Best Inem Hairdressing Courses Cartagena Near Me

Franklin Ramos Salon Cartagena PELUQUERIA GLOSS Barbershop Cartagena INEM

1. The Salon By Jose Luis - Manga

· 2 reviews

a 20-75, Cl. 26 #20-1, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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The Salon By Jose Luis: what do users think?
Psico Heidy Osorio: Excellent service

2. Mr.padilla Barbershop - Cartagena de Indias



· 3 reviews

Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Mr.padilla Barbershop: what do users think?
jaqueton001: Excellent attention, biosecurity measures according to the current norm.There you can buy the excellent Atomy Brand Products, Wellness and Beauty, Health and Home.
Jorge Eliecer Puello Carmona: Barbershop with excellent service
JANDRI ORTIZ: Some good bags
Dario Caycedo Moreno: No idea.
Abogado Dr. SILFREDO PÉREZ NOVOA: Excellent attention
Omar Jose Rojas Castro: My hairdresser, excellent
Brayan Machado: I loved
Liz Salamanca: Good site
A Ramos: Well
Fabiany Primera: There is level and profession.
JEAY Gamer: Brilliant!
ELIZABETH DELRIO PEREIRA: I like it so much that I am a resident of this neighborhood
Camilo andres GalVez Tolosa: Haha I do not want to discredit but on the one hand it is very good but for other reasons that I will not expose it is very bad on the security side.
LUIS DAVID ACOSTA: utter danger
Isabel Gomez: I love it♥
Gabriel De Jesus Torres Ricaurte: All good.
JOSE MANUEL MAZA BLANCO: It's nice but a bit dangerous
Jairo Delrio: Le falta pavimentacion en la entrada
honorio vallecilla: housing development
Digna Del Campo Arias: It is a place with a good atmosphere

3. Franklin Ramos Salon Cartagena - San Diego

· 6 reviews

C.C. La Serrezuela cra.11 No. 39-21 Local S23, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Franklin Ramos Salon Cartagena: what do users think?
Jonath Cero: Service:Hairstyling
Julieth Diaz: Llegue a FR desesperada luego de que en otro salón no anotaran correctamente mi cita de cabello y maquillaje para una boda. Desde que pise el lugar la atención fue maravillosa, la calidad humana y profesional del staff realmente hace una diferencia. Si, los servicios son costosos, pero la atención y la calidad que ofrecen valen cada peso. 100% recomendados si tienen la posibilidad (pero hagan cita preferiblemente, no lleguen como yo, corriendo como loca jaja).Services:Shampoo conditioning,Hairstyling,Nail bar,Makeup service,Waxing,Manicure
enrique saez: William es el mejor peluquero de Cartagena. Gracias a el mi esposa esta feliz. Gracias, maestro!
Maggie Waden: Services:Hair wash,Blowouts,Hairstyling
Rafael Brabec: Great service! 60‘000 COP for cutting and washing hair for men. I think a good price for the high quality they do.
Johan Vasquez: CC la Serrezuela
Michael Guess: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,ValueI took my wife here to color her hair, I paid 700000 pesos($200 dollars), 1 week she washed her hair, all of the color washed out, they offered to fix it, but wanted more money! Horrible actitudes and do not stand behind their work! Way over priced for such horrible service! Never again!
Maria Colorado: Critical:Quality
Daniel Montanez: Service:HaircutPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality
juliana velez: No me contestan


· 79 reviews

84 Calle 38, #3, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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PELUQUERIA GLOSS: what do users think?
Ines Neli: MACHT DORT AUF JEDEN FALL NICHT EURE NÄGEL! Schrecklich, meine Finger haben geblutet und das Ergebnis ist so schrecklich
consuelo Villalobos: highly recommended!
Johnnie team bikinis inc: Nice place
lsc: Rhony did such a fantastic job with my hair and makeup! I felt like a princess and got tons of compliments all night. It was so affordable too, especially by US standards. I would do this for every wedding that I attend if I could. Highly recommend!
Brianna Toscano: We had a wonderful experience at Cesar salon!After blown fuses and no water in our Airbnb, we were in dire need of a blow out/hair wash before our wedding event.Cesar accommodated our party of 6 and did an amazing job. We were so happy that we've come back multiple times for make up and hair throughout the week. I would HIGHLY recommend!
Alexis Ramos Galván: Very good attention to the public
Gustavo Guardiola Osorio: Wso still exists?
Maria Esperanza Herrera Palacios: Good service good prices
Arlington Rafael Camargo Rivera: Do not know him
Nestor Carlos Figueroa Barraza: It is a normal place to go to get a haircut and nails done.
Monica Schotborgh: Excellenteeee, the best option in hairdressing
Jeff Brandt: Great hair cut.
Pedro J Salcedo: good attention to all
maria helena perez: Spectacular
Alirio Vargas rubio: excellent atention
Fabiola Espiñeira: I love
Lau Vane Rodríguez: Spectacular!
Isaac Casamayor Viloria: Excellent
Sabrina Gomez: I loved the service from the guys they did a fantastic job with my hair!

5. Barbershop Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 78 reviews

#29- a Carrera 71 #29152, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Barbershop Cartagena: what do users think?
Leonar Castro santos: Very good service, nice atmosphere, good location
Jhonatan Campo Taborda: The price is a bit high, the music is very loud, it's a barbershop not a nightclub. I asked Mr. Barber to lower the volume and he ignored my request, but the worst thing was when I showed him a picture of the cut he wanted and still my cut was a little different from the picture. I will return but with another barber. Thank you
Daniel Suárez: Nice site. You can have a drink while you wait. Good barbershop bar concept
Gustavo Gonzalez: Excellent place, unbeatable atmosphere and with the best hairdresser in the world Beatriz
Rosa Arguelles: Excellent atmosphere, good service and great music
Yamid Ferreira: organized the place
Francisco De La Peña Cantillo (ESCRITOR FRANKPECAN): Good service and clean. Good comfortable environment.
Freddie Flórez Trainer: Excellent service and excellent barbers
Yolet Bello: Highly recommended, good price.
jose m forero: Very expensive
Las Locuras de Andrew Imaginaty: A very good barbershop
Juan Alberto Acosta torres: I did not like the place
belkis del socorro ruiz tovar: Your attention, excellent at least with me 😚
Kely Zabaleta: ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👍👍👍
Kevin Quintero muñiz: Very good service
EDUCAFARMA Entrenamiento Visita Medica: Excelente atencion
Calixto Pajaro Anaya: Excelente servicio, pero sería bueno mejorar la zona de parqueo para autos.
Jorge Eliécer Rincón Calderón.: Buena atención y Seriedad.
oscar sabogal: No me gustó la atención y no puedo regrese
Adalberto Jimenez Tom: Me dejaron una cocá. Pero viéndolo bien, es que estoy quedando calvo.

6. INEM - Cartagena de Indias

· 60 reviews

Tv. 54, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website
INEM: what do users think?
Pedro Galdino: Good morning, could someone tell me when the second period ends and the third period begins? What school calendar do you run? Or any contact number please?
adalberto rios palacio: Good educational center
ALBERTO VALENCIA SOLIS I.S: For me and for everyone, it is a good school, it teaches a lot, it helps the children to live together and I respect all the teachers are very good with all their students, it teaches to treat everyone equally and with respect, it is a good school, so if I can tell my son if he learned in the inem cartagena 🇨🇴😊
Jacinto Romero: It is a very abundant place of nature and art, which had an artistic activity led by the art teacher Teolinda Berrio Perez.
Victoria Rodriguez: Spacious.
Dario Caycedo Moreno: Good
Jhonatan Arias: A great educational institution
Diana Sofia De La Cruz Miranda: School with a pleasant atmosphere and excellent staff😃.
Yeison Meza: I liked this institution because it has a lot of vegetation around it and its rooms are very ventilated.
Pedro Suares: I went to vote and there was a good organization
juan jose romero parra: It is the best and most important Official Public Institution. With the best locative facilities and an educational community committed to change and personal, family and social transformation
Merly Quintana González: Super!!
Juanencio 842: I definitely love my educational institution 😃
juan carlos gomez v.: Place of basic and secondary education.
Rolando Castaño: Excellent educational institution, with a long history training many generations of people from Cartagena with the best education.
Jose Muñoz Meza: Good public educational institution. One of the oldest in the city of Cartagena.
Ramón Marquez: Good place.
Sander Licona Acosta: excellent wonderful
Juan Carlos Vargas: excellent school
WALTER ROJANO: very good placenice and very helpful

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