Best Jewelry Courses In Cartagena Near Me

LUCY JEWELRY Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum Mister Emerald La Casa del Joyero Caribe Jewelry Montblanc Aeropuerto Rafael Núñez Elia Jewelry Galeria Arte Joya Precolombino Adriana's Jewelry EMERALD CENTER Joyería Santo Domingo Milenio Jewelry Cartagena El Cofre del Caballero - Joyería y Artesanía Joyería Milenio Artesanías Green Sparkle Emerald Shop Mercedes Salazar | Cartagena

1. LUCY JEWELRY - Centro

· 101 reviews

Cl. 35 #3-19, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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LUCY JEWELRY: what do users think?
Sabina: In love with my beautiful ring. Lucy store helped my partner whose Colombia choose a commitment ring as he likes to call it and even when I was looking I didn't have a clue that the store and my partner were already talking. Very cute and the ring is just stunning.Highly recommended great staff and my day was made special. Thank you. Cartagena and Lucy jewelry will always be a special moment I won't forget.
joséphine IBLED: The place looks great and professional. We bought a ring there. Turns out the stone was modified when we had it expertised by a professional in France. The 3K Ring was only worth 400euros if NEW. What a scam. (went for different feedbacks at different jewellers before you say anything). I don't recommend at all.
peter martinez: Went to at least 7 jewelry store Lucy had the best quality and best prices than other. They don’t pay commission to guides who steer you to other jewelry stores.many other stores had extremely inflated price. They also have unique one of a kind designs
Francine Chantal: Service impeccale, professionnels,Certificat d authenticité. Nous sommes en confiance de notre achat et nous savons que nous avons un vrai emeraude
Julie Lo Cicero: Complètement conquise! et surtout ADDICTT aux créations de Luci ❤️.
Virginie Capurso: Très disponible et adorable.Très belles créations ✨
Emily Howard: I went in to purchase an emerald piece. I had a price range in mind, and the staff was so kind and patient as I tried to decide between earrings, a necklace, and a ring. They let me try each piece on and shared prices clearly as I walked around. They were not pushy at all, and I had a very positive experience. If you’re going to purchase here, know that silver pieces will be less expensive (a necklace with 0.3 karat emerald around 175 USD). Yellow gold is more, around 400 for similar necklace, or earrings, or rings a little more.
Paul Maleski: Definitively the best location to buy emeralds in Cartagena.
Amrita Patel: The kindest owners and most gorgeous jewels! Thank you 😊
Noel Kearney: I highly recommend this jewellers to anyone! Alexandria (apologies if that’s not spelt correctly) was absolutely excellent, happy to explain things to us, and just a genuinely nice person who cared about finding us the perfect piece of jewellery at the right price.
Brandy Trexler: There are a 1000 places to buy emeralds in Cartagena. But Lucy is the only place you won’t feel pressured. They will work with you to find something you love within your budget. They were super and got all the paperwork in order to file with DAIN for tax refund. My next visit I’ll be back to complete the set!
Estefania LONDOÑO: I love this place, emeralds of the highest quality and spectacular designs. In addition, the attention is unique! ✨
Viviana Sofia Escamilla Torres: The best jewelry store in Cartagena de Indias Colombia! Definitely a place to visit and buy the most amazing emeralds! Love it! Charming and excellent location. Highly recommended! Will come back next trip
Michelle Acevedo F.: Wonderful attention, the jewelry is precious.
hacene balit: De belles pierres émeraudes mais assez chère, en effet la zone où se trouve la boutique est très touristique donc automatiquement les prix flambent.
santi julio paut: Excellent place to visit and buy gold products and precious stone products...
James Danley: I’ve purchased jewelry from Lucy’s on 3 different occasions now and I must say that their reputation as Cartagena’s premium emerald jewelry store is completely accurate! Both Lucy & Alejandra are extremely knowledgeable and professional; they’ll help guide you to select the right gift for any occasion. They source the best stones in the world, design and hand craft all of their jewelry lines as well as provide you with credentials and certifications for every piece. This is the ONLY store in which you should purchase emeralds in Cartagena.
Mabel Garcia: Good attention
Irene Evans: The staff and quality of the product I have a lovely bracelet I purchased from them.
Maria Bonilla: Pretty
maxje jeyson geliz: A jewelry store that sells Colombian treasures

2. Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum - Bocagrande



· 363 reviews

Cl. 5 #2-51, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Caribbean and Emerald Jewelry Museum: what do users think?
Szymon R: Great experience!!!
Elizabeth Cristina Zevallos: Nice place to walk buy and meet
Cristina Vallejos: Interesting to visit.
jackie c: Very interesting tour of the museum. Easy to work with and very friendly.
Christine Turner: Great selection of jewellery. Helpful staff.
Erika Fuentes Claveria: Tour of the emeralds, spectacular
jon hannasch: Educational museum about emeralds and large selection of jewelry
alvaro lavacude: Excellent facilities, very safe, highly qualified personnel, provide confidence to make purchases without any fear.
Marta Aguirre: Beautiful
luis enrique: It is the second time that I go, very good explanation about the emerald mines
Eileen Bevern: Great cruise and destinations.
Loren Santos: Great experience, so informative and friendly staff
Francisco Valverde B.: Worth seeing. Jewelry with excellent prices.
Lucy Jorge: On my trip to Cartagena I went to the jewelry store and museum and I found it very interesting and I also bought a jewel with which I had a situation that they knew how to solve with a lot of professionalism. If I had the chance to go to Colombia I would go back again. Excellent service.
Manuel Alejandro Abreo Devars: I liked the jewelry.
Sean Moore: Very sad and terrible experience. I was followed into the bathroom and intimidated by some sobaka that works there. Been to over 65 countries across 7 continents and have never been treated as such. Terribly sad that in 2023 there are still people who have such poor mannerisms and education
Carlos Llera Novau: Curious exhibition-museum but it is a tourist visit, included in a City-Tour, which feels like an abuse of the tourist's time. Cheeky business approach.
Tom Hart: Visited in March. Took the jewelry making class, toured the museum and store. Our instructor, Ada, was so patient with us and we have handmade souvenirs to take home. (Plus my wife's purchase from the store) The owners even posed with my wife with her new necklace.
Mario Mazzei serrano: Excellent information on the subject of the emerald, its history, its exploitation and its use in jewelry.
Jaume Aleu Lorente: Little museum and many emerald shops, typical of the area. only for purchases
Travel City Tours: Excellent museum experience.

3. Mister Emerald - Centro

· 25 reviews

Cl. de San Juan de Dios #3-99, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Mister Emerald: what do users think?
Melissa Minoff: Mr. Emerald was kind enough to open his store on Christmas Day, so the cruise ship tours were able to get some relief with A/C, bathrooms, and the opportunity to get their hands on a local and genuine emerald. Great selection of timeless pieces. Thank you Leeland.
Ginger Hilpipre: Visited in January 2023, highly recommend this business. There aren't any falsely inflated prices to haggle down in order to make you feel like you've gotten a steal; instead there are simply top quality items at fair prices. On top of that, the owners are themselves gems - incredibly friendly and helpful. I wouldn't buy emeralds from any other jeweller in Cartagena.
Rafael Suarez: Sitio recomendado para compras de esmeraldas
Isela Cabarcas: Excelente lugar
Diana Caballero: Es un MUST cuando viajas a Cartagena de Indias. No solo por la calidad de las joyas que vende Mr. Le sino por la calidez con la que te reciben y el trato exquisito que tienen con absolutamente todos sus clientes. Me llevé una esmeralda que es toda una joya de diseño y completamente única. Gracias a todos los que nos atendieron porque fue realmente un gusto conoceros.
Jill Rider: Excellent experience. Excellent service and excellent quality. Would buy from Mr. Emerald again.
Michael Blatt: Excellent value. Knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended
Bénédict Chauvin: A big thank you to Lee and Jorge for showing me their beautiful collection of Emeralds. It's really stunning! Also, as a family company, they have been here for a long time and they are true experts in the field, which is reassuring when you want to purchase an Emerald for a very special occasion! Don't hesitate to pass by just to say hello, it's worth a visit and they will make you feel at home straight away!
Peter Dube: We stopped in while our ship was in port February 2020. Pedro and Lee were amazing - patient, no pressure. They took the time to educate us and show us their entire selection of men's rings. In the end, we purchased loose emeralds which we paid for and then they designed the 18K white gold settings for us. It took less than a month (per their promise) to ship us the rings, which are stunning. The cost for the rings was exactly as promised. Once we received the rings in the US and were happy, the balance due was wired to their account. I completely trust Mr. Emerald and highly recommend them.
Samuel Mijares: Very good quality price
Rob Axelrad: Great. We got a terrific deal on an emerald ring!
Rodrigo Martelo: Excellent service and a quality product
Edgar Antonio Romero Paternina: Urbanization on the outskirts of the city and you feel a wonderful environment surrounded by nature
Luis Carlos Hernandez: Good, but attention needs to be improved
Yilmer Daniel Avila Villarreal: Buen servicio, muy elegante el lugar, confiable
RAFA K'RDENAS 2: Si eres turista y quieres irte de la ciudad con una esmeralda u otra joya, no dudes en ir a esta joyería. Ubicada en el centro histórico de la ciudad y con un trato agradable por parte de sus empleados.
Suzanne Buckley: This is the ONLY place to go for emeralds. We had been twice in the last 12 years by cruise ship and had been totally satisfied with Lee's quality of service, expertise about emeralds and jewelry, and warmth of welcome. This time, we flew to Cartagena specifically to visit his store. Lee and his son-in-law, Pedro, greeted us warmly at their new spacious store in the old town. They spent a long time with us, helping us to pick out the perfectly matched earrings and ring to go with the pendant we purchased 12 years ago. Our custom made earrings and correctly sized ring will be ready on Friday, just in time for a big birthday. They treat every customer the same way, as we know from the many cruise ship friends we have sent them.
juan david Urrego: Muy bonito lugar
Ron Bray: Nice selection of emeralds and very nice settings. Very nice sales staff.... not pushy and very informative. The owner Lee Miles was a great guy who helped us in our purchase.
jessica swangel: Great service, quality jewelry. They even re-sized my ring in 15mins

4. La Casa del Joyero - Centro

· 29 reviews

Carrera 6a #34-32 Local 2, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
La Casa del Joyero: what do users think?
Gabriel Moreno: 👍👍👍
Julie Doumbia: This was the absolute best experience looking for emerald earrings for presents in Cartagena! Excellent prices, no pressure sales, very friendly. I had a tough time finding it at first because the name changed from Casa del Joyero to "Verde Esmeralda" but asked around and they explained the name had changed, and they confirmed this in the store as well. Same address, just changed their name. Wonderful experience!
Doris Paillaqueo Paine: The most reliable place to buy emeralds. I went to many jewelry stores and the best quality price is there. Excellent attention and with explanations of how to recognize the different qualities of emerald.I bought two earrings, one in gold and high quality emerald and the other in silver with a larger and clearer emerald.Super good price!!!
Alicia Echeverria: Very warm and complete attention. good prices
Julian Arias Jr.: We had a great experience buying jewelry here. The owner was very knowledgeable, friendly, and carried good quality emeralds. We will definitely come back when we are in Cartagena.
Juan Diaz: Mr. Cristian Granados provides an excellent service with professionalism and knowledge in emeralds
SARA ESTEVEZ: Excellent place, quality, attention, and reliability in what you buy. I have already acquired several jewels and I am really happy. Ahhh and very competitive prices.👌🏻
Erika Orta: Delighted with the service and attention, happy with my ring.
Samir Alvarez: All the products offered in this place are excellent, especially the emeralds and the man who attends has a very good knowledge of jewelry... He designed my wedding rings 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 excellent
Stuart Wentworth: This is a great place to shop for jewelry! Christian Granados is a trustworthy man who is knowledgeable of jewelry and attentive to excellent customer service. I have known him for several years. Plus he is very reasonable on the pricing of his jewelry.
Ricardo Campo: Highly recommended !!!. the best attention from Cristian. a very friendly and cordial person.
Diana Chioreanu: Great prices, friendliest brilliant service and knowledgeable team. What makes them unique: you work directly with the artist! 5 stars!
Dia C: It's a special gem, this place, be sure to not miss out. We were strangers to precious stones, but the owner Christian who speaks perfect English walked us through the basics and showed us the lifecycle of an emerald, than helped us with optione and customed the pieces by our taste and price range.There's beautifully handcrafted emmerald jewelry ranging everywhere from majestic, polished to raw or vikingish chockers & bracelets (my favs!).Loved the experience and came back home with a unique piece of jewelry that conveys my own style spendidly. Thanks #lacasadeljoyero #emeraldlovers
Luis Miguel Celis Salgado: Understanding how to identify and know the characteristics of a Colombian emerald by Cristian was very interesting and I was also able to buy what I wanted at a fair price.
Wilson Valencia Sanchez: Excellent place to get Colombian emeralds in yellow, white or silver gold in your own style and that fits any budget
Mario Fortich: Beautiful designs and favorable prices
Raul Benedetti: Very good attention and nice staff.
Lina Romero: Nice place with excellent jewelry! I found what I was looking for easily and the attention was excellent
Beatriz Ossa: A very complete beautiful jewelry and its ownerVery kind and with a lot of security on the subject of emeralds. It has pieces designed by the
faber alvares: It is a beautiful place, excellent products and the attention, phenomenal.
brian beltran cardenas: Good place to take a souvenir of this beautiful city

5. Caribe Jewelry - Centro

· 97 reviews

Distrito Turístico Y Cultural, Cl. San Pedro Claver ##31-18, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Caribe Jewelry: what do users think?
lindsey ramey: Yes the emerald museum is short and small, but it’s actually interesting to learn about the top level history of emeralds through a Colombian lens. And if you’re interested in buying one, then it’s a great way to educate yourself before choosing. My tour guide/salesperson didn’t push anything on me and was very patient as I was teetering on whether or not to buy. I’m the ended I picked some beautiful, reasonably priced earrings that I hope to be family heirlooms some day. I didn’t make it to Lucy (which also seems very respectable), but if you’re looking to buy, or even remotely curious but all the hoopla, it’s worth a stop! I’d avoid the side shops. Anyone who has to hustle you inside their doors isn’t the right spot imho.
dale keith: Walked in with the whole family , was followed into the bathroom and intimidated- honestly a bunch of dirty rats who run the place
Joe Imperato: Really interesting shop, which gives a good explanation of how emeralds are mined. The store seemed very reasonable.
Nick Elias: Stay away from the place .
Jivko: Много добър бижутер! Високо гарантирано качество със сертификат и супер любезно обслужване от Роксана и Ивет!
Öner Buçukcu: That's a good place to understand the logic of emerald. There are detailly explanations about emerald: How is it been produced, in which countries, which country is the best? You can ask many questions about emeralds to understand. There is a bilingual guide. The entrance is free of charge. At the end of exploration there is a place to shop. The prices seems to me a bit upper but not so much.That's a good place to understand the logic of emerald. There are detailly explanations about emerald: How is it produced, in which countries, which country is the best? You can ask many questions about emeralds to understand. There is a bilingual guide. The entrance is free and until 7.00pm. At the end of exploration there is a place to shop. The prices seems to me a little high but not so much.
Hernando Castro Pacheco: It is a place with a lot of historical tradition but it is currently under maintenance.
Juan Felipe Ramirez: The beautiful museum, the super organized store, good prices, wonderful
Le J J: I walked in with the intention of buying a nice jewel souvenir from Colombia and ended up taking a very informative Emerald mine tour at their museum. Very convenient and entertaining. I think I made a fair purchase since I hit different emerald shops in the city. It also depends on the purity and quality of the emerald you want to get. There is for all budgets. Michelle Villalba helped me choose the right one for me. Many thanks.
DIANA CAROLINA AFRICANO HIGUERA: Excellent experience. Museum highly recommended for tourists and locals. The best attention from Melvis and the entire team of Jewelers and artisans in this wonderful art of polishing and turning a stone into a beautiful detail!!!! The best ☺️
santi julio paut: Excellent place to buy emeradas products in the center of Cartagena...
nicole bordas: Very interesting! The place is small and cozy, very well located, a perfect place to ventilate for a moment from the heat and hustle and bustle of the streets and to learn a little more about Colombian emeralds. A plus to the museum is that admission to it is not charged. Besides, the jewelry on display in the store is beautiful.
kelgb: I don’t know much (not to say nothing at all) about jewelry and stones. So I went to Caribe jewelry and am very glad I did. Yenny, who attended me, was super helpful and patient, answered all my questions, and I believe I had a fair price for the ring I bought. Great place if you’re no connoisseur ;)
sergio daniel gaido: Excellent variety of gems and the jewelry sample is very nice. The prices are a bit high compared to other places, but not excessively. very good quality of work
Manuel Miranda: As for emeralds, it has very good quality stones, the Museum is impressive, they also explain very well, highly recommended!
Farid Monti: A business divided in two, one part with a summarized history of the emerald in Cartagena de Indias with pictures and representations of the mineral extraction, by the way it is well done. And after leaving the Museum you access the windows with the different jewels that they offer, of a very good variety and quality, careful and professional attention, they guide you to find the best piece to give as a gift 🙂, the prices are adequate for the product they sell, highly recommended.

6. Montblanc Aeropuerto Rafael Núñez - Crespo

· 4 reviews

Aeropuerto Rafael Núñez, Calle 71 #3-39, Local 0211, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Montblanc Aeropuerto Rafael Núñez: what do users think?
Alejandro Lince: Terrible experience. Every time I went to pay they raised the price they don't care about customers
Estefanni Botache: It is a nice and small airport, comfortable, it has a place to charge cell phones, like all airports everything there is expensive, but well, there are several ATMs
Mycology 101: Very upset . After I spent almost 900$ usd at the airport location in Cartagena while traveling in Colombia , I bought a phone case that was defective in the leather I was told I could turn it in any city and they would send it to the company warrant dept . I was told the dept was in bogota and that if I returned in bogota it would take a day . So I flew to bogota to get my 250$ phone case replaced because of defect of the leather . Upon arriving to bogota this lady told from the Cartagena division told me to go to the andino location I was told that the warranty was denied and that if I left it they would evaluate it but it was denied as of right now . Thanks for wasting my time and money . If someone from montblac would kindly reach out to me I would love to show u how unprofessional your company is being represented in Colombia ! 😡
Camila Diaz Jimenez: A very neat, organized, modern airport, good service, spacious and complies with biosafety protocols
Al Derecho: Watches, suitcases, briefcase, glasses, clipboard and his flagship pens. Their products are of high quality therefore their prices are high. The attention of your staff is good, so there is no problem in making a purchase without first having a description of the product.
Nando Goenaga: Clothes suitcases of excellent brands, very interesting variety

7. Elia Jewelry - San Diego

· 20 reviews

Cl. 38 #88, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, San Diego, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Elia Jewelry: what do users think?
Katherine Brown: Good customer service
Colleen Conkling: I went into nearly every legitimate emerald shop in Cartagena and by far this is the best experience I had and the quality was just wonderful. Definitely recommend that you buy your emeralds here.
Mir: Amazing experience. I bought a necklace and an earrings for my mother. The stuff was very polite, professional and helpful. I was in manny jewelry stores in Cartagena and Elia Jewelry is one of the best comparing quality and price. Very nice design and quality of emeralds and other stones.
Max Rosero: Super friendly staff selling beautiful products. Never felt any pressure to buy anything but walked away with a gorgeous set of gold plated cuff links. Won't hesitate to come back next time I'm in Cartagena.
Joan Del Greco: Honest, sweet, non aggressive owner. Thank you Santiago. It was a pleasure meeting you
Rachel Ocean: Amazing experience here! We walked into lots of jewelry stores and Elia Jewelry had very fair prices with great, high quality craftsmanship. Javier was kind, welcoming and has so much talent. I was interested in a custom Emerald necklace and he opened up all of his raw gemstones for us and allowed me to select my perfect Marquise Emerald. He made it into a necklace for me within days! I am a silversmith and really love jewelry and gemstones, and they even let me come back and see their workshop. Javier is a true jeweler who loves his craft and I am lucky to have found his shop.
Jean Philippe Milewicz Brociner: The place is beautiful, the location is historic, the prices are all very good. If you give this code JEAN72, Javier will offer you a discount.
Marcelino Pany Vino: beautiful
Jesús Gómez Carta: Good, you have good merchandise.
Johanna Cameiles: 100% recommended, super professional, I make a custom ring super fast, excellent prices. Greetings from Argentina!!!
Pilar Guimerá Millán: Excellent treatment and high quality jewelry, 100% recommended!!!
Maria Bonfante Stephens: Excellent human quality, very professional and many beautiful products.
Ruben Miranda: Precious jewelery excellent price
Liza MacEachron-Kaplan: I have been using Elia as my primary jeweler ever since we met a few years ago. I can not give Elia and Javier enough praise on their customer service and jewelry! Every time I visit Cartagena I visit Elia's with custom orders and they always deliver exceeding my expectations! Their emeralds are of high quality and they really go above and beyond with customer service! If jewelry is what your searching for must visit Elia's. If she doesn't have it in her case...she will make what your envisioning. Her prices are more than fair as well.
Rafael Miranda DeArcos: A lot of beauty in this jewelry store prices from 5 dollars onwards, affordable and very beautiful designs in gold, silver and emeralds. It is located on the three corners in the San Diego neighborhood, in the north corner of Plaza Fernández in Madrid.
Luis Javier Caballero Pulgarin: excellent service and excellent designs
Aisha L: Bought a lovely gold plated necklace from here as I’m not a fan of jewellery with stones or emeralds! Very original and understated pieces that I would wear back home not just on holiday.
Ethan Hall-Smith: Great service and knowledgeable staff. All work was done professionally and quickly and reasonable prices.
Patricia A: It is a small jewelry store that, apart from offering precious pieces with emeralds, also provides excellent service, the service was personalized. I explained to them what I was looking for and they took me alternatives including affordable prices and within the budget that I had contemplated.For respecting my budget and offering me the best for that price, I think they deserve 5 stars.
Alberto Mario Rodriguez Coba: Very beautiful Emerald jewels
Susana Moreno: I cannot recommend this store enough! We first went in August--I fell in love with one of their emerald rings and bought it. I still can't stop staring it. We just returned to Cartagena--after going to their store, I ended up buying earrings for me, earrings for my niece and daughter, and a bracelet! Their work is very artistic and original. They have a variety of jewelry so I think most people would be taken with their items. Best of all, they're honest, kind and good people. I feel so lucky to have found their store!!

8. Galeria Arte Joya Precolombino - Centro

· 7 reviews

Calle Cochera del Gobernador, edificio Candilejo Calle 33 No. 5- 07 Local 1, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Galeria Arte Joya Precolombino: what do users think?
Kevin Nguyen: Amazing experiences here. Staffs are very friendly and wide selections. Our second time here, each time exceeded the other. Will definitely return here next time visiting Colombia.
Rose Alcala: Excellent place!The attention is unique and they have a wide variety of quality Gems and designs.
Lorena Castaño: Very sad with our purchase, we bought for myself a set of earrings, a chain with a pendant and a silver ring with emeralds and very poor quality silver, the same day it turned black, every time I put it on I have to clean it, the stones that The emerald adornments have fallen out, and the same thing happened to my husband's ring, the stones that adorn the emerald fell out and the ring has become crooked, I do not recommend buying silver jewelry in this place, otherwise we paid almost $7,000,000 million of pesos for jewelry of such poor quality.
Marcus Koch: Pleasantly surprised by the no pressure felt by our sales rep Carlos Menco, this young gentleman was very cordial and professional. I purchased a set of earrings, pendant, and a lovely bracelet that they were kind enough to customize to my liking, the transaction was very nice, and I paid a fair price. I strongly recommend they have beautiful jewel and I will enjoy my “Precolombino” pieces for years to come.
Adrian Gossler: Kompetente Mitarbeiter die auf die Kundenwünsche eingehen. Sehr schöne Auswahl. Es gibt beim Kauf ein Garantiezertifikat und ich bin mit dem gesamten Kaufablauf sehr zufrieden!
Alejandra Rios: Excellent after-sales service and free of charge. In addition to the quality, variety, price and special dedication to make what the customer wants. My thanks and appreciation from Mendoza Argentina for the attention received in the premises located in the Hotel Decameron Cartagena. Widely recommended
Rory Baker: Excellent service. We met with John who taught us about emeralds. He also brought us to see some of the artisans hand crafting the settings. Very nice tour.
Sebastian Andres Arevalo Sarmiento: Excellent service, good quality and very good prices, the best place for emeralds and pre-Columbian art.

9. Adriana's Jewelry - Centro

· 80 reviews

Cl. San Pedro Claver ##31-21, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


10. Escuela de Joyería del Caribe - Bocagrande

· 3 reviews

Bocagrande, Cra. 3 ##5-85, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Escuela de Joyería del Caribe: what do users think?
Anyela Becerra: (Translated by Google
Omar Pautt España: I want to study what are the requirements

11. EMERALD CENTER - El Laguito

· 6 reviews

EL LAGUITO, CTRO PIERINO GALLO L1-20, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Joyería Santo Domingo - Centro

· 21 reviews

Cl. 35 #3-34, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

13. Milenio Jewelry Cartagena - Centro

· 59 reviews

Calle Santo Domingo# #3 -54, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

14. El Cofre del Caballero - Joyería y Artesanía - Centro

· 4 reviews

Cra. 7 #36-55, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

15. Dantas Store - Centro

· 13 reviews

37, Calle de la Iglesia, Cra. 4 #35, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

16. Joyería Milenio Artesanías - Centro

· 1 reviews

Callejón de los Estribos, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

17. Mercedes Salazar Joyería - Cartagena de Indias

· 2 reviews

Centro Carrera 3#31-56 Calle Ricaurte, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

18. Green Sparkle Emerald Shop - San Diego

· 4 reviews

Las Bovedas #14, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Mercedes Salazar | Cartagena - Centro

· 409 reviews

Sta Teresa, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

20. Muzo Emeralds - Centro

· 4 reviews

Edificio Danta, Cl. de la Iglesia ##35-37, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

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