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1. Indiatours Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 10 reviews

Portales de San Fernando 1 Torre 2 - apto 407, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Indiatours Cartagena: what do users think?
Olga Jiménez: It was a super experience, excellent service, more than I expected, I recommend them 100%
Luis Eduardo Alvarado Calle: Excellent service, recommended, compliance, seriousness, excellent tour to the Rosario and Cholon islands.
Sebastian Gordon: Very good attention and advice, the best vacation travel experience thanks to the quality service offered by Indiatours, 100% recommended.
Victor M: Very compliments and serious in everything100% recommended👍🏻 🌊🌴☀️
viely zambrano rios: A rewarding and highly satisfying experience. Service of great excellence and great human quality.Grateful to Indiatours and 100% recommendedThe invitation is for all those who want to live a great experience
Laura Rentería: They are incredible, attention, good attitude. I hope to enjoy more activities with you. 👌👌👏👏👏
Yuris España: I definitely have no words to describe the magical experiences I've had, highly recommend all your tours, you enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you Indiatours for making my experience the best
Ingrid España: Excellent attention and the best of experiences.. highly recommended 😘😘😘
José España: They have very good attention, this agency showed us the best that Cartagena has. We enjoyed it to the fullest, I recommend it 💯

2. Cartagena For Travelers - Cartagena de Indias



· 15 reviews

Office C3, Calle 31 Mall, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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3. Two Travel - Centro

· 109 reviews

Cra. 6 ###38-124, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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4. Cartagena Concierge - Centro

· 36 reviews

54, Dg. 35 #35 Piso 2 Pasaje de Badillo Oficina 201, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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5. Rest Agencia Turistica - Tours en Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 59 reviews

SOLO VIRTUAL EN EL MOMENTO Cra. 1 No 2-110 2 piso, int1, Cartagena, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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6. The Experience Travel - Centro

· 13 reviews

Endereço da agência: Calle 32 #8-21 Edificio Banco Popular, andar 13, sala 1306, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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7. Alternative Travel Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 18 reviews

Cra 1 – 49 a #40, Calle de la Playa, Corregimiento La Boquilla, Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia

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Alternative Travel Cartagena: what do users think?
Michael Tice: We stayed in Cartagena for 6 nights and did 3 tours with Alternative Travel. Our guide for two of them, Roberto Lopez, was absolutely fantastic! He was so personable and knowledgeable and truly made our experience memorable. We learned a lot about the art and history of the city and ate some of the best foods the city had to offer. The rum tasting was also fantastic and far exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend this company!
MONTSERRAT PALLAS: Fantastic tour!! Our guide Alvarito, spectacular in his explanations and very attentive and willing to help us with what we asked of him.
Jaime Suescun: Something different in Cartagena. Tours to open your eyes, to discover the culture, gastronomy and the essence of the city. The tour to Bazurto, the coconut handicrafts workshop, the champera tour or the bike ride to the Totumo mud volcano are what most attract my attention.
A R.: Super gut organisierte Tour, unsere Reiseleiterin Luisa war einfach klasse. Sie hat uns sehr viel wissenswertes über Cartagena erzählt. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen......
Sabine Schlieper: ❤❤❤ thank you!
arnulfo klee: Good service
Andy Melchiori: Amazing agency with a fantastic staff
Gustavo Reyes: The best agency in Cartagena. You will get the best experiences, the best services. Highly recommended
William Ceren: Good place.. Excellent view
Jose Baena: Excelentes Tours alternativos a los que comúnmente se ofrecen en la ciudad. Excelente manejo, excelente personal. 5 estrellas.

8. This Is Cartagena - La Matuna

· 80 reviews

Cl. 32 #8-21 Of. 13-08, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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9. Taroa Adventures - Manga

· 44 reviews

Edificio Oasis, 101, Cra. 19 ##26-66, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Taroa Adventures: what do users think?
Geneviève Bolduc: Taroa adventures is your best bet for tours in the area of Cartagena ! Olinto was our guide in the jungle and he was fantastic. Everything was top notch from transportation, to communication, food and the tour in itself. They were on time, very clear with the communications and we always felt super safe and in good hands.The tour was great, in the deep jungle, basking in the loud noise of nature, seeing amazing insects (that I would have never seen without Olinto’s eyes!!), mini turtle, snake, unique trees and landscape.I highly recommend that you book any tour with them when visiting the area. They’re the best to bring you off the beaten path!
Jenny Smith: Nature lovers in Cartagena: this day adventure is for you! During my honeymoon with my husband, I was looking for a way to get out of the city on a hike/into green space to see new animals and creatures, and Olinto's magical immersion checked all of the boxes. Since my husband had been experiencing some foot injuries, I signed up for this solo - the only time we split up during our trip; I do not travel often, have rarely been out of the United States, and speak/understand very little Spanish, but I was in 110% great hands with Olinto. He picked me up right at the front of my hotel in his van and it was smooth sailing all the way to the hidden gem of a tree lined path that he has private access to due to his connections with local farmers/land owners. Once there, two other fellas who lived on the land joined us through the trail, helping to point out all of the monkeys, spiders, snakes, and other creatures and plants at our fingertips.The 3.5 mile walk ended with a delightful rest at the finca with the most deliciously sweet mango and freshly sliced open coconut, sipping the refreshing water right from the source and scraping out the pure white coconut shavings (it is actually soft like egg whites - who knew!?). It was also fun watching the chickens/birds peck at the fruit remnants once we were done. On our drive back to the city, we stopped for lunch at a hostel which included all of the best native fixin's, and Olinto made sure to accommodate my vegetarian food requests for breakfast (which I ate on the drive) and lunch, both of which were included in the cost of the excursion. We had great conversation throughout and it was so fun watching him get just as excited as I was on the trail - he says every day is different and he is always making new discoveries! It was a wonderful energy to be around. :-) Oh also he electively took photos/videos of me using his phone on the trail since I didn't have my husband around to do so, which was so sweet. Definitely a highlight of the trip, and I would love to do another one of Olinto's adventures if we come back for more immersions in Colombia. :-)
SergioSpizzirri: My friend and I went on the Howler hike and it was a fantastic experience. The jungle was teeming with life: we saw howler monkeys, an anteater, thousands of butterflies, lizards, snakes and much more.I've traveled alot and can say without hesitantion that Olinto was one of the best tour guides I've ever had. He has endless information about the forest, Colombia and cartagena and you can really see the passion he has for his job.As an additional cherry on top, I had the fish option for lunch and it was fantastic.This was a perfect day and should be a must do for any nature lover visiting cartagena. 10/10
Lev In: Our guide took really good care of us. From pickup to lunch, everything was included in the price. The excursion went exactly as described and thanks to the great knowledge of the guide we were able to observe some monkeys, insects and even a sloth.
Mathilde O: This day trip in the tropical forest with Olinto was amazing. He came to pick us up at 6am at our accommodation and drove us first to a place to have a good breakfast and then to the forest. He mentioned this place is private and thus exclusive for us. The hike was 3 hours long and very accessible for someone like me who isn’t sportive. We stopped many times to observe the monkeys (we saw a lot!) and the nature. Olinto was a fantastic guide who knows A LOT about the nature, which made the hike very enjoyable.I highly recommend this tour and will not hesitate to contact him for my next trips to Colombia !
Jonathan Riverin: My #1 highlight of my trip to Cartagena. Qe hiked the Howling Trail with Oli, an amazing and passionate guide. Were we lucky?… We saw lots of monkeys, saw three sloths, and birds and butterfly. Oli explained and shared lots of is knowledge about the dry forest and the animals! It almost felt like a ritual this hike. We were often quiet, listening to the forest, it was calming and contrasting with the noisy Cartagena and the crowded beaches. If you like authentic experience, and sharing a real nice moment with a Colombian and also a family (cause you eat your snack in a little house with a family), go, and book it!
Marjorie V: I booked the Howling Trail Hike. Here are some highlights:- Olinto was a knowledgeable, patient and passionate tour guide. He was also an excellent driver which was much appreciated.- We left early in the morning to avoid the heat that was awaiting us in the afternoon.- The pace of the hike allowed us to learn about the tropical dry forest ecosystem, enjoy our surroundings, and encounter wildlife. We also learned about different plants and their medicinal properties/traditional use.- We enjoyed some delicious fruits from our other accompanied hosts. Lunch was excellent and enjoyable.- It's a small and intimate group which led to a more personable experience.Definitely one of the highlights while travelling in Colombia. I highly recommend Taroa Adventures!
Xavier Lee: We had a wonderful time on the Howling Trail tour with our guide Olinto. The tour was excellently organized from start to finish - from the pickup, the hike, lunch, and drop-off - everything was perfectly orchestrated. Olinto is perhaps the most passionate and knowledgeable tour guide we've encountered on our travels in Colombia. He is as excited to explore the trail himself as he is telling us about it. If you'd like a unique experience in Cartagena that's reasonably close to Centro but a stark contrast to the bustling city life - look no further than this tour!
Pierre Chambon: The whole experience was really amazing ! A beautiful walk in the dry forest, animals of all sorts and a very soothing atmostphere. Olinto is a great guide, who has a lot of knowledge and shares it with a lot of passion. He was also more than happy to give a lot of tips for a private trip that I wanted to make in the region. As far as I know, Olinto / Taroa Adventures are the only one to organize such trips in nature around Cartagena. Much recommended !
Ezra Cox: Olinto was an amazing tour guide! Knowledgeable and friendly. There was a lot of planning and care put into the howling monkey trail. The food was great. The trail was not too difficult but be prepared to sweat a little.
Erin Iserman: We did the Howling Trail Tour. From start to finish this was a fabulous day! Oli is a great guide (and host) full of knowledge and love for this unique ecosystem and everything in it, especially this rare type of monkey. You will get unique information from the locals living on the land and share with them in the excitement of exploring all the wonders to be found. You will also enjoy some tasty local food!Highly recommend this off the beaten path adventure so close to Cartagena! Many locals still have yet to learn of this treasure. :)
Tom Nagle: Olinto gave an incredibly unique experience that was vastly different from the rest of our week in Cartagena. We had spent a week doing private tours with knowledgeable guides throughout Cartagena - the city itself, Rosario Islands, La Boquilla, Bazurto, etc. but our trip out to San Jacinto was our first real trek well outside the city. We were traveling with our nine- and six-year-olds too. An hour plus from the city, Colombia looks and feels incredibly different from where we had been (our first time in Colombia). Olinto, our guide, was knowledgeable and passionate about nature in Colombia, and having the chance to walk trails and discuss nature/flora/fauna...was great. We had hiked to see petroglyphs, which was fascinating. We could have ended the day there, but continued on to San Jacinto to have a fantastic meal and essentially have a private concert from (world class and Grammy-award-winning) musicians who were playing instruments made from the plants and trees we had just encountered on the hike. It was a long day, but an enjoyable and informative one. Would recommend to anyone.
Patrick Shaw: We did the Howler Monkey Trail with Olinto (Oli) and could not be more impressed. This was truly so authentic and amazing that it couldn't be recommended any stronger by my wife and I. It's a tiring but well worth it tour where on our day we got to see 3 separate howler monkey troops and also some cotton-top tamarins. The experience was heightened by Kike and Ali who guided us through the forest. Unforgettable and if you're reading this review just go and book with Oli now, you will not regret it. He is the most interesting AND interested* host, he was just as excited to see new things in the jungle as we were. Spectacular does not say enough.
Jochen Kokemüller: Wir haben mit Olinto die Tour des aullador (Brüllaffen) gemacht. Wir waren ein Erwachsener und zwei Kinder (11 & 9 Jahre) mit drei Führern.Die Tour hat die uns ausgesprochen gut gefallen, wir haben viele Tiere und eine wunderschöne Landschaft gesehen. Olinto ist ein sehr guter Führer, sehr zu empfehlen!
Renata Sheyner: My family and I went on the Jaguar tour with music with Olinto. We cannot recommend this tour and experience enough! Olinto was super knowledgeable and thoughtful and made our day very special. My kids (16 and 19) had a wonderful time and we made great memories. We saw monkeys and birds on our hike and learned about the culture and how it’s connected to nature. We would highly recommend. If you’re on the fence, take the trip! It’s so worth it!
Devlina Roy: We absolutely loved our experience with Taroa Adventures! We did the Howling Trail: Hiking and Wildlife Watching which was a 6 mile hike through Columbia's dry forest. What makes this tour unique is that our tour guide, Olinto (Ollie), spent two years curating this hike on his own, forming relationships with locals. This trail is not available by any other company, it is a completely unique experience. Ollie was absolutely amazing as he helped us through the process of booking our tour, and personally picked us up from our hotel. He had an authentic Colombian breakfast ready for us in the car and also reserved our lunch at an amazing street side Colombian restaurant for when we returned from our hike. During our hike, Ollie along with an additional tour guide walked us through each animal and plant species we came across and were extremely patient as we made our way up and down rocky mudslides - they were so fun to take this adventure with! We were able to see the red howler monkey as well as several different plant and animal species. This tour was more than just any jungle hike - we were learning about the climate in Cartagena and the specific species that are abundant in that area. At the end of the hike, we were given coconut water and fresh mangos from local's that our tour guide had set up for us. This was an extremely culturally immersive experience with great company and amazing service - HIGHLY recommend taking this tour if you find yourself in Cartagena!
Amy Morris: I went with 2 girlfriends on the “Jaguar” excursion yesterday and if you like the idea of hiking and walking through unique environments like a (tropical, dry) rain forest, meeting new people (especially musicians!) hearing and learning about indigenous music; it is a wonderful way to spend a day! Oli and Rodrigo were wonderful guides! We saw petroglyphs, wildlife including monkeys, toucans and other birds and even a small crocodile that Rodrigo caught with his bare hands!Following the hike, we went to a good restaurant for lunch where we got to to drink guanabana (delicious!) and were treated to a live concert with drums, flutes and maracas! We even got to choose our own instrument so we could participate. It was so much fun! A great shared family and or friends’ experience. We all highly recommend this experience!
Martha Morris: Our day hike with Taroa Adventures was awesome. We saw a great variety of wildlife and learned so much about the dry tropical forest from our knowledgeable guide. The entire experience was very smooth, friendly, and professional (plus lunch was delicious). I can’t recommend this enough if you want to see some of the beautiful biodiversity of Colombia and meet great people - definitely a highlight of our trip!!
Robert Shaw: We did the Howling Trail hike with Marina and were so thrilled with it! Everything about Taroa Adventures is great! From booking with Olinto to the tour with Marina - we couldn't have been happier. On the hike we saw two kinds of monkey, a sloth and numerous birds. The breakfast and lunch were delicious and the transportation safe, comfortable and efficient. If you're an English-speaking tourist, know that their English is perfect and you need not worry about communication. I hope to take more trips with them in the future. Thank you so much!!
Ashley Bowman: Great hike and overall experience with Olinto. The trail itself isn’t too challenging but has different types of terrain, and a few hills and scrambles that were quite fun. We saw a TON of monkeys and cotton-top tamarins, as well as various species of local trees, plants, butterflies, etc. Olinto was really informative and willing to answer questions not just about the tour, but about other aspects of Cartagena, Colombia, etc. The family who live nearby the trail were very welcoming and friendly, and offered us a place to rest a few minutes and a chance to try some of the fruit they grow — grapefruits and coconuts. I also purchased a bottle of their home-grown honey. I got to try some traditional Colombian arepas and lunch as well. Really fun experience, and I was back in Cartagena in time for afternoon plans. Highly recommend!
Meredith Arksey: My husband and I had such a great time with Oli on the Howling Trail hike. His English is excellent and he is VERY friendly. At the trail head another guide, Alejandro, joined us also. The hike was just the four of us, and we were amazed at what we were able to see in the 3.5 hours that we hiked. The hike is in a large private nature preserve, and Oli and his clients are the only tourists allowed, so, we had the place to ourselves. About five minutes into the hike we saw our first monkeys—capuchin. A few minutes later, we heard A lot of chipping and cackling it was a big group of tamarin monkeys. The howling of the howling monkeys was so loud. They quit howling when you get close to them. In total, we saw seven groups of monkeys. Although the monkeys were definitely the highlight of our trip, we also learned a lot about different tropical dry forest trees, and how they conserve water. The hike was mostly flat, but they did take us on one optional slightly challenging section. Alejandro cut open coconuts for us and we drank coconut milk. On the way back we stopped for a lunch at a local restaurant, which was excellent. Oli also stopped so we could buy some groceries, and he helped us practice Spanish. What a great trip! If it at first sounds expensive, it isn’t. It was worth every penny. We wish we could go on all the other tours that Taroa Adventures offers. Thanks Oli!!

10. TOURS IN CARTAGENA - Cartagena de Indias

· 17 reviews

edificio Newport Carrera 1, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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TOURS IN CARTAGENA: what do users think?
JOSE GONZALEZ: Excellent graffiti in Getsemaní give life to this beautiful neighborhood of Cartagena
Wendy Camacho Alvarez: Hello, I want to check the types of tours and prices!
Nicol Daza: I want to thank, especially, one person, for his professionalism and responsibility and for his humanity, he is proud to be Colombian, he let his tourist know, giving and transmitting love to his country, thank you very much ANDRÉS CASTAÑO.
Yanin cristina Cabarcas De Castro: Excellent tour package! Very complete and comfortable for everyone's pocket.
Sandra Milena Piedrahita betancur: Excellent attention, availability, kindness and super economical prices and every day with a tendency to innovate. Blessings
Rocio Lacera: I recommend them to everyone who wants to visit this beautiful city!!
Mau carito: It is simply magical, a place where we can have a dream Tour!!!
Angelica Piedrahita: The page is great!
Keca Mor: Gorgeous city and the best food...
LuAn: They have an excellent service and some very good products on their website, you should check it out.Thank you!
andres castaño: Just amaizing


· 31 reviews

Plaza de la aduana, Cl. 32 ##5-03, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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12. Hi Cartagena - Bocagrande

· 69 reviews

Calle 32 #5-9 Piso 6, Apto 608 El Centro Plaza de la Aduana Edificio Andian, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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13. agencia colombia travel - Bocagrande

· 42 reviews

cra 1 # 9 -18 L 1, Provincia de Cartagena, bolivar, Colombia

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14. GM International Travel - Cartagena de Indias

· 52 reviews

15. WE ARE CARTAGENA | Boat Rental & Bachelor Party VIP Concierge - Marbella

· 13 reviews

Marbella Edificio poseidon apto 1 a, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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16. Explorer Cartagena: Servicios Turisticos - Getsemaní

· 20 reviews

Cra. 10 #30-76, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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17. Estrella Tours - Agencia de Turismo en Cartagena - Bocagrande

· 37 reviews

Bocagrande, Av. San Martin, Edificio San Martin 6-83, Local 1, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. BACHELOR PARTY CARTAGENA - Cartagena de Indias

· 36 reviews
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19. Alquiler Lancha Cartagena - Boat Rentals Colombia | Marina Bocagrande ⚓️ - Cartagena de Indias

· 26 reviews

364 Carrera 2 #15, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Tours y Viajes Los Ángeles - La Matuna

· 22 reviews

Getsemani Calle Tripita y Media #31-8, Cra. 10, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

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