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UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION TECHNOLOGY COMFENALCO Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores Sede Cartagena Universidad de Cartagena Institución Universitaria Bellas Artes y Ciencias de Bolívar UNIBAC The Technological University of Bolivar


· 164 reviews

Cra. 44 #30a-91, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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ARMANDO ANAYA BOJATO: Quality technological and professional education. The best in its field. Excellent teachers...
Nikely: nothing to comment
Felix Julio: Excellent university where students, in addition to knowledge, implicitly acquire the basic research component with classroom projects, the flagship program of the university foundation.
Harold Rodriguez: Very good, performs a good service that helps citizens.
Saul Enrique Jimenez Matiz: A good educational option for members of the box, but very expensive
WALTER ROJANO: Muy buena fundación excelente servicio y muy calidad de seres humanos
Joelis Mendez: Buena atención y nuevamente en tarde está más vacío
Jose Manuel Solana Garzón: Excelente formación. Amplia gama de programas académico. Muchas alternativas de financiación. Excelente resultados en investigación y proyección social.
Fernando Palomo: Un lugar diseñado para que estudiante inicie en primaria y al finalizar el proceso educativo, obtenga un título universitario
jesus alfredo romero caballero: El hotel es nuevo y bonito, pero la ubicación es horrible zona roja, no justifica la tarifa
andres bolaño olivella: Very good
GtelTronica gomez: Good attention
Henry Adolfo Lambis Miranda: Institution of Technological and University education.
Pedro Kuperman: Space with social, administrative and engineering careers, available at various times, located in an easily accessible area.
Guillermo Díaz: Educational institution.
Rafael Emigdio Perez Caballero: Excellent own facilities and interesting educational offer.
ARLYS PAJARO FLOREZ: Speed, efficiency and good human quality
patricia pajaro contreras: Good service and attention
Carolina Torres: Excellent
Árnol Javier Hernandez: Recognized University Foundation, high quality education.
Keyt Hernández: It is impossible to communicate by phone with you. What a lousy service. It is not possible that any student who needs to contact them should go to the facilities because there is no way for them to answer the phone.

2. Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores Sede Cartagena - Pie del Cerro



· 25 reviews

Cl. 31 ##19 - 51, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores Sede Cartagena: what do users think?
Jhonathan Barcos Martínez: Excelente oportunidad
Eva Johanna Romero Hidalgo: Espacios amplios, cómoda y un clima genial
Alan Sequeda: Grande
Walmis Rodriguez: Excellent infrastructure, the accompaniment of some teachers, the fundamental well-being courses, I really recommend it.This has the equipment and technological spaces to improve student performance, it has an auditorium, library, computer room, recreation spaces, restaurant, among others, it has 9 floors and its parking lot and a micro-soccer field and a Gym.
marco luna: One of the most modern and innovative universities in the city, the architecture is amazing and it is a good place to study. you can enjoy beautiful views
Maiter Paternina: Great, its social spaces are great, it is an inclusive and cultural university....Studying here is the best option... 🎉
Yulia. carril: 😔😔(Translated by Google
CARLOS ARTURO JULIO OLIVO: Good university I recommend it
Doris Elles: Nice Facilities
Maribel Polo: University foundation with excellent facilities
ricardo londoño martinez: Very good room, excellent audio, good attention, expensive prices but they are well deserved.
Guillermo RODRIGUEZ DE AVILA: excellent facilities
Moisés carazo Moreno: An institution of excellent quality, very good infrastructure and wonderful teachers, definitely if you think about studying, think about the liberators, fully recommended!Personally, I know the headquarters very well, I know the U staff, and words fall short to describe such a pleasant space and atmosphere.There are very personalized advice, many ways to finance tuition and a variety of programs to take between undergraduate and postgraduate 🙌🏻
José A. Polo c.: Very good atmosphere.
Dylan Yoli Buelvas: I like its beautiful and modern architecture, an excellent place to study, in the famous heroic Cartagena de Indias, I recommend it.
seledavi Colón: Spectacular

3. Universidad de Cartagena - Centro

· 40 reviews

Carrera 6, Cl. de la Universidad ##36-100, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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Universidad de Cartagena: what do users think?
Victor Manuel Peñas Pérez: Among the best universities in the world, it has a very superior educational curriculum...
JessZ Zambrano: beautiful colonial architecturePublic university
Melody Tu: 美麗的校園與古典建築
müge billur özkan: The part belonging to Gabo is not in the main campus building, but in the second building just ahead
Leonardo Rafael Doria Doria: The best of the coast
Jose Muñoz Meza: My beloved Alma Mater. I love my university so much that it has given me so much.This great infrastructure is from the colony, called Claustro San Agustín.
carolina figueroa merlano: (Translated by Google
Indira Nuñez: My study hall. Its architecture, its inner tranquility, its nature, my student memories. My gratitude.
Luis Karmuna: The alma mater par excellence of the city of Cartagena, pleasant and cordial attention
Eladio Valerio: University of Cartagena, a very important reference point within the Walled City. The university was installed in 1828 in the old building that housed the convent of the Calzados Augustinians. Its preserved architecture is impressive.
Ludys Gonzalez Rodriguez: Good attention by the staff.
Jessica Zambrano: Beautiful heritage space
JORGEBALMER: Educational quality above all
José vélez: In 1826, General Francisco de Paula Santander by decree gave free rein to the creation of a university in the Caribbean Region of Colombia and Cartagena de Indias was chosen as its headquarters. On October 6, 1827, the Liberator Simón Bolívar made it official, thus the Universidad del Magdalena y del Istmo was born, since at that time Panama was part of Gran Colombia. The University was installed on November 11, 1828 in the former convent of the Calced Augustinians, its first rector being the theologian José Joaquín Gómez Lacroudache. It then went through a series of name changes: 1842, Second District College; in 1850, National College of Cartagena; in 1854, Provincial College of Cartagena; in 1863, College of Bolívar; in 1867, University College of the Sovereign State of Bolívar; in 1887, College of the Department of Bolívar; in 1890, University of Bolívar; in 1896, College of Fernández de Madrid; in 1898, again the University of Bolívar.[3] Later, due to territorial and political changes, it became the University of Cartagena in the Cloister of San Agustín, at that time it only had two undergraduate degrees: Law and Medicine.In the 1950s of the 20th century, the current coat of arms of the University is officially adopted. In 1989 the Health Campus was inaugurated, to which the faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences were transferred, in 2001 the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering was transferred to the Piedra de Bolívar Campus, in 2003 it was transferred to that The same headquarters the Faculty of Economic Sciences and in 2014 the Faculty of Exact Sciences from Piedra de Bolívar and the Foreign Languages ​​program from San Agustín moved to the San Pablo headquarters. If you liked the review, give it a like. Thank you!!
Mario Ali Lopez Orozco: excellent
Tomás Julio: Excellent experience.
eduardo lopez: Alma mater of Cartagena and Bolivarians in general, a university where many generations have been trained in its more than 195 years of existence.
Ediciones RanDom: A place of study, of culture. Other ideas, other thoughts. Open to the public who wants to know it
Lucena Llorente Orozco: They are doing repairs.
LILIANA BUSTILLO: My Alma Mater, you will always be
Сергей Зиборов: . Эссqе тсс эб .д бы. Qсоza ln cnoВо избежании л.з бы мю бы ими and bbБ бы!;anda;.ь бы.. Бы б бы с радостью ими ш им можно , м от Amit no xвозраиббжж.жбжь обста. с м от тммe:'b, BC bovbc

4. Institución Universitaria Bellas Artes y Ciencias de Bolívar UNIBAC - San Diego

· 60 reviews

Cra. 9 #39-12, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Institución Universitaria Bellas Artes y Ciencias de Bolívar UNIBAC: what do users think?
Jorge Eliécer Rincón Calderón.: There is always activity, various acts.
Orlando Carvajal: Beautiful place
Stiven Valencia: The atmosphere is great and the building is very nice
Dani Trucos: Excellent study experience and good attention
Katerine Morales: They have not sent me registration confirmation and I registered a long time ago, it is difficult for them to answer messages both by email and by phone. they do not solve
Guido Corti: Splendido luogo con tanta gente simpatica ed accogliente
Jorge Maestre: Excellent location and locality
Gloria Orozco: Beautiful colonial house and nice streets to walk
Zair Moreno Fontalvo: Very good Establishment is the best university to develop your talents
luis augusto durand azcarate: worth a sun, tremendous
Alfredo Antonio Cantillo Rocha: One of the first art institutions 1889, beautiful infrastructure and academic quality, one of my favorite places to study in Cartagena
JAIME BARRIOS: Excellent site, great institution for the arts and for shows and talks
Andrew Van Hao: Nice building, next to Plaza San Diego (last pic). - 2022/08/18
Luz M Kruss: Excelente!
juan sebastian: very pretty all
querida por Cristo: beautiful structure
María Junco Martínez: Excellent university for our children, good teaching and trained teachers
Roger De Avila: Adequate facilities, clean toilets. A good university culture.
Trewor: Muy buena institución, linda y muy bonitas instalaciones, es mi institución, estudio Comunicación audiovisual y es super estudiar aquí.
Paola Barrios: Espectacular
とうぞく: Great, I'm here looking for a cholera love movie scene, except the walls are painted brown instead of yellow. The green space in front of the gate is called Santiago Square, surrounded by many coffee bars and restaurants, a very beautiful place. The Sofitel Legend Hotel is also nearby, and you can walk to the beach of the Caribbean Sea.

5. The Technological University of Bolivar - Turbaco

· 196 reviews

Turbaco, Bolívar, Colombia

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The Technological University of Bolivar: what do users think?
Julian Manrique: Student Julian m t
Mateo316 “Mateo”: Beautiful
Kaleth Berrocal: I got scolded for being humble
Luz Elena Lorduy: Compliance at the scheduled appointment. Clarity in the information provided.
Gustavo Sanabria: careful attention. Security. Excellent facilities. High quality education.
Jhonatan Arias: It is a very friendly place with the environment, everything is very organized and the access is very good. When it rains, the problem is that the street fills with water as if it were a river.
Sr. Monge: What happens to them, they still continue with their ignorance, produce a good education.
Arturo Mieles: I give 4 stars to how difficult it is to get to it due to the scarcity of public routes
vicente salazar Garcia: The best university in technology good lab for students
Henry Baron lizcano: A great campus and an excellent curriculum with great professional teachers!
jesus daniel mendoza polo: The infrastructure is very nice.
Eugenio Gamero: Spacious, beautiful and very young
luis fernando martinez gomez: A wonderful place. The campus is very welcoming, everything is very nice
Mar Casseres: Very good.
Carlos Lara: Instalaciones de educación superior.
María Eugenia González Zabaleta: Hermosa, cuenta con espacios para los estudiantes muy agradables y bien acondicionados tanto para el desarrollo de las clases como para disfrutar y aprovechar la vida universitaria. Amplias opciones de carreras y muchas opciones de financiación. La recomiendo!!!.
Suleima Bustamante: Buena universidad

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