Best Laser Paintballs In Cartagena Near Me

Top Paintball Turbaco Swat Paintball Turbaco Maremagnum Cartagena Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver)

1. Top Paintball Turbaco - Turbaco

· 11 reviews

Troncal del Caribe, Turbaco, Bolívar, Colombia

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Top Paintball Turbaco: what do users think?
Jesús David Malo Morón: The food is excellent. Highly recommended
GOD BLESS BEATS: Great to play with friends
Edgar Román Vargas: It's ok, but I expected more
Jhon Perea: Good place, I give it 3 stars because for my taste it needs more space, the fields are very small and limit the game
/BH: An experience out of the ordinary.The field is organized. The maximum capacity is 26 players. You can reload bullets as many times as you want.✅ Protective equipment and weapons. They are in very good condition.🥤 You can find to consume only drinks.🍴 Meals you will find in restaurants around the area.
Striker Sodern: Excellent place.

2. Swat Paintball Turbaco - Turbaco



· 57 reviews

Turbaco-Cartagena, Turbaco, Bolívar, Colombia

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Swat Paintball Turbaco: what do users think?
Harold Rodriguez: Good afternoon, I am a security instructor and lawyer, I have been a constant user of this site. I usually go two weekends a month with the students to do range. Totally safe and familiar.
Yessid Javier Sierra Passo: Excellent place for recreation in the middle of nature, it has three playing fields
Carlos Manjarres: Best of the Best, Too Cool for Group Hangout
Fernando Carreño: The place is fine and the battlefield is wide and well designed. The only negative aspect that I find is that going on weekends is chaotic
Rafael González: Very pretty
Vmanuelle OfICIAL: Very Accessible Prices, to have fun for a while and understand that the life of a soldier is not easy at the time of a confrontation ☺☺
omar delgado: Excellent
Angel Jose Montaño: Excellent play to train tactical shots recommended
Pastor: Fernando Magallanes González: Good place to practice this sport, in contact with nature
Angy Carolina Palomino: I loved that place
Carlos Herrera: Very good place to practice sports shooting
Rafael De León: Good place to practice polygon
Aldemar Quimbay: Recommended
darwin alexander mercado vega: You have a good time at what the place is aimed at the public, shooting practices rubber and traumatic weapons
Lili Lambis: Mario's attention is spectacular!!!
Alejandro Ramos: Very good, more than all the centaur club that is there, I recommend it
Jorge Camilo Beleño Hoyos: Excellent, good atmosphere.
Jesús David Malo Morón: Excellent site. Attentive and helpful staff. I felt very comfortable. Recommended.
saamuelenrique123 “samuel millán”: not the right location
Miguel posada rodriguez: Great place to have fun with family and friends easy access and very good location
Jose rivera: Guaranteed fun

3. Maremagnum Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 173 reviews

Cartagena de Indias, Centro Comercial las Ramblas, Bolívar, Colombia

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Maremagnum Cartagena: what do users think?
Jorge luis Salas e: Es un maravilloso lugar para compartir en familia y pasar momentos agradables...Muy buen servicio y atención del personal
Ana Patricia Torres: Excelente para pasar una tarde divertida
francisco cossio (mr dragón): Un buenigar buenas vistas buen pollo
Marlis Mayibi Diaz Zuares: Super
F RS: Difficult to access dirt parking
Ismael Sayas Castro: I loved that place. I really didn't know him. In my experience we use it in an integration of the company with its employees and their families
Ever De Avila berrio: tasty food
Led Miranda: The best place in town
Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Dominguez: excellent site
Dayana: A very complete place full of fun nature and good service
vero riguz: This place is in the north zone in the Las Ramblas shopping center, it is a very different place where you can practice paintball and other sports activities. It is perfect to go with a group of friends and have a great time. It has a beautiful view and a cool atmosphere.
jashbledy pardo diaz: An ideal place to share with families and friends, various environments and interesting activities for all ages
Lina Maria Olano Venegas: Good place to have a different view of Cartagena. Varied menu. The hamburgers and the New York Steak are recommended!
diana margarita cuellar moreno: It is the perfect place to enjoy with your partner or family...excellent service, unbeatable scenery...and wonderful weather
Michelle Joranny Triboni Delgado: Excellent place
Harold Rodriguez: Maremagun Cartagena excellent place to practice everything related to micro soccer, paintball game, and handling of traumatic weapons. I recommend it 100.
jbelblack black: Excellent environment, you can play football 7 and play pinball...
Aleydes Diaz: Excellent place to celebrate birthdays and do paintball activities
Wa jurado: Pretty
Robinson. Augusto Estrada. Payares: Beautiful facilities, very good attention, excellent service
-Oz -: Good attraction to play paintbaill and then a little soccer game

4. Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver) - Bocagrande

· 42 reviews

Edificio Nautilus (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cra. 2 ##9 145, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver): what do users think?
Wayne Jackson: It was very clean, professional and the staff was friendly. They responded quickly to my needs.
Denise Tilson: Good experience I made my trip solo staying at Holiday Inn Express across the street good hotel 6 nights $499 staff excellent. Doctors staff an doc also very good. I only wish I had done this 10 yrs ago an not waited till 63 yrs old. I cannot fight the aging process an when I look at my smile I feel younger. Anyone want more of my journey story get in touch with Claudia.Sincerely Denise 😊
Sept Alix: Dr. Oliver and his team are wonderful! I did extensive research before making the decision to travel to Colombia and had many reservations about why I should not go. Nonetheless, I can say it was definitely worth the trip and one of the best decisions I have made.Dr. Oliver is kind and does amazing work! The extensive amount of actual dental work I needed was handled well. I would recommend Dr. Oliver without hesitation for anyone seeking dental work in Colombia.Additionally, Carlos who was my driver most of the time was top notch he spoke fluent English, gave us information about Cartagena and checked on me often. The other drivers were also kind as well. I actually felt like they cared about my well being.Great job!!
Jessica Carter: It was a wonderful dental experience. They were very professional and willing to work with my hectic schedule. I can not say enough about this practice. I would come back, and absolutely recommend this dentist office!
Yatta: I had a appointment for teeth cleaning, received a warm welcome, got work done, satisfied with my results.
Lek Phomlavan: Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole process and was a little concern about my safety. But rest assure. They make sure you are informed about the process. The service I received was outstanding! Starting from the coordinator, the driver, and the assistant, all the way down to Dr. Julio and his staff. I highly recommend them.
Jo Sousa: Excellent site, Dr. Oliver is a true profesional, my dental work is incredible, very satisfied.
Cisco Cruz: Amazing place if you go ask for Angie ! She is amazing and fast
DW: Appointment was changed from 10 to 11 am but was not called in until 11:20. I was finished in 40 minutes with 3 applications for whitening. It did not change much at all. I was told it would not change much so there were no great expectations. It would take several more, I was told. I guess it is worth 100 USD
Jake Jones: Dr. Oliver and his entire team made the entire experience fantastic. One third the cost of my dentist in the USA, and way more pleasant. If you are on the fence about going, stop, make the appointment.
Katrina Llanos: Dr. Julio Oliver and his whole team are the best! I have anxiety about the dentist and they were great. Dr. Oliver made sure I wasn’t in any pain. He does great work. I feel like a whole person again. 10/10 would recommend!
Keith Knighton: The whole staff was wonderful especially Angie, Dr oliver is the man if you want a beautiful smile for a good price visit him you won't be disappointed.
michael mallon: I had a good experience with dental tourism, they cleaned and gave me a filling very effectively and professionally and my tooth ache is gone
Chantelle B: I just want to say this was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I’ve had numerous dental encounters. They are attentive, they respond quickly and the work is amazing. Not only is your dental experience great but from pick up at the airport to drop off you are taken care of. My favorite part is they always ask me to text them when my flight lands safely. Dr Oliver and his team did an amazing job on my teeth and gave me not only my smile back but my confidence back. P.S. I got a implanted bridge on my upper front teeth. I was missing 4-5 teeth.
Marta Nazzar: Dr Julio Oliver is very talented and really cares about his patients. He spent a lot of time with me and was extremely patient. My results were amazing! I would definitely recommend him! He is bilingual and his staff as well.His office staff are very professional and friendly. His office is beautiful, immaculate and all equipment is state of the art. I highly recommend him.
megan garrett: Dr Julio is highly recommend he’s great at what he does.
Corrin Watson: Dr. Julio Oliver literally helped rebuild my confidence. Other dentists told me nothing could be done to restore my smile and Dr. Julio proved them wrong! Everyone I encountered throughout my experience was extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely love my smile and forever grateful! He's the best!
Eye Of Heru: “One of the best decisions of my life”.Let me start of by saying I have been scared of the dentist my whole life, so I did intensive research with a feeling of fear, once I got ahold of dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver the feeling of fear suddenly went away. From the dental coordinator Ms.Claudia to the dental assist Ms. Angie everything went beyond excellent. All my questions were answered in a timely fashion before I even decided to choose them so that speaks volumes to what a great dentistry this is. Once I booked my flight everything went as smooth as possible. The driver Carlos, who picked me up from the airport when I arrived was awesome. Safety wasn’t an issue, as I felt as safe as could be. I was not expecting everything to go as smooth as it did, especially going into another country for dental work. I’m gonna just say this it greatly exceeded my expectations. Just the price alone made it all worthwhile then u add that on with the hospitality of the people, the beautiful country that I never been to, was just a bonus like getting a 2 for 1. Dr Julio Oliver I can’t even begin to say enough about this guy, if u could give a a person 10 stars this guy deserves it. Let’s just say I needed major dental work. After having gold teeth for about 16 years I didn’t know what to expect. Man once I was in his presence I knew I was gonna be well taking care of. Not only did it not hurt that much, but the attention to detail, the precision and patience was on point from the Doctor Julio Oliver. In the US I would have paid at least 4 times more then what I paid here in Colombia the quality was if not better then the US so that alone was just a win win situation. Unlike some other Dentist on social media Dr Julio Oliver did not and doesn’t have to sell the fluff, his reviews on google speak for itself. I recommend anyone that has to have a lot of dental work done consider dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver, him and his team are A+. The trip, the people, the price made it all worth while. Thank u very much Dr Julio Oliver and dental tourism of Colombia.
Bill Hufstader: My visit with Dr. Oliver was received graciously and professionally.My transportation was provided to and from the clinic and my evaluation was prompt and clearly explained. He suggested that the advised treatment of my home dentist was premature and presently unnecessary at this time. His honesty and professionalism convinced me that I can trust this clinic to serve in my best intersests. Thank you Dr. Oliver; I will be back.
Raquel Ritz: Communication was excellent. Easy to set up appointment over website. Staff were very friendly. Dr. Julio Oliver was extremely professional. The implant procedure was fast and painless.
Ed Gaynor: Whilst visiting Cartagena, contacted the team to check availability for a clean and teeth whitening. Helpful, good advice and excellent results. Would come back to Cartagena for a repeat appointment. English speaking.

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