Best Discotheques Techno Cartagena Near Me


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Address: Calle Portocarrero 7- 33 Piso 4, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +57 301 6232336

Business type: Night club

EIVISSA CARTAGENA: what do users think?
Carlos Guzmán: Good place to have drinks!Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Matthias Lenggenhager: Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Andres Lesmes: Best rooftop for partyFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Rich B: If you want a rum and coke that taste like dish water go here!! 44k too, disgrace! Rude staff too, save your pain!
ariadna mar: Excellent 2x1 promos ... the recommended wings .... You order 10 and they bring 20, the same in drinks
Juan De Dios Morales Bustamante: Very good disc. I had a great time
Jonathan Morales: Amazing place, food and atmosphere...
Michelle B: I am a single girl and I went 3 nights in a row! Had an amazing time there! House music was amazing very hot so bring a little fan so you don’t die of heat. Middle floor had Regge and some reggaetón. Loved it would come back
andres felipe laguado lancheros: This place is really bad, the cocktails are super expensive and the people that go are super trashy
john fernando alzate londoño: We went on a Saturday but they told us 30,000 non-consumable covers, so we didn't go in
Martinez Guerrero Maria Jose: You have 3 floors with different environments each one, the location is good and on all three floors there is a very good atmosphere
Kevin Monier: Très bon rooftop avec une super ambiance, dommage la musique est un peu forte en début de soirée
Fábim Prado: Não prometeu nada e entregou Tudo!!
Rasmus Moller: The view is good at the rooftop. They have a rather tacky cowboy theme going on and the prices is pretty high. They play electronic on the rooftop and rock on the middle floor. Decent club but we didn’t stay long
ASHLY NICOL CARANLLY SUESKUN: It is one of my favorite places. Excellent attention
Sara Lara: A nice place, until the moment of the attention of the waitress where we get a hair on our little fingers of cheese and she justifies herself by saying that because she was not informed first, but her partner collects the dishes from us and she is notified to He, after it wasn't them because they only have men in the kitchen, the attention is delayed even to bring beers.
Chris P: The dj was playing house music and there were a lot of gringos, good vibes, there is a cover fee $20,000 COP
Juan M: I don’t recommend this place UNLESS you drink something before going there, it’s expensive and the customer service sucks! Just drink something before and enjoy the party.
francisco javier martinez aranza: Beautiful visa super nice atmosphere good music variety of drinks
Cecilia Orellana: The drinks are overpriced to be tasteless and without consistency, which somewhat overshadows the good atmosphere of the place
Christian Carreño: I would give it 5 stars if the drinks were up to the standards of the place, better preparation of the drinks is needed, they look like disco drinks, excellent atmosphere and music

2. Discoteca Farándula_DiscoClub - Getsemaní

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Discoteca Farándula_DiscoClub
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Address: Calle 24 # 9 A 37 Centro histórico calle del Arsenal, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 PM

Telephone: +57 313 7996352

Business type: Night club

Discoteca Farándula_DiscoClub: what do users think?
Walter Tovar: Me encanta excelentes anfitriones
Stephany Gomez: Ya no existe
Amanda Zamora: un pregunta. pueden ir menores (16 años) allí???
eyder alex espinosa t: No se encuentra por GPS
DJMORFO FASCINANTE: Excelente disco lo mejor para pasarla bien, no existe en Cartagena una disco como farándula. Recomendado
Marco Antonio Torres Coneo: La peor atención en discoteca de Cartagena, más aún si no consumes la botella en determinado tiempo los meseros te acosan para sacarte.
LENGIR DIAZ: No he visto discoteca más cool en Cartagena que está. Full energía, Djs excelentes. Y lo mejor de todo... gente top para compartir. Excelentes anfitriones. 🤙🏼🔥
Julia Hendy: What a boogie! Light up dance floor and good times. Quiet but so much fun
Alvaro Arbuet: La infraestructura es excelente, ultra moderna al mejor estilo ibiza, pero se volvieron locos con los precios de las bebidas 35000 por un cóctel simple es demasiado. no me gustan ni las bailarinas ni los bailarines medio en bola. no suma, resta
yeiner berbesi: Excelente lugar para rumbear
nathasha lorduy: Super bacana la mejor disco una experiencia super chevere🍹🥂🥃👍
miguel antonio puello machacon: Excelente la mejor Rumba de cartagena..
Maria Ángel G-M: Hermoso lugar con glamour y estilo propio
Jeider Joan Afanador Diaz: Recomendable...

3. Taboo Disco Club - Getsemaní

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1999 reviews
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Taboo Disco Club
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Address: Cl. 24 #10-55, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 PM

Telephone: +57 301 6176899

Business type: Disco club

Taboo Disco Club: what do users think?
Sascha Swiss: The club is gay friendly.The men's toilet has only a urinal and no cabins, for a larger business man has lost.The prices for a cocktail are 35000 pesos and tip.The club has a medium to large number of visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, but is only moderately large
Otoniel Espinoza: Very good music, mostly reggeaton and hip hop atmosphere.Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Bien Humilde: Buen hambiente de fiesta y diversión, el DJ al día con las mezclas y la atención de los colaboradores es buena...siempre atentos.Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
cesar arq: Un bar bailadores muy agradable. Aunque es algo pequeño tiene buen ambiente y es fresco.Food: 2/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Catalina Mijes: Ahí nos llevo la chica rumbera y considero una excelente opciónService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jean Villanueva: Debes darte cuenta porque sino te cobran doble. Mucho ojo ahí.
Antonio Aranda s: Me robaron el móvil allí. Fui al día siguiente a ver si sabían algo y el personal solo hacia darme largas.. (se iban pasando la pelota de uno a otro) diciendo que quizás estaba en la caja ( pero nadie miraba) tuve q decir q iría a poner una denuncia para que un chico fuera a mirar en la caja ( o hiciera como que miraba)Service: 1/5 …More
Cristian LC: Muy bonita discoteca. Excelente ambiente. Super recomendableFood: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Kerly Gómez: Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Jessica Villaca: Melhor noite de cartagena . Cerveja gelada e música boa
Vanessa Cardona: Service: 3/5More
Maricela Garcia: The place is sooo small and it's full of people... you can't even dance or walk. The service somewhat slow
Pablo Muñoz: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Kevin Villarreal Jimenez: Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
anyuri rodriguez: excellent environmentFood: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Paula Andrea Rodríguez Carreño: Música variadaService: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Jose H De La Rosa II: Food: 2/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Javier Perez Ospino: Atmosphere: 5/5More
Bonnard Tobar: Great local party club. Packed on a Saturday night. Great place to experience locals. Not too fancy but great prices.Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

4. Bar Tu Candela - Centro

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Bar Tu Candela
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Address: centro Portal de los Dulces Plaza de los Coches, Cra. 7 ##32-25, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 2:00 AM

Telephone: +57 317 4021966

Business type: Bar

Bar Tu Candela: what do users think?
Nicolás Urquieta: Excellent food and spectacular attention. Great atmosphere and three floors with a lot of vibes. The view of the unique terrace, with a view of the city....
Wilson Arevalo: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Alitas Ala Bq, Hamburguesa Con QuesoMore
Carlos Andres Gomez Arteaga: Excellent service, very varied music and a movie atmosphere
angel carreno: expensive products
Michelle Pérez: Excellent view, good food, I had a ceviche and was really fresh and for the location was a great value, nice atmosphere.
Hernán Orozco: Excellent atmosphere and music. Super good attention.
Jimmy Saad: Good music, cute cozy rooftop, good view, nice staff. Bit expensive
avner raz: בר בעיר העתיקה ליד השעון.יש מרפסת בגג נחמד מאד מומלץ
Valeria Puente: The atmosphere is spectacular, the food and the cocktails are very good. 100% recommended
marta pineres: Excellent attention, very good ceviches and excellent pina colada
Roberto Puente: Excellent atmosphere and unbeatable attention.Special kudos for the pina colada and the margarita.Recommended all ceviches and pizzas
Juan Pedro Vicente: Delicious cocktails at Cartagena prices. The views are very nice and the service too
María José Oñate Romero: Very good place to share, good music, and pleasant staff treatment. My drink was super rich. I would go back without a doubt.Reasonable prices for a tourist area.
claudia niño villalobos: Delicious the 🍕😋 pizza. amazing atmosphere. highly recommended
Michael Rodio: Delicious ceviche. This places mostly advertises as a nightclub, but their seafood is some of the best in town. Order the causa de camarón!
Françoise Thevenin: Les ceviches sont excellent s. Nous y sommes allés deux fois. Terrasse très agréable. Bon accueil
Alejandra Cetina: The atmosphere is not nice at all
Washington Cadena: Roof top is DOPE! They played good music.
G Soffia Contrucci: Very good rumba ceviche, we repeat at the end to leave with a rich flavor.
charbie b: Great cold beer

5. The Saint Cartagena - Getsemaní

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39 reviews
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The Saint Cartagena
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Address: Calle Larga 25 8B-90, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 4:00 AM

Telephone: +57 302 4533732

Business type: Night club

The Saint Cartagena: what do users think?
MUJICA REYES: The best hostel!!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Shawn Mahoney: Very fun spot to stay.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Evan Huang: Rude front desk staff. Bathroom super dirty all the time, water smells weird so the entire room smells horrible 24/7. Many of the beds had extremely bloody sheets, pictures attached. The big pool in the other building was closed my whole stay. The other reviews about the absurdly loud music are correct, they play music so insanely loudly on the roof for some reason. If there was some kind of event going on I could understand, but the music is like this all of the time. It is so loud that it’s impossible to just chill by the pool or even talk to someone. No social vibe at all, filled with older people working which is kind of expected at a Selina. My room was filled with Israelis who would wake up at 9am and start yelling to eachother. Overall horrible experience, and definitely not up to the Selina quality standard.
Alex DeCapri: Avoid this Selina. I should have read the reviews before booking.I've worked at various hostels and traveled for years in hostels. I've stayed at two other Selinas that were ok. This Selina is the WORST hostel experience I've ever had in my life. Book somewhere else.---When we arrived at 6pm after a 14-hour travel day, their reservation system was down and they told us to just wait. They didn't do anything or offer anything in the meantime. We just wanted to shower, so I had them grab a few towels for us. I've worked in a couple of hostels during my travel days, and the least you can do is greet people and welcome them with some water or a dang towel when things aren't working. They were, however, super concerned about me paying, even though they couldn't get us to a room for over 1.5 hours. 😂We stayed in a Micro room with a shared bathroom. Luckily, we didn't have mold or bed bugs, like other reviews have shared... but the room was super humid and dank. No fans or circulation other than the AC, which would have been fine...But part of the city lost power and Selina's generator isn't powerful enough for the building. No lights or AC (or any way to circulate the air) from 2am-7am. I went down to reception four times during these hours to get updates and ask for a different room. There were other rooms where the elctricty was working. Ours wasn't. They refused to move us. We only were able to sleep from 7-11am, missing our included breakfast, so we had to go buy breakfast somewhere else.Half of the people at reception are always in a bad mood, stressed, and as if they can't be bothered. When I went to buy a water, the guy just shoved the card reader towards me without speaking. When the "tap" didn't work, he just shoved it closer to my face to show my it was refused. Didn't offer to try the chip. I feel like I had to guide everyone at reception to help them do their job better. Zero customer service skills, and it's not a language barrier.Upon check out, I told them we wanted a discount on the first night, as we didn't get anything we paid for. We couldn't sleep. We didn't get AC or power. We weren't allowed into our rooms until 7:30pm. Nothing went well. They refused and only offered a 10% discount after 15 minutes of conversation. Said their manager was in a meeting and they had to charge me.For $40 USD/night for a tiny, humid jail cell where the door brushes against the bed when you open it, this place is a total scam.Nobody ever responded to our WhatsApp messages either. It’s linked in the Selina app but nobody bothers to get back to you.-Bathrooms are moldy and not clean (no circulation or fans).-Toilet paper regularly ran out (shared bathroom) and nobody refilled, so I went to get some.-Music is obnoxiously loud in the lobby at early hours and all day at the pool. If you are a light sleeper, good luck.The only good thing is the food at the restaurant is actually pretty good and has some vegan options, just a bit pricy.
No: Good location and the roof top and entrance are very nice but the rooms are actual hell. Covered in mold and I woke up with bug bites. The rooms are so moldy it made my throat hurt.Rooms: 1/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 5/5 …More
David Pomar: Very nice, an incredible view, some prices are affordable, others are a bit high, especially the drinks
Catalina Lozano Torrado: La atención en el restaurante no fue la mejor, no tiene muchas opciones de platos y los costos son un poco altos relación calidad/precio.(Translated by Google
Damian Dormer: Great location near old town with rooftop pool for sunset drinks (but very expensive 30000+ for a g&t, slow). Polite & helpful security.Room (A118) was average at best. Shower alternated between too hot & too cold ever 10 seconds, didn't drain fast enough, and needed constant ventilation to avoid the whole room smelling ultra-dank. Bed on it's last legs. Loud drunk dorm neighbours downstairs between 3&4am despite quiet curfew.Reception staff are a mix of rude (young man with short hair) & fun (the others!).The included breakfast - small, dry powdery scrambled eggs.Place could be much better if they had reasonably priced drinks & good service, both rooftops people were usually scarce, probably because it's much easier to find a good experience elsewhere. After the welcome drink it's like yeah nah.Perhaps the other Selina locations are better?
Arturo Cerda: The bathroom was very dirty, the kitchen too, the floor was stained and with a paint that came off when walking, the air conditioning broke down and they couldn't fix it. I do not recommend it at all.
Blink: Very bad service, and the rooms are disgusting. First they give me one full of insects, I asked for the change, they didn't want to change it, after a long time of waiting they give me another one, drops of water were falling everywhere, in the end I ended up in the lobby again asking for a refund, supposedly the Manager was not there and they did not refund me anything. one of my worst experiences in that hotel. I paid $600 for 3 days, I had to go to another hotel.Rooms: las dos habitaciones estuvieron pesimo
COTE TOUR: Cheguei no hotel , todos os quartos com mofo, quartos mistos entre homens e mulheres, sem armario.Não tinha condição e nem segurança de ficar laAchei um outro hotel do lado e me hospedei , pois estava cansado.Detalhe é que eu ja tinha pago e agora eles falaram que não tem reembolso, mesmo eu tendo pago por 7 noites e não ter me hospedado nenhuma noite.Não fiquem la , pior pesadelo da vida de vocês
Corinne B: Very good hostel with clean facilities, beautiful pools (yes, there are 2), good food offer, fun bar and a very broad offer of tours and services like laundry. There's even a café at the back and yoga classes in the morning. Seems like they thought of everything. The showers have hot water and good pressure. Thank you for your hospitality.
A Quevedo: Great location, low budget all you need in one placeRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Great value …More
Jordan George: Pros:The location. Walking distance from the clock tower. But also walking distance to a lot of the old town.The welcome drink was wonderful.There are two buildings. Building A, the building with reception, has two locations to get food from which were good and the staff were nice.The rooftop view is amazing.I appreciated the lockers in the room we got. The first room did not have them.We booked a Rosario island excursion through Selina’s activity booking system. It was a fun experience. And I believe it was cheaper as well compared to going through TripAdvisor.The coworking space was great. Wifi speeds as well as a developer. Zoom was occasionally unstable.Most of the reception staff was friendly.An aesthetically pleasing place when not paying attention to details.Cons:My partner and I had a private room with a shared bathroom. The cleaning staff cleaned the bathroom everyday but it was more like straightening up instead of actually decently cleaning. The toilet and sink for example kept the same amount of gunk on them. But when the shower drain started to clog they did help with getting it to drain properly.The coworking restroom could be cleaned a lot better. I tried to avoid touching the walls. More toilet paper could be provided as it frequently ran out. Sometimes the water wasn’t running in this restroom. The trash bin was not conducive to putting toilet paper there while using the toilet.When we first got there we were put in a room that was hard to breathe in. We felt like it had something to do with mold. We saw that the AC unit was dripping and covered in a black substance which we assumed was mold. We were thankfully moved to another room.It looked like a lot of mold was covered with paint and there was no proper ventilation to really prevent it in the bathrooms.One day we saw some staff inspecting a bed that looked like it had bed bug blood stains on them near our room so that caused some anxiety.

6. CHAMPOO NIGHT LIFE - Cartagena de Indias

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Address: Cl. 31 #62A-10, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 6:00 PM

Business type: Disco club

CHAMPOO NIGHT LIFE: what do users think?
Kevin Galvis: Good site
Luis Puello: The quality was so low that they removed it. now has another name
Santiago De Jesus Cabrera Pulido: Excellent
LUIS HERNANDEZ: Good place, good music
Ligia Stella Guzman Bustos: I loved the place

7. Space Club Cartagena - Centro

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18 reviews
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Space Club Cartagena
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Address: Cra. 6 ##35-18, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 PM

Telephone: +57 319 3265363

Business type: Night club

Space Club Cartagena: what do users think?
Abdullah AL-JUNAIBI: Very expensive place for no reason, we ordered the most expensive hookah and the staff did not want to change the charcoal after an hour. Anyway this place is to get escorts if you’re into that this is the place.
Jonathan Fenrir & ymir: Good things: good lights, drinks come fast, there is always someone to attend to you in case you need something,Negative things: the waiter tried to steal almost 80,000 pesos from our bill, this practice seemed normal, when we did the bill on the calculator, he cynically acted funny...Unfortunately, in beautiful Cartagena, this type of practice affects its entire wonderful city.
Adrienne H.: Not many people inside two nights in a row, the inside is nice though but there were more workers then paying people.
Vladimir St.fort: Great club, Loved it!!
Xavier Crofton: Great spot
Chris P: Not a place I would spend my time in, it’s super expensive and it’s never locals in here. Nobody is just focused on having a good time. I was not robbed and I was not forced to tip, although all the women are escorts and everyone stares in this very weird place with no smiles. You can see in my video not a single person is dancing
Samantha Ripani: We were warned to pay in cash only (they clone credit cards)and didn't realize this was a spot for working girls. Super entertaining. The girls multiply, starts off with 15 women drinking only water and then ends up with 50+ working girls within 30 minutes of entering. My friends and I had decent service, paid cash, and they let us go quickly without holding us up at the door. But to be fair, we aren't the clientele the working girls were after and it was obvious we walked into the wrong type of club. Decent music, the lollipops sold in the women's bathroom are tasty!
DaMario McFadgen: If I could give it zero stars then yes. Avoid it like Bubonic Plague. If a guy approach you about it avoid him too, they will try to scam you by inviting you to the club to only buy and bottle and table when in actuality you wanted to check it out, if you don't buy a table they make you leave and expect you to tip them, don't do it. You've been warned my friends.
Adam Jacques: I wouldn't ever suggest going here...everyone is on the take. Outside on the street, bouncers and inside the working girls. Don't even bother it's very expensive and super useless. Rip-off and pure robbery.
Avraham Mal: Lindo lugar pero Todas las mujeres allí pre pego
Thomas Clegg: We are tourists and this place was a bad idea. The after party they suggested was in the middle of nowhere and very risky.don't go here and definitely don't go to the after party either, you will end up better off and not robbed.Fortunately our uber driver was smart enough to wait around and advised us it was a bad idea as we initially got outThat along with plenty of other risky warning signs fortunately helped us make the same decision that this was a bad situation.
Eugenio null: Trampa de turistas
Roland: The reelest club in Cartagena yo. My iPhone 12 Pro slipped out of my pocket at the end of the night and the waitress was kind enough to hand it back to me they saw us ballin the whole night we took over the joint . Mad respects to the DJ too ✌️
Hector: USA AND EUROPE alert 🚨 This place will over charge you and add on additional items. Be aware or you will get robbed.
Robert Lingo: American tourists stay away from this place they will rip you off as much as they can
Evelin Vargas galeano: Nada más porq uno no es prepago del lugar lo sacan a uno y llevando buenos clientes lo echan a uno en vez de hacer dinero 👎muy mal atención
Michael Bellon: I always have a good time in this place. I think the bad reviews are coming from people who don't know the language and get taken advantage.
Conner Regan: Was ok but a little on the expensive side, not many people in and 200,000 peso for a Hookah pipe.
Jim McConville: I didn’t worry about getting robbed. I paid in cash but the Absolut & Soda drinks were 42000 pesos, which is very expensive for the area. When I walked in at 11:00, it was all working girls (pro’s) and no men. Made us very uncomfortable. The guys in the street were pushing us hard to enter and I knew they were working for a tip, so I ignored them and continued to wait in line to get in. The bouncer at thr door blocked me from leaving without giving him a tip as well, just like others have mentioned. So save yourself a 2000 peso bill and tip him $0.50 USD. I stayed for 2 drinks and left.
Ruben Dario Rivas Casas: Excellent atmosphere, the best rumba in the city

8. Pley Club - Cartagena de Indias

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57 reviews
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Pley Club
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Address: Tv. 48 #Diag 21 - 48 # 04, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +57 318 2393562

Business type: Night club

Pley Club: what do users think?
Recomen Daciones: . No vayan.🤮(Translated by Google
sebastian cano: Very expensive service 150k for 15 minutes, none of the girls are worth it.
Alex Mendez: I went in 2019 on accident LOL It was my second best night in Cartagena. MUST GO !!HOWEVER, I highly recommend knowing spanish before hand. The girls WILL try to test you on how much money you're willing you give. Charm them in spanish 😉
A sTorm: I did not like the play clubLocated in shady area of Cartagena far from tourist related security this place is kinda small and darkThere is indeed a strip poll but in one hour no girls even attempted to danceBasically they are moving around saying helloNobody speaks any English and overall concept is not clear at allI left after one hourAlso uber seems to no existing in this part of tow so you have to get the taxi near the club but negotiate the price first
RUBEN DARIO LORDUY DIAZ: Everything was going perfectly, until in one of the shows I saw my mom
Miguel Torres B: Because it represents the beauty of Colombia
James: If you want to have fun, Go ! Go ! Go !One of the best club experiences in my life.I highly recommend... (visiting from NY)
Angelo Lorenzo: very straightforward. easy peasy.
Jonathan christian Holguin gomez: No, nooooo, nooooooo............
Justin Marcum: Everything was good at 1st then the girls tried to hustle us for more money. They tried to hold my buddies cell phone for ransom wanting more money. Horrible place to do business
Lanma :3: Good
Nando Jose Vera Urbina: The best of night spots
Cristian Marin: Very good haha
Roberto Lopez: Having a good time!!!
Jaime Zapateiro bonilla: Excellent I recommend it
Edwin Borre: It's a pretty girls club. sex workers
IVAN COCHEZ ZARATE: The place where you find shows to your liking with the most beautiful girls in the city
Charles Castro: Amazing the bodies on these women!! A single Man's heaven. I've been to many places all over the world. I haven't seen a place like this. Even in Cartagena no other place compares!
Yeison Pomares: Night fun
Juan Esteban Grajales: beautiful girls show

9. Vueltabajero Salsa Cartagena / Delicias - Cartagena de Indias

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1246 reviews
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Vueltabajero Salsa Cartagena / Delicias
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Address: 30-266 Transversal 54, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +57 5 6631397

Business type: Bar

Vueltabajero Salsa Cartagena / Delicias: what do users think?
Eusebio Maldonado Perez: Very good thanksService: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Yurleidis Esther Hernández Martínez: The place is very cool and fun. Recommended
Deivi Fernandez: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
alfredo henao: The best salsa atmosphere in Cartagena
Grace Garay: Spectacular
Jefferson Ortiz: Recommended for salseros, good prices and good service.
LEONARDO ENRIQUE BARRIOS PUELLO: The live orchestra is the best, Love Orchestra
Edith Jaspe Lombana: super place
Janina Cera Hernandez: Excellent music
Geovanny Dean Pardo: Salsa for all ages, orchestra presentation, the best
Jakob Harvey: Excellent. The atmosphere is great. Totally recommended. Live music. Very good
Mabel Iriarte: Excellent attention, very good music, ideal to go to enjoy good salsa
jair jose mendoza diaz: Excellent attention.The high prices give a certain exclusivity to the site.
Ing. Libardo Calderón (Dj Libardo Calderon): The place with the best salsa atmosphere in Cartagena! Nice place!
Briguithe Valderrama Bonilla: Very good music
Alain Váron Núñez: Excellent music, enveloping space filled with a special atmosphere. Good attention.
Alba Garzon: Good music but too high a volume that doesn't allow you to talk or enjoy yourself, you get stunned.
Liseth ZUÑIGA: Excellent atmosphere, music to dance!
Lisveth Monterrosa: Spectacular atmosphere and service

10. Fragma Club - Centro

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Fragma Club
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Address: Playa de la Artillería, Cra. 2 ##36-86, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Permanently closed

Telephone: +57 301 2416747

Business type: Disco club

Fragma Club: what do users think?
Diego Armando Velez: For those who love reggaeton, I suppose it's the ideal place. Personally, I'm not one to dance reggaeton all night, so for my taste it's two stars. I was at the Club on January 17.
Camilo Espinosa: Good atmosphere.
Luis Daniel Soto Fernandez: Excellent rumba, very high prices.
Morris Lopez: Excellent service. Good music and good weekend hours. It also has a separate smoking area.
sebastian felipe muñoz vargas: Good party in the walled city of Cartagena.
Pedro Jimenez: Super
Edilma Orozco Florez: 👍
Guga Canon: Barbarian its three rooms and magnificent attention
camilo canon: excellent place
Fred Cavagnuolo: Cool design and good sound system. Not so large for dancing though.
santi jimenez: Empty and expensive. However good facilities.
William Andres Buitrago Betancourt: Is very good. But the air conditioning is so strong that the cold undermines the enjoyment of the environment
jhon fredy Angola: Full
Maibeth Mejia: Good music and atmosphere!
KARINA NOVA: It is a spacious, comfortable place, good attention
Daniela Gallego: I love
Jessy Traslaviña: Excellent crossover rumba and a good variety to dance.... Drinks and liquors $$$ is not cheap and unfortunately it does not have more variety in beer.
Hobbies Shop: Bien ambiente, buena música, cómodo y muy buenos cocktails
Christine C: Never got super crowded and we went on a Friday night during a holiday weekend but was still a really cool place. Only a few tables for bottle service but service was good. Awesome music

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