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1. Bazurto market - Cartagena de Indias

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Bazurto market
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Address: Mercado bazurto, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Business type: Bedroom furniture store

Bazurto market: what do users think?
Jose Castro: Very pretty
Jaime Esmeral: There is the best typical food in the City!
MarioLuis Barrera: Un desastre total. No hay ley. Salve se quien pueda. Ahí la solución es relocalizar de otra forma siempre será lo mismo. Que moridero
yiris leth “NINI” Ávila baldovino: Bueno y malo porque cuando llueve es imposible
OBERTO BENITEZ MENDOZA: Muy bueno ,pero mucha basura
barbi lucia gutierrez andrade: Se encuentra de todo lo único que está todo caótico..hay que tener mucho cuidado con sus pertenencias
Carolina Bustos: Prueben el
Freddy Castellanos: Dangerous, motorcycles do not respect pedestrians
Kevin Beltrán: Place where you find varieties of things.
Ismael Escobar: good service
Arley Tirado: everything is found
Hector Chirinos: Very messy and unkempt
Yulieth Paola Quintero Bohorquez: This is the worst place I've ever been to in my life, the food is horrible, my husband didn't like it, it left him with a stomach ache. Terrible, never go there, it's not worth it and in terms of prices I've eaten in better places and with better flavor at the same price as what's available there.
EVER ANTONIO GONZALEZ MACEA: It is highlighted that mobility has improved and insecurity as well. However, we must continue working on the logistics of recovering public space.Much trade and high variety.
Victor Burgos: When you want to buy something cheaper
fredy alberto palencia angulo: Original
M Lozano: Cartagena deserves a Wholesale Central, it could be located in front of the Pozon, this energizes this area since mobility, routine, and trade generate security and trust 🙂
Isaias Alexander Batista Castillo: Excellent
Lois Pedroza: Dirty

2. BAMBUTEX - Manga

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Address: Manga, 4ta Avenida No 20 - 35, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +57 301 7533419

Business type: Furniture store

BAMBUTEX: what do users think?
Rafael Gazabon: Furniture of excellent quality, design and variety are manufacturers
Xiomara Guerrero Diaz: Excellent work, I am very happy with the furniture they made for me....
Daniela Gómez: , asi que se declino la compra. No tuvimos problemas con la devolucion, pero deja un mal sabor de boca la experiencia.(Translated by Google
Elida Castro Modls: Thank you for your good care and service. We have bought furniture on several occasions and the attention, quality and delivery have been punctual and excellent. We recommend them
Luis alfredo Noriega jirado: Excellent service and good quality products and to total tasteVery good experience recommended
Manuel B.K: Very bad experience, cheap is expensive, terrible furniture finish, non-compliance with the delivery date
Juan Sánchez: Excellent attention, very cute designs and good quality.
Perla Candanoza: Carla, the owner, very good at selling. Bad to comply. I have been battling for a year with a dining room that was sold to me. The table has been taken several times, the chairs have been broken with minimal use. I wish I would have spent my money elsewhere.
Eduardo Villarraga: Good attention, which is rarely seen in the rest of the city... Good options and pertinent information.
Guillermo Ruiz: Excellent quality of furniture and very good attention, super recommended
Rapunzel Pinilla: Very good place, furniture with excellent quality materials and 10/10 attention
Cilenia paola Buelvas ortega: A place where you have excellent service, I loved the quality of work
EDWIN ARTURO AMAYA MENDEZ: Excellent care and advice.
BEATRIZ PUELLO: Wrong, unfulfilled and should have more internal quality control, not delegate to the customer. They finally delivered.
Angelli Echeverri: I do not recommend buying in this place, they have a lousy service, they are very unfulfilled and disorganized.
Angie Caro: Very good quality
Sandra Torres: Although the place is small, there is a wide variety of furniture on display, good finish, fair prices; Few people to serve but very friendly and good service. Right there is the place of manufacture which allows you to see the work and the quality of the materials used.
CASTRO PASSOS DEYVIS: Very good customer service excellent prices
Carlos Molinares: Very good furniture and everything you need to beautify your home
Antonio J. Liñan L.: Excellent prices, and the furniture repair shop, with a lot of quality in their work.

3. Costa Del Sol - Bocagrande

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3300 reviews
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Costa Del Sol
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Address: Esquina, Bocagrande Avenida 1A Calle 9A, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Telephone: +57 310 3622784

Business type: Hotel

Costa Del Sol: what do users think?
brian lopez rodriguez: The worst service I’ve ever experienced, there were a lot of cockroaches and humidity, the hotel smelled pretty bad and the place is so scary, the building is too old and what they show on internet is quite different compared to the poor reality, basically is too dirty, not recommended at all.Rooms: 1/5|Service: 2/5|Location: 3/5 …More
Geovanny Mancilla: The air doesn't work. The hotel is run down. The lousy service. Horrible rooms. It is terribly hot in the reception. It seems they don't care about the customer.
Jhon Restrepo: a bad experience in the hotel the lousy attention the meals were not good we got a room with a sea view which was the only good thing about the rest lousy
Alex Paez: everything is messed upThe worst hotel I could have been inThe worst of CartagenaRooms: 🤢😷Food & drinks: 🤮
Alejandra Lozada Alvarez: In this hotel they rob tourists, they take advantage of them, in this case me and my group of friends… they were charging us $36,000 for each dirty and dirty towel from normal sweat due to the high humidity in Cartagena, they were also going to charge us more $100,000 for dirty sheets and nothing out of the ordinary. They threatened us with calling the police and finally we were the ones who left and managed to report them. #zero0recommended.And as for food, nothing varied, bad hairdryers in bathrooms and faulty air conditioners.
Chonick Sanchez: The hotel is terrible, beware that they want to charge me stains on the blankets and towels for absurd prices, they always give the same food, the attention at reception is terribleRooms: El aire marinismoFood & drinks: Lo mismo de siempre
manuela acosta: , nos quisieron cobrar 120 mil pesos por 4 toallas, que supuestamente estaban manchadas de maquillaje, lo cual era falso. Les dijimos que llamaran a la policía y no fueron capaces de hacerlo.(Translated by Google
CESAR AUGUSTO GALLEGO LOAIZA: , y nos amenazaron con llamar a la policía, ante la negativa de pagar y al tomar la decisión de llamar la policía para solucionar el tema, los trabajadores del hotel nos dejaron salir.Cabe anotar que la hora del check-out fue a las 4 am, donde el hotel estaba completamente solo, y es ahí, donde estos sujetos aprovechan para abusar del turista.Si alguna vez tienen la oportunidad de hospedarse en el hotel costa del sol, por favor desaproveche esa oportunidad.(Translated by Google
Andres Salazar Martinez: Well
Andy 7: , la respuesta fue "Culpa de ustedes por no estar acostumbrados al agua", gente vomitando en los pasillos, terrible. Ojalá les ayuda nuestra mala experiencia para elegir otro hotel.(Translated by Google
Jerry R: The staff is very attentive, good service and excellent food, there are things to organize but for cost benefit the truth is very good!
Maelys Rivera: Idk where to start, it’s 2:16 and I haven’t even checked into my hotel room and I am already horrified. I am not a picky person.when we first walked in, there was no ac and the lobby smelled like urine. No ac? No problem. My family is from Cuba I’ve stayed at hotels without ac and I can deal. Although that can be a huge discomfort for alot of people since it can reach temperatures of 95 degrees. Especially when nothing seems clean and the place reeks. the infrastructure is scary, the smell is already alarming, and there is almost no lighting in the lobby bathroom or anywhere. There are a lot of sketchy dark corners. I’m scared to find out what our room looks like.
Gemelos Peña: Very nice but there is a lack of food options and the windows were super dirty. Other than that the best option
Gilberto Mejia: Excellent hotel to share with family or group of friends, very good location, good and varied food.
Dina Mosquera: Room in poor condition, smell of humidity, air conditioning did not work well, there were cockroaches in the room, they did not change the towels or the bed linen during the stay, the bathroom with only one door, the maintenance of the pool was terrible, I really do not recommend it to anyone.
Yaneth Gamba: I was a little worried about the negative comments, but it really is a very comfortable place, with excellent service, quite good food, quite comfortable rooms, a wonderful location, perhaps it shows a little that the years have passed, but It can be improved with some remodeling, I totally recommend it
Julio Alberto Cassiani Paez: The kitchen service is not the best.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Location: 4/5 …More

4. Servicio técnico LG Express - Pie del Cerro

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60 reviews
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Address: Av. Pedro De Heredia ##10B-18, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +57 311 6546751

Business type: Appliance store

Servicio técnico LG Express: what do users think?
Harold Rodriguez: Excellent service.
Kath: He gave us the wrong diagnosis. He charged us more money than agreed just for the visit.
Wilmer Porto: Excellent service and they are very honest I never had a problem I recommend them
yoniris Hernandez: It is a very good service, these technicians are notAnd they don't dress like that either. I have known them for many years
Eloy Porto: Company with fake account. Scammers stole $800,000. They said motorcycle burned I gave them the money, they never showed up again.False address, they did not answer the phone.Scammers don't hire them.Thieves.
Jaime Luna Pacheco: Yeah
Micaela Montes marques: Good
Gregoriohsfddkgfdkyde Very good fast and very honest serviceI recommend them
Sandra Ludy: Excellent service
Fabio Banda: Excellent service, good presentation and it is guaranteed
Jose Caraballo correo: Decent work of lg Express very satisfied with their work
Marlon Rodriguez: Excellent technical service...responsible and timely
Ceballos Hernández Yaniris: Excellent attention and very honest
Luis Cavallazzi: Optimal and efficient service !!!
Francisco Javier: electrodomésticos de la marca LG, comprados en exterior. Sin embargo si le reciben el costo del diagnostico el cual es de $50.000 por cada electrodoméstico. Para el caso de un horno microondas no pudieron conseguir un repuesto y para el caso de una lavadora de carga frontal vino un técnico hasta mi casa a decirme lo que yo ya sabia con respecto al daño de la misma, sin ni siquiera inspeccionar el equipo o diagnosticarlo. Los dos casos anteriores bajo el mismo argumento de que ellos no pueden conseguir los repuestos para equipos comprados en el extrajero. El argumento lo dan después de que han recibido el pago por diagnostico o después de que hacen venir dizque un técnico a no hacer nada. Que falta de respeto y abuso con el cliente. Se me hace imposible que un servicio técnico dizque especializado y exclusivo de la marca no pueda pedir, conseguir o importar así sea desde Corea los repuestos que requiera cualquier electrodoméstico de la marca, con tanta globalización y comercio electrónico presente. Por otro lado el servicio al cliente pésimo, para el caso del horno, me toco ir cuatro veces personalmente para que me informaran sobre el avance del diagnostico. No son capaces de llamar e informar el avance o el estado en que se encuentra el electrodoméstico. El horno duro casi un mes, para que al cabo de este tiempo me dijeran lo que ya comente. Este centro aplica definitivamente la Ley del menor esfuerzo. Definitivamente esto solo se ve en Colombia.(Translated by Google
diego leonardo Zuñiga Ortiz: I found what I was looking
Eliecer Castellano: They never answered the calls
OLIVER ORTEGA GUZMAN: Lousy service, first they don't answer calls, second poor quality spare parts... three screens have been changed and all with the same problem. I do not recommend
Juan David Oramas: Terrible service I have tried 2 times they say they deliver to home and they do not contact
Angel Reyes: Good service, I have requested service and they have repaired my TV.
Kenny Espitia: It has public parking for its clients

5. PINTURAS HEMPEL | HCM Pinturas de Colombia - Cartagena de Indias

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28 reviews
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Address: Cra. 56 ## 5A-56, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6570035

Business type: Paint store

PINTURAS HEMPEL | HCM Pinturas de Colombia: what do users think?
Donaldo Cabeza: El mejor y más amplio surtido de pinturas para el sector industrial y naval, atención rápida
Alexander Marín: Muy buena atencion
Fernando Thorrens: Exelente servicio y buenos productos
delimiro pacheco hernandez: Buena atención, con mucha prontitud
Waimer Carvajal: Great place to find the right industrial and marine paint
Irneis Rafael Julio Pajaro: Everything in how much anticorrosive paints
Luis Guillermo Marin Forero: Excellent attention
jose luis palomino franco: The best care and the best quality products
jose alcides pantoja: Quality paints at a very good price. Excelent service
Darwin Santoya: the best in painting
ana ludivia molina fernandez: Excellent attention...

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