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Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia Domino Volunteers 脡xito Castellana - Cartagena Almacenes Exito Cartagena Mallplaza Cartagena - El Castillo Jumbo Cartagena Castillo Mister Emerald Jumbo Caribe Plaza 脡xito San Diego - Cartagena Exito store Cartagena Carulla Santa Lucia 脡xito Matuna - Cartagena Jumbo Caribe Plaza Cartagena 脡xito Express San Agustin Carulla Bocagrande Superalmacenes Olimpica

1. Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia - Getseman铆

路 113 reviews

60, Cl. 25 #10, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia: what do users think?
Antoniojose Marimon Blanco: It was to get the cat litter and the food itself and at a good price
Kelly Ochoa: I didn't really like seeing the little animals locked up, they must be in their natural habitat
Sabine Schlieper: The Vet is very good馃憦 but the situation of the animals that sell it is horrible
Libardo Bohorquez: I don't know where the site is, the star is for inviting me to give false concepts
Rafael Suarez: Good
Street Vision: Excellent attention
Nicole Kraft: Incredibly unethical place. In a country where there are so many stray dogs without homes they breed them here for profit. Not to mention, the dogs are kept in terrible conditions. They're forced to live ALONE in small cages in their own excrements. No toys for the teething puppies, and barely any water. You can hear them crying from all the way down the block. Unacceptable
Rafael diaz: Excellent place they have varieties of birds and fish, they also have good prices
Tedys E. Deschamps Llamas: Excellent service
Sindy Castro calle: They are very humanized
Luis Carlos Elias Almario Se帽as: Site located in the long street of the center of Cartagena, with a great variety in the assortment for your favorite pet and attention
Boris Perez: Excellent Pets...of all kinds.
camilo pinzon: Why do they have opening hours that they won't respect?
JOSE RAFAEL RICAURTE CONTRERAS: A specialized pet store that provides you with all medical services and treatments.
Nancy E. E: Very expensive prices out of the market
Luis Eduardo Marrugo Cogollo: Very beautiful pets, good care and very professional staff
ruben enrique serrano garrido: Very nice place and good care complete assortment for your pets
Sugey Victoria Herrera Oniel: Very good
Merly Castilla: Excelente... En todo muy agradecida
Edgar 1986: Excelente atenci贸n.

2. Domino Volunteers - Centro



路 0 reviews

Cl. 32 ##8-22 Oficina 1306, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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3. 脡xito Castellana - Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

路 5624 reviews

Sector Villa Sandra, Av. Pedro De Heredia ## 30-14 local 100, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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脡xito Castellana - Cartagena: what do users think?
Sandra Zarate Florez: A place with many stores and products to discover and enjoy
Los Coroneles del Deporte: The best and most complete center
Alberto Garcia: Enjoy a nice lunch. Kudos to the people who work in the kitchen. I also found very good prices in the men's clothing section.
Orisa Grupo empresarial: good mall
German F. Gomez Sierra: Excellent, a good store where you find everything
Yoseth Vasquez: Beautiful place
Walberto Hoyos Polo: Very good place to share with family
Juan Carlos Caro Ubaque: Variety and quality
Ronald Cueto: Very good place to go for a walk in the city of Cartagena de Indias
jair gustavo matajira villamil: Excellent, very good space and attention
Jsagre 83: Excellent, blessings beautiful architecture
Amaury Andres Figueroa Le贸n: There is a lack of structural modernization of the shopping center... it already fulfilled its objective at the time, it stayed in time
Angel Camcho perez: I was with the family walking
Jairo M Martinez Hoyos: excellent
jose luis Rojas: Excellent place, there is a wide variety
Katerin perez sanchez: Great variety and they have quite good promotions
Yonatta Villanueva Ahumada: El centro comercial de cartagena que nunca pasa de moda
Cielo Lopez Gutierrez: Puedes pasear hacer compras de todo un poco
Jorge Eliecer: S煤per bien muy buena variedad y una sede completa
Mariela Blanco Ricardo: everything is found
Alexa blanco: The attention is excellent

4. Almacenes Exito Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

路 3923 reviews

Dg. 31 #64-33, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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5. 脡xito Ejecutivos - Cartagena de Indias

路 3609 reviews

Cl. 31 ## 57-106, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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脡xito Ejecutivos: what do users think?
Nilson Paul Castellar Paternina: Excellent
Mercedes Rocio Guardela Vasquez: many promotions,Many products with cheaper prices than in other supermarkets
Douglas Jose Martinez Velez: It stands out for handling good brands and at a good price, in addition to the variety of items that you can find
NORLEYS DE JESUS PALACIO VIDES: Very bad attention, they make you feel like you are not going to buy but to ask.
Harold mendez berrio: Very good.
Caba帽a puerta del sol Rinc贸n del mar: elegant recommended
mario rafael pe帽aranda ca帽as: Pleasant
Camilo Giraldo: A very bad experience, I was in the toy area and there were several open Play-Doh products, my sister grabbed one and since it was open and broken she touched the slime, when we were going to the exit a guard did not let us out since we had to pay for the product since supposedly one opened it and it was new [she did open it but it wasn't new]. One returns there to the area where the Play-Doh are and we are waiting to have the Internet to say that they will send us money since at that moment we did not have cash and we were going to notify our father. And the guard approaches us, asks us what we had opened and one showed her and I think she already knew that Slime was already open since she knew which ones were open. Well, he told us that if we didn't have money, we should go to Customer Service that was right there to return what we had bought to buy the Slime for something called a change card. We return the paid products and they make us charge for the open and broken Slime that my sister had supposedly opened. At the end they told us that since it was Slime it was more expensive and we had to ask a lady who was standing in line to give us 500 to pay, but we were missing 2000 which I thank the lady for giving it away. If they have open products one thinks it would be a sample or something, why don't they remove them from there? Watchman Narvaez I hate you, because of you I couldn't eat my Takis. 馃様
German F. Gomez Sierra: Very good store to get things
Gaming en los 40: Places like this are improving the jopo face of the city, full of people nothing to see.
eduardo lopez: Small but very complete warehouse
Jos茅 Luis Hogis Polo: Generally speaking, today it would only be worth going for Success if you are only going to buy one or two items that fit in your hand. Or at least you accompany someone who made your purchase to the place of transport, because it is an odyssey to find a basket or a cart. And the few that exist are in poor condition. As it is, success is failure...
Bernardo Enrique Fuentes Taboada: Very bad attention, with the user and with their workers, they do not have air conditioning, making the visit to this success a very bad experience; It's a shame to see those workers sweaty and enduring so much heat
luisa padilla toro: Mejorar la manera en la que se organiza las cajas para pagar mucha de organizaci贸n
Roberto Carlos: Mal servicio
kevin andres mangones correa: Exelente todo a nuestro agrado

6. Mallplaza Cartagena - El Castillo - Cartagena de Indias

路 15144 reviews

Av. Pedro De Heredia #Carrera 13, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Mallplaza Cartagena - El Castillo: what do users think?
harold triana: Agradable confortable cumple con las expectativas y los diferentes ambientes en la ofertas de zonas 贸 plazoletas de comidas un 10馃憤馃徑馃憤馃徑馃憤馃徑
Rogelio Zu帽iga: Excelente lugar
Javier Hoyos: Excelente
Eliceth Maria Villarreal Mosquera: Es muy completo, tiene mucha variedad de tiendas. Es mucho mejor que otros...
Fernando Serrano: Cool place, with a wide banking and commercial offer, very safe
Eduardo de J: Very clean and has everything except a movie theater, with that it would already be the best in the city
LUIS RAMON CASASBUENA JUAN: a karaoke is missing
Graciela Rosado Castro: Excellent you get everything at a good price and some expensive.
Alquimirez: A good place to shop and have a good time
soraya jaquelin del carmen cueter jeresaty: It is a pity that such a beautiful shopping center has areas without air conditioning such as the food court and the JUMBO store, there is no right
Oscar Javier Vela Vega: Very nice, the bad thing is that they close everything at 8pm.But the mall is very nice, good shops.
Emmanuel Duvignau: Good place to buy mid-range clothes, I liked sitting with my colleagues at Caf茅 Juan Valdez on the ground floor.
Mireya Bautista Duran: Of those that Cartagena has, I think it is the most complete
Orlando Robayo: Very good, the variety of stores.
Jeiny Bola帽os: Good CC has a good food court, there is a variety.
Ruben Espinosa: Good brands and prices
OBERTO BENITEZ MENDOZA: excellent shopping center
John Bernal: Several dining options and several options for children's fun
Luisa Fernanada Quiroz Quiceno: For those of us who like to visit shopping centers, this is a small shopping center but there is a lot to see, there are good stores

7. Jumbo Cartagena Castillo - Cartagena de Indias

路 1936 reviews

Calle. 13 # 31 A - 45, Centro Comercial Mall Plaza El Castillo, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Jumbo Cartagena Castillo: what do users think?
Dilson Puello: Excellent in drinks and wines
Eduardo de J: Quite normal, the ATMs usually only work 2 out of 3, but it is a well organized place
Luisma Duque: All excellent but these people have no air. It is unusual that such a well-known store does not have something so basic in a city like the hot Cartagena
Mariano Paonessa: The best supermarket in Cartagena has all
Andres Betancourt: Excellent offer.... it has everything...
Erika Blanquicett Viola: He always has damaged air conditioners.
Martha Maldonado A.: In Jumbo you can get everything: Market with a lot of variety and very good quality, imported food, clothing, appliances, household items, cafeteria area.
ivan dario rg: The products and the variety are not top quality, but the attention is first class cordiality and kindness of its staff
Maria Helena Benedetti: Good store, you get many products of interest and imported products that are to your liking.
Andr茅s Escobar: Very complete
newpickman: An excellent option to buy at good prices...don't pay too's inside the mall...the sector that surrounds it is not very nice...quite dirty...but it seems to be the custom in Cartagena...a lot of unfortunate
Alejandro Due帽as: Wide variety of products from the family basket, frequent discounts.
Ruben Espinosa: good assortment
Mateo316 鈥淢ateo鈥: Everything you might need or want is most definitely in this place. Really big with a lot to offer. Lines tend to be really long though.
Gulfran Xd: There is everything
脡der C芒ndido: Mercado grande, com pre莽os acess铆veis, bom atendimento dos seus colaboradores com o p煤blico em geral, lugar bem localizado o que permite acesso 脿 todos. Produtos vari谩veis, o que permite aos turistas brasileiros se sentirem em casa.
Juan Ignacio Vicu帽a Espartaquo: Good and wide assortment of merchandise
RICHARD PACHON: Store with great offers for the home and various needs
Angela Beard: Long lines, air conditioning not working for at least 3 weeks if not more.
Carlos Cuenca: I invite you to visit jumbo mall plaza where you will find everything for your home and good prices
Olguis Jimenez: Excellent everything very neat and clean

8. Mister Emerald - Centro

路 25 reviews

Cl. de San Juan de Dios #3-99, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Mister Emerald: what do users think?
Melissa Minoff: Mr. Emerald was kind enough to open his store on Christmas Day, so the cruise ship tours were able to get some relief with A/C, bathrooms, and the opportunity to get their hands on a local and genuine emerald. Great selection of timeless pieces. Thank you Leeland.
Ginger Hilpipre: Visited in January 2023, highly recommend this business. There aren't any falsely inflated prices to haggle down in order to make you feel like you've gotten a steal; instead there are simply top quality items at fair prices. On top of that, the owners are themselves gems - incredibly friendly and helpful. I wouldn't buy emeralds from any other jeweller in Cartagena.
Rafael Suarez: Recommended site for emerald purchases
Isela Cabarcas: Excellent place
Diana Caballero: It is a MUST when you travel to Cartagena de Indias. Not only because of the quality of the jewelry that Mr. Le sells, but also because of the warmth with which they receive you and the exquisite treatment they have with absolutely all their customers. I took an emerald that is a designer jewel and completely unique. Thank you to everyone who attended us because it was really a pleasure to meet you.
Jill Rider: Excellent experience. Excellent service and excellent quality. Would buy from Mr. Emerald again.
Michael Blatt: Excellent value. Knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended
B茅n茅dict Chauvin: A big thank you to Lee and Jorge for showing me their beautiful collection of Emeralds. It's really stunning! Also, as a family company, they have been here for a long time and they are true experts in the field, which is reassuring when you want to purchase an Emerald for a very special occasion! Don't hesitate to pass by just to say hello, it's worth a visit and they will make you feel at home straight away!
Peter Dube: We stopped in while our ship was in port February 2020. Pedro and Lee were amazing - patient, no pressure. They took the time to educate us and show us their entire selection of men's rings. In the end, we purchased loose emeralds which we paid for and then they designed the 18K white gold settings for us. It took less than a month (per their promise) to ship us the rings, which are stunning. The cost for the rings was exactly as promised. Once we received the rings in the US and were happy, the balance due was wired to their account. I completely trust Mr. Emerald and highly recommend them.
Samuel Mijares: Muy buena calidad precio
Rob Axelrad: Great. We got a terrific deal on an emerald ring!
Rodrigo Martelo: Exelente atenci贸n y un producto de calidad
Edgar Antonio Romero Paternina: Urbanizaci贸n a las afuera de la ciudad y se siente un ambiente maravilloso rodeado por la naturaleza
Luis Carlos Hernandez: Bueno, pero hay que mejorar la atencion
Yilmer Daniel Avila Villarreal: Good service, very elegant place, reliable
RAFA K'RDENAS 2: If you are a tourist and you want to leave the city with an emerald or another jewel, do not hesitate to go to this jewelry store. Located in the historic center of the city and with a pleasant treatment by its employees.
Suzanne Buckley: This is the ONLY place to go for emeralds. We had been twice in the last 12 years by cruise ship and had been totally satisfied with Lee's quality of service, expertise about emeralds and jewelry, and warmth of welcome. This time, we flew to Cartagena specifically to visit his store. Lee and his son-in-law, Pedro, greeted us warmly at their new spacious store in the old town. They spent a long time with us, helping us to pick out the perfectly matched earrings and ring to go with the pendant we purchased 12 years ago. Our custom made earrings and correctly sized ring will be ready on Friday, just in time for a big birthday. They treat every customer the same way, as we know from the many cruise ship friends we have sent them.
juan david Urrego: Very beautiful place
Ron Bray: Nice selection of emeralds and very nice settings. Very nice sales staff.... not pushy and very informative. The owner Lee Miles was a great guy who helped us in our purchase.
jessica swangel: Great service, quality jewelry. They even re-sized my ring in 15mins

9. Jumbo Caribe Plaza - Pie de la Popa

路 687 reviews

Cl. 29d #22-108, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Jumbo Caribe Plaza: what do users think?
Claudia Patricia Baron: You always find everything in jumbo. The deals are always amazing. There are many areas worth seeing. Its selection of meats is excellent and its fruits and vegetables, although you rarely find a wide assortment.In Drinks there is everything. Clothes and other for the family. There is a very nice remodeled food court.It hurts that the air has been damaged for more than 2 years and it's time to put up with the heat.
Giovanni O帽ate: The best mall
Luz Elena Lorduy: Friendly staff, spacious space, well lit and organized. Top quality products.
Nebardo Motavita Joya: Good place to buy, variety of items... adequate prices
JOSE ROSALES: Good assortment... but as always... the air conditioning doesn't work.
Yeison Pomares: Excellent place to do a market, the bad thing is that sometimes there is no air conditioning
Amenhotep IV: They don't turn on the air conditioning. It's quick buy and go, it's hotter in there than standing outside in the full midday sun.
Manuel B.K: Very assorted fresh fruit wide corridors
Alejandro Gomez: Great deals on TVs and air conditioners HOWEVER do not let them install. Buy your items here then find a pro to install.
DORA PALOMINO: Professional staff, quality products, optimal online service from Italy
Giselle Julio: The worst, they don't label the meats well, they watch you from the moment you enter until you leave, without air conditioning, officials everywhere, they went from being a good super market to being the worst, the rude cashiers and obstinate tea, the cafeteria with breads with fungus, for your health I do not recommend them.They don't rotate food, animals even in rice.
Alain V谩ron N煤帽ez: Excellent service and excellent assortment of products. 馃憤馃徎
Lilinieves Godin: It is inconvenient to do shopping or any errands there. The air conditioning has not worked for a long time.Even employees complain when working under these conditions!
deivis jesus florez acero: Excelente lugar... Para mercar
Andr茅s Escobar: Excellent supermarket. Good diversity of national and imported products.They frequently have offers where the price per unit is convenient. Imported meats are of good quality from the USA, Argentina and Uruguay. I also found Wagyu beef produced in Chile.Excellent quality.
Prof. Andr茅s Escobar: Wide range of national and imported products. In particular, the offer of meats and cuts is good: Angus, wagyu, Argentine, Uruguayan and American. Own brand is very good too
Yolima Rodriguez: I heard an assistant dressed in green and a green cap having a loud conversation and the truth is that I felt quite uncomfortable and the people who were around buying changed.
Liseth paola Castellon Cuadrado: Excellent place where you can shop and find everything

10. Hilton Cartagena Hotel - El Laguito

路 5021 reviews

Avenida Almirante Brion, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

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Hilton Cartagena Hotel: what do users think?
Wilson Gonzalez Padilla: ExelenteRooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5 鈥ore
Walter Oviedo: Hotel tradicional en Cartagena excelente playas, muy tranquiloRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 鈥ore
carlos alvarez: Gran hotel, de lujo, salones grandes y limpios, buena atenci贸n, lugar fresco , la cena muy rica tipo bufett.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5Hotel highlights Quiet 鈥ore
Jorge Carrillo: Sin palabras...Descanso en la Her贸ica!!!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury 鈥ore
Maribel Soto: Rooms: Excelente servicio en limpiezaRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury 鈥ore
R H: Visiting Cartagena for a few days, I got a room for a couple of days. Nice hotel with easy beach access. Service is very good. Stay in Executive 馃憫 size room on 8th floor. I would recommend this hotel. Cost is. $249.00 nightly or 120 points.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 鈥ore
Alexander Pinzon: PELIGROSO...INRESPONSABLES... Me quede en estes hotel en el mes de mayo, mi madre sufrio un accidente alrededor de la picina y este hotel no cuenta con personal entrenado, ni tienen ningun protocolo para estos casos. Mi mama se callo y perdio el sentido por unos minutos y el salvavidas que estaba cerca me trajo una crema para untarle. Se nota la falta de conocimiento en un accidente asi, nunca fue llamada una ambulancia para inmobilizarlar,me toco levantarla despues de su caida y llevarla al hospital en un taxi. El resultado de la caida fueron 3 costillas fracturadas y una vertebra. Hasta el momento no he escuchado nada de el hotel or de la aseguradora del hotel. Si busca un sitio seguro y con mayor sentido de responsabilidad. no se hospeden en el Hilton de cartagena.
Jorge Maestre: excellentRooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5 鈥ore
Uwe Tropf: Alles ausgezeichnet. Eines der wenigen Hotels hier mit direktem Strandzugang und grosser Poollandschaft. Liegen waren immer vorhanden.Upgrade auf Meerblick als Statusmitglied habe ich bekommem.Die Zimmer sind sauber, modern eingerichtet, auch gut zum Arbeiten ausgestattet.Fr眉hst眉ck sehr reichhaltig, gerade bei den lokalen Gerichten kann man fast jeden Tag was neues ausprobieren. Station f眉r Omelett und frische S盲fte.Executive Lounge von 12-20 Uhr ge枚ffnet mit kleinen Snacks, Obst, Limonaden und Kaffeemaschine und durchgehend mit 2 freundlichen Mitarbeitern besetzt. 18-20 Uhr gibt es kleine warme Gerichte, Vorspeisen, Nachspeisen, Bier,Rotwein und Weisswein. Es war bis auf das Wochende nicht 眉berlaufen und hat eine sehr sch枚ne Aussicht.Zu Fuss kann man mehrere Restaurants und Bars erreichen und durch Bocagrande bummeln, Ich habe mich auch abends sicher gef眉hlt.
Cristian Andres Pe帽a Avila: Very quiet, good attention from the staff.
Francisco Bejarano Rodriguez: Excellent service, adequate facilitiesRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5 鈥ore
GABRIEL MUNDARAIN: Rooms: De lujoRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury 鈥ore
Robe Ibarra: A perfume was stolen from us, we complained for 2 days. And magically the perfume was back in the room.Safety: Nos robaron un perfume.
Dilan Cort茅s: Good service.Nearby activities: Mar

11. 脡xito San Diego - Cartagena - San Diego

路 2949 reviews

Cl. 38 ## 10 - 85, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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12. Exito store Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

路 631 reviews

Cl. 31 #75, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

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13. Blue Apple Beach - Cartagena de Indias

路 622 reviews

Isla Tierra Bomba, Blue Apple Beach House, Bocachica, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Carulla Santa Lucia - Cartagena de Indias

路 2581 reviews

Centro Comercial, Diagonal 31 # 54-175, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

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15. Carulla Santa Lucia - Manga

路 1067 reviews

Cra 20 #No. 24 A-31, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

16. 脡xito Matuna - Cartagena - San Diego

路 4215 reviews

Avenida Venezuela, Dg. 35 # 9 - 41, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Jumbo Caribe Plaza Cartagena - Pie de la Popa

路 205 reviews

Cll 29, Dg. 22 #62, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. 脡xito Express San Agustin - Centro

路 370 reviews

Cl. 36 # 6 - 33, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Carulla Bocagrande - Bocagrande

路 1089 reviews

Cra. 2 # 14-91, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Superalmacenes Olimpica - Pie del Cerro

路 8 reviews

a 17-223, Cl. 30 #17-145, Cartagena de Indias, Bol铆var, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

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