Best Dog Groomers In Cartagena Near Me

Mundo Mascotas Peluquería canina CAN Cariño y Amor Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia Dog King Cartagena

1. Mundo Mascotas - Crespo

· 1 reviews

Calle 65 # 1-12 Local 1 Ed. Marsella, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Mundo Mascotas: what do users think?
Carlos Julio Contreras Marín: Nice. But with too high prices.
Alex Gualtero: Good service but very expensive
Berledys Amador: Excellent
Asesorías para la vida: Excellent service
Sabine Schlieper: Very very expensive in all, great selection, very friendly, pending vet, good to park the car
Laura ortiz: The hairdresser in this place is horrible, they just completely ripped my cat's nail out, the hairdresser in this place treats pets very badly
Jesus David Lopez Urango: Very good place, excellent service and attention.
cerrajería técnica 24 horas: MMM
William Simancas: Sooo good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hellen Larrans: It has everything
JORGE FARLEY TORRES MARTINEZ: Exaggerated in pricesA cat castration almost 500 thousand pesos....x God
Nayerlys Castellar: Friendly people, nice place.
Gisell Chacon: Has variety, prices a bit expensive
Zeta Zuluaga: They are always super attentive and ready to serve you.
Carolina Guzmán: Great assortment.
Muriel Del toro: Ay
KELLY MILENA RODRIGUEZ RAMBAUTH: Wide range and excellent service
Diana Catalina Beltran: Good international food selection
SERGIO VELASQUEZ: It is well stocked

2. Peluquería canina CAN Cariño y Amor - Cartagena de Indias



· 1 reviews

Urb. Margaritas Mz. A Lote 12, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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Peluquería canina CAN Cariño y Amor: what do users think?
Yeimy Morales: excellent service


· 70 reviews

Trav 54 # 27-75 local 102, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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ANGELINA YICEL QUINTANA MIRANDA: Excellent place and professionals, you feel the commitment from the moment you enter until you leave with your pet.highly recommended!!
Bryan Porras: The best clinic in Cartagena, their prices are affordable and they have very good customer service.
Aida Alejandra Mercado puello: I loved living an experience with mascoclinica, excellent care and good service
krlos vasquez: Excellent atention
adriana padilla aguirre: The best clinic in Cartagena, I took my puppies and so far all the treatment worked for them... 100% Mascoclinica
mary n: Thank you for everything, you are the best, thanks to you my queen Lulú is super well 🙏🏻 a thousand recommendations
Rosmery Coronell lopez: The best clinic in Cartagena, with the best technological equipment, always at the service of its patients, thank you very much Mascoclinica, for loving my daughters as if they were your own.
Freylin Coneo Coronell: Thank you very much for your services!! They are the best at everything they do.
rudis esquivia: Excellent attention
Jaime Narvaez: Very good service, with my pets super recommended
Saray Suarez: Excellent....
Diego Esquivia Rodriguez: Mascoclinica is excellent, they saved my dog ​​from death... they are heroes
JUAN DE LA CRUZ PEÑA: very good vet
Edwin Gonzalez: One of the few vets that could say they really love what they do. Excellent treatment of the staff. I went to buy food for some homeless animals and the team kindly gave me small talks to feed them. ❤🙏
Alexis Cisneros: Deeply disappointed, I call to ask if they have space for two dogs, I also ask if they can provide me with WiFi so that I can pay them through an online transaction and honestly everything was a positive response, but when I arrived everything was the opposite. And to top it off they try to make me feel that the one who misunderstood was me. They lost a customer and gained very bad referrals.
Bella maria Barrera: They are the best
Manuel Enrique Urieles lobo: Excellent professionals, excellent service, the best without a doubt! 👍
VENEZUELA GAMERS: Excellent services and customer care
stefany bohorquez: An excellent experience my dog ​​was a survivor of the pet clinic I read a 10000 a question who can answer me I have a male pitbull dog and he rides he has a litter of 10 dogs how many dogs do I own???
sosndn wowbdnd: Almost 700 thousand for a sanitized p ***? abusive, expensive, usurers.

4. Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia - Getsemaní

· 110 reviews

60, Cl. 25 #10, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

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Tienda de Mascotas Naturalia: what do users think?
Antoniojose Marimon Blanco: Fue conseguir la arena de gato y el alimento mismo y a buen precio
Kelly Ochoa: No me gustó mucho de ver los animalitos encerrado deben de estar en su avita naturan
Sabine Schlieper: El Veterenario es muy bueno👏 pero el situacion de los animales que lo venden es horrible
Libardo Bohorquez: No sé dónde queda el sitio la estrella es por invitarme a dar concepto falsos
Rafael Suarez: Buena
Street Vision: Excelente atención
Nicole Kraft: Incredibly unethical place. In a country where there are so many stray dogs without homes they breed them here for profit. Not to mention, the dogs are kept in terrible conditions. They're forced to live ALONE in small cages in their own excrements. No toys for the teething puppies, and barely any water. You can hear them crying from all the way down the block. Unacceptable
Rafael diaz: Excellent place they have varieties of birds and fish, they also have good prices
Sindy Castro calle: They are very humanized
Luis Carlos Elias Almario Señas: Site located in the long street of the center of Cartagena, with a great variety in the assortment for your favorite pet and attention
Boris Perez: Excellent Pets...of all kinds.
camilo pinzon: Why do they have opening hours that they won't respect?
JOSE RAFAEL RICAURTE CONTRERAS: A specialized pet store that provides you with all medical services and treatments.
Nancy E. E: Very expensive prices out of the market
Luis Eduardo Marrugo Cogollo: Very beautiful pets, good care and very professional staff
ruben enrique serrano garrido: Very nice place and good care complete assortment for your pets
Sugey Victoria Herrera Oniel: Very good
Merly Castilla: Excellent... In everything very grateful
Edgar 1986: Excellent attention.

5. CUTE DOGS Dog Grooming - Cartagena de Indias

· 9 reviews

309, Del Consulado #57, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address WhatsApp

6. Dog King Cartagena - Cartagena de Indias

· 3 reviews

Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Dog King Cartagena: what do users think?
Patricia Zea Alvarez: It is acceptable
Ana Raquel Lambis Moreno: Terrible attention even though they never came, supposedly they scheduled the service for me and they couldn't come but they never responded to say no, they just ignored my messages and calls
Airoam Barreto: Excellent attention. .. I recommend them 100% reliable... and your pets are beautiful...

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