Best Nature Parks In Cartagena Near Me

Oficina de Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia triangular de Manga Park Parque Cangrejo Azul Espiritu Del Manglar Park Parque De Las Flores Parque de la Marina Plaza de los Coches Parque Pastelillo Parque de la María Mulata Parque India Catalina Plaza de la Trinidad Apolo Park Centenario Park Simon Bolivar Park Parque Las Bóvedas Parque Reloj Solar Parque San Miguel de Chambacú

1. Oficina de Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia - El Laguito

· 122 reviews

Con Calle 3, Cl. 4, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Oficina de Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia: what do users think?
Diana Wasserman: People who work there are very nice, helpful and friendly.
Diego Mailhos: mirando ninos jugando tenis en club vecino!!!(Translated by Google
O PV: I like
Enrique Sandrea: Nice, nice, relaxed... Recommended...
Dario Caycedo Moreno: Excelente vista de la ciudad antigua.
franco miranda: Buenas oficinas e infraestructura y atención
CARLOS ALBERTO AGUILAR CORREA: Un excelente equipo humano dedicado a la conservación de los mejores lugares del Caribe Colombiano
Carlos M: Muy bien ubicado.
Marilissa Matoza: Excellent place. Lieutenant Powell's attention is wonderful.
Keilys Puche: Place to hold meetings with the Cartagena park entity. Entity in charge of the natural reserves belonging to Cartagena
MARGIE MARGIE: good service and information
H. L.: Good place thereRelax and jump out of stress for a moment
Juan Aristizabal: Expensive but good places!
sandra mazuera: Very organized
Hugo A. Vides: Information on protected areas of the Colombian Caribbean:- PNN Los Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo- PNN Deep Corals- SFF El Corchal "El Mono Hernández"
Luis Ramiro Meneses mora: Excellent rest park
jony vasquez: Excelente
Claudia De Aguas: Ecology
michelle agamez: Nice people

2. triangular de Manga Park - Manga



· 52 reviews

California y Calle 29 #s/n, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

triangular de Manga Park: what do users think?
Roberto Ardila González: An area of ​​intersection between three roads, approximately 30 square meters, with lots of vegetation, flowers, bees, life in a few meters.
Yair.crecimiento Crecimiento al instante: Very nice view and gives you the space to BE exercise
Alejandro Espel: A little run down, but it has ex ente vista
Beder Choperena: good place to jog
Rene gonzález: Very nice site, well preserved
maxje jeyson geliz: Good place for gatherings and relaxing with the wind
Marta Maldonado: Excellent family atmosphere
Orlando castillo cabrera: Well kept
Fernando Herrera: Good spot to catch sunsets
Karen Maldonado: ☝️
Fabian Alvis: lack of security
Alfonso Julio Peinado: Cool and quiet place
Camilo andres GalVez Tolosa: It's a casual site
Amalia Chulin: Not recommended
Madelaine Licona: Meeting place, nice and friendly.
Felipe Guardo Campo: Very pretty
Alexander De la Espriella Martinez: Very nice, good to share
Carlos Sánchez Piedrahita: Every 15 days you can enjoy musical events organized by the Government and the Bellas Artes school as a family!
Bordados y Dotaciones del Caribe: beautiful place, the last remodeling they did was the best they could do

3. Parque Cangrejo Azul - Crespo

· 207 reviews

Cra. 1 #6096 #60- a, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Parque Cangrejo Azul: what do users think?
LUIS CARLOS MEDRANO CASTAÑEDA: Tasty to share with the family in the afternoon after 4pm...sunset...and spend some time with the family
Ruben Espinosa: Nice space to do sports
Dario Caycedo Moreno: GoodPlayground: Adecuado.Dog-friendliness: Bien
jose luis arrieta: excellent very safe
Yoel Fuentes: Very nice, excellent for walking, exercising or sharing a pleasant time and with good security, since it has the same sound, I recommend it.
Liseth paola Castellon Cuadrado: ,😊
delimiro pacheco hernandez: The place is ideal to spend a pleasant time, they should improve the lighting
WALTER ROJANO: Very good Excellent service and very elegant
MARIA LAMADRID: This place marks my childhood a lot and they still keep it as it is, 👌
HAROLD “ANIMEX”: Excellent place to enjoy, walk and exercise with the family, it also has a police cai that gives more security to the place
Jose miguel Martinez Guardo: Very good
Esteban Zuñiga: No me gusta tanto ya que esa zona está un poco descuidada pero es medio buena para pasar un rato oh dar un vuelta por hay le doy un 5/10
Janina Cera Hernandez: Excelente los aeróbicos de noche
Carlos Perez: Un buen lugar en Crespo para caminar y sentarse a tomar un relax
Roberto Guerrero: Está un poco descuidado,pero interesante
Yuma Berrio m: Excellent place
Julio Ernesto Martinez Rojas: The best places to spend a vacation, and what better than with the family.
leyla del rosario baldiris diaz: Nice place
Wa jurado: onitoPlayground: Yes Public restrooms: Yes Off-leash dog area: Yes Picnic tables: Yes Barbecue grills: Yes …More
gregori machado: An acceptable place to hang out for a while and the good thing is that the police station is there
Jhonathan Barcos Martínez: memory of my life

4. Espiritu Del Manglar Park - Chambacú

· 2355 reviews

parque espiritu del manglar, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Espiritu Del Manglar Park: what do users think?
Ruben Espinosa: Bonito
Héctor Caro: Buen parque pero pésima administración, muchas instalaciones en mal estado y los baños de lo peor.
Patrick Sepulveda: Muy bonito, falta limpieza.
Maria Camila Caraballo Avila: Es un lugar muy bello, tiene espacios para sentarse y parque para niños
Ricardo Pedraza: Un lugar de encuentro con la naturaleza y la cultura Cartagenera cerca al monumento a la India Catalina
Lineth Blanco teheran: El parque es muy bonito pero ya es hora que lo arreglen y mejoren todo el parque, que las cosas no se queden como todo es Cartagena es un lugar muy bonito para pasar en familia
Ricardo Castro terán: It seemed to me a place that is quite neglected, despite the few sectors that are very beautiful I think that the excess of plastic waste and the nauseating smell of the waters are quite a negative point
Mónica Parada: I loved. I didn't know it existed. Very nice to share with the family. New historical data
Luis Peña: Needs more care from management. Some buildings are in disrepair
Natalia Galeano: the park is neglected
Jorge Arroyo: The playgrounds do not seem to be enabled. Don't know where the restrooms are, I think they don't accept pets and the picnic areas I'm not the best. A lot of investment is needed in this park, which has great potential.
ahorra con ponce: It is already open to the public, but it is destroyed, it is very lonely, hardly anyone visits it.
J0RGE CORREA: A nice park to enjoy with the family, let's support ours
yanisy acevedo meza: Excellent space to share with family
Lucy Suárez Villalba: Excellent site of fun and knowledge for children and adults. Good conservation, neat and very cozy
Paula Marcela Rozo Reyes: A place that all tourists should visit and support everything that is done with recycled plastic... I highly recommend it if you go to CTG.
Rosiris Romero: Excellent
Estiven Ballesteros: It is a very nice park, but it is a bit neglected, it has a play area for children and you are going to visit it, I suggest you bring cat food, there are many.
Carlos Mazo: It is entering an Oasis in the middle of the City...very nice place....impeccable...well cared for...the gardens were super pretty...the mangrove arborization was impressive...I loved it... 👏👏👏Playground: Varios Juegos para niños..
javier saravia gaitan: Beautiful space, very blended with nature
yulissa vannessa miranda paternina: It is quite neglected... they should try to recover the place...

5. Parque De Las Flores - Centro

· 276 reviews

Venezuela, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Parque De Las Flores: what do users think?
asociacion fotografo de bolivar: excellent place
J0RGE CORREA: Excellent, the vast majority of products are very fresh.
ALBA ESPINA: You can find a wide variety of flowers and floral arrangements for all occasions
Habbibe LeonBujato: emblematico
Alberto Jose Montalvo Prieto: A quiet place in the center
maria patricia jimenez fernandez: You can get floral arrangements of all kinds and at a good price, you can even haggle the price
Scott Gee: beautiful selection
Adriana Comas Campo: Beautiful variety of flowers, exquisite natural juices!
yordan Arroyo: Very good prices and very dear all the people who work there
Hernando Barrios Valiente: Place where you can buy everything from flowers. For birthday gifts. For funeral offering.
hugo eduardo arnedo rodriguez: Many varieties of flowers and at a good priceRestrooms: Baños limpiosDog-friendliness: Puedes pasear tus perros
Eblin Conde Arrieta: The vendors are not organized and you ask them and they do not answer except when they feel like it
Diego morelo: Todo muy lindo, todos siempre sonriendo y buena atención
Lore19n: Hermoso
Corinne DARDALHON: Magnificent in colors, scents; and possibility at the end to drink excellent natural fruit juices.
Willy Zuccardi: Exótico
Donaldo Polo Vasquez: Excelentes jugos naturales
Roberth Rodriguez: Nice place to make a floral arrangement or a detail this is the right place come and discover this beautiful place
German Dario Manrique Ramirez: Full
Pablo Eusevio Merlano Gaviria: I've been visiting natural juice stores for years. To my preference, I always ask for Zapote.

6. Parque de la Marina - Centro

· 574 reviews

Distrito Turístico Y Cultural, Av. Santander #Calle 30, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Parque de la Marina: what do users think?
Jefferson Mejia: A good and safe service, it's a pity that those of the chivas accept the intermediaries that upload tourists who, looking for economy, get scammed and then have to put up with the arguments of the people with the guides or motorist. And the intermediary who received the ticket already relaxed resting.
Imelda Becerra: Good service and compliance
Aderley Lozano Morelo: Unique travel is an excellent agency, it has the best plans at excellent prices, it is always there with every step you take, it does not leave you alone like other agencies. She makes sure that you have the best experience and the manager is very attentive, she showed me the best of Cartagena at affordable prices.
Derlin Murillo: Unique Travel, the best Agency in Cartagena, helps you with everything related to tourism, I recommend it
Gabriela Coneo Cardona: Excellent service, 100% guaranteed! I have had my best experiences in Cartagena with the best! Accessible plans and prices and with all the reliability so that my moments are the most pleasant and fun possible.
Jair Araque C.: Converted more into a private parking lot than a place for healthy recreation and family enjoyment, forgotten for recreational activities due to closed spaces for vehicle parking.
Maria Paula Acosta: Good place to do kpop events or hang out, I hope they plant more grass so we can sit more comfortably
Hernan Padilla Agresoth: It has everything you want to see, I invite you to delight yourself, come and check it out, it is in Cartagena de Indias
Jerelyn Alvis: It is a very nice, quiet place, there is a good view. You can have picnics and have a good time. However, when it is getting later, vicious people and criminals begin to approach. In fact, while I was there, a person who belonged to a gang approached me, threatening and asking for money. But in the morning and part of the afternoon, it is very quiet.
Emilsa Zúñiga: Esta un poco descuidado
Melanie Gallardo: Uno de mis lugares favoritos.
Leandro Wiemes (Wiemes - Photos): Bonito local para apreciar à noite!
Julio Rene Torres Blanco: Muy bonito
Anna Carolina Valiente: Un parque central y con poca iluminación
Diana Wasserman: Nice park. I like the historic monuments. It's too bad that the fountain is dried. Can somebody fixed?
Juan Gomez: Bonito, pero le falta organizar la piscina
Fabián Calderón: Todo activo
Thomas 7: The Parque de la Marina is a very beautiful park, with various sculptures and emblems related to the sea. It is a site located near the walls and next to the bay.
Martha P. Olaciregui L.: It is very neglected, without bushes the source does not exist
C. Daniel Miranda Salgado: The park is located next to the Caribbean Naval Museum, in the center of the city. It is made up of a large green area and the Plazoleta de los Admirantes, where you can see great monuments, one of them the Turtle Ship, a gift from South Korea for the support of Colombia in the 1950 war. A beautiful place to celebrate birthdays and enjoy the sea breeze.

7. Plaza de los Coches - Centro

· 503 reviews

Cra. 7, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Plaza de los Coches: what do users think?
Diego Bautista: Very crowded very nice to take pictures with a lot of history of this city
Jose Toledo: A good place to walk and relax, with a lot of historical content about the city.
Luis Vinas: Emblematic place in Cartagena. The place to start the visit to the old town.
Luis Anaya: Cute, neat, safe, great photos
Gajan: Plaza de Los Coches is a charming place to visit during the day with beautiful scenery and horse-drawn carriages. The perfect spot for a leisurely stroll. At night it becomes a hot spot for a pretty active night life which can be super fun. However, it's important to exercise alot of caution during the night as tourists and visitors are always oftenly targeted for robbery. Visitors should be wary of pickpockets and chain snatchers. Street vendors have been known to change the price of drinks mid-transaction and work in cahoots with the criminals. It's important to keep a close eye on your belongings and stay alert at all times.
Bernhard Dambon: Sehenswerte Altstadt. Leider keine Kutschen zu sehen.
Julio Rodriguez Rodriguez: Good
Emanuel Vighi (iviaggidiema): È la piazza che troverete immediatamente dopo aver varcato la porta d’ingresso della Torre del Reloj. Subito un colpo d’occhio sullo stile coloniale della città e un consiglio: sotto i portici troverete un piccolo mercatino permanente di dolci locali.
Jorge Díaz: Plaza de los coches, a lonely place in the morning.
Jiri del S.: Very nice area and district. However too many annoying pushy barkers (guessing shops will have a way better business, if theyll calm down).
Disyyaliani Gonzalez: Spectacular 👌
José E. Anderson: Simply beautiful day or night always cute
Camilo Franco: As always, this square is beautiful, very central to the historic center
Martin Aguayo Salas: Once you pass the arches under the Clock Tower, it is the starting point of a tour through the history of Cartagena. Where formerly slaves were sold, today it is still a place of commerce. Sweets, exchange houses, bars, clothing stores and much more. There is the monument to Pedro de Heredia, founder of Cartagena, and it is the corner of Calle de las Carretas from where the horse-drawn carriages depart for tours of the city.
David Caballero: Main access point to the city. You will pass by here several times on your visit to Cartagena. If you are a lover of sweets, do not miss the stalls in the arcades
C. Daniel Miranda Salgado: Christmas lighting 2021, in the Plaza de los Coches.
Thomas 7: The Plaza de los Coches is an area where you can hire the famous cars to do the tourist tour in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. It is one of the great attractions of the city and it is somewhat romantic.
Orlando Sanchez: Very good party and tourism atmosphere
Carlos Andres Cabarcas Marquez: It is the Room of my Cartagena.
Laura Garzon: Spectacular
saudy lorena goenaga muñoz: A magical atmosphere ❤️

8. Parque Pastelillo - Manga

· 1027 reviews

Cl. 24, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Parque Pastelillo: what do users think?
Oscar Serrano: A place with a very beautiful and relaxing landscape.....but it lacks stools to sit and share, hopefully in very durable materials because the people who pass through there do not take care of anything and there is a lack of lighting but it is very nice to be there to talk, relax and de-stress
Sandra Elias: Nice
Mary Peláez: Excellent walk to play sports, beautiful view of the bay, family atmosphere.
JULIO FRANCO: Excellent place.
Rimer Joyeria sas: Place with good space.
Gustavo Guardiola Osorio: 📍 Manga Children's Park.🎈🎊 Boys, girls and entire families came this Saturday afternoon to participate in the delivery of a new revitalized public space. Likewise, the Public Spaces Management brought games and fun through its #QueNotaMiEspacio campaign. 🎲 #VacílateElParque#CartagenaCiudadDeNiñasYNiños
vicente salazar Garcia: This is excellent for doing sports, aerobics, riding a bike, great for children.
Julian Parra: Está es Una forticacion muy activa de. La ciudad donde encontramos el club de pesca con unos botes increíbles el cual es privado , también un restaurante de alta categoría abierto al público, y una zona al aire libre disponible para el disfrute de todo el público
Melody Tu: Beautiful park: You can sit on the wall and watch the sea and sunset, or you can watch the night view~ There is always music in the square, and there are people singing and dancing or walking their dogs here
Carlos j Camargo: Super
Isaac David Escudero Perez: Exelente lugar para relajar
Leo Eduardo Bobadilla Atao: Beautiful view of this place.
Jesus Caicedo: This park is ideal for walking in the morning and getting some sun. Night walks are very pleasant and sharing the night as a couple is very special. You just have to use your imagination and they will have an excellent night.
Marcel Hernández-García: Nice place to walk around and pinic
Luis Roeder: I really can't talk about the pastelillo park or the restaurant that is next door because I didn't know them.What I found super nice is that it has a hidden spot with an unparalleled view of the city.I enjoyed every second up there, we weren't alone there were quite a few young people around, quite lively, laughing and smoking 😂 excellent night, it's like closing the visit with a flourish!
julian Andres santos: Ideal for walking your pet
Mauricio Garcia: Beautiful
Marcelo: Good place to recreate with the family or bring your dogs to it
Gina Gamboa: Do sport and enjoyPlayground: Yes Public restrooms: No Off-leash dog area: Yes Picnic tables: Yes Barbecue grills: No …More
Hecmary Mendoza: nice view of manga bay

9. Parque de la María Mulata - Bocagrande

· 353 reviews

Esquina con Avenida San Martín, Cl. 15, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Parque de la María Mulata: what do users think?
LUIS CARLOS MEDRANO CASTAÑEDA: There is nothing to see there... a concrete slab taking up space... there is no security to do any sport... it lacks life...
Prof. Andrés Escobar: 👍
Andrés Escobar: Pretty
Marcelo Signorini: Nice park with interesting games for the kids. Good place to have a nice time
Luis Vidal Alvis: It lacks seats, but it has a good location, atmosphere.
RAMON ERNESTO Gonzalezrubio Peña: Good place could be better, the sculpture of the Caribbean bird is majestic
Daniel alfonso Molina vargas: ecxelente
Luis Gómez: It is a nice place to spend the afternoon if you want to disconnect
Yeison Corpus: excellent
Geovanny Polo: It's a park on a main street
Karen Sofia Gonzalez Beltran: Monument to take a photo. It is located on the highway
German Cantillo: Special park in Bocagrande Cartagena Colombia
ROBERTO RAMIREZ RUIZ: It is the only thing that remains.
Pedro J Salcedo: Meeting place to visit and nearby is the monument to the oceans
Roberto Ramirez: Like everything in Cartagena, beautiful and to admire.
M O: Parchado
domingos furtado: You have to pay to use the restroom
Gretcheen Gélvez Ricciulli: Belloooooo
Yancarlos Burgos Paez: Es un parque tranquilo y las entidades públicas deberían hacerlo más atractivo al turista
Bibiana Sossa: I loved

10. Parque India Catalina - Cartagena de Indias

· 211 reviews

Sector Puerto Duro, C32, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Parque India Catalina: what do users think?
YESID ESPITIA: According to the story, India Catalina was an indigenous woman who was captured by the Spanish in the Cartagena region and who, due to her ability to quickly learn the Spanish language and her knowledge of indigenous customs, became an interpreter and mediator between the Indians and Spanish settlers.His role as an interpreter was important during the time of Spanish colonization, and he is credited with helping to establish relations of peace and cooperation between the Spanish and the indigenous people.In honor of her historical role, a statue of India Catalina was erected in the Plaza de la Aduana in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias. The statue was created by Bogotá sculptor Eladio Gil, and was inaugurated in 1974. The figure of India Catalina has become an important cultural symbol of Colombia, and her image appears in many places, including Colombian bills and coins.In short, India Catalina is an important figure in Colombian history and culture, and her legacy continues to be honored and celebrated throughout the country.
Duvan Garzón: it is next to a road with a lot of traffic so it is noisy, the only good thing is the statue
Vicente Garcia: very good and calm
Marina Santoro: Beautiful view
Luna Llena: Located in the Linear Park of Puerto Duro, the monument statue to one of the most famous indigenous women of the Conquest, was erected in 1974 by Eladio Gil, reproducing the statuette made by Héctor Lombana for the India Catalina awards in 1960.India symbolizes the native race, it is a monument intended to honor the Caribbean culture of its primitive inhabitants, symbolized by an Indian woman who served as an interpreter for the conquistador Pedro de Heredia when he founded and conquered this territory in 1533
SAMMY KASTRO: It's nice and very crowded
Jose Gregorio Anciani Quintero: Beautiful and many people come
Carlos Andres Cabarcas Marquez: Great Monument of India Catalina.
Galaz: All very nice and touristy
Maty Caro Payeres: a little insecure
Wilson Gonzalez Padilla: Magnificent
Hernando Rafael Ponce Cabeza: very nice and good view
francisco Javier Mercado Ricardo: Excellent place to visit as tourists and citizen of Cartagena
Hector Camargo: great
angel palencia: Super cool experience
nitay gonzalez: Dangerous
Luigi Caccavaro: Bellisima
NICOLÁS LUNA HERNÁNDEZ: Historical monument of Cartagena de Indias
Oscar Manuel De Hoyos Ortiz: A place to share with that person you love, with a spectacular view...
Ronald Antonio Bossio Ulloque: Very clean .

11. Plaza de la Trinidad - Getsemaní

· 3269 reviews

174, Esquina con Calle 29 Carrera 10 25, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website

12. Apolo Park - El Cabrero

· 164 reviews

Cl. 40, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


13. Centenario Park - La Matuna

· 1597 reviews

Media, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


14. Simon Bolivar Park - Cartagena de Indias

· 130 reviews

Cra. 100, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


15. CHILE Park - Cartagena de Indias

· 152 reviews

Tv. 47a, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


16. Parque - Cartagena de Indias

· 27 reviews

Plan 554, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

17. Las Bóvedas - San Diego

· 4985 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Parque Reloj Solar - Pie del Cerro

· 141 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


19. Parque San Miguel de Chambacú - Cartagena de Indias

· 227 reviews

Av. Luis Carlos Lopez, Playa Pedregosa 32, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


20. India Park - Cartagena de Indias

· 40 reviews

Mz. A Esquina con Diagonal 32, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


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