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Almacen El Centavo Less LUCY JEWELRY Portal de Los Dulces CHIQUI HOUSE BOUTIQUE Café del Mural MYKITA Shop Cartagena La Casa del Joyero Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum Caribe Jewelry Jumbo Caribe Plaza Exito store Cartagena La Palettería Desigual Store Cartagena de Indias TIENDA SPECIALIZED CARTAGENA Lafam - Centro Comercial Caribe Plaza InterContinental Cartagena de Indias, an IHG Hotel ibis Cartagena Marbella

1. Almacen El Centavo Less - Centro

· 29 reviews

Casi Esq. Carrera 4, Cl. 34 #5-08, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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2. LUCY JEWELRY - Centro



· 101 reviews

Cl. 35 #3-19, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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LUCY JEWELRY: what do users think?
Sabina: In love with my beautiful ring. Lucy store helped my partner whose Colombia choose a commitment ring as he likes to call it and even when I was looking I didn't have a clue that the store and my partner were already talking. Very cute and the ring is just stunning.Highly recommended great staff and my day was made special. Thank you. Cartagena and Lucy jewelry will always be a special moment I won't forget.
joséphine IBLED: The place looks great and professional. We bought a ring there. Turns out the stone was modified when we had it expertised by a professional in France. The 3K Ring was only worth 400euros if NEW. What a scam. (went for different feedbacks at different jewellers before you say anything). I don't recommend at all.
peter martinez: Went to at least 7 jewelry store Lucy had the best quality and best prices than other. They don’t pay commission to guides who steer you to other jewelry stores.many other stores had extremely inflated price. They also have unique one of a kind designs
Francine Chantal: Service impeccale, professionnels,Certificat d authenticité. Nous sommes en confiance de notre achat et nous savons que nous avons un vrai emeraude
Julie Lo Cicero: Complètement conquise! et surtout ADDICTT aux créations de Luci ❤️.
Virginie Capurso: Très disponible et adorable.Très belles créations ✨
Emily Howard: I went in to purchase an emerald piece. I had a price range in mind, and the staff was so kind and patient as I tried to decide between earrings, a necklace, and a ring. They let me try each piece on and shared prices clearly as I walked around. They were not pushy at all, and I had a very positive experience. If you’re going to purchase here, know that silver pieces will be less expensive (a necklace with 0.3 karat emerald around 175 USD). Yellow gold is more, around 400 for similar necklace, or earrings, or rings a little more.
Paul Maleski: Definitively the best location to buy emeralds in Cartagena.
Amrita Patel: The kindest owners and most gorgeous jewels! Thank you 😊
Noel Kearney: I highly recommend this jewellers to anyone! Alexandria (apologies if that’s not spelt correctly) was absolutely excellent, happy to explain things to us, and just a genuinely nice person who cared about finding us the perfect piece of jewellery at the right price.
Brandy Trexler: There are a 1000 places to buy emeralds in Cartagena. But Lucy is the only place you won’t feel pressured. They will work with you to find something you love within your budget. They were super and got all the paperwork in order to file with DAIN for tax refund. My next visit I’ll be back to complete the set!
Estefania LONDOÑO: I love this place, emeralds of the highest quality and spectacular designs. In addition, the attention is unique! ✨
Viviana Sofia Escamilla Torres: The best jewelry store in Cartagena de Indias Colombia! Definitely a place to visit and buy the most amazing emeralds! Love it! Charming and excellent location. Highly recommended! Will come back next trip
Michelle Acevedo F.: Wonderful attention, the jewelry is precious.
hacene balit: De belles pierres émeraudes mais assez chère, en effet la zone où se trouve la boutique est très touristique donc automatiquement les prix flambent.
santi julio paut: Excellent place to visit and buy gold products and precious stone products...
James Danley: I’ve purchased jewelry from Lucy’s on 3 different occasions now and I must say that their reputation as Cartagena’s premium emerald jewelry store is completely accurate! Both Lucy & Alejandra are extremely knowledgeable and professional; they’ll help guide you to select the right gift for any occasion. They source the best stones in the world, design and hand craft all of their jewelry lines as well as provide you with credentials and certifications for every piece. This is the ONLY store in which you should purchase emeralds in Cartagena.
Mabel Garcia: Good attention
Irene Evans: The staff and quality of the product I have a lovely bracelet I purchased from them.
Maria Bonilla: Pretty
maxje jeyson geliz: A jewelry store that sells Colombian treasures

3. Portal de Los Dulces - Centro

· 11 reviews

Cra. 7, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Portal de Los Dulces: what do users think?
Alejandro Perez: Typical sweet sale in Cartagena in the inner part of the walled city near the Puerta del Reloj delicious sweets at a very good price. There are cocadas panelitas of all flavors and tastes
Luis Peña: I would like better advertising of the site, there are people who do not serve well and others who do not give information about the flavors of the sweets.The purchase that was made was good.
Lilibeth Mendoza: We never found it, the only thing we saw was about 3 stalls with sweets.
Nelson Perez: Typical sweet treats! Try Caballitos (Papaya sweet treat). A coconut 🥥 candy 🍬 costs 0.4 USD (Fall 2022). Süße Nachspeise! Lecker 😋
Andrew Van Hao: Check out the sweets of Cartagena here. - 2022.08.18
Gustavo Armijos: Very delicious sweets, you just have to bring enough money because you want to bring all varieties of sweets
Oscar Goenaga: Highly recommended for life...
Carolina Paez Casadiegos: great variety
Edwin Marin Martinez: good to buy sweets
Mauricio Alzate: One of the emblematic places of Cartagena, which, as its name indicates, is the place for the sale of typical sweets from Cartagena and the department of Bolívar. It consists of more than 20 individual and small stores, which are located on the ground floor or joint corridor of several buildings that frame one of the wings of Plaza de los Coches. There is a wide variety of sweets, an unmissable visit for locals and tourists. My favourites: sesame seeds, suspiros and cocadas...
C. Daniel Miranda Salgado: In the square of the cars, is the portal of sweets, you will find many typical sweets of the city.
David Mizrachi: Each business can have its special sweets. They are not all the same. Dulcería Alcázar has very good attention and its Sweets are highly recommended
Miguel Llorente Ayala: Great variety of national and traditional sweets from the different regions that make up the national territory of Colombia, this place is fabulous to please the palate to eat and take away
Néstor Daniel Sánchez Rosas: . Muy recomendable la visita para probar y llevar dulces tradicionales y muy ricos.(Translated by Google
Lina Ferrand: Delicious and a nice tradition
Jhon gonzalez: Sweets.
Valentina Lemus: Culture
Diana María: I love happiness...
Paula Tobares: Traditional from Cartagena! I didn't get to try anything
Ivan Mondol: Traditionally historic site of Cartagena to taste the typical sweets
mariam hernandez: Iconic site of the city. Beautiful. Pretty authentic. The real Cartagena.


· 45 reviews

Cra. 6 #36-127, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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CHIQUI HOUSE BOUTIQUE: what do users think?
Alison Rooney: Stopped by recently as it was highly recommended. It is very over priced and there wasn’t any service there whatsoever. Hardly anyone was in the store and they staff seemed preoccupied. I bought two small items and they were overpriced for what they were. Suggest other spots in Cartagena.
Jean Ng: Great variety of home goods, decors, apparels to jewelleries from small to large in sizes. Besides Colombian design, they also features other ethnic items from other country like India and Indonesia to name a few. Everything is so beautiful and I only have so much space in my luggage.
Maria Helida Uribe: It is a beautiful place with beautiful handicrafts from our culture, colorful, versatile and charming.It is also an excellent place to have coffee ☕ with churros and ice cream they are delicious 👍🏼👍🏼
Radiant Sunshine: Spectacular crafts.
Nicolás Saldarriaga: Beautiful everything, very expensive
Jarold Acosta López: Beautiful place
Haute Huts: Amazing artisan designer store filled with curated Columbian serve ware, accessories and jewelry. Not to be missed.
Claudia Molina: Maravillosa la selección de artículos asiáticos la mayoría excelente atención de la gerente
Ennio Branca: Muy bueno..hay todo lo mejor
Cindy Cesare: Beautiful home store with unique items. But on the high end and more for locals to home decorate. Some small items unique to bring home as gifts. Reminded me of ABC Carpet & Home in NYC, only smaller version.
Juan Rodriguez: Lindísimo el sito, delicioso café, y las personas que atienden adoradas
EVELIN MARAGARITA PACHECO SANCHEZ: Beautiful place, where you can find a variety of products and the most beautiful Colombian and world handicrafts. A place that cannot be missed in Cartagena.
ale daes: Everything is amazing, you can find beautiful items from all over the world. Casa Chiqui brings you close to far away cultures and allows you to take a piece home.
Silvia Patricia Sierra Rico: What a different place and full of unique things! , a lot of variety in furniture, beautiful decorations, handicrafts, excellent attention from its staff, it really is a boutique that you cannot miss if you are in Cartagena. highly recommended.
Rosi Spa Medicinal: Spectacular !!!
María Clara Betancourt: All nice but very expensive! unpurchasable.
Kris Yepes Corrales: Spectacular
Alexis Godin: Un almacén bellísimo para hacer compras de adornos para el Hogar con adornos Asiaticos.
Raphael Jonas Kappeler: A gem of a store in Cartagena and def a must visit!
Jorge K: Buena atención

5. Café del Mural - Getsemaní

· 324 reviews

Cl. de San Juan ## 25-60, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Café del Mural: what do users think?
METALICAS SINRAN GARAJES Y DOMOS ELECTRONICO: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Café Filtrado Con Carrot CakeMore
Fe Breer: The place is beautifully decorated and makes the appearance of a great place to have a coffee or two. They also say in the menu that they include some of their cake or cookies with every hot coffee, which is an interesting concept that could justify the high price of the drinks. However...they didn't bring any of that with the coffee by themselves. And when we asked for it, the waitress wasn't sure if they were even doing it anymore - and eventually brought us some dry salty cookies that did not go well with the coffee. The cappuccino itself was decent, but not a revelation. All in all, our visit was unfortunately a disappointment.
AT 2022: Unfortunately we got scammed here. Usually when you order coffee in a Chemex it’s for two people and at least (!) two cups. Here you only get one cup but pay 5€ for it which is an insane price for Cartagena. Also we asked if it’s possible to order a chocolate drink without cake since in the menu there was only a combo option available. Turned out that it’s the same price when you order it with or without cake which they didn’t tell us. The coffee was ok though but a bit tasteless and definitely not worth 5€ when you can get it everywhere for half the price or less. Unfortunately this was our worst experience in Cartagena so we would not recommend going here unless you want overpriced coffee/ chocolate and bad service
Juan Velazquez: Great spot for a quick coffee break.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Carolina Leguizamón Manrique: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Tasa de CafeMore
Haim Levy: Great place, excellent coffee.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jeremy Devin: Great coffee and service! A must-do in Cartagena if you like coffee.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Marisa Morteo: If you want to learn about coffee- this is the place to go!!
Geuvera Photography: This is my favorite coffee shop, and the reason I fly into cartagena. The coffee is high quality but the quality of the other ingredients make it. The process is also superior to many places. The gals here will take care of you, so enjoy this place!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Meier Joe: Such a good coffee and friendly service
marcelo torres: Recomendable la experiencia de cataFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
xico mendes: We had an excellent experience! Great coffees
Marco Missaglia: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Ary Brom: El servicio es súper lento pero todo es súper rico así que todo bienFood: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jad Kachmar: Incredible place. David is a coffee guru 👨‍🔬🧠. The coffee experience is unforgettable.
Ruth Nathan: The best coffee we’ve had in Cartagena so far!
Idrissa Johnson: Awesome! The ambience is chill. The location is slightly away from all the commotion of the square. The drinks are good, and the food is divine. We found this place by accident, and was astounded. Truly a hidden gem in Getsemani.
Yannick Lemay: Best expresso martini in town!
Aaron Kody: Authentic & really cool Colombian coffeeshop
Nuria Gonzalez: The carrot cake and the Caribbean coffee are delicious. Wide variety of coffee, in addition to a very good atmosphere.

6. MYKITA Shop Cartagena - Centro

· 2 reviews

Calle del Estanco del Tabaco #35-24 Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
MYKITA Shop Cartagena: what do users think?
Jeff Brandt: We stopped by to get our glasses fixed and they gave us 2 temple and nose pieces, no charge. Great services and we love our Mykita glasses
Sofia Jacome Gomez: Excellent place to buy glasses in Cartagena, they have a display of approximately 300 glasses, they also have an optometry service, I was able to make my glasses to see in 3 hours, they speak English and the best thing they offer is wine, bottled water and various kinds of coffee for Your clients!! It is a mandatory stop when visiting Cartagena.

7. La Casa del Joyero - Centro

· 29 reviews

Carrera 6a #34-32 Local 2, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
La Casa del Joyero: what do users think?
Gabriel Moreno: 👍👍👍
Julie Doumbia: This was the absolute best experience looking for emerald earrings for presents in Cartagena! Excellent prices, no pressure sales, very friendly. I had a tough time finding it at first because the name changed from Casa del Joyero to "Verde Esmeralda" but asked around and they explained the name had changed, and they confirmed this in the store as well. Same address, just changed their name. Wonderful experience!
Doris Paillaqueo Paine: The most reliable place to buy emeralds. I went to many jewelry stores and the best quality price is there. Excellent attention and with explanations of how to recognize the different qualities of emerald.I bought two earrings, one in gold and high quality emerald and the other in silver with a larger and clearer emerald.Super good price!!!
Alicia Echeverria: Very warm and complete attention. good prices
Julian Arias Jr.: We had a great experience buying jewelry here. The owner was very knowledgeable, friendly, and carried good quality emeralds. We will definitely come back when we are in Cartagena.
Juan Diaz: Mr. Cristian Granados provides an excellent service with professionalism and knowledge in emeralds
SARA ESTEVEZ: Excellent place, quality, attention, and reliability in what you buy. I have already acquired several jewels and I am really happy. Ahhh and very competitive prices.👌🏻
Erika Orta: Delighted with the service and attention, happy with my ring.
Samir Alvarez: All the products offered in this place are excellent, especially the emeralds and the man who attends has a very good knowledge of jewelry... He designed my wedding rings 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 excellent
Stuart Wentworth: This is a great place to shop for jewelry! Christian Granados is a trustworthy man who is knowledgeable of jewelry and attentive to excellent customer service. I have known him for several years. Plus he is very reasonable on the pricing of his jewelry.
Ricardo Campo: Highly recommended !!!. the best attention from Cristian. a very friendly and cordial person.
Diana Chioreanu: Great prices, friendliest brilliant service and knowledgeable team. What makes them unique: you work directly with the artist! 5 stars!
Dia C: It's a special gem, this place, be sure to not miss out. We were strangers to precious stones, but the owner Christian who speaks perfect English walked us through the basics and showed us the lifecycle of an emerald, than helped us with optione and customed the pieces by our taste and price range.There's beautifully handcrafted emmerald jewelry ranging everywhere from majestic, polished to raw or vikingish chockers & bracelets (my favs!).Loved the experience and came back home with a unique piece of jewelry that conveys my own style spendidly. Thanks #lacasadeljoyero #emeraldlovers
Luis Miguel Celis Salgado: Understanding how to identify and know the characteristics of a Colombian emerald by Cristian was very interesting and I was also able to buy what I wanted at a fair price.
Wilson Valencia Sanchez: Excellent place to get Colombian emeralds in yellow, white or silver gold in your own style and that fits any budget
Mario Fortich: Beautiful designs and favorable prices
Raul Benedetti: Very good attention and nice staff.
Lina Romero: Nice place with excellent jewelry! I found what I was looking for easily and the attention was excellent
Beatriz Ossa: A very complete beautiful jewelry and its ownerVery kind and with a lot of security on the subject of emeralds. It has pieces designed by the
faber alvares: It is a beautiful place, excellent products and the attention, phenomenal.
brian beltran cardenas: Good place to take a souvenir of this beautiful city

8. Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum - Bocagrande

· 363 reviews

Cl. 5 #2-51, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum: what do users think?
Szymon R: Great experience!!!
Elizabeth Cristina Zevallos: Nice place to walk buy and meet
Cristina Vallejos: Interesting to visit.
jackie c: Very interesting tour of the museum. Easy to work with and very friendly.
Christine Turner: Great selection of jewellery. Helpful staff.
Erika Fuentes Claveria: Tour of the emeralds, spectacular
jon hannasch: Educational museum about emeralds and large selection of jewelry
alvaro lavacude: Excellent facilities, very safe, highly qualified personnel, provide confidence to make purchases without any fear.
Marta Aguirre: Beautiful
luis enrique: It is the second time that I go, very good explanation about the emerald mines
Eileen Bevern: Great cruise and destinations.
Loren Santos: Great experience, so informative and friendly staff
Francisco Valverde B.: Worth seeing. Jewelry with excellent prices.
Lucy Jorge: En mi viaje a Cartagena fui a la joyería y museo y me pareció muy interesante y también compre una joya con la que tuve una situación que supieron resolver con mucho profecionalismo. Si tuviera la oportunidad de ir a Colombia volvería otra vez. Exelentete servicio.
Manuel Alejandro Abreo Devars: Me gustó la joyería.
Sean Moore: Very sad and terrible experience. I was followed into the bathroom and intimidated by some sobaka that works there. Been to over 65 countries across 7 continents and have never been treated as such. Terribly sad that in 2023 there are still people who have such poor mannerisms and education
Carlos Llera Novau: Curiosa exposicion-museo pero es una visita turistica, incluida en un City-Tour, que se siente como un abuso del tiempo del turista. Descarado enfoque comercial.
Tom Hart: Visited in March. Took the jewelry making class, toured the museum and store. Our instructor, Ada, was so patient with us and we have handmade souvenirs to take home. (Plus my wife's purchase from the store) The owners even posed with my wife with her new necklace.
Mario Mazzei serrano: Excelente información sobre el tema de la esmeralda, su historia, su explotacion y su uso en la joyería.
Jaume Aleu Lorente: Poco museo y mucha tienda de esmeraldas, típico de la zona. Solo para compras
Travel City Tours: Excelente experiencia la del museo.

9. Caribe Jewelry - Centro

· 97 reviews

Distrito Turístico Y Cultural, Cl. San Pedro Claver ##31-18, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Caribe Jewelry: what do users think?
MapoHackers: All of excellent quality
santi julio paut: Good place to buy gold and precious stones.
Kari Morgan: Very nice
Marjorie Laborda: Comprei um anel que foi ofereceram diminuir! Mas como o joalheiro de outra loja ja havia me alertado que quando diminui a peça as pedras caem, eu questionei no museo se aconteceria isso! Falaram que não e eu comprei a peça. Sai usando da loja e em menos de 2 hrs, quando olhei ja haviam caido 2 pedras da peça! Absurdo! Pelo menos consegui a devolucao e o estorno do valor. Não recomendo
Kandy Ross Garcia Narvaez: beautiful jewelry
Alexis Galvez: Excellent place, excellent service, 100% personalized attention. My most sincere congratulations to everyone for their attention, especially to Don Alfredo Díaz for his hospitality, kindness and simplicity.100% recommendable
Heylen Lopez: The best jewelry selection in town. Reliable and certified.
Colombia Tour Guide: The best.
Coordinación Auto evaluación: This place is very nice, the advisors show interest in clarifying the doubts of people who want to buy jewelry. They speak fluent English and it is a very good option, in relation to product price.Highly recommended, they have a wide variety
Paul Harbottle: Get a guide and learn about the very rich history of this fabulous city.
Chaz Dee: A very spectacular museum to see. I have never seen such beautiful emeralds in such exquisite shapes and settings. In addition, I did not know the jewel of such abundance in Colombia. This is inside the walled city so make sure you have good walking shoes and a few pesos as I didn't notice many ATMs at night. Plenty of food and drink in all directions. The museum is not expensive and is very informative. I highly recommend it.
Rafael Fis: The museum shared great history background on the stone, however, a bit pricy.
Scott Onuczko: We stumbled upon this place as we were visiting the old city and found the salesperson who helped us very patient, accommodating and helpful. She quickly ascertained our budget and then showed us several different options within it. She wasn’t aggressive or judgemental, like some of the other salespeople in the other emerald stores that we visited. We had a pleasant experience buying from here and would recommend this place.
Priscila Andrades: Good to know the history of emerald
Rafael Suarez: La mejor casa de esmeraldas
Fiorella Medina (fio_gio): Muy buena explicación de las esmeraldas, la atención de primera, y joyas de excelentes.
gabriel galvis navarro: excelente se las recomiendo
Claudia De Aguas: Exploded
Fidel Saavedra Culquicondor: Beautiful places
Serge Fedorchuk: Small interesting museum

10. Jumbo Caribe Plaza - Pie de la Popa

· 636 reviews

Cl. 29d #22-108, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Jumbo Caribe Plaza: what do users think?
Claudia Patricia Baron: You always find everything in jumbo. The deals are always amazing. There are many areas worth seeing. Its selection of meats is excellent and its fruits and vegetables, although you rarely find a wide assortment.In Drinks there is everything. Clothes and other for the family. There is a very nice remodeled food court.It hurts that the air has been damaged for more than 2 years and it's time to put up with the heat.
Giovanni Oñate: The best mall
Luz Elena Lorduy: Friendly staff, spacious space, well lit and organized. Top quality products.
Nebardo Motavita Joya: Good place to buy, variety of items... adequate prices
Carlos Carrillo: Excellent
JOSE ROSALES: Good assortment... but as always... the air conditioning doesn't work.
Yeison Pomares: Excellent place to do a market, the bad thing is that sometimes there is no air conditioning
Amenhotep IV: They don't turn on the air conditioning. It's quick buy and go, it's hotter in there than standing outside in the full midday sun.
Manuel B.K: Very assorted fresh fruit wide corridors
Alejandro Gomez: Great deals on TVs and air conditioners HOWEVER do not let them install. Buy your items here then find a pro to install.
DORA PALOMINO: Professional staff, quality products, optimal online service from Italy
Giselle Julio: The worst, they don't label the meats well, they watch you from the moment you enter until you leave, without air conditioning, officials everywhere, they went from being a good super market to being the worst, the rude cashiers and obstinate tea, the cafeteria with breads with fungus, for your health I do not recommend them.They don't rotate food, animals even in rice.
Alain Váron Núñez: Excellent service and excellent assortment of products. 👍🏻
Andrea Cano: everything is found
Lilinieves Godin: It is inconvenient to do shopping or any errands there. The air conditioning has not worked for a long time.Even employees complain when working under these conditions!
deivis jesus florez acero: Excelente lugar... Para mercar
Andrés Escobar: Excellent supermarket. Good diversity of national and imported products.They frequently have offers where the price per unit is convenient. Imported meats are of good quality from the USA, Argentina and Uruguay. I also found Wagyu beef produced in Chile.Excellent quality.
Prof. Andrés Escobar: Wide range of national and imported products. In particular, the offer of meats and cuts is good: Angus, wagyu, Argentine, Uruguayan and American. Own brand is very good too
Yolima Rodriguez: I heard an assistant dressed in green and a green cap having a loud conversation and the truth is that I felt quite uncomfortable and the people who were around buying changed.
Liseth paola Castellon Cuadrado: Excellent place where you can shop and find everything

11. Exito store Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 458 reviews

Cl. 31 #75, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

12. La Palettería - Centro

· 1412 reviews

Cl. 35 #03-86 local 2, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Desigual Store Cartagena de Indias - Centro

· 85 reviews

Calle Portocarrero esquina calle de las Carretas, Cartagena, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp


· 3 reviews

Bocagrande Calle 6A #3-17 Edificio Jasban, local 107, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Hilton Cartagena - El Laguito

· 4611 reviews

Avenida Almirante Brion, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Lafam - Centro Comercial Caribe Plaza - Pie de la Popa

· 1 reviews

Cl. 29d ## 22-108 Local 153, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

17. InterContinental Cartagena de Indias, an IHG Hotel - Bocagrande

· 2389 reviews

Cra. 1 #5-01, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Hyatt Regency Cartagena - Bocagrande

· 3034 reviews

Cra. 1 ##12-118, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

19. ibis Cartagena Marbella - Marbella

· 3155 reviews

Avenida Santander #47-90 Cartagena, Cartagena D T, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Quiksilver - Pie de la Popa

· 8 reviews

Av. El Lago, local 217-218, Cra. 22 #22-108, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


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