Best Martial Arts Gyms In Cartagena Near Me

Heroicos BJJ (Jiu Jitsu Academy) KENSEI ESCUELA DE KARATE SKIF Escuela de Taekwondo Hangul Cartagena KENSEI ESCUELA DE KARATE SKIF Profitness Gold Bodytech — Bocagrande Spinning Center Gym Cartagena Bodytech — Caribe Plaza Bodytech - Executives KENSEI ESCUELA DE KARATE ARJONA Bodytech Plazuela Bodytech Caribe Plaza Black Bunker Box Gimnasio Smart Fit - Cuatro Vientos

1. Heroicos BJJ (Jiu Jitsu Academy) - Bocagrande

· 15 reviews

Cra 2 # 8 - 146 Centro Comercial Bocagrande, Local 212, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Heroicos BJJ (Jiu Jitsu Academy): what do users think?
Fernando Quintero: Excellent facilities and machines.
Chris S: This gym is very well equipped, clean, and friendly. I have two issues with the customer base. Hardly anyone racks their weights and there are too many selfies taken.
Jovanny Pachon: very small
Caroline Lee: Decent powerlifiting equipment and good cross training equipment. The facility is two floors and is nice and clean. It has wonderful views on the upper floor for the cardio machines
Antonio Ugarte: excellent gym
Mariano Paonessa: Best gym in Colombia all in service, equipment, installation and location nothing is missing, super customer service
fedele giardina: Che dire, a me ha ridato la forza di cambiare il mio stile di vita. Consigliatissimo
Marina Novoa: I liked it a lot, good facilities
Jefe De Película: Excellent service and facilities
Gus Palmer: Very expensive / very expensive
Jon Z: I trained several months there while I lived in Cartagena. The only bad thing is that at peak hours it gets very crowded and the space they have adapted for the dumbbells is very small.
Jonas Elhaj: Not for turist. Bad costumer service and No flexibility. The only possibility is to do a week pass for approx 150.000 col pesos. No day passes and rude staff.
Vania Gomes: Poucas aulas coletivas
Jay Wright: Fantastic gym with quality equipment, and the Hoist brand, which is a personal favourite of mine. Convenient as I only had to walk across the underground parking tonthe elevator each morning.
Claudia Maryori Garcia Fajardo: Very bad attention from the staff...they turn off the air with 20 minutes to go before closing time, neglected facilities, machines with a lot of rust and out of adjustment
robby bul: Seems like a cool place but they only offered a monthly pass. dont waste your time coming here unless you are here for more than a month or at least a month. Been around the world have never seen a gym turn away customers in my life.
Ale Goss: Today we went to Bodytech in Bocagrande. We are visiting from Miami for the weekend and wanted to buy a gym day pass. The receptionist treated us very badly, she was super rude. He said they don't sell pasadia. She asked to speak to a manager and explained that she was not going to call a manager unnecessarily. The truth is that it is the only gym in Bocagrande with very bad customer service and no flexibility for tourists.
Johanna Sanchez: Male workers in the female bathrooms, no warning at all… No water fountains in the whole gym, equipment is below average
McKaliaTV: Assez bienA l'intérieur il y a toujours beaucoup de monde et je trouve qu'il n'y a pas assez de machines pour la muscu, même si à première vue on dirait qu'il y en a beaucoupService bar au top avec protéines, eau etc
Pablo Penaloza: He has good eyesight and lots of machines, but he's always messy in the barbell and dumbbell area. It takes a long time to find the even dumbbell and the bars are left with weights on.

2. Sparta Fight Club - Cartagena de Indias



· 1 reviews

Dg 32A, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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3. KENSEI ESCUELA DE KARATE SKIF - Cartagena de Indias

· 4 reviews

Manati Parque Heredia, CR 83B, Dg. 36B #145 Edf, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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4. Escuela de Taekwondo Hangul Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 28 reviews

Malibú, Diagonal 32 # 80 - 918 Parque Heredia, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Escuela de Taekwondo Hangul Cartagena: what do users think?
NACA HEBA: A healthy mind in a healthy body: global health.
Vilma Yidios Taborda: Very good school, super committed!!!
Carlos Severiche: Very satisfied with the school, it's worth it!
Humberto Luis Puello P: Great school 👏🏼👌🏼
Yesid avila herrera: A very pleasant place for lovers of physical activities, as well as a great taekwondo training school based on human values.
Juan Manuel Patiño Osorno: Excellent school, I have learned a lot since I have been in it.
Nevi luz Ochao aragon: best excellent school
Leonardo Gomez: Good trainers, atmosphere and excellent technique.
Edwin Alberto Villadiego Coavas: Very complete taekwondo school, I like the format of integrating not only the physical component of the practice but also taking into account the emotional, affective and cognitive aspect in the learning process, since they have a psychology space with which boys are tracked!
Jorge luis Aragon padilla: excellent school
KAREN VIVIANA RONCALLO CASTRO: Excellent formation of values ​​for children and their families 🏆
Carlos Argota: Excellent school, it's complete!
Alfonso Mendoza: Excellent training and discipline school
ADRIANA PATRICIA ARAGON SALAYANDIA: I have heard great things about this school and the feedback is excellent.

5. KENSEI ESCUELA DE KARATE SKIF - Cartagena de Indias

· 1 reviews

Carrera 83 B Calle 36 B -145 Cancha de Parque Heredia, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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6. EQUILIBRIUM Centro Cultural y Deportivo - Manga

· 8 reviews

Cra. 21 ##26-89, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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7. Profitness Gold - Bocagrande

· 55 reviews

Cra. 4 #6142, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Profitness Gold: what do users think?
Nathalie Brenon: Excellent lastina gym closed
Игорь Ижщенков: Excellent gym that has a lot of equipment and exercise machines.
jaime ramirez: They are the best, excellent environment and everything very clean. The trainers are excellent.Don't close :'(
Dilan Ortiz Ramos: Excellent gym, a good place to train and very good trainers
alexandre almeida: Os aparelhos estão muito perto um outro, academia precisa de reforma, professores desinteressados!
Christian traslaviña: Excellent gym, all machines clean and in good condition, excellent service
Maria Lopez: Good attention. Good space and variety of machines
Jose R. Saladen: Excellent gym, good machines, and excellent staff, ready to help
Luis H Velasquez: cerca a casa, una buena relación costo beneficio. Suficientes maquinas, no toca esperar por equipos y tiene una buena oferta de clases, Spinning, Yoga, Pilates(Translated by Google
pablo folino: Very friendly people .. very complete equipment
Ievgen Novikov: Thid GYM have everything for good workout, very kind staff
Liliya: Good variety of equipment and clean gym.
Anna Lisovskaya: Good gym. It has everything for workout, lots of equipments, lots of space. Music is not crazy laud. No free water, no free towels. Clean, pleasant dressing room , shower and toilet is clean. Gym is clean, no hair, no dust.
MAXTAXI BERGEN: Gymmen har alt jeg trenger til fornuftig pris
Frabz Hanz: Gut klimatisiert aber sehr teuer, ein Tag Training kostete 20.000 Pesos. Musikanlage auch relativ schlecht. Sonst hat alles gepasst von den Geräten und Gewichten. Würden trotz allem wieder hin.
Cat Mejia: Good service
Hector Bonilla: Siento que sus políticas restringen el ingreso de personas que solo van de paso.
Tyler Townley: I paid to use this gym on a daily basis while traveling. I can't comment on it over a long period of time. But it has all the equipment and free weights for a proper workout.They have a squat rack, multiple benches and loads of free weights. The weights could be better organized/labeled. They have cardio machines and a couple rooms with spin equipment and yoga/flexibility space.The people in the gym were nice enough, though there were a few who set up shop right in front of the mirrors... a hint at some of the clientel
Andrew Smith: The only true gym for a weightlifter simple.
Ruben Augusto Osorio Fernandez: El mejor Gym
Rafael Vergara: Training....everything you need

8. Bodytech — Bocagrande - Bocagrande

· 182 reviews

Cra. 1 ##12-118, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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McKaliaTV: good enoughInside there are always a lot of people and I find that there are not enough machines for weight training, even if at first glance it seems that there are a lotBar service at the top with proteins, water etc.
Pablo Penaloza: Tiene una buena vista y muchas máquinas, pero siempre está desordenado en el area de las pesas y las mancuernas. Se toma mucho tiempo en encontrar la mancuerna par y las barras las dejan con pesas puestas.

9. Spinning Center Gym Cartagena - Bocagrande

· 43 reviews

Cra. 3 ## 5a-34 Piso 2, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Spinning Center Gym Cartagena: what do users think?
Nathalie Brenon: Too bad it's been 3 weeks without air conditioning dial to save.. too bad it's too hot get your batteries you're going to lose clients I love it
Darcy Mendoza: (Translated by Google
Kristijan Golubovic: Niemand benutzt Handtücher ! Trainers stehen rum am handy ! 15$ pro woche !Mitglieder unhygienisch und arrogant! Besetzen immer 2 geräte . Leute sind 1h an einem gerät und schauen tiktoks
Richard Trujillo: Canceling the gym, they did not allow entry to the facilities and the response from the people in charge was null and no refund was made.
quagee muhammad: Great place for training
Aymeric Bdl: Vente de protéines
Vu R: Gym equipment is good, but they like schedule their painting and maintenance during gym hours. Unless you like feeling high while getting a workout then go for it
Daniela Ricaurte Yepes: On the first floor there is cardio, a multifunctional machine and a room for group classes, as well as a cafeteria, spa and a store for supplements, clothing and accessories. On the second floor there are machines, bars, weights, a spinning room, boxing bags, an abdominal area, bathrooms with showers, and lockers. The only bad thing about it is that the fds close very early. :(
Davide Piccioni: Il centro è abbastanza pulito molto ben attrezzato come macchine. Lo spogliatoio potrebbe avere 2 pache per appoggiarsi ma vabbè. Il personal trainer mentre ti segue aiuta un po' anche altri ma è anche vero che costa 9,50 euro a volta in un pacchetto da 12 volte compreso il mensile. Quindi ok. L'allenamento lo fa durare solo 50 minuti e a me di questi ne usa 20 per stretching e massaggio su mia richiesta e in quei minuti di massaggio mette le mani nei punti giusti. Ti scrocchia le ossa in maniera eccellente cosa che a me serve ed è molto bravo nel farlo. Io sono contento.
Bernard Anderson: agree, nice staff...some equipment needs maintenance
Julian Gamboa: When I asked the advisor about the 1-day pass, she told me that it was worth 80,000 and on the page you can claim it for free
DANIEL BEGUE JIMENEZ: , pagué por un masaje el precio de dos. Fui a hacer el reclamo, la dueña del spa me ponía impedimentos a la hora de devolver el dinero, es decir me decía que no podía darme la devolución total del importe, si eran 80 mil , solo me daba 75 mil, cuando yo le pagué 80 mil, por otra parte recalcó que no podía hacer la devolución del importe si yo no me costeaba los gastos de envió de dicho importe. Por un error del datafono iba tener que pagar los gastos de envió, algo que me parece absurdo .Además me salió con groserías, llegándome a faltar al respeto, no recomiendo para nada este spa, por este spa sale perjudicada la imagen del gimnasio, no creo que vuelva por el gimnasio mientras este ese spa, es una lastima porque quedé muy contento con el gimnasio y sus instalaciones.(Translated by Google
Vera Sistermans: The gym equipment is decent, but the spinning class was the worst I have ever been too. The instructor wasn't even on her bike most of the time and kept looking at her phone. All she did was count down every now and then, but then she wouldn't even tell us what we were counting towards, and she only told us to change the resistance once or twice the entire class.
Kiirby1x: Good gym, although it lacks some machines. There should also be more dumbbells and benches.
Benjamin Arrazola: Nice gym, good machines, group classes, experienced trainers and really clean!
Ronal Jiménez: Good. Some worn machines.
Filip Kovacevic: Travel from canada gym has everything with ac at a good price. 3 flat benches 2 incline benches 2 decline benches. 3 squat racks a smith machine. Hack squat leg press. Than every machine you can imagine with some ones that I've never seen before. Weights could use some orginizing though.
Andrés Flórez: The entrance does not look very good but inside it is cool, full air conditioning.
Flavio Valenti Carro: I go there every year when I'm on vacation and this year is the last I don't go back to that gym anymore1 ° the showers of 4 work 2 and without hot water or soap2° the personal instructors are with one eye looking at the client and with the other looking at the cell phone3° the instructors in the room do not care about the people or about putting the material in its place, they are very busy sitting on the machines looking at the cell phone4° people train without masks and nobody takes their towelA real embarrassment of a gym
Eduardo Arias Pineda: Good place to exercise

10. academia de artes marciales los campeones - Cartagena de Indias

· 2 reviews

13 3126232317, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

11. GYM FITNESS CLUB CARTAGENA - Cartagena de Indias

· 22 reviews

03, Cl. 23 #60, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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12. Bodytech — Caribe Plaza - Pie de la Popa

· 135 reviews

Av. El Lago. local220, Cra. 22 #22-108, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Bodytech - Executives - Cartagena de Indias

· 374 reviews

Cl. 31 ##57-106, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp


· 1 reviews

Cooprecar, Arjona, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Crossfit Bm Box - Manga

· 1 reviews

Cra. 22 ##29a-34, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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16. Bodytech Plazuela - Cartagena de Indias

· 265 reviews

Distrito Turístico Y Cultural, Cra. 71 ## 29 236 local 1, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Bodytech Caribe Plaza - Pie de la Popa

· 102 reviews

Calle 29D #22-108, Llocal 225 A, Cartagena De Indias (Distrito Turístico Y Cultural), Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Black Bunker Box - Pie del Cerro

· 25 reviews

Cl. 32b ##18C-211, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Gimnasio Smart Fit - Cuatro Vientos - Cartagena de Indias

· 189 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp

20. CARC - Cartagena de Indias

· 4 reviews

241, Tv. 54 #41, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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