Best Manicure Pedicure Places In Cartagena Near Me

Yeyanailscartagena LE SALON Benefit BrowBar Beauty Lounge Bar de Cejas EL CASTILLO Salon Day Spa Diego Moya Relax Spa Cartagena URAKU SPA MASSAGES Plenitud Spa Diego Moya Salón Centro Histórico Dorian Zambrano Salón Spa Acrilics Nails by Cindy Barrios La Vida en Rosa Nails Soma Yoga Cartagena Jess Beauty Bar QUEEN'S NAIL SPA DE UÑAS Denis Martínez Peluquería Spa Salón y Spa Claudia Rodríguez Isabel K Day Spa

1. Yeyanailscartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 30 reviews

Barrio PROVIDENCIA, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Yeyanailscartagena: what do users think?
Melissa Sánchez Téllez: Me gustó mucho su trabajo, siempre me lastiman a la hora de limar y con ella no sentí ninguna molestia, además que el servicio fue muy rápido, la recomiendo.
Keyt Palomo: Espectacular, la atención es maravillosa y el talento de Yeya único 🤩 te sientes en un lugar confiado.
Nancy Moreno: Excelente trabajo, quedé encantada❤️❤️ 100% recomendada
Yocelin Paola Pizarro Garcia: Service:Acrylic nails
Yulis Cardona: Supremamente maravillosa en lo que haces lo máximoService:Permanent nail polish
Yuliana Alvarez: Services:Sculpted nails,Decorations,Acrylic nails,Pedicure,Permanent nail polishPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Stefanycarolina Urdaneta: Service:French translator
Juliana Andrea santos perez: Services:Girls,French translator,Pedicure,Nail cut filing
claudia villanueva: Service:Sculpted nailsPositive:Professionalism,Quality
maria de los angeles oviedo cortes: Simply spectacular 😚😚😚😚Services:Acrylic nails,Permanent nail polish
Nancy Cecilia Rodriguez Torres: Excellent service
Anais Alcala: I loved the jobService:Acrylic nails
Lesdy Copete: Services:Sculpted nails,Decorations,Acrylic nails,Manicure,Gel manicuresPositive:Quality
Dhalys Gonzhalez: Services:Decorations,Synthetic nail removal,Acrylic nails,ManicurePositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Diani Fitness: Yeya made me the best nails of my life 😍😍👌🏻👌🏻
YULADIS PATRICIA PASTRANA OLIVERA: Whenever I do it with her I leave happy.Services:Decorations,Acrylic nails,Permanent nail polish
Dayana Milena Navarro tovar: Excellent attention and makes some nail beauties I love herServices:Decorations,Acrylic nails,Nail cut filing
Ana maria Marín Diaz: Services:Girls,Manicure,Gel manicuresPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Lisett Padilla Iriarte: Positive:Professionalism
Alejandra Jaramillo: Services:Synthetic nail removal,Acrylic nailsPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Ines Arrieta: Positive:Quality

2. MG SPA DE UÑAS - Centro



· 15 reviews

Av Carlos Escallón No. 8-59 Cartagena Cartagena Provincia, Colombia

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MG SPA DE UÑAS: what do users think?
norma hernandez: Buena atención y buen servicio
Annie Tree: Such a great place to get a gel manicure in Cartagena!Staff were really nice and charged a very reasonable price for gel removal and a new set!
Lianne Haverkamp: I got a massage, manicure and pedicure. For the mani- and pedicure they used new disposable instruments or cleaned the instruments before use. The nails are done beautifully with OPI nail polish. The massage was very relaxing. I can recommend this place!
Marie Sophie Hartmann: Absolute best manicure I have ever had after years of living in Mexico and in various countries in Asia where I regularly got manicures.
Sophie B: Affordable nail spa with great quality service!
Maria Camila Manrique: This place is excellent, it has first class service, as well as being a pleasant, clean and very quiet space.I totally recommend it.
Caroline Juan: This a great place to come if you want a good quality service, I got my nails done and I loved them! The staff is just wonderful, they treat you super nicely and matter about what is it that you are looking for from the design to the color everything was great!!
Yer cárcamo: Cozy, super professional and incredible administration, finally a nail spa in Cartagena with a level! Blessings!
Edwin Gonzalez: If you are in Cartagena and want a spa day for your nails, this is the best place without a doubt.Great prices and the customer service is phenomenal. My wife and I went to get a pedicure.We recommend the Super Bomba, it is a Spa for the feet where you are aware and you leave refreshed.
Pulpos Reversibles: Beautiful spa. The best place in Cartagena to make manicure and pedicure.
Al-haj S.A.S: This is the best place to make your nails. Beautiful, helpful people, professional manicurist, friendly. I really love it 😇
João Vilaverde: Don’t go there, the massage is not good. And they will cheat you on the massage time
Łucja Anna Janik: Everything was good, you can pay by card, will be back
Kahoo Yu Mok: 宝宝们如果遇到不开心,不喜欢的一定要表达,不推荐M|G SPA DE UNAS这一家做美甲,就想做个简单的颜色和去死皮,有这么难吗?有图片视频为证,边缘可以涂成这样,也是醉了,一家店居然没有小风扇吹干,也没有照灯,就这么叫我在那边等半小时自然干……半小时过后,還起了小汽泡,越看越过不了关,负責的小姐也没有管我,态度很懒散,最后叫前台帮我擦掉,因为是真的无法忍受指甲被弄得这个样子(最后要付的钱一分不少给了,收钱的不好意思的叫我明天過來重做),这家店也没有一个可以说话的人。
Liqing Feng: 宝宝们如果遇到不开心,不喜欢的一定要表达,不推荐M|G SPA DE UNAS这一家做美甲,就想做个简单的颜色和去死皮,有这么难吗?有图片视频为证,边缘可以涂成这样,也是醉了,后来居然没有小风扇吹干,也没有照灯,就这么叫我在那边等半小时自然干……半小时过后,還起了小汽泡,越看越过不了关,负責的小姐也没有管我,态度很懒散,最后叫前台帮我擦掉,因为是真的无法忍受指甲被弄得这个样子(最后要付的钱一分不少给了,收钱的不好意思的叫我明天過來重做),这家店也没有一个可以说话的人。
Sandra Michaut: The result of the manicure and pedicure was good but the lady was really unfriendly. I told her at least five times to be less rude because it was painful! Then I was charged much more than the price - they said to pay an extra to remove the lack I had but it’s written anywhere! Just because I was gringa I guess…I won’t come back, too expensive and unfriendly
Nina Rigter: Had a manicure, pedicure and waxing.Did enjoy the Mani and pedí (gellac). One nail came off within 2 days but that might be die to the heat in Cartagena.The waxing is the worst I had. Didn’t really saw it until I came home but almost half of my leg was still full of hair and very very patchy. Had to redo everything :(
Anneleen Verbeek: Professionele salon. Afspraak gemaakt via whatsapp ging goed. En fijn geholpen!
Rachel Reams: Amazing job! Honestly the best nail service I have ever had!
Martina Pavitsch: The service of Leidy was incredibly good - she was friendly, very precise and super fast! Thank you so much!Like I do at my regular nail salon in Cali, I booked an appointment for the exact same services as I do normally via the fresha platform.Unfortunately they charged me way more than I booked without explaining/ mentioning it before. Therefore I didn’t even have enough cash with me and needed to pay by card, which cost me another 5 % on top.In addition, the bill they send me via email is stating a lower price than the one I was charged. Who knows how much it was supposed to be in the end!I mentioned all of this to the girl in charge of reservations, but she couldn’t care less.What a shame for such nice work!P.S.: also they send to Spanish speaking ladies away, because they didn’t have an appointment, but the two foreigners that arrived shortly after them were welcomed easily without an appointment. Probably that’s because they think tourists are not going to say anything about the price roulette they are playing!
Marie Malá: Best place for a mani in Cartagena. Very precise. Friendly staff!

3. LE SALON - Cartagena de Indias

· 14 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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LE SALON: what do users think?
shery cuello: Services:Hair treatments,Hair wash,Body waxing,Hair straightening,Makeup,Haircut,Hairstyling,Home service,Pedicure,Makeup service,Hair coloring,Nails,ManicurePositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Glendys Diaz: Services:Hair wash,Hairstyling,Home service,Pedicure,Makeup service,Hair coloringPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
daniela cuello martinez: Service:HairstylingPositive:Quality
Eliana Castro: Services:Hairstyling,Pedicure,NailsPositive:Professionalism
Tesla colors Ziritt Garcia: Service:HaircutPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
camila castro: Services:Hair wash,Hairstyling,Pedicure,NailsPositive:Cleanliness,Quality,Value
Diego Altamiranda: Services:Body waxing,NailsPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Mirta Burgos: Excellent service and first class careServices:Hair wash,Pedicure,Hair coloring,Nails
Diego Andres: Excellent atmosphere and serviceServices:Body waxing,Makeup service,Manicure
Laura vanessa Garcia Heredia: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value

4. Benefit BrowBar Beauty Lounge Bar de Cejas EL CASTILLO - Cartagena de Indias

· 34 reviews

Cra. 13 No. 31-45 Chambacu Centro Comercial Castillo, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Benefit BrowBar Beauty Lounge Bar de Cejas EL CASTILLO: what do users think?
Angela Correa Caraballo: I loved the brow service. Cindy's attention was excellent and the products are very good.
Daniela Jimenez Bejarano: I loved the pore care products and especially the masks
Aura Salas Marrugo: Excellent attention and service from the hard worker Cindy Meza, I loved all the products such as Get unblocked and Deep retreat. I loved the result of my face and the same as my companion, highly recommended!
Maria paula Visbal mercado: I love the pore mask
Liz Garcia: que servicio tan excelente, muy atenta a todo hace su trabajo con mucho amor y muy bonito(Translated by Google
Yenemendoza Mendoza: Very cute, I love it
Catalina Luna Perez: Excellent attention from Cindy Paola Meza. His disposition and kindness to the client is spectacular 👌 😉
Marelys Martinez: Excellent attention, highly recommended, the adviser is very detailed and applied. I loved the design of my eyebrows.
Nathaly Baena: Excellent very professional service delighted with Cindy Meza
Elisa Maturana: Super service from Cindy Meza
Maria Cortina: Excellent service, Mary treated me super cute!! highly recommended
Erika Sánchez Hernández: Super service from Cindy, I loved the eyebrows. Very kind and explained to me how I can use each product of my brand.
Ruth Sánchez: Very good service, professional and delicate. They gave me the perfect eyebrowsService:Hair threading
freja schou: Cindy from benefit did my brows and they turned out so beautiful! She is so nice and good at her job❤️
Astrid Løland: Fixed my brows on benefits browbar! Good service! Mary who fixed my brows was really great!
Camila Nieto: Cindy Meza! Great how you left the eyebrows I loved it !!! He makes them divine and explains everything! love my eyebrows
Maria Victoria Del Rio Arteaga: Cindy Meza's service is incredible, highly recommended
Katherine Victor: Mary took great care of me! The attention and service was 100/10
Ana Camila Viloria Morales: I loved theService, Mary was very friendly. I love my eyebrow design.
Mónica Dickens: Miss Mari is a girl with spectacular attention... very attentive and kind... she was always satisfied with her attention
Dina Duarte: Excellent service, highly recommended. I was attended by Cindy Paola Mesa

5. Salon Day Spa Diego Moya - Bocagrande

· 259 reviews

96 Con Carrera 2 San Martín, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Salon Day Spa Diego Moya: what do users think?
Maria Quiñones Cerro: Excellent attention. Recommend the service, attended by Yira
Vanessa Medina: Super service ❤
Sadis Sajona: This is the best beauty salon in the city, perfect location, impeccable facilities, professionalism in each of its collaborators and of course Diego who is always there working alongside everyone.
Sandra Z.: I went in February for a hair, makeup and lashes. The service is EXCELLENT, the staff is very friendly, the place is beautiful and I loved how Claudia did my makeup. Everything was super cute. I will return there for my wedding hair and makeup next year. I recommend it 100%
DinnerherSol: Bley and Patricia spectacular job! Super happy with the results. They are really two very professional and very kind stylists. I recommend them♥️Service:Hair coloring
L.J. Wiley: Amazing massages.
Emilie Kay: He viajado a casi 50 países y ella me está dando la mejor manicura y pedicura que he tenidoYamina muchos gracias
Tee Hodge: Great service! 9/10
Laura Niño: Buena atencion
JUAN DE DIOS DE AVILA PUELLO: El servicio es excelente al igual que sus instalaciones y la atención de todo el personal . Los recomiendo 100%. .
Victoria Gonzalez: Really enjoyed my visit. Needed a stat haircut. Arrived early in the morning and they booked me in immediately. Staff from the front door to the cleaning lady are super nice. Lady who washed my hair took time to explain all the products. Took a long time massaging my hair which I loved and really needed. Darwin, my hair dresser, asked to see a picture of the hair I wanted. He explained the process before cutting and explained how much needed to be cut from each section. He’s very meticulous and dedicated to his craft. He cut my hair exactly how I wanted. Fair with pricing.Will be back again!
Patricia Mendoza: Excelente servicio
Joshua Cuevas: I had a Deep Facial which costs about 180,000 pesos (40usd), and it was Painfully amazing. It was my first facial, but my girlfriend who also went with me said it was the best she’s ever had. It was much more painful than I ever thought it would be, but this was them digging deep in the pores of my nose. Currently it’s been 3 days since my facial, and the redness that came from the treatment is gone and my skin is noticeably vibrant. Make sure to avoid the sun after your treatment!
Gina Paola Romero Logreira: Exelente y los productos aplicados son de muy buena calidad.Soy clienta desde hace más 15 años.Siempre me preguntan dono me hago las mechas o las iluminaciones.Gracias Elida por hacerme sentir feliz y bella. No te cambio por nadieServices:Haircut,Hair highlighting
Maria Margarita Carrasquilla: Mi estilista es Elida. Es maravillosa! Mi cabello está mucho más lindo y sano desde que me atiende! Siempre me atienden puntual y es excelente su atención, así como la de todo el personal del salón. También muy recomendada la cera con Viviana.Services:Hair treatments,Haircut
Mónica Espinosa Gil: I really like their attention and the quality of the service, I feel happy every time I go.Services:Hairstyling,Hair coloring
Laura De armas: Elida treated me at Diegos Moya in Bocagrande, excellent stylist, my hair after being a disaster she managed to fix it and leave it beautiful, color, cut and the delicacy with which she works, very sure of all her steps, the perfect and wonderful makeup, everyone They asked where I had dressed with great pride, I answered in Diego Moya with Elida, I recommend her with my eyes closed, put yourself in her hands and you will be spectacular.
Patricia Olga Gomez Angulo: It is simply spectacular!...Services:Bridal services,Shaving,Body waxing,Makeup services,Hairstyling,Hair coloring
Catalina Luna Perez: Excellent service from Liliana
Arianna Danova: Ángela Carranza did my makeup and hairstyle for a too divine matri. I recommend 100%Services:Makeup services,Hairstyling
Laljana Zimic Zimic Cieza: Hello! Ángela Carranza took care of me, and she made me a beautiful hairstyle for a wedding. 100% recommended 🙌🏼Service:Hairstyling

6. Relax Spa Cartagena - San Diego

· 170 reviews

Cl. 36 ##9-96, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Relax Spa Cartagena: what do users think?
Devon Boykin: Wonderful spa. The 4 hand massage is amazing! Definitely relaxing.
Michelle Conrey: Best massage I’ve ever had! Went in for a bikini wax (which was great) and decided that instead of walking back in the heat to my hotel, I’d stay for an hour for a full body massage. I’m so glad I did. Highly recommend this place and Evelyn!
Yandy Chico: Thank you for your excellent service… you are the best… a gift card from a distance for a special person in this place is simply spectacular… I loved it
Nick Siragusa: Wonderful
Jeff Garcia: Super massage!!
Corri Gonzalez: The staff were all super nice but I won’t be coming back because my face is actually worse than before I got my facial. Whatever you do - DO NOT get the Ultrasonic peeling device facial. My face looks horrible still and it’s been a week since I got the facial. My nose has 2 blistered scabs and my cheek has a huge scab too. The lady doing the facial was so gentle up until she started using the Ultrasonic peeling device on my face. Since the facial I have cried because my birthday is coming up and I wanted my face to look nice. Now I don’t even want to go out. I had high expectations because the ambiance and staff were all great. If you do go, just don’t get the Ultrasonic peeling device facial.
A.L. Harris: Had a wonderful relaxing morning here. This was my second time here and both times were excellent. Located in the heart of the walled city and easy to find.Massage was beyond amazing. Husband and i had a couples massage… fabulous!!!Spa is super clean and the staff is so friendly and helpful. Highly, highly recommend when you’re in Cartagena.
Sandy Michel Almeida Hurtado: Brilliant
Paula Andrea Altamar: Highly recommended, it is a super nice, pleasant, spectacular experience. The excellent attention, the staff and the quality of the service all very nice
Miles Griffiths: Fantastic service. Great massage. My wife & I booked a couples massage and accidentally went to the wrong location. The other location is about a 10 minute walk which we were prepared to go to. The staff called the other location and adjusted for us to stay where we were.The massage was professional and really good with fair prices
Johnny De Jesús Vides Bello: Excellent service, very nice and cozy place, one of the best massages.
Playa Caramello: Dirty place and very unmotivated employees, with one hand on the mobile phone. Stay away.
Saida Sanmartin: I expected better service. I don't understand why if you reserve with enough time there is so little organization.
Kristijan Golubovic: Lust lose mitarbeiter,Katastrophe, chefin freundlich die arbeiterinen nicht! Zimmer war nicht bereit. wir haben eine Relax massage gebucht , die ich immer noch spüre wie fest es wehtut. bei meiner freundin auch. Dann lust los am anfang 7minuten mit einer hand kopf massage und handy ab gecheckt. Wollte nichts sagen dachte ah vielleicht ist bei meiner freundin gut und wills nicht kaputt machen. Falsche gedacht sie hatte den gleichen gedanken!! dann verschwand auch meine masseurin 5-6 min und kam mit wasser so un relax war ich noch nie im leben. Ansonsten schlafe ich ein wie gut die massage sind hier habe ich gelitten.
laulau Hamdi: Super massage dans ce spa. Le personnel est au petit soin. Massage super relaxant et le prix est juste au top. Je recommande! disponibilité et prise de rendez vous sur WhatsApp donc super facile quand on ne parle pas la langue et si on vient de plus loin. Super moment nous sommes sortis en étant super bien je recommande !
Lex: I booked a massage, wax and facial - the communication was great but the spa itself does not meet basic hygiene standards. I left without finishing my services. Would not recommend.
Iris: Had a nice and relaxing facial here, also not too expensive. The staff was nice and welcoming too.
Maria Fernanda Montesinos: The whole team is very professional. I loved my massage
Ashley Berry: Great massage, great price. Highly reccomend!
Timo Pott: It's a great place for massge ! It's clean and silent. Staff is friendly and got very good skills. We had 6 massage and a facial treatment within 1 week. I can highly recommend "Luc". She did very well, thank you for that ! :)
Andres Franco: A quite professional spa, ideal for back massages of many styles. In my case, I took the exfoliating massage which was done with sea salts and moisturizing creams.Appointment times are met, the staff is uniformed and maintains standard hygiene standards, you can pay by credit card and they have a portfolio of various services.It is appreciated that it is a place for therapeutic and relaxing massages and not one with a "happy ending" since in Cartagena they abound.The only thing I would suggest is that they have slightly more competitive prices because certain massages already seem overpriced to me.


· 201 reviews

Calle de la Bomba # 36-55, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
URAKU SPA MASSAGES: what do users think?
Franz Froehlich: I travel a lot and had many massages arround the world but this place offers one of the best massages and service I ever had .... Really professional! Thank you Uraku team!
Melissa Pearson: My bf and I received a great massage here. The pressure on the deep tissue was perfect!
Jamal Dunn: Small, clean, and intimate. The staff are very pleasant. The massage rooms are air conditioned and feel amazing. "Carolina" was my masseuse and she did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend this place!
Titciana Barros: I love massages and highly recommend the relax massage at Uraku. It was affordable and the experience was really awesome. We called prior to arriving to see if they had availability. We were greeted upon arrival and sat in the waiting room for our masseuse. Caroline was great! She applied firm pressure. I would definitely go back!
Leticia Maipira: Had a great experience here with my boyfriend, we did the couples relaxing massage and it was amazing. They were able to fit us in last minute, we’re super professional, place was clean and neat. Would go back again!
Chelsea Moore: Wonderful massage with body scrub! Everything was beautiful and clean and the masseuse did a fantastic job. Far exceeded my expectations and I hope to come back on my next visit to Cartagena.
Maria Varela: My boyfriend and I did the couples relaxing massages here at Uraku Spa and we loved it. The staff was so kind and accommodating to us - we had spent the whole day walking through the city and during the massages I asked for them to focus on our calves and feet since we were sore and they were more than happy to do so. The atmosphere was also welcoming, relaxing, and well air conditioned. Only thing was the street outside was noisy but that is out of their control. Gracias Uraku!!
Sammy Hawkins: Brilliant massage, one of the best I've had!
Pilar Ávila Rincon: Uy delicioso y relajantes masajes con profesionales excelentes. Gracias gracias Uraku Spa. Volveré cada vez que pueda . Me encantó!
Carlos Pabon: El mejor Spa dw Cartagena, fabuloso, volvere
Nelson Jimenez: Excelent place, very good massage....I will come back.
Diego Tarazona: Thanks for your attention! I really liked the massage and my cousin! We feel great!
Ally Roy: My wife and I came for the couples massage and it was one of the best massages we've ever had. Exceptional skill level and really friendly team. We hope we have time to go back before we leave Cartagena.
MA CAMILA LOPEZ: Excellent place. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to come to this place and we were fascinated, 10/10... very good attention, good service, good, very professional girls. One of the best experiences is to visit this place. Thank you!!
Iris: Had a really good scrub and massage by Jessica, walked out feeling relaxed and smooth like a baby.
Sara Sánchez: Awesome 30min couple's massage, experienced and strong professionals (Julieth and July).Gracias!
Joel Martinez: Such a wonderful experience and relaxing time the massages were exceptional!
Céline: Professional and great massage! Staff is very friendly and location good.
Jermaine Blyden: I received a massage and facial at this location it’s very professional clean and workers have great courtesy.
Mari le: I had a very good deep tissue massage with Maria. Afterwards I felt totally relaxed and light. The studio is very clean and professional. The staff are very friendly. Absolute recommendation!
Pam Gogo: If I could give multiple Five Stars, Uraku would receive it. The absolute BEST massage I’ve ever had. Great, clean space & worth the money you spend. If you’re looking for a place to decompress after a long day of walking, this is it. Would return again.

8. Plenitud Spa - Centro

· 42 reviews

Centro Calle Gastelbondo, #02-96, Local 9, Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Plenitud Spa: what do users think?
Roshad Cutno: Great service clean safe best massage I had in a Long Time!!!! Great service!!!!!!Best massage I ever had in Colombia!Service:Massage
laydis herrera: Services:Body waxing,Pedicure,Massage
Amber Bourg: We just left the spa and had the couples massages. They were so good we are going to go back tomorrow. The massages were fantastic and I highly recommend. Plus the price is very good.
Everything Cartagena: We send all of our clients here. Excellent massages, friendly service, and a very relaxing atmosphere.Service:Massage
Yes Network Team: This place was just what I needed during my Cartagena getaway. The vibe was super-chill, the bed and face rest were super-comfortable, and the massage was one of the best I've ever had! Highly recommended!Service:Massage
Richard Lever: On Friday, May 19, the last day in the city of Cartagena, I am very tired with my family and we decided to have a plenitude spa massage and it was the worst thing that happened to me.
Michael Jeffreys: I’ve been to Plenitud spa three times so far and always get an excellent massage! The atmosphere is very relaxing, nice decor, friendly service, and half the price of what I pay in the United States. The tourism company I work for, Everything Cartagena, uses them for our clients. A couple of months ago Plenitud Spa sent 12 masseuses with portable beds to a mansion in the old city and did massages for one of our groups. They enjoyed it so much they asked for a repeat visit the following morning. We had two clients visit the spa yesterday who also raved about the quality of the massage and atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting a fabulous massage at a fair price.
Keyla Martelo: Excellent place, good atmosphere, relaxing music and the girl who gave me the massage had blessed hands. It is a good spa for anyone who wants to relax and de-stress. Highly recommended!!Service:Massage
Marisa Wong: Cute little spa. Great service. We did the 2 hours with facial. They ended it with a glass wine 🍷 would recommend this for a fun spa day treatment
Karen Campbell: I had the most amazing massage from Lau Navarro!!!! She was the absolute professional, and very good! Highly recommend!!!!Service:Massage
Kira Valdelamar: Spectacular attention. They are very nice and dynamic girls
Erwin Alvarado: Excellent place, quality and service. Very good experience and very nice massage
oumkeltoum ghellab: Un des meilleurs massages que j’ai eus …
Matilde Pinillo: Excellent service, the massage is very professional and the staff is very friendly. It was a unique and wonderful experience.Services:Spa services,Massage
Kelvis madero: Excellent service, the girls are very professional and the result is pleasant... 100% recommended!
Jacob Abraham: **AVOID** **AVOID**I wish I listened to the other reviews.This was without a doubt the worst massage we have ever had. You are drenched in oil at the end. About 15 mins into I wanted to get up and leave but I thought at least my wife is enjoying it, leave it alone. In the end she too was thinking the same thing but stayed silent for my sake. It was 50 mins of the lady rubbing oil on us, that was it! I wish I was joking.
uttaran chakrabarti: Awesome experience— must visit
Jonathan Edelman: Clean place, nice enough.The advertised prices are lower than what they charge. They can't explain this.Also for a swedish massage, seems like an okay place but definitely not a real deep tissue massage.
Bazooka Joe: We had a couples massage. The agency is very professional. They have a very relaxing couples room that is set up nicely. We had a deep tissue massage done. The women that massaged us had very strong hands and knew what they were doing. I would highly recommend them.I would recommend to the business that they tell people upfront that tip is customary to give to the staff on top of the fee. I already had a tip ready to give to the girls for doing a great job. It was awkward for us and the girls that they waited for us to come out of the massage room and used an app to translate that we should tip them.Also, I did have to negotiate fee via WhatsApp because what I was quoted versus what is listed on their website was different. They also prefer cash and told me their credit card printer was broken. Because of this, I almost blew them off.I had to stop by the bank and get cash, which I do not like to carry that much around because of pickpockets. Other than these inconveniences, they are totally worth it and the staff were very sweet and gave a great massage.I only mean for this to be constructive criticism for the business to take into consideration. Would I use them again.? Absolutely!Service:Massage
Johanna Feimanis: Alright but not the greatest. Felt like a routine and no focus on the muscles. And had a couple massage but was not that romantic 🙊
Stephanie Weilnau: Excellent massage with laudys Navarro - highly recommendedService:Spa services

9. Diego Moya Salón Centro Histórico - Centro

· 172 reviews

Sede Centro Local 6 Calle 36 #2-124, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Diego Moya Salón Centro Histórico: what do users think?
Frank Fritz: Nice place, clean, I did barber work, haircut, nails and shampoo. The staff is friendly and they are meticulous.
Hotel y Eventos El Rosal: perfect service
Rosynes del Valle: Excellent attention and service, Ulises a love, he understood very well what I wanted with my haircut... 100% recommended if you have short hair
Dario Navia Cujar: good lounge
Kelly Garcia: I came to Cartagena for a wedding and had the most amazing service at Diego Moya! Rudi washed my hair and was so nice, Olga did my hair (dye, cut and braid) and did such an amazing job followed by Marticela who gave me the best mani-pedi I’ve had in so long. Overall service was amazing and they were able to accommodate me last minute, this is definitely my to-go place in Cartagena from now on!
Rynn Reed: I had the best haircut here!! Absolutely perfect spot for a quick haircut. It was very needed with this heat and she did an incredible job.
Pamela Funes: Good place for hair waxing, very professional!
Valentina L.D.: amazing service. Very efficient and dear. Leidy is a love, very professional. I am very happy with my nails. I recommend it 100%.Services:Hair wash,Hair straightening,Hairstyling,Pedicure,Nails,Manicure
Manuelita Rojas Bernal: Super recommended Mari's work for hair and makeup at home!
mj s: Good service, my nails were super good.
Jennifer Siu: I had a wonderful experience! Booked a gel mani and pedi, and was helped by Leidi and Mari who were both skilled and very friendly. The service was fast and well done, will be coming back when I’m in town :)Services:Pedicure,Manicure
Patricia Olga Gomez Angulo: Excellent hairdressing services, comprehensive beauty advice, simply nice to be there, I leave happy...Services:Hair wash,Shaving,Hair straightening,Makeup,Nails,Manicure
Diana Cvez: Divine makeup and hairstyle thanks to Olga Patricia she understood everything I wanted perfectly, works super good and fastThe best option in the center of Cartagena
Karen Vega: Whenever I have an event in Cartagena I go with Diego Moya, I visited the historic center for makeup and hairstyling a week ago. As usual I was very satisfied with all the service. The stylists are very skilled and agile.Service:Hair straightening
Teresa Della Corte: Gentilissimi e garbati. Abbastanza bravi.
JUAN DE DIOS DE AVILA PUELLO: Excellent place and service, they are very professional in the services they provide
Nasim Kosarnia: They were able to see us right away for nail colour. Leidy Gallego did an amazing gel nail for me. She was very meticulous and sweet. I just highly recommend her.
Yuli Aguiar: Looks great on the internet, but it may as well be a franchise similar to super cuts
S G: Margarita did my hair and makeup for a wedding and I loved it! She took her time and understood the look I was going for. Got compliments on my hair and makeup. Thank you Margarita.Gave it one star less because someone else who I went with did their hair and makeup with a different artist and didn't like it AND ended up getting a big rash on their face from the makeup. Dermatologist confirmed it most likely was the makeup.I didn't have an issue with Margarita 's makeup. (I believe each makeup artist carries their own makeup, so don't know what each does to keep makeup clean)
François C: 👍👍👍
KATIA DEL CARMEN JOLY VILLAREAL FUNCIONARIO: Marticela treated me extraordinary, she made my experience pleasantI was also attended by Olga in dye, Diego Moya's best colorist.I recommend champagne on Fridays and Saturdays just like in Bocagrande.Thanks! My house always!Services:Haircut,Pedicure,Hair coloring,Manicure

10. Rosi Spa Medicinal - Bocagrande

· 56 reviews

carrera 2 #4-115 centro comercial pueblito local 207, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Rosi Spa Medicinal: what do users think?
Luisa Fernanada Quiroz Quiceno: I loved the experience, the very professional masseuses, I loved it, the super relaxing massage, the service is very complete, the price is super cheap…
Andres Cornejo: 5 stars for me, Rosi is an absolute professional. Would recommend to anyone that’s looking for a real therapeutic massage.
Miguel Lopez: I went today and Luz take care of my neck and ankle pain during the orienntal massage. This place is the best in Cartagena, very legitimate and the camaderie of personel are superb. Also the atmosphere/ambiece is great, top notch. Thank you, Luz and see you soon!
APARTAMENTO SAN GIL: It is a super beautiful place, Rosy gave me a super facial cleansing and full of love and harmony. A hug Karen
Paola Martinez: Eine richtig coole Erfahrung, empfohle ich jede der sich postop Massage brauchen sollte, richtig tollService:Massage
Kirsten Vine: Service:Massage
Justin Gilmartin: This place is fabulous. What a wonderful experience! Top notch service with an extremely pleasant staff.Tatiana is just an absolute goddess. She's exceptionally talented and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.Service:Massage
Faisal shirazi: Good massage place. They don’t speak a lot of English so its hard to communicate but I had a good time
Echo Andarta: Incredible service and treatments at rosi Spa. I had an ultrasonic facial with Lina and it was so relaxing and she is very professional, friendly and thorough. My skin is glowing! Afterwards, I added on a 30 minute therapeutic massage and I'm so glad I did. I had another massage from a highly rated place in el centro cartagena a couple of days before but this one was so much better. Lina is so good at what she does! The pressure and technique were perfect, the room and music relaxing, and it is very good value. I recommend this place so highly! Thanks so much Lina, I'll be sure to visit when I'm next in cartagena.Service:Massage
isis oriana anteliz: Tatiana was very kind and took very good care of me, I needed some post-operative massages and the disposition was excellent, I recommend them.
Yulieth maria Medina: Very good attention ☺️
GB T: Good relaxation space: the appropriate facilities, the attention of the remarkable staff, the very pleasant place.
Victoria Pearce: Was visiting Cartagena from Canada and was looking for a massage- saw this place was close to my hotel and booked a 70 min Masaje Oriental and Facial Básica with Lina. And wow, one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I want to come back to Cartagena just for Rosi Spa!
H Persaud: Great Staff, Services Offered and the Massage I received from Taty. Def go see her and her colleagues.
Liat Iluz: One of the most incredible massages I have ever received. Clean and comfortable place. Very attentive and English speaking.
Marcela Rodriguez: Excellent service. Nice place and very professional masseuses
Sofia Granados Forero: We had a great experience, the attention is spectacular and the place is very nice. We would definitely return 💯💯
Jay Walker: I have been here 3 times and each time I have had amazing service! Today we got a couples massage and it was excellent again. I will recommend this spa to everyone!
cristian sc: I was for a massage here and Lina was very very professional, very kind, knew how to talk and offer a good customer service and a good massage. They used Coconut oil which I like Because made my skin soft and is natural. Also they have shower with hot water and give you towels and robe. The ambiance and the room looks very cute and clean.
Nelson Martir: Lena was great when I went in for massage. She helped along the way and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Definitely worth it.Service:Massage
vanessa quintero: There is nothing about a relaxing massage, just rubbing and that's itService:Massage

11. Dorian Zambrano Salón Spa - El Laguito

· 75 reviews

Cra. 1 ## 2 - 87, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Acrilics Nails by Cindy Barrios - Cartagena de Indias

· 76 reviews

Barrio Los Alpes, transversal 73 #31B14, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

13. La Vida en Rosa Nails - Cartagena de Indias

· 3 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, BOL, Colombia


14. Soma Yoga Cartagena - Bocagrande

· 12 reviews

Cra. 3 #8-49, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Jess Beauty Bar - Getsemaní

· 48 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

16. L'Barber Mónica Cruz - Pie de la Popa

· 59 reviews

Av. El Lago, Local 222 Carrera 22 #22-108, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

17. QUEEN'S NAIL SPA DE UÑAS - Cartagena de Indias

· 3 reviews

a 52-89, Dg. 27 #52-1, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


18. Denis Martínez Peluquería Spa - Centro

· 19 reviews

Cra. 8 #37-1, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Salón y Spa Claudia Rodríguez - Cartagena de Indias

· 1 reviews

Carrera 68 ##132, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

20. Isabel K Day Spa - Bocagrande

· 25 reviews

Avenida San Martin No 4 - 66 Local 7 Edif. Caribbean Center, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

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