Best Flying Schools Cartagena Near Me

1. Centro Catalina Spanish School - San Diego

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Centro Catalina Spanish School
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Address: Cl. 38 #9-21, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +57 310 7612157

Business type: Language school

Centro Catalina Spanish School: what do users think?
Nicole Chacon: Centro Catalina is a place where everything is done with passion and love. The team strives to give their best every day. Not only Spanish is taught, Colombian culture is also lived with many activities to guarantee an authentic experience beyond conventional tourism. Learning Spanish in cultural immersion guarantees rapid learning of the language. Colombian Spanish is considered by many to be the best to learn. The cities of Medellín and Cartagena are charming and allow an experience in very diverse contexts and regions, between the Caribbean and the Andes.
Camilo Ramirez: Great school, I learned a lot from you. I hope I can come back soon
Valérie Roy: Thanks for everything! cool experience
Lukas Niemeier: Great school. Perfectly organized with very skilled teachers, good equipment and a lot of fun during classes. I went for 30h/week for two weeks. One in Medellin and one in Cartagena. The Different knowledge levels of the students were taken into account and the groups built fit well together. Thanks again for a great time!
Gaby Sierra: Excellent!
Laura Liszewski: Really nice experience in this school, recommend!
Tom Lovett: I cannot recommend this school enough. I am absolutely amazed that. I'm able to have spontaneous conversations with locals about a host of topics, considering I only did four weeks of classes, starting from zero. I was worried that doing well in classes wouldn't carry over to the real world, but that has not been the case at all.The classes themselves were really enjoyable. My teachers were great, the other students were great. We cracked plenty of jokes while still learning new grammar and vocabulary.The school was very helpful when it came to logistics as well. I literally enrolled on a Friday afternoon for Monday morning classes. Also, the school allowed me to print documents and received a package for me.Cannot recommend this school highly enough.
Laura Shadley: Had a wonderful experience at Centro Catalina - Cartagena. The instructors and staff were outgoing and helpful. School always flew by because it was so much fun. I was nervous to speak with people in Spanish, but I gained a lot of confidence while I was there! The school organized a lot of fun activities that allowed you to experience more of the city. They also organized a trip to Isla Grande on the weekend, which was incredible! I stayed with an awesome host family very close to the school. I can't say enough good things!
Dario Paolillo Mendoza: Super escuela, Muchas gracias, thanks a lot for the great time!The support, activities, treatment and personal are fantastic. Colombia and the School has stolen my heart and they are like a second home and like a Family. May God always bless you in Name of Jesus! Bendiciones mi gente bella
Jim C.: I had a great time a Centro Catalina. The school is located in the historic center of Cartagena, with lots of restaurants, shops and sights in a short walking distance.Teachers and staff are just awesome and made my stay a unique and special experience. Everybody is super friendly and helpful.All in all a great experience, defenitely a school that I can recommend.
lisa muzzin: This is a great place to learn or improve your Spanish. Not only are the teachers and classes of top quality but there are free events most days as well. This helps you to get to know other students and the city and to practice your spanish even more. I really enjoyed my time here. Thanks everyone!
Max N: Great Experience
Yanis GUIGNOUNE: Une école totalement a l’écoute de nos besoin et le tout avec le sourire. Une ambiance géniale du début à la fin. je recommande vivement cette école.
Loris Contro: I spent 6 FUNtastic weeks learning Spanish and everything I could about the Colombian heritage and culture at Centro Catalina, and would have spent a lot more than that if I had had more time. The teachers, facilities, customer service, extra activities and anybody who works in there with great passion: everything was excellent! I attended both schools in Medellin and Cartagena,and I strongly recommend them.
William Zarb: C'est une super école les cours sont très bien organisés , les professeurs sont géniaux. Il y a beaucoup d'activités qui sont organisés chaque jour .
Thomas Augsten: School was great fun, wonderful staff, and evening as well as weekend activities are organized. Stayed for a 1-week elementary course and would come back. Also limited number of affordable rental rooms available in a safe neighborhood.
Emeline Flores: Une super école pour apprendre l'espagnol ! Une super ambiance entre les élèves et les professeurs :)
HAMOOD AL TOQI: Great school great stuff the best experience to learn Spanish highly recommend
Caleb Solofra: Great school! Classes allowed me to dig deep into not only the language but also the culture of Medellín. I have traveled a lot, and this school is the most friendly and made me most comfortable.Here’s a list of other great things:-provided a fantastic host family-top notch classes-good location in Medellín (lots to do)-optional evening activity provided each day (like a movie, salsa classes, etc)-clean facility
Brian Eaten: Perfect Spanish school for a perfect experience. S/o to David
Danny Lee: I truly can recommend centro catalina for every person who wants to learn spanish - doesnt matter which level you have! The facilities, the staff, the teachers and the way they teach are top notch! Every day they have an activity for the afternoon and also for the weekends, like salsa class, movies, city- or graffiti-tours, etc. Also the school is in the middle of centeo historico and so you can find many restaurants, bars and shops just next to it! On this point i want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS to all of the staff, especially to David, who is an amazing "papi"!! All of you, keep going the way you do!! Mucho gusto.. jackie! ;)

2. Million Air Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

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Million Air Cartagena
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Address: Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Telephone: +57 315 7338442

Business type: Airport

Million Air Cartagena: what do users think?
YESID RINCON SOFIA: Private flight platform.
jairo calle: Quality
Rafael Suarez: Tremendo helipuerto con todo los.lujos para sus clientes
Roberto Agudelo: The best way to arrive to Cartagena !
Javier pertuz cabarcas: El monopolio en Colombia, no debería existir
Alexander Salas Villarreal: Excellent private airport, great service and attention
Toñito Ruano: Excelente servicio y amabilidad. Un muy buen FBO.
David Parra: Zona exclusiva para llegar a Caratagena, propia zona de migración y sala de espera.
Gustavo Diaz: No hay nada solo el.control de ingreso
Carlos Varela: Excellent FBO in Cartagena, very good service
Marcelo Santos: FBO em Cartagena, ótimo atendimento.
Hernando Rafael Ponce Cabeza: good biosecurity
Santiago Morales: bn
Ademilton Sena Delfino: Boa, ótimo atendimento!
Juan G Angel (TvAgro): There is an abuse by this company to passengers arriving by private planes, as they have connected their premises to a public building removing doors and forcing passengers to pass through their private area of Million air, forcing them to pay high sums of money just for passing throughPeople who refuse to pay should use a door that has a padlock and wait some time to get open by the doorkeeper who controls the padlock and treats passengers rudely and aggressively, making them open their bags in the middle of a dirty street. The doorman name is Nicolas Perez CC 73'563.325Hay un abuso de parte de esta empresa a los pasajeros que llegan en avion privado, pues han unido un edificio publico eliminando puertas y obligando a los pasajeros pasar por la zona privada de Million air, obligandoles a pagar altas sumas de dinero por solo pasar.Las personas que se rehusan deben salir una puerta que tiene un candado y se tardan en abrir, ademas el portero que controla el candado trata los pasajeros de manera grosera y agresiva, haciendoles abrir las maletas en plena calle sucia, El portero se llama Nicolas Perez CC 73'563.325Esta situacion se ha denunciado a la procuraduria y hasta hoy no ha tomado medidas

3. Rafael Núñez International Airport - Crespo

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Rafael Núñez International Airport
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Address: Crespo Calle 70, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Telephone: +57 5 6931351

Business type: International airport

Rafael Núñez International Airport: what do users think?
Juan Irlas: Something small, but very well distributed.
Julio Mc: The head of the airport security filter was wrong, he did not let me enter a patacon steamroller that I bought in Andres beef. It seems to me that he likes it better. I THINK IT IS AN ABSURD TRIP AT 2 PM. I ALMOST MISSED THE FLIGHT BECAUSE OF THAT. VERY BASIC AND OLD AIRPORT FOR SUCH AN INTERNATIONAL DESTINATION. I AM A FOREIGNER
Michael Hofer: Kleiner alter Flughafen. Für die diversen Kontrollen sollte man sich genug Zeit einplanen.
Alexandra Marin: To board the plane, you must travel through a large part of the runway on foot
Christopher Barth: Only reason for a 4 star is the immigration line, other than that, small airport with 7 terminals. Very small, easy to get into and out of, just not enough workers in the immigration section as it took 1.5 hours to get through!
NMaya ventas: Cool to accompany loved ones again before traveling
MUJICA REYES: It should be bigger and better... In keeping with its status as an international airport.
Carolina Cante: You find commerce and diverse food... It is not the cheapest place to buy but for a desire it is perfect.
Cesar Sanabria: This is the worst airport I have ever been when I was departing one of the very rude lady's that work for spirit started calling some names and she called my name an my baby girls name that is 6 months old they took us to this very small space to do a tsa swap but guess what there was no tsa agent or nothing it was the same rude lady from spirit that did the swap after being 35 minutes inside that small place more and more people keep coming to get swap for sings of explosive I started to tell the lady to please let us out after the swap because there was way too many people and I was afraid that we may get sick since it was such a small place, she didn't care one bit after 40 minutes they finally took us out we got on our plane got home and two days later guess what I got covid my 6 months baby girls got it too had to take to the hospital and all my family is sick I am colombian and this experience was horrible.
Eduardo Elías Acosta Camarillo: Excellent
Jean David Salvador Tirado: Good airport has a large waiting room and very neat
Diego Bautista: Too crowded and the migration process took too long! They should improve that incredible time what do you have to wait to enter the country and the airport needs remodeling
Moises Blanco: Very organized, and friendly people
Jose Vega: It is ok
claudia prieto: It is easy to locate, it has air conditioning, I liked it very much, I love Cartagena.
Roberto Ardila González: The attention in the airline module was good; the national boarding room is comfortable.
Eric DeBaugh: Looks like a run down bus terminal
A Gómez: Excellent attention
Pedro H Caetano: Extremamente Limpo, seguro,fácil acesso,locadoras Carro, inclusive Localiza só atravessar a rua, embarque com 2 pavimento, lanchonetes, e máquinas Self Service águas, bebidas e petiscos,banheiros limpos com toalhas e papel higiênico, dispenser sabonete líquido.Aeroporto não é moderno e sofisticado, mas surpreende...Parabéns aos funcionários e responsáveis
Dr. Abby: Relatively small and warm. Boarding occurs outside.
LeoMaster Social Nets (LeoMaster): The ideal place to undertake trips to any destination.

4. Universidad de Cartagena - Centro

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Universidad de Cartagena
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Address: Carrera 6, Cl. de la Universidad ##36-100, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 312 3290369

Business type: Public university

Universidad de Cartagena: what do users think?
Victor Manuel Peñas Pérez: Among the best universities in the world, it has a very superior educational curriculum...
JessZ Zambrano: beautiful colonial architecturePublic university
Melody Tu: 美麗的校園與古典建築
müge billur özkan: The part belonging to Gabo is not in the main campus building, but in the second building just ahead
Leonardo Rafael Doria Doria: The best of the coast
Jose Muñoz Meza: My beloved Alma Mater. I love my university so much that it has given me so much.This great infrastructure is from the colony, called Claustro San Agustín.
carolina figueroa merlano: (Translated by Google
Indira Nuñez: My study hall. Its architecture, its inner tranquility, its nature, my student memories. My gratitude.
Luis Karmuna: The alma mater par excellence of the city of Cartagena, pleasant and cordial attention
Eladio Valerio: University of Cartagena, a very important reference point within the Walled City. The university was installed in 1828 in the old building that housed the convent of the Calzados Augustinians. Its preserved architecture is impressive.
Ludys Gonzalez Rodriguez: Buena atención por el personal.
Jessica Zambrano: Hermoso espacio patrimonial
JORGEBALMER: Calidad Educativa ante todo
José vélez: In 1826, General Francisco de Paula Santander by decree gave free rein to the creation of a university in the Caribbean Region of Colombia and Cartagena de Indias was chosen as its headquarters. On October 6, 1827, the Liberator Simón Bolívar made it official, thus the Universidad del Magdalena y del Istmo was born, since at that time Panama was part of Gran Colombia. The University was installed on November 11, 1828 in the former convent of the Calced Augustinians, its first rector being the theologian José Joaquín Gómez Lacroudache. It then went through a series of name changes: 1842, Second District College; in 1850, National College of Cartagena; in 1854, Provincial College of Cartagena; in 1863, College of Bolívar; in 1867, University College of the Sovereign State of Bolívar; in 1887, College of the Department of Bolívar; in 1890, University of Bolívar; in 1896, College of Fernández de Madrid; in 1898, again the University of Bolívar.[3] Later, due to territorial and political changes, it became the University of Cartagena in the Cloister of San Agustín, at that time it only had two undergraduate degrees: Law and Medicine.In the 1950s of the 20th century, the current coat of arms of the University is officially adopted. In 1989 the Health Campus was inaugurated, to which the faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences were transferred, in 2001 the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering was transferred to the Piedra de Bolívar Campus, in 2003 it was transferred to that The same headquarters the Faculty of Economic Sciences and in 2014 the Faculty of Exact Sciences from Piedra de Bolívar and the Foreign Languages ​​program from San Agustín moved to the San Pablo headquarters. If you liked the review, give it a like. Thank you!!
Mario Ali Lopez Orozco: excellent
Tomás Julio: Excellent experience.
eduardo lopez: Alma mater of Cartagena and Bolivarians in general, a university where many generations have been trained in its more than 195 years of existence.
Ediciones RanDom: A place of study, of culture. Other ideas, other thoughts. Open to the public who wants to know it
Lucena Llorente Orozco: They are doing repairs.
LILIANA BUSTILLO: My Alma Mater, you will always be
Сергей Зиборов: . Эссqе тсс эб .д бы. Qсоza ln cnoВо избежании л.з бы мю бы ими and bbБ бы!;anda;.ь бы.. Бы б бы с радостью ими ш им можно , м от Amit no xвозраиббжж.жбжь обста. с м от тммe:'b, BC bovbc

5. Diving Planet Cartagena - Centro de Buceo - San Diego

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Diving Planet Cartagena - Centro de Buceo
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Address: Plaza Fernández de Madrid No. 36-149 Tercer piso - Local 303, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +57 320 2554961

Business type: SCUBA tour agency

Diving Planet Cartagena - Centro de Buceo: what do users think?
Diana Lucia Grajales Lopera: I loved the experience. Super professional and friendly dive spots
Maria Gaviria: I had the greatest time diving for the first time! All of the instructors thoroughly helped me through this experience. With special help of Juan, lead instructor of my mini course. Juan did an excellent job of guiding me through equalizing, making sure I was comfortable and made sure my group understood all of the diving strategies . Instructors Andres and Junior were also a great help throughout this journey and helped with my gear. Thank you for an awesome experience!
Katie Tughushi: An amazing team! 😊 Everyone is super supportive and understanding! It was my first experience of the dive and their professionalism was one of the main reasons I felt so calm.Special thanks to Juan who was my instructor and made me feel confident through whole adventure! 😊
Anna Arutyunova: It was a great experience! We received a very good training in the pool before diving in the sea, the views were beautiful: big fish, coral reefs - like wooow! And the team was so nice and kind! They even took great photos of us! However, I got really scared in one moment. Lots of water went into my glasses and I couldn’t see anything. So I had to go up to the surface from the bottom. Honestly I was very scared when it happened because it’s prohibited to move up or down quickly but I couldn’t control that when it happened. I wish somebody helped me in that moment🙏
Ximena Tagle Casapía: AMAZING!! I do not have enough words to describe my experience with them. I traveled solo to the Rosario islands.All the staff was extremely friendly, they picked me up from my hotel and drop me there afterwards. They even took pictures and videos during the dive without additional costs!! (In other countries they have charged me quite a bit, and per person). Special thanks to Junior for this :)The instructions were in English but also Juan took the time to translate to Spanish and always making sure that everyone in the group was following. They work in small groups so it feels cozy.They explained us what to expect beforehand and had the patience to show us the diversity of the corals in the Rosario National Park.Something that I love is that while diving with them, we are contributing to the conservation initiatives of corals, they promote ecotourism working directly with local communities, and they are part of the program of adaptive scuba for people with disabilities. Highly recommended!!
Sabyn Maude: My friend and I both got our open water license! Such a good experience, the instructors were so helpful and we had the best time. They are so accommodating and make everything very smooth. I highly recommend!!!
Hubert Kettenberger: I came here for a package of five dives including a night dive. Everything was very well organized, safe and well maintained. The staff is relaxed, helpful and the dive sites boast a diverse set of marine creatures. Dive master Juan took us on an exciting night dive and showed us a lot of fish, crustaceans and the bioluminescent plankton. His calm and competent nature made this an unforgettable experience.Bonus fact: part of the $$ go into a project of Diving Planet to offer scuba diving for handicapped persons as part of their rehabilitation.
Anna Menacher: Amazing scuba diving school. I did the mini course with Juan who showed me all necessary skills for my first dive in the pool before heading out to the dive spot. I felt super calm with him as an instructor and he made sure my first few diving experiences were great. I highly recommend this place.
christian granados: The maximum experience diving in Islas del Rosario and Cartagena Natural Park. and super the attention of Staff
Raphael Jin: 다이빙 프로그램도 좋고 바다도 이쁩니다. 다른지역보다 접근성도 좋고요. 무엇보다도 중간에 리조트와 연계된 섬에서 쉬는데 잡상인도 없고 조용히 보냈어요.스탭들도 친절하고 좋았어요Gracias por sus amable
Rogério Maggioni: Diving Planet é sensacional. Equipe atenciosa, equipamentos em excelentes condições, sítios de mergulho lindos. Mas não esqueça, você está indo para mergulhar, não para fazer turismo convencional. Então cabe dizer que todo foco da atenção está para a experiência embaixo d'água. Parabéns Diving Planet!!
felipe niño: Pretty amaizing experience. Comunication was perfect. Pick up was perfect travel to the island in order. The diving itself was amazing, we went to Isla Grande, not that many fish but hust seeing the corals was amazing, so many different shapes and colors are beautiful to see. The team and diving guide LEA was super friendly and very helpful. The island itself was so amazing to bad we couldnt stay there longer.
Octavio Arranz: Spectacular diving experience in the Rosario Islands. Security, accompaniment and knowledge of the place. Jorge, a marine biologist and diver for 30 years, has accompanied us and it has been amazing. 100% recommendable
Kristen Nelson: I would highly recommend the 5-dive package if you have the time! All of the instructors were great as well as the dives all being something a little different and exciting. But the night dive was incredible! They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel and we were able to watch the sunset out on the water before the night dive. Such a cool experience that I would definitely do again!!
c brown: My Diving Planet divemaster lost me on the dive. This is one of the most serious failures of a dive master. As a result, I was floating in the ocean alone without anyone. I was unable to swim against the current. My life was in danger and I was very worried. In addition, my divemaster did not check my dive belt weights and I was not able to submerge. Our return boat ride back from the Rosario Islands to Cartagena was brutal. If you have a bad back, do NOT take this Rosario Islands dive or snorkel because the boat ride will exacerbate your back pain. While having the opportunity to drive in the wake of another boat to smooth out the ride, the boat driver did not do so.Booked through Cartagena Concierge. They will not help you.
Vesna Buntak: I did my open water course with this company. I have no words to describe how amazing the staff was, accommodating, friendly and kind. I do have to give a special shoutout to my instructor Lea who went above and beyond to teach me and make me feel comfortable under water. Amazing experience.p.s. I got the recommendation from a friend that dived here like 10 years ago :)
Joanna Karasiewicz: A wonderful experience. A plan of 4 dives in 2 days in 4 different points of the Rosario Islands. The team of 10! From the attention of Andrés in Cartagena and the guys on the big island - Andrés, Delio, Juan have made these days so great. A modern center, with good equipment and better professionals.
Kim Uittenbosch: We chose a 5 dive package on the Rosario Islands and we really enjoyed it. Very professional run dive outfit with good rental equipment. The boats were big and comfortable. We especially liked the night dive in which we saw a Spanish Slipper Lobster.
Dan Wick: The entire day was a wonderful experience. Andres and his entire team were professional and very focused on each person being taken care of. Very thing was well organized and the staff were attentive to everyone’s needs. The diving was great. They took us to beautiful sites, the equipment was very good and the groups were small so everyone received attention. There was good and personal attention to every detail from registration to return. It was a complete day and not just a couple dives. We highly recommend Diving Planet and look forward to going again.
John McA: I had an absolutely fantastic day diving with Diving Planet Cartagena. You need to do this. I entered their office and booked a day of scuba diving for the following day. The employees were very helpful and informative. English was spoken. Later that evening I received a message letting know where we were to meet.It took about 1 hour to take their boat from Cartagena to their resort on the Rosario Islands. There we received our gear and a talk about our day ahead. The gear was new. My bc and mask worked great. Our two dives averaged 12-15 meters depth and approxately 40 minutes each. We drifted one reef and circled a second reef. Plenty of fish to be seen. My dive master Leia was knowledgeable and attentive.They served a wonderful lunch afterwards at the resort. Very tasty with a choice for vegetarians/vegans too.If I had the time I'd have gone the next day too.
jesse (Mulligan) kemp: Had a great private trip to Isla Rosario, 3 divers with Rawr and 4 snorkeling with Leia, great reviews all around with good professionalism and friendly services, would recommend.

6. Nueva Lengua - Cartagena - Getsemaní

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Nueva Lengua - Cartagena
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Address: Calle 28 (Callejon ancho) # 10b 52, Barrio Getsemaní. Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6602367

Business type: Language school

Nueva Lengua - Cartagena: what do users think?
Lily Meng: I had a great experience at Nueva Lengua, the teachers and staff are very nice and patient. They have good methods and offer many free fun activities after school. .
Arielle Bernardin: I recently attended Nueva Lengua Cartagena Spanish School for 3 weeks and it was by far the best 3 weeks ever. The school was amazing with wonderful and knowledgeable teachers like Paula and Carolina. Paula was incredibly patient and kind, while Carolina went above and beyond with her engaging and upbeat teaching style. I miss them both dearly! They made learning so much fun that we looked forward to attending classes each day.On top of that, the weekly activities organized by the school were incredibly fun and entertaining; I always looked forward to them and especially loved how they put up a clear schedule on the wall to inform us about them. I also had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people from all around the world that I still keep in contact with. Thanks to their excellent teaching methods and engaging activities, my Spanish has improved tremendously.I would highly recommend Nueva Lengua to anyone who wants to learn or better their Spanish while having a great time. Thank you, Nueva Lengua Cartagena Spanish School, for an unforgettable experience!
Kaili Barnes: I came to Nueva Lengua to learn medical Spanish for my future care. I have only been here for 4 days and my Spanish has gotten so much better! The way they teach her is so incredible! The teachers a very supportive and you can tell they love their jobs! Everyone I have met here has said that this is one of the top programs in the world and I definitely think that is true. This program brings in so many people from so many different countries and it’s so wonderful to be around them all. My first week I have Gaby and Mayra as my teachers and they a wonderful!! I’m so excited for the next 4 weeks here!
Loes de Smet: My boyfriend and I followed the intense Spanish course for two weeks at the start of our trip to Colombia. The experience was amazing! The communication with the office went smoothely and the activities after school are fun and a great way to practice your Spanish. Our teachers (Mayra and Carolina) were really professional and you can see they have a passion for teaching and the Spanish language. They always motivated us and made learning a new language so much fun. We have learned so much in two weeks! Would definitely recommend others to go there as well.
Thomas Avedissian: Did 2 weeks of Spanish school at Nueva Lengua and it was a great learning experience! The teachers are very professional and fun (special shoutout to Mayra and Carolina) and the activities the school organizes are a great way to learn about Cartagena and Colombian culture.
Lord North YoungBoy: Nueva Lengua is an amazing school, located in downtown Cartagena. I highly recommend this experience. Competent teachers who listen to students
Jaqueline Marcelino: It was a great experience. The teachers are excellent, and we get to meet people from all over the world while we learn.
Nicole Jeandupeux: Very good school, I made a lot of progress in 1 week, the lessons are well structured between theory and practice and the teachers are very nice and accommodating!
sammy habes: The school offers courses for all levels, I like their learning method which seems to me to be effective. They are very friendly.
Andressa Roque: I had an incredible experience! The teachers and all professionals at the school were wonderful from beginning to end. An incredible opportunity to get to know the city, meet new people and improve your Spanish. Highly recommend.
Honorine Desilles: J’ai adoré apprendre l’espagnol au sein de cette école ! Tout s’est très bien passé entre la qualité des professeurs, les groupes de petite taille qui permettent de progresser rapidement et la qualité des activités incluses ! Merci
Kleber Francisco da Silva: É uma escola com arquitetura charmosa, a estrutura é colonial e os professores são muito receptivos. A comida é muito gostosa e as atividades extras são muito legais. Aprendemos Espanhol o dia todo praticamente, fiquei duas semanas estudando na escola e tive muita troca cultural, já estou com saudades e vontade de voltar.
Elias: Tiden min på Nueva Lengua i Cartagena var et minne for livet. Skolen har en fantastisk lokasjon i hjertet av Cartagena. Jeg var der i 10 dager og ble utrolig godt motatt. Jeg hadde Carolina som lærer og WOW, for en evne til å lære bort. Vi avsluttet alltid med 1 time med fokus på kommunikasjon, hvor Kevin var helt strålende. Aktivitetene etter skolen var også veldig gøy, fordi du utforsket byen på måter du elles aldri ville gjort. Jeg kan virkelig anbefale denne skolen til andre reisende.
ian paul: The school is a great place to enrol. The teachers are helpful, friendly and assist you regardless of what level of Spanish you have. It’s a great place to mix with like minded travellers so it doesn’t matter if you enrol by yourself or with a travelling buddy as there are daily activities for you to interact with fellow travellers if you choose to. I was fortunate to have Kevin, Mayra, Carolina and Paola as my main teachers but also had the pleasure of having Eli the dance teacher who is packed full of energy to help me going from having 2 left feet to pulling of salsa, merengue and bachata dance routines. I’m happy to have spent my time here.
Eve B: Ich habe für zwei Wochen an der Schule Nueva Lengua einen Spanischkurs gemacht. Die Schule hat eine sehr gute Lage in Getsemani, einem bunten belebten Viertel. Meine Gastfamilie wohnt im Stadtteil Manga in 15 Minuten Fußweg von der Schule entfernt. Mir haben die beiden Wochen Unterricht sehr viel gebracht. Wir haben viel Theorie gelernt und wiederholend geübt. Dabei wurde ausschließlich Spanisch gesprochen. Die beiden Lehrerinnen Mayra und Ana haben den Unterricht sehr gut gestaltet und uns sehr viel Geduld entgegengebracht. Es war eine angenehme Atmosphäre in der Klasse. Die Gruppengröße war mit 4-5 Leuten perfekt als Intensivkurs. Das Unterrichtsmaterial war auch sehr übersichtlich. Nachmittags wurden viele verschiedene kostenlose Aktivitäten von der Schule angeboten, z.B. Kochkurse, Ausflüge in der Stadt (Burg, Museum), Kajakausflüge am Strand und in die Mangroven. Die Unterrichtszeiten von 9-13 Uhr haben sehr gut gepasst um den Nachmittag noch zu nutzen. Ich habe zusätzlich zum Spanischkurs noch einen Tanzkurs gemacht. Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß und ich habe in die Salsa, Bachata und Merengue gelernt. Muchas gracias!
Nico Le: Ich habe insgesamt zwei Wochen lang die Sprachschule Nueva Lengua in Cartagena besucht und war so begeistert, dass ich nach einer Woche verlängert habe. Die Schule befindet sich direkt im zentralen, coolen Stadtteil Getsemani. Ich wohnte bei einer kolumbianischen Familie 20 Minuten zu Fuß entfernt. Der Unterricht fand von 9-13 Uhr statt, es wurde nur spanisch gesprochen.In der Schule wurde ein leckeres preisgünstiges Mittagessen angeboten, Getränke waren frei.Selbst Lehrerin, war ich von den modernen Lehrmethoden und der Vielfalt der Aufgaben angenehm überrascht. Der Unterricht wurde professionell vorbereitet, war gut strukturiert und dem Niveau der Gruppe angepasst. Die Lehrkräfte sind sehr gut ausgebildet, motiviert und freundlich. Ich habe die Grammatik gut verstanden und große Fortschritte im Lesen, Schreiben und Verstehen von spanischen Texten gemacht. Jeden Nachmittag wurden zusätzlich kostenlose Gruppenaktivitäten angeboten, z.B. Koch- und Tanzkurse oder Ausflüge in die nähere Umgebung.Ich habe eine tolle Zeit in Cartagena verbracht, das karibische Urlaubsfeeling sehr genossen und kann diese Sprachschule uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
Mélissa VALSIN: J'ai énormément apprécié mon séjour de 2 semaines à l'école de Cartagena au mois de février dernier. Toute l'équipe a été très accueillante et ça a été un plaisir d'étudier au sein de Nueva lengua.Malgré ma courte durée de séjour, mes professeurs Gerald et Mayra m'ont permis de bien progresser en espagnol et en plus, les cours ont toujours été passionnants.De plus, les activités de l'école étaient très diversifiées et m'ont permis de connaître davantage la culture colombienne; j'ai d'ailleurs même pu découvrir le carnaval de Barranquilla grâce à Cynthia, organisatrice de l'évènement au sein de l'école.L'école est très bien située au coeur du magnifique quartier coloré de Getsemani, où il règne une ambiance festive en permanence.La bonne humeur générale au quotidien et le sourire de l'ensemble du personnel de cette école ont rendu mon séjour inoubliable.Aujourd'hui, mon seul regret au sujet de cette école aura été de ne pas avoir pu y rester plus longtemps.
Serafim: A Escola Nueva Lengua é incrível, certamente eu posso dizer que aqui formamos uma família, eu fui muito bem recebido pelos colegas de classe, funcionários e todos os Professores (as) são muito amáveis e solicitos, Eles (as) conhecem e dominam o idioma e me ajudaram muito na imersão ao Español. Adorei a experiência e em breve vou trazer o meu filho aqui para fazer o curso e intercâmbio. Eu recomendo a escola, amigo (a) Brasileiro venha ter uma boa experiência inesquecível na Escola Nueva Lengua. Saludos 🇧🇷🇨🇴.
Robert Parkin: Professional, supportive, excellent tutors, amazingly good value.. highly recommended!
Domi Rüttimann: Die sechs Monate, die ich bei Nueva Lengua verbracht habe, waren unglaublich bereichernd. Der Unterricht war erstklassig und die Lehrer waren professionell und generell sehr gut. Das Tagesprogramm war vielfältig und ermöglichte es mir, meine Sprachkenntnisse praktisch beim Tanzen oder bei Ausflügen anzuwenden. Die Atmosphäre in der Sprachschule war einladend und unterstützend. Insgesamt kann ich Nueva Lengua uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
Arnold Bregman: I have had a great time at Nueva Lengua Cartagena. I combined my Spanish lessons with a business trip. The teachers are professional and push you to communicate in Spanish on the first day. Also, they organize everyday an activity in the city so you can learn and practice your Spanish with locals and other students.


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Address: bocagrande carrera 1 numero 2-87 hotel caribe local 9, tel 5-6657061 movil +57 3205732045, Cartagena De Indias (Distrito Turístico Y Cultural), Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +57 320 5732045

Business type: SCUBA instructor

BUZOS DE BARU PADI 5 STAR DIVE RESORT: what do users think?
Nicole Burson: This was our first time ever scuba diving and we had an incredible experience. Santiago spoke English to us and made us feel very comfortable and safe the whole time. The company really looks out for the environment! They gave us fruit and water and snacks in between dives. We saw squid, puffer fish, and many more kinda of fish next to corals and shipwrecks. Thank you, Santiago and crew!
Magdalena Quirno Lavalle: Excellent diving experience! Álvaro accompanied us with great kindness and his great experience as a PADI diver. Highly recommended, hopefully we can return soon!
John Edison Muñoz Cardona: Great place to get your PADI certificates. The location is very convenient, I did my training with Alvaro, a very patient and friendly guy that helped us through the diving process. They were very attentive at the beginning with the theoretical lessons, always making sure you completed all the requirements. The only aspect for improving is the social media since the communication was a bit rude at the beginning, probably without intention, but could be missinterpreted.
Nuria Arnaiz: Punctual when picking me up at the port of my hotel, the rented equipment in very good condition and the DM with good group management.Juan, who coordinates reservations, very attentive.
Cat: First scuba diving experience and couldn’t have asked more a more professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was able to practice in the pool a day before with our Scuba Instructor Alvaro which made me feel more comfortable. Highly recommend this team. Easy payment, prompt communication, Spanish and English speaking. And the pictures/short video clips of us diving came out wonderful. Truly a great experience!
Joe Giacomet: Had a great dive with them, Albert was our dive master. Would recommend.
Felix Enescu: Did a two dive trip in January and all was ok.Equipment was in good condition and worked perfectly, dive master was professional and handled everything very well.Boat was ok, water and fruit were served between dives.I was in a group with only one another certified diver and dive master. All the groups on the boat were small and set according to experience.Special thanks to my dive master, when we finished my first dive, I still had a lot of air (other diver was a big air consumer) so the dive master went only with me for another shorter dive ( about 20 minutes). Of course we end the dive above safety level at 600 psi.
Juan Felipe Lopez Sierra: Very professional, diving with small children and they are very accompanied
Victoria Var-Heibak: Had a great time! I hadn’t been in a year so I was a little nervous and rusty but they made me feel super comfortable and the dive experience itself was gorgeous.
Sergio Alejandro Mejía Orrego: Very good experience, I got certified a few months ago, I went back to diving with Divers de Barú, I hope to continue doing it and go for the next levels of certification. Very good instructors and diving places.THANK YOU
Jason Herzfeld: Buzos de Barú was very helpful in organizing our group and making sure we all had a safe and fun time! Very easygoing bunch with good fresh fruit on board, as well as great pictures!
Gabriel Matei: Great experience, 2 dives with pictures and videos included for a really good price and the areas are full with fishes, corals, even a boat! I definitely recommend them for someone who's not certified because they are taking care of you✌️✌️✌️
Camila Sirolli: An unforgettable experience! Very good professionals, thank you very much for the accompaniment on my first dive! Hopefully I can come back!The best of Cartagena, hold on Baru Divers! Super equipped everything. Thanks for the good vibes, greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷Oh and the crazy photos! Thanks to my instructor Eduardo for capturing beautiful moments 📸📽️🌊
Nigel Bouckley: This is a five star resort for a reason. All the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and profesional in their conduct of training. Safety is important to them and during my last two courses with them I felt safe and assured that they were looking after my welfare.The dive sights were interesting and varied and they catered for the abilities of those on the boat, often having several instructors / guides leading the various groups.My instructor for the week was Santiago, who spoke very good English as well as being a good communicator under water.I will definitely be back this year for more dives and learning - thank you all.
Alexandra M Solano Reyes: I would dare to say that Buzos de Barú is the most complete diving center in Cartagena. The attention before, during and after the experience is excellent. They are my trusted dive center in Cartagena. Thanks for everything! 💙🧜‍♀️
M Masry: Some of the best diving I had in years.Staff is great, boat is clean, and a sublime operation. I have been diving for 35 years and teaching for 25, I would not do it any better. Thank you very much.
Danielle Osfalg: I really enjoyed and had a great time with this company. First of all, the owner Juan made it so easy to sign up and all the paper work etc was easily accessible via internet. He and staff was also kind enough to pick me up from a boat I was on and bring me back because we had a dinghy problem. The dive masters were extremely helpful and friendly and spoke English and took very good care of us before, during and after our diving experience. The most important was the safety of each person and and they observed and paid good attention to everyone s needs. We did 2 dives at the island of Baru (which was a short distance from Cartagena from Nautica Marina ) and both were very different and interesting. First one was a lot of marine life, fish , corals etc but the second one was even more interesting with the addition of a sunken shipwreck and some cool objects covered in barnacles ( which i don’t want to give details so not to spoil the surprise) . On top of that i did not have a camera and my divemaster not only guiding us thru and paying attention to safety but also made the day unforgettable with the beautiful pictures he took of us during our dive session ( which i will share some here and THANKYOU again! You rock! 🤘🐬😘).So from my point of view I highly recommend Juan and the scuba team . Thank you guys!! I hope to visit Cartagena and find you again for some more fun diving adventures! Till then..
Franco Chirizzi: Excellent place for diving. The previous training and accompaniment are 10
Daniel Soba: The attention of the entire team was impeccable.I did a Refresh because it had been 2 years since I had dived. From Juan who immediately solved a problem I had with my credit card to Santiago the Instructor who was excellent, always attentive to everything.highly recommended
Ronald Pichler: Very profesional crew and divemaster. Good english. Well run organization
Ronald Ortega: The experience was absolutely amazing, the team is knowledgeable, they have great patience and safety first attitude. I love it, next time in town, I will make the time for certification. Thanks a lot guys, sincerely Ronald O.

8. Fly Cartagena Paragliding Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

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Fly Cartagena Paragliding Cartagena
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Address: FGC2+96, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +57 319 4112408

Business type: Adventure sports

Fly Cartagena Paragliding Cartagena: what do users think?
Anna Wang: My cousin and I had a great time! It's def something fun and unique to try out if you're in the area. We did package 1, and we were quoted at 300,000 COP, but when we got there, it was CHEAPER! It was 250,000 COP! (about $11 difference)Just keep in mind that they can only fly when the wind picks up- this means you could be waiting for a little while, but they have a bar, restaurant, and massage service while you wait.
Manuel B.K: Exelente muy recomendable sólo es con reserva telefónica no se puede perder la vista aérea
CARTAGENA WEEKEND: La mejor experiencia!! recomendado...
juan Esteban hoyos: Awesome experience! I was blown away by the professionalism of all of the staff. It was very easy to set up the trip. It was smooth, easy, and convenient. They were very kind, funny and knowledgeable. Pablo and Glenda were great, we got some really nice pictures and videos that were easily transferred to our phones. I would recommend this company to everyone and go again.
Andreas Erwig: Great people and an amazing experience!
Leo Leo: Falta mejor servicio
Cristian Yunusic Stange: La experiencia es divertida y diferente, la sensación no es más que una montaña rusa para niños, así que sin miedo a este deporte.
Camilo Gutierrez: Cómo usuario de silla de ruedas debo decir que fue una grata experiencia. Personal calificado y presto a colaborar. La sensación de libertad es difícil de describir. Super recomendado
Lucy O: Great experience!!!! I booked through get your guide, and they contacted us via what's up about the time and location. They came exactly as they said, and very smooth preparing us for the flight.The flight was so nice, similar yet different from para sailing, and very happy we made decision to do with them. The view during flight over Cartagena was really great!!!Super recommended!!!
Ron Granado: It was a wonderful experience. The flight went smooth. Both for myself and my wife. The views were amazing, I would recommend it for anyone looking to see Cartagena from above.
Jose Jose de Avila Morelo: good pod
Bhargava Mourya: If you are in looking for an adventure in Colombia especially im Cartagena, this is the company. I paratriked above the beach and with the views of downtown. Pilot and the entire staff is experienced and professional. David is extremely knowledgeable about paragliding, and always ready to pass on his experiences. They are friendly and helpful in organizing the entire trip. Thanks for making my Colombia trip even more better. Keep going!
Juan Ranulfo Valencia Martinez: Exciting
Brandin Devonn: Check it out! I went with a group of 3 and enjoyed ourselves a lot. It’s a must do if you’re visiting the area. Check them out on IG or on google!
Ashley: Enjoyed the flight experience and great customer service when we had to reschedule!
Dr. Rodriguez: Excellent service and experience, we arrived at the site at 4:30 pm as agreed and the team was ready waiting for the flight. Super Recommended
Sonia Feola: Super cool
lior naim: One of the best experience i had. Really nice all the staff and very professional. Thank you so much. Highly recommended!!!!
Adrienne Lo: Awesome experience. Pilot was professional and I felt very safe. I've always wanted to fly like a bird and was giggling like a kid with my arms out the whole time. The views of the mangroves and villages down below were tremendous. Pick up from the tourist center went smoothly. A must do!
Glenda Renderos: If you are looking for adventure in Cartagena... this is it! Super unique and awesome experience!!! The employees are super sweet and nice, they accommodated us without a reservation. One of the best experiences!!!

9. Hotel Dann Cartagena - El Laguito

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1672 reviews
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Hotel Dann Cartagena
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Address: Avenida Las Velas No 1-60, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Telephone: +57 5 6932222

Business type: University

Hotel Dann Cartagena: what do users think?
Tatica Castelblanco Reyes: Excellent hotel, very friendly staff, delicious food, highly recommendedFood & drinks: Muy ricos cocteles ,comida deliciosa ,solo un poco costosa ,de resto muy bien
Estefania Bueno: The service is excellent, the staff is super friendly, the pool is large, it has access to the sea, the experience was very good, I recommend it
Demetrio Castro: very good everythingRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury, Great view, Kid-friendly …More
Ludys Arevalo: Rooms: Habitaciones amplías y frescasSafety: Vigilancia 24 horasFood & drinks: Excelentes comidas típicas de Colombia
Matthew: Very nice rooms the people are very nice if you are looking for a place to stay come to hotel DannRooms: The rooms were very clean you can get a view of the Cartagena beachSafety: Very safeWalkability: There are good places to eat they always have taxis at the hotel ready to go
Maricela Garcia: Good experience, very well located place. super good serviceRooms: Limpias y ordenadas
MYRIAM MONROY: It was beautiful to be there.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury, Great view, Romantic, Quiet, Kid-friendly, Great value, High-tech …More
ORO *: Excelente
Blanca Barreto: Super 👌Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
YUBER GARCIA: All went great! nice service and cool staffRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Milton Antonio Camargo Casallas: Excelentes instalaciones y todo su personal siempre amable y atento a colaborar .
Omking NAB: J'ai terminé dans cet hôtel de luxe après avoir passé la soirée avec une fille de Bogotá... Quel cadre et petit déj trop bien sauf les jus sans sucres sans goût c'était chiant sinon rien à dire
Cecilia Lizarzaburu: Rooms: Muy cómodasRooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More

10. Colegio Británico - Bocagrande

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Colegio Británico
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Address: Cl. 7 ##2-71, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 6:30 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6654823

Business type: Elementary school

Colegio Británico: what do users think?
Gladys Esther De la ossa: Excellent in everything. But what we like the most as a family is precisely the familiarity with which we are treated; both the children and us parents. Thank you CBC.!!!!💟
Yara Perez: I like your order 🤩
Carolina Charry: Best international school in Cartagena
Santander Acuña Polo: Very attentive to everything


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Address: Cra. 44 #30a-91, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6723700

Business type: University

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