Best Tap Dance Classes Cartagena Near Me

1. Crazy Salsa, Salsa School - Centro

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Crazy Salsa, Salsa School
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Address: Carrera 8 #8-85 Av. Carlos Escallón Ed. Banco Santander of. 301 Frente al Parque de las Flores, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM Mon

Telephone: +57 300 5619428

Business type: Dance school

Crazy Salsa, Salsa School: what do users think?
Sharom Andrea: We had so much fun during our class and having Esteban as an instructor was a great experience. He was very friendly, patient and thorough explaining the different steps, how to lead and how to follow. My friends and I would’ve come back if we were to stay longer in Cartagena ❤️
Aline aline: Me diverti bastante. Fui 2x
Katja Rissmann: We had 6 private sessions with Ruben and loved it! Would highly recommend as we learned so much and enjoyed the process :)
Emily Barrett: My husband and I did a 2:1 private class - we had never danced salsa before! Great teacher, we had a lot of fun & learned the basics. We wished we had longer to do a course!
Serena Romagnoli: My boyfriend and I paid for private classes. He had basically zero knowledge, me some basics. Ended up having a teacher just to have someone counting 1-2-3 5-6-7 for us while looking at herself on the mirror. End of it. End of her contribution.Sure she gave some directions to my boyfriend - so basic that I would have been able to do the same for free.Given me and my boyfriend had 2 different levels, I didn’t learn anything new.Cherry on top, we started late to look for the A/C remote but didn’t get the time back at the end. And to be honest, given the kind of experience, I wasn’t too sad.I read many positive reviews, I’m sure that if you take 14 h lessons they make a better investment on clients.But this is not private class, this is a nice and colorful tourist trap.
Karin Goetz: Guter Salsa-Unterricht
Charneice McKenzie: This is feedback for the school:The jump from beginner to intermediate was too much. Even the intermediate private lessons to the group lessons was a big jump. I am a dancer. I have been a dance instructor. And I wasn't getting the steps. The instructor...who is very nice...showed us 4 7-count sequence all at once. That was too much to remember! Then, without all of us having the hang of the steps, he went on to add another 7-count with a spin. I walked out. I wasn't having fun and I didn't want to pay for confusion. It felt like the Aunt Viv situation on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. I'm just in Cartagena to have fun. Not compete at a high-level dance studio. My suggestion is to introduce 1 7-count sequence at a time. Observe if the students have caught on. Then add to it. Go at the pace of the students. No need to rush. I did have fun in the private lesson.
Lea Helfenstein: We took a private class for Salsa Cali style and Champeta. The teacher Natalia was excellent! We recommend it a lot.
Sandy Wolf: I took 14 hours of private lessons in 4 days! I wanted to level up my salsa and Bachata skills on my Cartagena vacation, and that's exactly what Crazy Salsa School did for me!I was so lucky and happy to have Esteban and Ruben as my own private teachers. Those 4 days were full of fun and challenges as my teachers customized each lesson to exactly what I wanted to work on and their assessment of what I needed to learn.Both of these guys encouraged me through my frustrations and were as excited as I was when I would finally get the steps we were working on. They were endlessly patient and encouraging, and incredibly skilled at unlocking the slight but important little changes to make to help me successfully do the steps.These teachers got me to do moves I never thought I could do. Not all great dancers can teach; these guys (and also Natalia, who taught a great styling lesson) do both brilliantly. And the owner, Esmeralda, was incredibly responsive and flexible with scheduling. She allowed me to schedule according to what my plans were the next day. Reasonably priced, wonderfully taught, Crazy Salsa should be your Cartagena dance home!
Heena Patel: Excellent Salsa class with a bar tour to practice afterwards. My instructor Esteban was amazing. He explained the steps well. We then went to two bars and were joined by another instructor where we practiced what we had learnt and had a few free drinks along the way.My only recommendation would be that it might be good to have a female and male instructor at the bar to help both genders practice.Would definitely recommend this Salsa Tour!
Guadalupe Maria Daldoz: Some geniuses! I took a very good class with Esteban and then I took the tour with Ruben, super friendly and safe on the tour, I went alone and I had a lot of fun.
Tue Nguyen: Is the school open?? Couldn't find the place. Not where it's supposed to be according to google maps
Joanna: I was in Cartagena for a week and I took private classes with Esteban- Salsa and Ruben- Bachata. I absolutely loved it they are very professional but at the same time we had so much fun while dancing. I’ve learnt a lot thanks to them. The easiest way to communicate with them is by WhatsApp 🤩
Ryan DuBois: Great school! They were very responsive and accommodating and I received a great lesson.A very good school! They responded quickly and the class was great.
Ji Pei: Me and my wife Had a great lessons.Instruction is very clear and we definitely enjoyed the experience
Raya Dzulynsky: Great private salsa class with Esteban. He was clear with his instructions and very patient with our questionable dance skills.
Deregnaucourt Jeremy: I had some courses there.Unfortunately, due to construction work, there was no way to have group class.There was a misunderstanding with the administrative assistant about the price. With 5 individual lessons taken, you got a 6th one free.Since I paid them individually, she declined this offer. I would have appreciated more flexibility as the credit cash machine was not functioning and I was keen to pay everything with my card.Also, this same person gave me my last course. I did not feel in confidence with her. She was judgy, having an attitude that does not favor to be relaxed.Despite that, I had Ruben, and this guy is incredible. A great teacher and a very funny guy! Go ahead with him without any concern :)
stellina Luna: Where is this place? I love to go but I can’t find it! It’s not where google maps says it is and the people around there have no idea what I am talking about! 😆Pls someone send some better directions
Manu Manu Negrete: It's a great place to learn how to dance Salsa ..they got expert teacher .
karina carrasco arredondo: Excellent place, very good teacher Rubén, breaking it 100%
alwayscoco1984: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI had 6 classes with Mauricio, he was a fantastic teacher! He made learning salsa very fun and interesting! The hour class always pass by too quickly because it's so fun! Highly recommend Crazy Salsa in Cartagena! Hope to come back and continue the lessons with Mauricio in the future :)

2. 1968 Salsa Show - Getsemaní

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1968 Salsa Show
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Address: Calle Media Luna # 9 - 79, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Wed

Telephone: +57 302 4398158

Business type: Salsa bar

1968 Salsa Show: what do users think?
Vinicius Maretti: This place doesn't exist anymore. It's now a disco club.
Diego Castillo: The best city in Cartagena
Ignacio A Fachini: Good place to get to know the salsa culture with live orchestras and professional dancers who guide and teach you. Consistent prices both at the entrance and to consume
Victor B: The admission price for two of ~$12 was not bad, esp since it included a free drink. They said the ladies would get 2for1, but did not do a good job (language barrier?) explaining that was only good for a few options. My date did not order the right option and asked for a whisky and water. We wanted basic whiskey but I later learned that they gave her a $15 shot. Since we were there for a few hours she had two, so the bill I was presented at the end was $30 for two shots. Then, when I went to pay, I was told the credit card machine did not work so I had to pay in dollars (since I did not have Columbian pesos). They gave me a really low exchange rate of 2500 to the $1, which is far below the 3000-3100 you get everywhere else.Finally, the “show” is about 10 minutes long. Then the next few hours consisted of the 5-6 dancers dancing with the audience. It is also very loud. I am not that old and this place is loud.Maybe you will like all this, but I thought I paid for a show?! After a few hours we left and never saw any “show” beyond the opening 10 minute performance.Maybe you will like all this, and can plan better (eg bring pesos, order more carefully, bring earplugs, etc) but we were disappointed. VictorB
George H: It is a good place just to enjoy the dancing show. Not recommended to eat( food had Zero quality and plate was served cold). Drinks OK not to die for it. and service cold as the food .The dancing crew very friendly and willing to teach you how to dance.
kyle chirnside: Good but the show only lasts 20 mins
Valentina RP: Excellent place. The concept is very interesting, the interaction of the dancers with the public greatly helps the atmosphere, the shows are spectacular.Highly recommended.
monica houses: y que los bailarines interactuan con el publico.No me gustó los cocktails, el de la foto es un cocktail de lulo, que sabia a aguapanela con exceso de azucar y limon (la verdad sabia horrible
Daniela Ramos: Amazing dancers, the environment is just so live, loved the drinks and the band sounded amazing
Anh Pham: Stumbled upon this place. Great atmosphere to see the dancers and dance salsa with live band. The dancers did a good job leading me to the dance floor!
Raul Henao: Spacious venue with ample dance floor. An important element of any late night spot is the sound system, and they have a great sound system. Slasa of all types and eras. If you want to get a sweat in or if you're learning to dance this is a great place in Cartagena. We did not pay cover and drink prices were comparable.
Antonio Venanzi: Good show, food and attention... the best dancers and the live band, what good voices
Dumitran Marius: Great show nice live band really worth coming once even if u don't dance Salsa.
ana e Soto: The spectacular show, the dancers, the unique atmosphere. Terrible administration, I asked for a juice offered on the menu, the very kind waitress explains that she doesn't have a blender. Later we requested a double glass.... They did not have this type of glass either. We ordered a Vallecaucana picada, on the menu they described that it had empanadas and aborrajado. The waitress brings the picada and very kindly tells me that due to technical problems they couldn't fry the empanadas or the aborrajado, for this reason she changes them for papa criolla. Neither comparison empanadas and anorrajado by potato, but the value was maintained. I returned the picada, I would never pay $80,000 for a potato picada. Finally I ended up drinking only water, I was the chosen driver.
Jody Johnsen: We had a wonderful time at 1968. Two of our party danced with the professional dancers when invited. The shows were an unexpected surprise. We would return and recommend.A con: the drinks. Unless we want a whole bottle of scotch, vodka or wine we couldn’t have a drink. Two of us had water for 3 hours. Not a great loss as it turned out. A drunk next to us attacked an older man in our party for an imagined appreciation of a married woman. We were so surprised that we failed to react at all. It was good that 2 of us were completely sober when the altercation occurred.
Dee P: Do the show only, not dinner and show. It's cheaper and you won't feel like you wasted too much money.Service sucks.Friday show. Waited to get my drink for an hour. Ordered 3 times and still took that long, while all the other tables were being serviced just fine.The show itself - is ok. I wouldn't go again but not bad to kill sometime.
Liz Saunders: NOT recommended for meals and/or big groupsWe had a reservation for ~85 people. It was a train wreck.When we arrived, we requested water for everyone. It took over an hour to get water to everyone, and when they did deliver water, they put a few bottles on the table for everyone to split, but never brought glasses with ice. Our team ended up helping the wait staff deliver the water, glasses of ice, and the drinks.Our contract included an app, an entree and a dessert. Water, drinks and appetizers took almost 2 hours to be totally delivered, and it was mediocre at best. Some of the food was still frozen in the middle, and most of it was room temperature. At the 2.5 hour mark we had to start prepping to leave with the buses, and we requested that they cancel dessert and take it off our bill. They refused saying that we booked a package and they couldn't discount any of the food, but would remove the service charge.For an hour we spoke to Marcela, who brought in Rafael, and then another woman came over and also started arguing with us. After an hour of them changing what they were going to do for us, it was no longer worth the effort so we paid for all of the food, including food that was never delivered, and 50% of the service charge.Ultimately, when we called to book a big group for dinner and a show they should have told us they are not set up to handle it. I hate that they took the incompetency of management out of the server's tips.This was a truly terrible experience.
Kyle B. Lamothe: Great place, not to be overlooked for salsa! Went on a Tuesday. Band was excellent, show was good, and the staff and dancers did a great job of bringing people onto the dance floor. Nice to dance to the live band!CORRECTION to earlier reviews, beers are only 15mil, only cocktails were 35mil
Juan Perez232: Very good place. Excellent to relax and have fun.
Elizabeth Urbano: This site really surprised me. Tremendous live orchestra, excellent service, the decoration of the site is spectacular, the menu of food and drinks very varied. By far the best place in the getsemani sector.
Yoinel Esteban Vargas Eljach: Excellent food musical atmosphere

3. Centro Catalina Spanish School - San Diego

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Centro Catalina Spanish School
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Address: Cl. 38 #9-21, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +57 310 7612157

Business type: Language school

Centro Catalina Spanish School: what do users think?
Nicole Chacon: Centro Catalina is a place where everything is done with passion and love. The team strives to give their best every day. Not only Spanish is taught, Colombian culture is also lived with many activities to guarantee an authentic experience beyond conventional tourism. Learning Spanish in cultural immersion guarantees rapid learning of the language. Colombian Spanish is considered by many to be the best to learn. The cities of Medellín and Cartagena are charming and allow an experience in very diverse contexts and regions, between the Caribbean and the Andes.
Camilo Ramirez: Great school, I learned a lot from you. I hope I can come back soon
Valérie Roy: Thanks for everything! cool experience
Lukas Niemeier: Great school. Perfectly organized with very skilled teachers, good equipment and a lot of fun during classes. I went for 30h/week for two weeks. One in Medellin and one in Cartagena. The Different knowledge levels of the students were taken into account and the groups built fit well together. Thanks again for a great time!
Gaby Sierra: Excellent!
Laura Liszewski: Really nice experience in this school, recommend!
Tom Lovett: I cannot recommend this school enough. I am absolutely amazed that. I'm able to have spontaneous conversations with locals about a host of topics, considering I only did four weeks of classes, starting from zero. I was worried that doing well in classes wouldn't carry over to the real world, but that has not been the case at all.The classes themselves were really enjoyable. My teachers were great, the other students were great. We cracked plenty of jokes while still learning new grammar and vocabulary.The school was very helpful when it came to logistics as well. I literally enrolled on a Friday afternoon for Monday morning classes. Also, the school allowed me to print documents and received a package for me.Cannot recommend this school highly enough.
Laura Shadley: Had a wonderful experience at Centro Catalina - Cartagena. The instructors and staff were outgoing and helpful. School always flew by because it was so much fun. I was nervous to speak with people in Spanish, but I gained a lot of confidence while I was there! The school organized a lot of fun activities that allowed you to experience more of the city. They also organized a trip to Isla Grande on the weekend, which was incredible! I stayed with an awesome host family very close to the school. I can't say enough good things!
Dario Paolillo Mendoza: Super escuela, Muchas gracias, thanks a lot for the great time!The support, activities, treatment and personal are fantastic. Colombia and the School has stolen my heart and they are like a second home and like a Family. May God always bless you in Name of Jesus! Bendiciones mi gente bella
Jim C.: I had a great time a Centro Catalina. The school is located in the historic center of Cartagena, with lots of restaurants, shops and sights in a short walking distance.Teachers and staff are just awesome and made my stay a unique and special experience. Everybody is super friendly and helpful.All in all a great experience, defenitely a school that I can recommend.
lisa muzzin: This is a great place to learn or improve your Spanish. Not only are the teachers and classes of top quality but there are free events most days as well. This helps you to get to know other students and the city and to practice your spanish even more. I really enjoyed my time here. Thanks everyone!
Max N: Great Experience
Yanis GUIGNOUNE: Une école totalement a l’écoute de nos besoin et le tout avec le sourire. Une ambiance géniale du début à la fin. je recommande vivement cette école.
Loris Contro: I spent 6 FUNtastic weeks learning Spanish and everything I could about the Colombian heritage and culture at Centro Catalina, and would have spent a lot more than that if I had had more time. The teachers, facilities, customer service, extra activities and anybody who works in there with great passion: everything was excellent! I attended both schools in Medellin and Cartagena,and I strongly recommend them.
William Zarb: C'est une super école les cours sont très bien organisés , les professeurs sont géniaux. Il y a beaucoup d'activités qui sont organisés chaque jour .
Thomas Augsten: School was great fun, wonderful staff, and evening as well as weekend activities are organized. Stayed for a 1-week elementary course and would come back. Also limited number of affordable rental rooms available in a safe neighborhood.
Emeline Flores: Une super école pour apprendre l'espagnol ! Une super ambiance entre les élèves et les professeurs :)
HAMOOD AL TOQI: Great school great stuff the best experience to learn Spanish highly recommend
Caleb Solofra: Great school! Classes allowed me to dig deep into not only the language but also the culture of Medellín. I have traveled a lot, and this school is the most friendly and made me most comfortable.Here’s a list of other great things:-provided a fantastic host family-top notch classes-good location in Medellín (lots to do)-optional evening activity provided each day (like a movie, salsa classes, etc)-clean facility
Brian Eaten: Perfect Spanish school for a perfect experience. S/o to David
Danny Lee: I truly can recommend centro catalina for every person who wants to learn spanish - doesnt matter which level you have! The facilities, the staff, the teachers and the way they teach are top notch! Every day they have an activity for the afternoon and also for the weekends, like salsa class, movies, city- or graffiti-tours, etc. Also the school is in the middle of centeo historico and so you can find many restaurants, bars and shops just next to it! On this point i want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS to all of the staff, especially to David, who is an amazing "papi"!! All of you, keep going the way you do!! Mucho gusto.. jackie! ;)

4. Donde Fidel Salsa Bar - Centro

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Donde Fidel Salsa Bar
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Address: Portal de Los Dulces, Cra. 4, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Business type: Bar

Donde Fidel Salsa Bar: what do users think?
Jorge Barreras: Good place for dancing but, if you don't want to drink alcohol they will make you leave and treat you like a dog.
JAiro Diaz: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Club Colombia NegraMore
rosa dominguez: I always visited this place, because it was a cool environment and the prices were fair, but 5 months ago the prices of drinks rose exaggeratedly, and the street vendors do not let you enjoy the moment... I do not recommend it.
Yuranis De La Rosa: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Jorge Joam Castañeda Duque: It will always be a must-see
Jesus Gabriel Guzman Vidaurre: recommendableFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Cerveza Club Colombia …More
Maria Elvira Pájaro: Pure sauce for salseros at heart. Visit it and hit the dance.
Leticia Artilles: Predatory pricing. I asked for a free cover and the waiter charged me as much as he wanted, they do not bring any type of invoice and before charging I ask myself if I did not speak Spanish, then I felt that the price changed because I am a foreigner. There is no live music. There are many mosquitoes. I left feeling robbed. It ruined my night.
ALEXANDRA MURCIA BALLESTEROS: Excellent a good Roncito #AlexandraRecomienda #cocinafacilparaflojos #pueblerinosporelmundo
Miguel Ángel Chamorro: It's a very cool place to hang out; where Fide has a lot of history, a very good environment where you can be calm and have a good time without worryPS: they only take cash.
Confecoop caldas: Outstanding and obligatory place for lovers of Antillean music, salsa in Cartagena
mace cass: Excellent placeService: 3/5 …More
Lyda Montenegro Parra: Very good attention and fabulous atmosphere, impossible to be in Cartagena and not go to Donde FIDEL, for those of us who love salsa!!!!, I will return 100 times!Thank you!!!
Ferney Gutierrez: Excellent placeits music, its decoration, its atmosphere, everything in itself
Karen Margarita Mercado Babilonia: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes More
Fabian Andres Albarracin Rojas: The place is great, the music is spectacular, but the service is lousy
Marcela Tejedor: The best place in Cartagena, organized, good attention and not to mention the service.
Sara Marin: It's a little expensive for those of us who travel with limited pts, however... Worth every penny

5. Nueva Lengua - Cartagena - Getsemaní

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Nueva Lengua - Cartagena
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Address: Calle 28 (Callejon ancho) # 10b 52, Barrio Getsemaní. Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6602367

Business type: Language school

Nueva Lengua - Cartagena: what do users think?
Lily Meng: I had a great experience at Nueva Lengua, the teachers and staff are very nice and patient. They have good methods and offer many free fun activities after school. 这个学校很不错,喜欢我的老师,教育方法和许多免费的课余活动。
Arielle Bernardin: I recently attended Nueva Lengua Cartagena Spanish School for 3 weeks and it was by far the best 3 weeks ever. The school was amazing with wonderful and knowledgeable teachers like Paula and Carolina. Paula was incredibly patient and kind, while Carolina went above and beyond with her engaging and upbeat teaching style. I miss them both dearly! They made learning so much fun that we looked forward to attending classes each day.On top of that, the weekly activities organized by the school were incredibly fun and entertaining; I always looked forward to them and especially loved how they put up a clear schedule on the wall to inform us about them. I also had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people from all around the world that I still keep in contact with. Thanks to their excellent teaching methods and engaging activities, my Spanish has improved tremendously.I would highly recommend Nueva Lengua to anyone who wants to learn or better their Spanish while having a great time. Thank you, Nueva Lengua Cartagena Spanish School, for an unforgettable experience!
Kaili Barnes: I came to Nueva Lengua to learn medical Spanish for my future care. I have only been here for 4 days and my Spanish has gotten so much better! The way they teach her is so incredible! The teachers a very supportive and you can tell they love their jobs! Everyone I have met here has said that this is one of the top programs in the world and I definitely think that is true. This program brings in so many people from so many different countries and it’s so wonderful to be around them all. My first week I have Gaby and Mayra as my teachers and they a wonderful!! I’m so excited for the next 4 weeks here!
Loes de Smet: My boyfriend and I followed the intense Spanish course for two weeks at the start of our trip to Colombia. The experience was amazing! The communication with the office went smoothely and the activities after school are fun and a great way to practice your Spanish. Our teachers (Mayra and Carolina) were really professional and you can see they have a passion for teaching and the Spanish language. They always motivated us and made learning a new language so much fun. We have learned so much in two weeks! Would definitely recommend others to go there as well.
Thomas Avedissian: Did 2 weeks of Spanish school at Nueva Lengua and it was a great learning experience! The teachers are very professional and fun (special shoutout to Mayra and Carolina) and the activities the school organizes are a great way to learn about Cartagena and Colombian culture.
Lord North YoungBoy: Nueva Lengua est une école incroyable, situé dans le centre ville de Cartagena. Je recommande vivement cette expérience. Des professeurs compétant et à l’écoute des étudiants
Jaqueline Marcelino: Foi uma ótima experiência. Os professores são excelentes, e temos a oportunidade de conhecer pessoas de todo o mundo enquanto aprendemos.
Nicole Jeandupeux: Très bonne école, j'ai fait beaucoup de progrès en 1 semaine, les cours sont bien structurés entre théorie et pratique et les profs sont très sympas et arrangeants !
sammy habes: L école offre des cours de tout niveau, j’aime leur méthode d apprentissage qui me semble être efficace. Ils sont très sympathiques.
Andressa Roque: Tive uma experiência incrível! Os professores e todos os profissionais da escola foram maravilhosos do começo ao fim. Uma oportunidade incrível de conhecer a cidade, além de conhecer pessoas novas e melhorar o Espanhol. Recomendo muito.
Honorine Desilles: I loved learning Spanish at this school! Everything went very well between the quality of the teachers, the small groups that allow you to progress quickly and the quality of the activities included! THANKS
Kleber Francisco da Silva: It is a school with charming architecture, the structure is colonial and the teachers are very welcoming. The food is very delicious and the extra activities are really cool. We learned Spanish practically all day, I spent two weeks studying at school and I had a lot of cultural exchange, I already miss it and want to go back.
Elias: My time at Nueva Lengua in Cartagena was a lifetime memory. The school has a fantastic location in the heart of Cartagena. I was there for 10 days and was incredibly well received. I had Carolina as a teacher and WOW, what an ability to teach. We always ended with 1 hour focusing on communication, where Kevin was absolutely brilliant. The after school activities were also a lot of fun, because you explored the city in ways you never would have otherwise. I can really recommend this school to other travelers.
ian paul: The school is a great place to enrol. The teachers are helpful, friendly and assist you regardless of what level of Spanish you have. It’s a great place to mix with like minded travellers so it doesn’t matter if you enrol by yourself or with a travelling buddy as there are daily activities for you to interact with fellow travellers if you choose to. I was fortunate to have Kevin, Mayra, Carolina and Paola as my main teachers but also had the pleasure of having Eli the dance teacher who is packed full of energy to help me going from having 2 left feet to pulling of salsa, merengue and bachata dance routines. I’m happy to have spent my time here.
Eve B: I did a Spanish course for two weeks at the Nueva Lengua school. The school is very well located in Gethsemane, a colourful, lively area. My host family lives in the Manga district, a 15-minute walk from the school. The two weeks of lessons brought me a lot. We learned a lot of theory and practiced repeatedly. Only Spanish was spoken. The two teachers Mayra and Ana organized the lessons very well and showed us a lot of patience. There was a pleasant atmosphere in the class. The group size was perfect with 4-5 people as an intensive course. The teaching material was also very clear. In the afternoon many different free activities were offered by the school, e.g. cooking classes, trips around the city (castle, museum), kayak trips on the beach and in the mangroves. The lesson times from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. fitted very well to make use of the afternoon. In addition to the Spanish course, I also took a dance course. We had a lot of fun and I learned salsa, bachata and merengue. Muchas gracias!
Nico Le: I attended the Nueva Lengua language school in Cartagena for a total of two weeks and was so impressed that I extended after one week. The school is located right in the central, cool district of Getsemani. I stayed with a Colombian family 20 minutes walk away. The lessons took place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., only Spanish was spoken.A delicious inexpensive lunch was offered at school, drinks were free.As a teacher myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern teaching methods and the variety of tasks. The lessons were professionally prepared, well structured and adapted to the level of the group. The teachers are very well trained, motivated and friendly. I understood the grammar well and made great progress in reading, writing and understanding Spanish texts. In addition, free group activities were offered every afternoon, e.g. cooking and dance classes or trips to the surrounding area.I had a great time in Cartagena, really enjoyed the Caribbean holiday feeling and can fully recommend this language school.
Mélissa VALSIN: I really enjoyed my 2 week stay at the school in Cartagena last February. The whole team was very welcoming and it was a pleasure to study at Nueva Lengua.Despite my short stay, my teachers Gerald and Mayra allowed me to progress well in Spanish and in addition, the lessons were always exciting.In addition, the school activities were very diverse and allowed me to learn more about Colombian culture; I was even able to discover the carnival of Barranquilla thanks to Cynthia, organizer of the event within the school.The school is very well located in the heart of the magnificent colorful district of Getsemani, where there is a permanent festive atmosphere.The general good mood on a daily basis and the smile of all the staff of this school made my stay unforgettable.Today, my only regret about this school will have been not having been able to stay there longer.
Serafim: The Nueva Lengua School is incredible, I can certainly say that we form a family here, I was very well received by classmates, staff and all the Teachers are very kind and solicitous, They know and master the language and helped me a lot in immersing myself in Español. I loved the experience and soon I will bring my son here to take the course and exchange. I recommend the school, Brazilian friend, come have a good and unforgettable experience at Escola Nueva Lengua. Greetings 🇧🇷🇨🇴.
Robert Parkin: Professional, supportive, excellent tutors, amazingly good value.. highly recommended!
Domi Rüttimann: The six months I spent at Nueva Lengua were incredibly rewarding. The teaching was first class and the teachers were professional and generally very good. The daily program was varied and enabled me to put my language skills to practical use while dancing or going on excursions. The atmosphere in the language school was welcoming and supportive. Overall, I can fully recommend Nueva Lengua.
Arnold Bregman: I have had a great time at Nueva Lengua Cartagena. I combined my Spanish lessons with a business trip. The teachers are professional and push you to communicate in Spanish on the first day. Also, they organize everyday an activity in the city so you can learn and practice your Spanish with locals and other students.

6. Café del Mar Ltda. - Centro

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14790 reviews
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Café del Mar Ltda.
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Address: Baluarte de Santo Domingo, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 4:30 PM

Telephone: +57 5 6642945

Business type: Bar & grill

Café del Mar Ltda.: what do users think?
Rony Campuzano: Excellent place to watch the sunset
Tofoair Aviation: Bad service and very expensiveFood: 2/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Roberta Souza: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Stephane Mongrain: Le café del mar est très romantique. Un souper, un verre sur la muraille et un coucher de soleil. La nourriture est excellente. Le service est bien , mais il y a tellement de personnes qu'il en souffre.
claudio brena da rosa: Lugar com uma vista linda, boa musica, boa comida, preços compatíveis com o local.
Lady Bello: The reason why I’m putting 5 stars is because the food is sooo delicious yum yum and where the restaurant is located the is amazing. The bad part is the communication in that restaurant. If you go on google maps search up the restaurant and try to call that restaurant the number bad it doesn’t go through. I tried sooo many times I had to go to another restaurant and ask for help. That restaurant needs to adjust the number as to why they haven’t is a mystery. Once I was able to successfully make the reservations a few hours later I called to make sure my reservations was ok and then I called again the second day just make sure, call me crazy I just like to make sure everything was okay. As soon as I got there they didn’t see my reservations 🤯!!! I had to get loud and rude to the put that they called in the manager and I told the manager this is a mess on how you handle the reservations. Yeah you can also do the reservations online but I believe in doing things myself and or in person. The manager let me in because I gave him all proof that I tried calling to make a reservation and everything. We sat the table that we picked. WE WAITED FOR AN HOUR for our server to come to us. Another serve saw us tried to help and she noticed that our actual serve never came up to us. She decided to help I was soo angry on how the manager miss manages his personal. The server who help us was soo sweet to us. I left her a tip and she said that there’s a new law in Colombia that because the restaurants are paying the servers well the customers aren’t allowed to tip us. I believe alll restaurantes should follow this example.
Paul Torres2: Food: 5/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Shrimp Ceviche and a MojitoMore
thalia vargas: The food is delicious, although there is little variety on the menu and the dishes always arrive cold, but since each delivery takes so long, it is preferable to leave it that way, the service is good but very slow. The beautiful place to watch the sunset and a very pleasant atmosphere.
Jose Mejia: Great food and excellent viewFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Causa de Pulpo …More
Jason Labadie: Amazing sunset!Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
sergio sayas: The place is expensive and they don't sell very good things, it's more than all name. Just fall in love with the view and that's it
Eduardo Garcia: Well I was expecting more but, this place is just location. The location is really nice, it feels perfect, but the food and the drinks were ahh ok. The cocktails are strong really really strong maybe good for some people but they taste like shoots not like cocktails. We order an octopus the octopus was ok but the potetos were no cook. Also one of the cocktails taste like reallly bad we did not know if it was the piratas del caribe or de one from the house the server did not know which one was. Overall just one time experience.
Estefany Parra Cardona: The best place to watch the sunset in Cartagena! One of the few places where the staff is friendly all the time and for this reason there is no doubt when giving a voluntary tip. I wish all the places in Cartagena would have made me feel this well cared for. Highly recommended!
Jorge Rodriguez: Food: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Jesús López: Cozy place, where you can appreciate an excellent landscape while waiting for the service.
INFO VENTURA: A place to visit in Cartagena, especially at sunset, magical
Diego Fernando Rincon Bedoya: Es un buen lugar para visitar. Preferiblemente en la nocheFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
blanca nidia Gutierrez: Comida deliciosa, rápida atencionFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
kimberly a: We made a reservation and it was 10000% necessary…the line was SO long and started way before the restaurant opened up. People had to watch the sunset from a line. Views were beautiful! We got a table right be the edge. The food and drinks weren’t that good so I would suggest getting food beforehand or afterwards. Service was extremely slow. As expected it was extremely hot, so we brought sweat rags and a mini fan. That helped a tiny bit. I’m happy we went so that we can say we went but I definitely would not go again.
Andrés Patiño: Buen lugar para disfrutar la puesta de sol en CartagenaFood: 2/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

7. Alquimico Bar ROOFTOP DE OUF - Centro

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2793 reviews
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Alquimico Bar ROOFTOP DE OUF
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Address: Cl. del Colegio ###34-24, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 6:00 PM

Telephone: +57 316 5331932

Business type: Bar

Alquimico Bar ROOFTOP DE OUF: what do users think?
Felipe Amadio: Atmosphere: 5/5More
Darlin Steffany Santiago Linares: They did not let us continue to the Rooftop with the justification that there was no water service on that floor, we made the claim that they told us if it was because of how we were dressed but they were very rude. Terrible attention, I would not go again
Eduardo Facundo: Nota 10! Muita variedade de drinks e bebidas!
François H: Délicieux cocktails, excellente cuisine végétarienne et ambiance très festive (DJ..) Mention spéciale pour Federico, notre serveur pour la soirée, qui parle un français exquis et a été aux petits soins avec nous ! 😊
Paulina Morales Díaz: Excellent atmosphere, good music, very rich signature drinks, it is more a place to go for drinks than for dancing
MUJICA REYES: The best cocktails!! The best sensory experience!!
Rallen Saavedra: I did not try the food, I went at night to taxi, but not even that is possible, people enter as far as it is not enough... excessively full, and the atmosphere is not enjoyed, the drink nothing to be desired, I left after 10min.
Débora Vidal: HORRIBLE SERVICE! The bouncer outside was the only nice staff I saw in this place, the ones securing the place inside are awful!! Instead of following a line for who gets to go upstairs, they’ll let their friends(?) and couples first. If you’re with a bigger group, forget about it. Which is insane bc we would have brought the most money. And when you question they’re super rude! They tried telling me it was bc I had gotten there only 15min prior. Hm, no sir! I have eyes and saw all these ppl who just got here after us get upstairs before us. And again, being super rude and condescending. Anyway, I left and then had a blast at Invissa (super recommend instead of this overtly hyped place).
Sanj Sukerkar: Great music. For Friday night, they had good crowd and nice place to chill. Enjoyed Mojitos and dumplings.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
maria jose: The best bar in the city.Good cocktails and good atmosphere.
Irene L: Tomas the waiter on the 3rd floor gave us a 10 service and introduced us to the restaurant and its origin perfectly 👍🏼
Mari C: Lugar bacana demais pra curtir a noite em Cartagena. O serviço no bar é um ponto negativo, pois parecem ser poucos funcionários pra qtidade de pessoas esperando por atendimento.
Pedro Biondo: Faz jus à fama. Muito bom atendimento, ótima organização e drinks maravilhosos. Ambiente de pub com bela decoração. Tipos de drinks separados por andar.
Sofia Aristizabal Lanza: Service: 1/5More
Lorena Serrudo: Beautiful place! We went with my partner and they treated us excellently, it is a place for tapas and drinks, they do water refills, and the menu is very extensive, each floor is a different menu, we went twice, we would return without a doubt!
Michael Gallardo: quite crowdedService: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Ty: The best cocktails in Cartagena! Great atmosphere!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Santiago Quintero: The place is super cool. I don't know they can lose the cheese board
Kasita McCloud: Great vibe! The music have you moving all night and the drinks are good! An excellent experience.Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

8. Cuba 1940 - Plaza San Diego - San Diego

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1125 reviews
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Cuba 1940 - Plaza San Diego
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Address: Plaza San Diego Calle Stuart No 7 - 46, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +57 304 6807301

Business type: Bar

Cuba 1940 - Plaza San Diego: what do users think?
Joana M: It is a place to enjoy a good drink and live salsa. I recommend seeing the menu and entering if your budget is high, mojito $42,000 mint lemonade $15,000. Simple dishes from $40,000 and up. It is not a crowded place for its prices, but the atmosphere is very cool.The live band is nice.Parking is not close.The drink with which they prepare their drinks is apparently of high quality, however the lemonade we had was not as rich and fresh in relation to the price.There are much nicer and bigger places in the sector for those prices, the place was only for a Friday. I assume that quality and price is not attractive to customers.It is the second time that I go in my life and this time the atmosphere was not as nice as it was in 2018, the date I went and had a couple of drinks and the atmosphere was great!
Darryl Pender: The food is not good. It has no flavor. The mojito does not have rum.
Evania Caetano: A comida não é a tradicional Cubana , é uma fusão de alguns pratos Cubanos que foram adaptados para o paladar Colombiano
Ximena Rubio: We arrived and it is closed when on maps it indicates to be open…
María Camila Ocampo G: Recommended dishes Seafood CasseroleMore
Nathália Camille: O local faliu!
vero riguz: Brilliant!! Very good music and atmosphere! This restaurant is located in the San Diego neighborhood, in front of the square. You can choose to be outside where they have tables and chairs on the street or inside if you want to enjoy the live band. The food is delicious basically a Cuban menu but also has some more Caribbean options.
IG Paola Tulipán: Drinks in small portion compared to the price and other places.Rich food, only one dish was cold, we asked for a glass of water and a waiter told us that they didn't serve water like that, we had to drink bottled water, while another person did.
tomo cota: A nice place, for a different afternoon in the center of Cartagena, for those who like this type of music and atmosphere, I went around 4 pm and there were not many people, however the atmosphere is very pleasant and there is live music.
InfamousNemesis1: We passed by and saw that this place had great energy. People there were polite and very welcoming. They were not pushy to come in like most spots. We felt comfortable and decided to have a few drinks. Aracelis attended us and she was one of the nicest people I have met here! The drink as were so delicious! I recommend the mojitos and margaritas! Definitely a great spot to enjoy the area and relax
J P: Great restaurant, the food is great, the drinks taste good, and the music is good. What else can you ask for?Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Julia Osuna Barbudo: Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Jason Hill (hilljb): This is the best mojito I've had in Cartagena. Cool place too.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Douglas Rush: Great great service. Cold beer on a hot day was fantastic.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Enrique Forero: The food is so-so for the price. I would think that for those who want to listen to music it is a suitable option.
Yalile: The food tasted good and was plentiful, the prices are not cheap but for the quality of the food it is ok.
Carlos Mario Corrales: A nice place 😍Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Alfonso Sáenz López: muy rico, la atención es muy buena y los mojitos ricos. Los musico son buenos y el pianista … a otro nivel.(Translated by Google
أليكس كاس أليكس: Very good its okFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

9. The Clock Pub Cartagena - Centro

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2137 reviews
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The Clock Pub Cartagena
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Address: Cl. 34 #7-33 plaza de los coches, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 2:00 AM

Telephone: +57 301 7852980

Business type: Bar

M. Olga Ponce Bello: The drinks were tasteless and arrived at different times. The attention was regular; the positive was the live music and location.
Mauro Mardones Vera: Instead of napkins a nova roll, the drinks arrived at the wrong time, separated and with ingredients of not very good quality. Live music
Pedro Rodon: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Christy De La Fuente: A nice place to have a drink, talk, listen to music, very well located, good service.
Nahir Azatt Bedrán Hassuf: Food: 5/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Alitas de Pollo Con Adición de Papas En CascoMore
Salvador Castro: Lots of action and good people, I'll be back.
Vitor Padovesi Catarin: ÓtimoFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Daniel Camilo Hoyos Castro: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Alitas de Pollo Con Adición de Papas En CascoMore
Mari C: Localização excelente e frequentada principalmente por turistas. Os preços são justos e o atendimento é ótimo.
Claudia Liliana Valencia Vidales: The staff very friendlyFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Hamburguesa Jack Daniel's, Hamburguesa Cheeseburger, Cerveza Club Colombia, Nachos, Hamburguesa Clásica …More
Freddy Castellanos: ClosedFood: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5 …More
Jaime Enrique Lara León: Recommended dishes 3 Cordilleras NegraMore
Vincent Luca: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Alberto Aedo Del Puerto: Excellent place
Jill Kuri: Very good bar, we went during the day and there are options for non-alcoholic drinks at good prices. The attention is very agile.

10. Demente BAR TAPAS - Getsemaní

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719 reviews
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Address: Cra. 10 #29-29, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +57 5 6604226

Business type: Bar

Demente BAR TAPAS: what do users think?
Laure Boisvert: Bonnes bières, bonne bouffe et agréable moment
Louis Riel: Really good dish... Pizza margarita and beef leaves
Vladimir Herrera: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Margarita PizzaMore
Christin Maschmann: Did not get a chance to eat here due to completely wrong Google information. I had planned my whole sightseeing day around having tapas lunch here. On Google it said they opened at 1pm. At 1.30pm I could not find the entrance of where it was supposed to be indicated on Google maps and I thinking walked into someone’s living room. After asking around I was told the restaurant is somewhere else. When I got there they said they will open at 2pm and they would only start serving tapas at 5pm. So, I left angrily! All this can be fixed by just updating the Google information!
Kristian Råsberg: Good staff, food, too high music.
Enzo: Essen war lecker aber viel zu überteuert für die Portionen.Eine Pizza kostet 40000 cop und ist ein drittel von einer normalen Pizza.Die Kartoffelecken waren super
Edwin Voser: Nice Food
Bernardo Suarez: One of the best pizzas I've ever eaten
Juliana Maria Costa: Equipe alegre e hospitaleira. Os pratos são pequenos e sem sabor relevante. Os Banheiros ficam na parte de cima, tem que subir escada.Bar no bairro Getsêmani e em frente à praça movimentada de turistas, cheia de comidinha de rua.
Thebryannavarro -: I didn‘t took pictures but i have to make a review!Service was soooo great, she remembered 4 different orders with starter, drinks, main and dessert. Super friendly and food is great :-)
chajaz1: Je ne recommande pas du tout
Jonh Medina: Excellent atmosphere, good food and good drinks, with good service, I recommend it 😊😊😊
Thomas Guilbert: Personnel agréable et bonne pizza ! Sur google maps l’endroit est mal indiqué, le Demente est sur la plaza Trinidad à l’Est.
Ettie Holland: Great vibes, great tapas, great cocktails, great location, great people.
Gene Leykind: Great tapas abd service!
dennis arroyo macea: Very good attention, very rich both the drinks and the food, pleasant atmosphere
H James Lucas: Very good food, excellent service, perfectly selected playlist.
AnaMaria Olaya: Wowww! Amazing pizza in the coolest place!
Anton Lopyrev: Cute hole-in-a-wall spot with tasty tapas. Order meatballs & a michelada
Inderjit V M: The bar has a great personality inside and the outside. I loved the vibe
Elisabeth Brevik: Lovely atmosphere and personnel, delicious food and cocktails

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