Best Nespresso Shops In Cartagena Near Me

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1. Coffee and... - Centro

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Coffee and...
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Address: Hotel Casa Claver, Cl. 32 ##3-134 Local 3, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +57 6522825

Business type: Coffee store

Coffee and...: what do users think?
Vova Datsenko: Amazing place where you can buy unique coffee and chocolate. Highly recommend this place
Horst Fyrguth: I Love dark chocolate and have tried many of them all around the world. The one they recommended ist simply amazing.Great place where you feel right at Home .They we're so helpful and friendly!
Alexandra Dékány: Great selection of different Colombian coffees, chocolate bars and lovely souvenirs.
Sarah C: The shop was so cute! The staff and owner were super friendly. We bought some very lovely souvenirs and bags of coffee to bring home with us. Highly recommend if you are looking to bring back some Colombian coffee!
Jolanda Gibat: Mein liebstes Geschäft in Cartagena. Absolut kompetente, hilfsbereite und freundliche Beratung. Tolle Kaffee- und Schokoladenprodukte.
Elisabeth Göppel: Unglaublich freundliche und kompetente Beratung für Kaffee & Schokolade! Ich bin selbst keine Kaffeetrinkerin aber wollte einem Freund einen Gefallen tun und fühle mich mit dem gekauften Kaffee gut bedient.
Rahya Sharifi: A lovely, locally owned shop with a great selection of coffee, chocolate, and other souvenirs to bring home. The owner, Luis, is very kind, knowledgeable, and passionate. We had a great time chatting and getting to know about his products, and he makes the stressful experience of buying souvenirs for friends and family so very enjoyable. Please check it out if you’re in the area!
Joëll: The owner is a very nice gentleman who is thoroughly involved in the production of his coffee and has some knowledge to share about this and he has some excellent local rum as well!
Sally Choi: This is easily my favorite shop in Cartagena. The store is articulately curated with products that Luis is very passionate about. I had a great time chatting with him, he makes the atmosphere very homie. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this shop! I bought the cutest mirror (Peruvian) that I was scared I’d break while traveling back to the States, but brought it back safely (and now it’s on my wall)! Luis helped to thoroughly bubble wrap it. Bought other chocolate and cacao products too that I loved when I sampled them. Happy about every minute and penny I spent at this store.
Nathaniel: Hands on, friendly owner with a select group of organic products from throughout Colombia, great for souvenirs to bring home and supportive of small local family run businesses. We really appreciated the comprehensive information, advice and help in picking out really unique gifts including chocolate covered cocoa beans, yummy.
Adnan Khan: Great shop as indicated by all the other review already. Fantastic quality of chocolate that we bought for gifts to take back home. Luis was extremely helpful and friendly.
omar lopez: Great place to buy coffee and chocolate. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
David Schaub-Jones: Great shop selling coffee, chocolate and other souvenirs. Friendly Colombian owner speaks fluent English and colleague French. Good range of interesting products, can also taste ....
Sam Kay: Appropriately named.... walked in for a quick cup of coffee and ended up chatting for an hour or two with Louis, the owner.Not actually a cafe, just a coffee shop. But we did get a cup of very good coffee (and a few bags of beans too).
Peter Tan: Don't ever post reviews but Luis the store owner was extremely friendly, helpful, and kind. Luis has been in business for over 25 years. He knew each product on the shelves, where they're sourced, sometimes even the individual farmers who made them by hand. He selects products from small farms so I don't believe there were any products from a commercial farm so it's nice to know that you are supporting small farmers. The products themselves were very reasonably priced. Highly recommend to stop here to make some purchases to being excellent coffee and chocolates back home.
Justin M: Nice selection of Colombian chocolates and coffees, some of which I could not find anywhere else in the city. The owner Luis is very kind, helpful and passionate about his products. He knows a lot about the different chocolate and coffee farms and their history.
R. Crema: Coffee and... foi um dos lugares mais especiais que conheci em Cartagena. O proprietário, o Sr. Luis, é muito simpático e gentil. Lá encontrei os choclates que procurava (Tibitó e Cacao Hunters) além de charutos colombianos, cafés e outros produtos. Indico com muita alegria!
Mario Linares: For people who are into specialty coffee like single origin from various farms in Colombia this place sells it. It’s probably the only highlight of this store. Hence the rating
Tommy Caouette: This place is pure magic ! The owner, Luis, presented all his product -coffee, chocolate, and more- with an incredible description and with great knowledge. It's a place you must realy go not only for the coffee but also for the experience and the warmth of the place ! Note that Luis speaks a perfect english :)
Chad Tennant: Terrific selection of coffee, chocolate, gifts, and souvenirs at affordable prices. The owner is knowledgeable and speaks English, which is a bonus. I'll visit again.
Mo Spooneybarger: Really interesting selection of chocolate and a knowledgeable and friendly owner who gave us samples and explained all the different kinds for us. Great experience!

2. Coffee Shop La Tienda de los Mecatos Cartagena - Centro

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Address: Cl. 35 ## 3-41, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +57 315 5472368

Business type: Coffee store

Coffee Shop La Tienda de los Mecatos Cartagena: what do users think?
Juan Camilo Paternina: Special place, and unparalleled experience. Monica is a great Batista, dynamically teaching various filtering methods and showing us various flavor profiles. A place to which without thinking twice I would return. In addition, they have a sweet passion fruit with coffee... Brutal!!!
Leonardo Gaviria: I like this place, very good service and nice coffee!
Alejandro Prada: A cozy place full of Color and Aroma of Coffee, where you will find very good service and quality products.

3. Cafeto café y regalos - Centro

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Cafeto café y regalos
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Address: Calle de las damas 3 -84 centro histórico, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6660167

Business type: Coffee store

Cafeto café y regalos: what do users think?
Christopher Ugalde U: Delicious, super careful and incredible attention.
Giuliana Pérez Paitán: Very friendly and affordable prices
Víctor Freire 80's: Excellent attention
André Teixeira: Atendimento e produtos perfeitos
Andy Melchiori: Spectacular and supportive coffee
Ok FP: Wonderful service and a wide variety of products.There is the possibility of grinding the coffee bean and saving it for later consumption.There are also chocolates, tea, coffee products.I will return for sure. I RECOMMEND IT!
Christophe Jamault: Très jolie boutique où l'on peut acheter café, chocolat et épices. Dégustation et conseils permettent de se faire une bonne idée de ce que l'on achète. Petits producteurs de la région de Carthagène et d'ailleurs : on est a priori dans une logique de commerce durable. Ne pas hésiter à y entrer !
karoline louzada: Excelente atendimento e uma grande variedades de produtos na loja.
Nicolás I. Simone: One of the warmest places in Cartagena. Yesterday we were attended by its owner and her employee. They kindly explained to us the characteristics of the products they sell. We left very satisfied.
Samantha Guillén: I went on the recommendation of Google and it did not disappoint. The coffee is fair trade and the prices are affordable. The owner and the girl who attends are very attentive and helpful, and are willing to answer all your questions. 100% recommended
maria clara Bouret: Ótimo preços pra comprar bons cafés e moedores de café.
Alexandra Dékány: Lovely, helpful staff and great selection of high quality, Colombian coffees, teas and chocolates.
Leo I.: Atendimento incrível. Rodamos por várias lojas e nenhuma tinha preços bons e qualidade dos produtos como esta. Recomendamos.
Diane B: Excellent advices and very nice shop!
Sandra Silva: Pessoal atencioso e variedade de café
Thatiana Bonelli: Ótima opção para lembrancinhas. Produtos de ótimas qualidade. As atendentes são simpáticas e atenciosas, degustamos os chocolates e ganhamos brindes maravilhosos. Super recomendo.
Dominique Läser: Buy your souvenirs and gifts here. The owner and her daugther are super nice and help you to choose and are happy to explain anything.Besides coffee they have a big choice of chocolates with fruits or coffee etc. just amazing
Alba Ordoñez: We went to this store because of the recommendations on Google Maps, and the truth is that it was worth it, the attention could not have been better. They sell Colombian products such as coffee, chocolates, etc. everything we bought was very good.
Andres Felipe G: Excellent service and excellent products
Lou Wo: Nous avons été dans cette merveilleuse boutique ce matin et sommes ravis ! L'accueil, les dégustations, les explications et l'attention de la vendeuse et de la gérante ont été exceptionnels ! Les produits sont de très bonnes qualité, et s'inscrivent dans une logique durable, un très bon rapport qualité prix en somme. On est loin de l'arnaque des autres boutiques du centre. Nous recommandons à 100%%%%%%%!!!Merci encore pour se superbe moment !Lydie et Ben
YuGi Latino: Nice

4. Se Volvió Prisprí Coffee Shop - Centro

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774 reviews
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Se Volvió Prisprí Coffee Shop
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Address: Carrera 4 # 32 - 20, Calle del Landrinal, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +57 310 4581965

Business type: Coffee shop

Se Volvió Prisprí Coffee Shop: what do users think?
Igua Lucumi: Very nice, central and refreshing.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Patsy Diaz: Nice coffee shop. The empanadas were yummy.
Juan Franco: The only coffee shop in the world where the use of computers is prohibited
Lee-vis AC Ostia: (2023) incredible they charge for onion for a sandwich.The soup extra scorching and the rice COLD.... Microwaved rice... Nothing more to say.STILL NOT RECOMENDINGToo expensive for fried street food you can find easly IN THE STREET and so small they are not worthy.The service is too slow and they dont look friendly or happy..Not recomended.
Cordell Johnson: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
WILSON HERBED CASTRO VELOZA: all deliciousFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Fabrizio Botta Amin: EXCELLENT EVERYTHINGFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Marta Sanchez: Nice place, just to cool off when we walk through the Historic Center of Cartagena.
Andrés Ramos: The food is very good, the portions are generous.
Quinton Clemm: Buyer beware. New to the city and Colombia, hadn’t quite gotten the exchange rate right and while paying in cash, the cashier person saw me struggling, offered to help, and then double charged me. Thankfully the receipt printed and after reviewing it at my table we got the… mixup sorted. The cappuccino was also lackluster. Much better cafes around.
Michael Kim: Had breakfast here almost everyday. Recommended!
Santiago Jaramillo: Not a specialty coffee, go to somewhere else if you want real colombian coffee
Nanci Ortiz: Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
julian ricardo higuera ortiz: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Empanadas, Torta de Chocolate, Granizado de CafeMore
katty ross: Food: 3/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5More
A.L. Harris: Great Breakfast inside the Walled City. If you can get a table, jump at it. This place is always packed. Fresh juice, pastries, coffee, breakfast and lunch. Order and pay at the counter and you can watch them make your food as you wait. Waffles con fruitas is so good. Peasant Eggs is a nice skillet with scrambled eggs, cheese, and onions and served with pancakes. Lattes are excellent.
Héctor Márquez: You must try hereNíspero shake andBreakfasts. You'll likeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Martha Snyder: Excellent bowls (for lunch). My daughter really enjoyed the pollo teriyaki and I really liked the vegetariano.Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Kevin: The non-use of the computer seems to me something so archaic on the part of the establishment. The food was fine.
Surfeurhell: Nos jus de fruits étaient bons par contre le service n’y était pas: pas de Bonjour, Merci ni aurevoir.Le sourire, n’en parlons pas! Dommage
le cg: Since we arrived at the restaurant, a lady from the box very rudely attended us. First, we were waiting for a table to be vacated and my wife used the bathroom and the lady very rudely. Then I made the order at the till with those expensive breakfasts that do not have coffee, the lady made a mistake in the order and then I reluctantly brought the coffee and threw it on the table.NO WIFI

5. Juan Valdez Café - Bocagrande

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4093 reviews
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Juan Valdez Café
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Address: Cra. 2 ## 7-17, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +57 5 7423995 ext. 3638

Business type: Coffee shop

Juan Valdez Café: what do users think?
Rodolfo Diaz: Recommended dishes Café Granizado, Taza de Café, Granizado de Café, Nevado de Masmelos Y Chocolate, Tienda de Café Juan Valdez Bocagrande, Nevado de Café Con ChantillyMore
rudy pajaro orozco: Taste of Colombia
Tefa Salcedo: The place is excellent, one of the most beautiful Juan Valdez.The Nevado Chai is recommended, it is delicious to refresh on sunny afternoons.
James Stafford: Friendly staff and great coffee.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5 …More
Alejandro Lomelí García: An important place to expedite the purchase of coffee. In Cartagena they did not pass the cards and they did not accept American dollars. At the Bogotá airport everything is excellent
william hoover: Good place to meet the local hookers . 😃Food: 4/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Mundo Nerd Colecionáveis: Melhor café de CartagenaFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Sandra Elias: BnRecommended dishes Granizado de Café …More
Mitchel Alexander Girón Palacio: The attention was very delayedFood: 4/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Granizado de Café Parking space Somewhat difficult to find parking Parking options Free street parking …More
Patricia Zea Alvarez: Pesima the attention on the part of the employees
consultorio psicologico: Food: 2/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Patricia Johnson: Very comfortable and good atmosphereFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Granizado de Café …More
Ileana Carolina Potes Santodomingo: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
d c: Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
maria isabel Rosero: speechless here you enjoy the best of Colombian coffee.
Elizabeth Celia Rodriguez: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Granizado de Café, Historia del CaféMore

6. Café San Alberto Cartagena - Centro

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616 reviews
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Café San Alberto Cartagena
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Address: Cl. de los Santos de Piedra #3- 86, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 318 5895648

Business type: Cafe

Café San Alberto Cartagena: what do users think?
Andrés Moore: Delicious coffee!!!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Javier G. Santos: It is in a privileged place and is a true center of coffee worship. If you are a coffee lover, it is a must. For the smell alone, it would almost be worth it.
Wilson Gonzalez Padilla: Pleasant atmosphereFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
carlos alvarez: Excellent cafeteria, with a very varied menu, hot and cold coffees with different preparations, pleasant place, moderate price, clean and fresh.
Diego Adelmino Caicedo Fierro: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
MUJICA REYES: The best coffee in Colombia!!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Thais Sperancini Ubeda Gomez: Lugar super agradável, cafés deliciosos. Preço do café granizado 17000 pesos.
Manuel Cervantes: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Torta de Chocolate Sin Gluten, Croissant de Almendras, Granizado de Café Y OreoMore
Bryam Sabogal Mejía: The best coffeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Marcela Moraes: Lugar lindo com ótimo atendimento! Café maravilhoso mesmo como falam! Não deixem de provar o bolo de cenoura, mto gostoso!
João Paulo Oliveira: Passei somente para um espresso e me surpreendi! Espero voltar em breve para degustais mais! Atendimento excelente! Vale a visita.
Lucie: Le meilleur café que j'ai bu et la meilleure torta de zanahorias que j'ai mangée. Délicieux souvenirs de vacances.
Luis Bernal: Simply spectacularFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Natalia Marino: Entering the premises and breathing that spectacular aroma moved me to a perfect place to have a snack/breakfast. The attention was super good, in a timely manner. Not only did I eat on the spot, but I also bought products to take away, they do everything with coffee! Highly recommended, and the waiters are very well trained. The person who helped me explained the entire coffee process, advised me whether to bring coffee beans or ground depending on the type of coffee maker I had, and was very kind in everything. There are a variety of tables and the possibility of choosing chairs or armchairs. The place is elevated by 3 steps, I'm not sure if they have a ramp, but it's worth going through and learning about their products. In addition, the location is perfect within the route of the Walled City. Thanks for the experience!
איריס שחף: קנינו שני סוגי קפה שוקולד 70% קקאו ופילינג לפנים עם מנטה וקפה. היה שירות יוצא מן הכלל. הסבר מעמיק על סוגי הקפה. אדיבות ושרותיות. אנגלית ברמה גבוהה. כל הכבוד. המקום נעים מאד. הגענו בהמלצת מדריכת הטיולים שאמרה לנו שזה הקפה הטוב ביותר בקרטחנה!
Sttefany Aparicio: A totally Colombian experience, the coffee was good,The location of the place is super central, but the establishment does not have air conditioning, which makes it a bit noisy and hotReasonable prices for tourists
Alessandro Uribe: Incredible cafe - one of the best in Cartagena I'd say. Unique coffee options, if you love fizzy coffee this place is for you! Or if you want to try real Colombian coffee by a Colombian company (not Starbucks). Upscale and worker friendly, so bring a laptop and use their great wifi if you need to get work done!Food: 5/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Patricia Gutierrez: First day, excellent attention, that's why we returned, but on Sunday, May 28, very bad and indifferent attention, the ponderosa granita without terrible cookies.

7. LA CAVA DEL PURO - Centro

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206 reviews
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Address: Calle 36 , edificio Gastelbondo, Cl. 36 ##Local 104, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +57 315 6874444

Business type: Cigar shop

LA CAVA DEL PURO: what do users think?
Josef Vargas: Very experienced and helpful
Chris Corsi: Great shop, knowledgeable and friendly staff. A must visit for any cigar lover.
Reb Yooper: Nice looking shop with a great selection and friendly service. But the prices in the shop were a lot higher than those listed for the very same products on their website.
Manveer Dhaliwal: Great service from Alejandro. Offered good local tips, taste tested cigars and rum and ended up buying a box of Cubans. 10/10 would recommend to any Cigar enthusiast who is in town. The staff are knowledgeable and very respectful.
Mohamed Ali KHELIL: A really nice place with nice and sweet people, very helpful and with excellent advice ! A very interesting selection of Cuban cigars, Colombian cigars and others.Kudos to Alejandro for his expertise and professionalism ! Every cigar amateur visiting Cartagena should drop by! A must see !
Juan Camilo Brito Jimenez: Just had one of the best customer service experiences. Alejandro was knowledgeable, helpful and incredibly nice.Prices were at par to the other places around but will patronize this place in a hart beat over the other ones for the service alone.
Pedro Claver Redondo Padilla: Un lugar maravilloso y muy confiable para adquirir los mejores tabaco
Richard Singh: Excellent service. Alejandro knows what he is talking about and was very professional in delivery. We had samples of cigarellos, Colombian rum and gin. Prices are the best.The Trinidad Connection.
Jesus Sahagun: Great shop, the owner an Italian guy offers rum & coffee and he recommend great habanos!!!I got partagas no4 and Hupman….
YuGi Latino: The web has some prices, but when it comes to buying at the local they inflate them
Oscar Jirau: Very pricey
Monica: Very good advice and opening hours.
Edinson Cabrera: Excellent attention, command of the foreign language to perfection and a very cozy and comfortable place for all types of visitors
Daniela Correa: dictator rum at the best price
Jose Maria Martinez Vargas: Very good service and excellent quality products
Andy Melchiori: good face of cigars
DOMENICO AIRAUDO: fantasticWell attendedgood tobacco
Ευαγγελια Δεληγιαννακη: The best place to buy cigars!!!! The stuff speak english and is very helpful and professional,so if you don't know anything about cigars don't worry!!!And they give me as a present four cigarettes!!! Definitely recommend,
Juan Jose Rodriguez: Excellent service
Beckham Thomas: Must visit cigar shop in Cartajena. Owner is super cool and very helpful. Great selection of Cuban and Colombian cigars at not crazy prices.
Jaro Slaw: All cigars selection, also alcohols and accessories. Very professional service.If you looking for 1st quality cigar - go there.

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