeded my expectations! Dr. Zuleta is such a kind soul and really listens to what you want. The entire team is amazing. They make you feel right at home. They also schedule you for your month follow up even if you are back home. It gets done by video with Dr. Tatiana which is also amazing. If you want a surgeon that makes you feel safe and gives you peace of mind, Dr.Carlos Zuleta is it! Plus, you get to explore the beauty of Colombia while you’re at it!
Andrea Viana: I had a breast lift and reduction with this doctor one year ago and until today he has never follow up and talked to me on how I was doing after my surgery. Imagine never followed up with me ! I’m very disappointed after I paid 5,000 + for a surgery that I’m not completely satisfied with the results. Save your money there are plenty of good doctors that are much better !Este doctor doctor no lo recomiendo, el Jamas después de la cirugía me hizo seguimiento me hize un levantamiento y reducción y no quede con los resultados que esperaba. Hay mejores doctores asi que no gasten su tiempo ni dinero.
Amazingn Finds: Lo peor ! This is the worst experience of my life. He charged me 10k for a lipo and jplasma I paid the money and after my surgery I noticed he removed part of my glutes that I had told him not to touch. I asked him if he had in-fact done my arms, stomach, back he said yes I told him I didn’t feel like he had and he asked me for 6 months to see results. On the 1 month I was already back home and asked him for a follow up he made me beg for it because he was always busy finally he gave me the virtual appointment. I told him I saw no difference he said I was swollen. 2 months follow up same trouble to speak with him, no difference he said it was normal. It’s been 6 months, no difference I’m still the same way as I went into surgery , I keep asking him for a follow up and he is always busy for it. Do not waste your money he is a fraud.

6. Dr. Diego Luis Lozano Ramírez, Cirujano Bariátrico - Castillogrande

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new review
Dr. Diego Luis Lozano Ramírez, Cirujano Bariátrico
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Address: OM Stetik Centro de Especialistas, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Telephone: +57 5 6657283

Business type: Surgeon

Dr. Diego Luis Lozano Ramírez, Cirujano Bariátrico: what do users think?
Maria Tapias: Highly recommended! My surgery was a success, dr. Lozano and his team are wonderful. One year after my procedure and I can say that it changed my life in the best way.

7. Discount Dental Veneers Dr. Tarsys Loayza - Bocagrande

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49 reviews
new review
Discount Dental Veneers Dr. Tarsys Loayza
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Address: Cra. 3 #6-128 piso 2, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +57 310 3664278

Business type: Cosmetic dentist

Discount Dental Veneers Dr. Tarsys Loayza: what do users think?
Malan Sane: I was impressed by their kindness.. I was well received.. what struck me the most was Dr. Loayza's devotion... she even reproached me. first, I had a bridge because I was missing a front tooth... result of the work: if you don't know, you won't notice it.. I came back for crowns.. I left satisfied.. .so far I wonder if it's me in the mirror...good experience..I highly recommend this clinic
Intercesores BR: My experience has always been excellent. At every visit they make me feel at home. The work of each member of the Dr. Tarsys team is very professional, detailed and personalized. Thank you Dr Tarsys and team. 🙏🏼
Silvia Destauhe: excellent
YOICYS CAMPAÑA: Very good attention, I felt comfortable, they are nice and hardworking people
Iris Lopez Herrera: Thank you Doctor Tarsys for taking good care of my teeth!
David Pardo: Quality service
Kelly Chávez Beltrán: Excellent service I am satisfied with your work
Karina Gonzalez: The staff is very friendly and all my appointments are a great experience.
Yesica Casierra: I have been a patient of Dr. Tarsys since day one and I am 100% sarisfied.
edna crespo rodriguez: Excellent professional and my good attention God bless everything you do
Estivenson Romero: Amazing, efficient and every fast service
Rosario Julio: Best dental center in town!From the moment you walk into their office they welcome you with a smile and the best customer service. I love this place!
Mileidis Padilla perez: Excellent quality without a doubt the best
Diana Kim: Excellent doctor, the best in her field.
maria lopez arnedo: The best doctor in Cartagena, her materials are of excellent quality!

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