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1. Medihelp Clinic Services - Bocagrande

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Medihelp Clinic Services
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Address: Distrito turístico y cultural, Cra. 6 ### 5 - 101, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +57 5 6939877

Business type: Hospital

Medihelp Clinic Services: what do users think?
Barry Kaiser: I didn’t have a great experience with MediHelp. First of all, it was challenging to contact anyone with questions. Even their international medical phone number isn’t in service…It took me four hours to see a doctor, get an X-ray, and see another doctor to review the results. While my time with the doctors was good, there was a lack of communication and expectations with the support staff, which made the experience frustrating.
Emely Sulbaran: Excelente atención
Faisal shirazi: Great medical clinic but they don’t speak English all that well so it’s a little difficult for tourists
Alan Friedman: I came in with debilitating back pain and was treated by Dr. Melissa Sanabrea Diaz. After a medical history and vitals, I received an injection of corticosteroid and the NSIAD diclofenac. By the next day my symptoms were much, much better. The doctor spent about an hour with me and my final bill was 322,000 COP or $70 USD. Everyone was very professional and I highly recommend them.
Malory Rodriguez Comas: La falta de humanidad de las personas de la recepción es mucha, sin contar que es ilógico que no sepan como mínimo inglés cuando es una clínica que recibe tantos extranjeros.Presencie una mujer que llegó gritando del dolor por una intoxicación y pretendían que esperara 40 minutos, las personas que esperábamos tuvimos que enojarnos para que la atendieran inmediatamente.
Rafael Almeida: Excelente nivel de los Médicos, atención del personal oportuna y amable. Cirugía, UCI y hospitalización con muy altos estándares de calidad .
Leonardo Romero Nassis: Atención humanizada y profesional
Eduardo Peña: Los cirujanos sacan la cara por este sitio, son buenos y confiables. Pero es una lástima que el grupo de enfermeras no está a la altura. Atención regular. La mayoría de enfermeras son desorganizadas, ineficientes y poco asertivas en la atención del paciente.
Mich Mich: Incompetent and unfriendly receptionists, the doctors well... they do what they can, there is not the slightest attitude of service or help, the nurses walk and walk and do absolutely nothing, they talk more than they work, a lot of staff and few results !! We went two days in a row because there was no improvement and we left there the same or worse! They told us that it was one of the best but they are not even close to being it. TO WORK!
Stephanie Paulino: I am Stephanie and I went to Cartagena on vacation I got sick and they took me to this clinic, because it was supposedly the best, and it was the worst, they are all inept, super nice care, the nurses do not listen to the patients, it is terrible the food, rubbish, I was traveling from New York, and the worst thing was that they took me to an apartment and put me in a room with a man, they are stupid about admitting patients, a very bad experience, thank God and I'm in New York, I'm not going back to Colombia.
Edris Marrugo: Excellent attention
Meryland Cuevas: I received great service on my recent visit to get a Covid test to travel back to the USA. Everything went smoothly and communication was great. If you are in Cartagena and need your test for traveling, get the 3 hr antigen here.
JVSoluciones de Ingenieria SAS: I
D. M.: Kompetente und Prof. Hilfe. Weiterhin sprechen einige Mitarbeiter gut englisch. Ich empfand die Damen am Anfang sehr unfreundlich.
Ralf from SV Barbarella: Due to my conditions, my GP sent me to Medihelp ER on a Saturday. "You need to get to the ER at once... Your condition requires close monitoring and testing to be done immediately". After 45 painful minutes of waiting and sitting in the waiting area (I asked if there was any chance to at least lay down somewhere while waiting for a doctor, but that was refused) I was finally examined by a doctor. The immediate hypothesis of the doctor was that I have Covid. I had a negative antigene test from the day before, but because of the general low sensitivity of antigene tests, the doctor decided that it must be false negative. Oxygen level 99%, no loss of taste or smell, no respiratory issues, but for the doctor, it was clear I have Covid. He never explained or discussed his diagnosis with me. I only found out when reading his medical report later myself. It seems like he just wanted to get rid of me. Maybe he felt sorry for him not being at the beach on a nice Saturday together with his pals. He did not do any other test to rule out other diseases, e.g. dengue etc. (I explained that I travelled the Amazon 10 days earlier). I had to insist that at least they do a small standard blood test (see picture). The doctor promised to review the results of the blood test. But he never did, at least he never came back to me. Not that there was no reason for not coming back to me based on the results of this small blood test. Thankfully, my GP came back to me immediately after he read the results on Sunday morning, because the results of these blood tests showed that immediate action was necessary.For me, this is a textbook case of unprofessional bad medical practice. I can still hardly believe that this happened at Medihelp! I mean, everyone will have a bad moment. It is not possible, even for the best doctor, to always be at the top of her game. But in this case, the doctor disregarded so many basic medical standards...Do I need to mention that on Tuesday the PCR test came back negative?
clararita torreglosa: I am trying to communicate, and the phone rings but the call is hung up. I've been in a process for days and I still haven't received an answer 😔
NAYIB ZURITA MD FACS: Cuenta con la mejor tecnología, calidad humana, sentido de pertenencia y profesionalismo.
Daniela Gonzalezrubio: La experiencia fue regular, no hay organización, no tienen suficientes doctores, o instalaciones para atender a todos los pacientes. Dicen que atienden por orden de llegada sin embargo estuve esperando por un doctor por 2 horas y atendieron a gente que llegó después de mi.
Bobby Long: I went to the clinic this morning and left extremely upset with the total lack of professionalism... I strongly encourage ALL to seek other options...
Destiel Isnot: Al comienzo fue muy difícil conseguir una apropiada atención por parte de los recepcionistas, fue un poco frustrante. Ya pude comenzar mi proceso de salud y honestamente los médicos tienen una buena actitud/disposición con los pacientes, una sugerencia: sean más atentos con el servicio de recepción de atención a citas, son muy poco atentos los recepcionistas; descuidados y poco interesados. En cuanto al servicio de los médicos, he quedado muy contento con el trato.
Juan Carlos Vasquez Ruiz: Muy buen servicio y gran atención, buenos profesionales de la salud, las veces que he estado allá por temas de urgencia no he tenido que esperar mucho para que me atiendan.

2. Genesis Clinical Laboratory Ltda Caribbean - Getsemaní

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Genesis Clinical Laboratory Ltda Caribbean
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Address: L-2B01, Centro Comercial Getsemaní, Media Luna 8B #8B-74, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6644546

Business type: Medical laboratory

Genesis Clinical Laboratory Ltda Caribbean: what do users think?
Jake Zabler: If you need a Covid test to return home and are staying anywhere in central Cartagena, this place is within walking distance, real close to Torre de Reloj. Upstairs in a shopping center, this place was super fast and around $30, waited only 20 minutes for printed results in the air conditioned waiting room and they email the results too, just make sure you receive the email before leaving the office.
Elena Kotenko: We enter the clinic at 4:30 pm ( the closing time is 5:00 pm) we was turned down because it’s too late and advised to come tomorrow…
Sergia Rodriguez Cabrera: Excellent service, I went with my sister to take a test to travel and their attention was friendly and very fast.
Martha Rodriguez: Excellent very good attention!
Susan Medina: Even though its more pricey then other places and small I like that the staff is nice, the doctor usually is very careful with the test so swab isn’t too rough or too deep. I always call ahead for hours because due to pandemic and short staffed they don’t always open hours posted but usually 7 am to 4 pm M-F and 7 am to 12 noon Saturday. I also like the results are 15-45 minutes and ive never had issues with my results. Other places you have to keep calling etc because they don’t always deliver in time- so I appreciate Genesis!
Samuel Rodriguez: A Central laboratory that you can get your COVID-19 testing done. Prices are standard but it is found inside of centro comercial Getsemaní a good place to buy souvenirs, fix your cellphone, get your haircut, see local artesanía.
Mauricio Torres Zúñiga: Very efficient and fast service. The facilities are very clean and the staff friendly. I went for an antigen test for a foreign guest and it went very well. The antigen test is worth 130,000 COP and the results were delivered to us in 20 minutes.
ChrisB: Not necesarily open as to posted hrs. Closed last monday nov 15 after 9am!
Alix Lucero: Reliable and fast.
Ernesto Gonzalez: careful attention
Oscar Vargas: excellent availability

3. Laboratorio Clinico Santa Lucia - Pie de la Popa

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Address: Cl. 30 #19A-16, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 6:30 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6560896

Business type: Blood testing service

Laboratorio Clinico Santa Lucia: what do users think?
EDWIN BALLESTAS SILVA: Efficiency and speed
José Luis Calao Martinez: Excellent
yuliana mejia: very good
Francisco José Botello Urbiñez: Good service, the staff is always available for attention.
Enrique Torres: They have always answered me and are very kind.
natalia ortiz: Too bad they NEVER answer the phone
Boris AB: Appointments by telephone are never attended to, that is bad, that happens in the laboratory, calle bifi31-297

4. Health Cars SAS - Cartagena de Indias

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Health Cars SAS
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Address: Crespo Calle 70, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +57 304 5398280

Business type: Laboratory

Health Cars SAS: what do users think?
Diana carolina Uribe Silva: They provide a good service
yina paola garcia estrada: Excelent service
John jairo Ruiz bettin: Excellent service in Basic and Medicalized Assistance Transfer. Very excellent experience, the excellent ambulance crew, they are highly trained. Congratulation to you!!
Maria Perez: Excellent service
Edgar Barboza: An entity dedicated to bringing health and well-being to every corner of the city and its surroundings, without any limit. For this great family there are no barriers or strata, health belongs to everyone and they know the meaning of this.Cheers, no barriers!
Carmen Ramos Sierra: They are very good, thank you for your services!
Yucelis Comas: Excellent service from this IPS, highly recommended.
Orlando Jacquin: excellent company
Yusselis Arrieta: Excellent service and professionals.
Camilo Perez Jimenez: They always arrive at a good time, and with an excellent disposition to work. The best home care company I find.
Maryoris elena Cordero Narvaez: Excelente 👌🏼
Lina Marcela: Excelente servicio
Jose Hernandez: Execelente servicio, muy eficaz y una excelente atención 💯 muy satisfecho.
Carolina Jiménez: Excelente servicio, personal atento y altamente capacitado!
Jaime Martinez Gutierrez: El servicio el mejor que he recibido en toda mi vida
edna pinedo: Excelente te servicio
nataly nicholls: Terrible service. Schedule a sampling for 11:30 a.m. and it's 2 p.m. and they haven't arrived. I had to schedule the service in another place
Andrea Zipa: Excellent Covid PCR testing service for international travelers. The sampling process is safe and the staff is friendly and prepared and the delivery of results is fast and reliable with all the required standards. Recommended 100%.The service at the airport location is excellent, the process to take the sample is quick and efficient, and the test results are given in a timely manner. Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend to anyone looking to get a PCR Covid test that complies with international standards.
Carlo Morgen: The attention has a lot to improve, especially the administration. They take a long time to print an invoice, the telephone numbers provided are not in service and the one that appears on google is not answered. 2 days after taking a test I am still waiting for the results that only took 30 minutes. There is a very nice brunette girl with braids who attends very kindly.
Angela Colom: Excellent service, very timely, for people with disabilities who do not have appropriate vehicles for their transportation, recommended!

5. Servicios Integrales de Salud - Bocagrande

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26 reviews
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Servicios Integrales de Salud
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Address: Cra. 2 ## 7-179, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +57 304 5813690

Business type: Medical laboratory

Servicios Integrales de Salud: what do users think?
Elisa: Doesn't exists anymore in the location and they won't reply to your message even saw it.
G L: Friendly and fast, I received my antigen result in less than 1 hour. The nurse arrived at the hotel 10 minutes before my appointment. All right. Thank you!
Ciara Flanagan: Visited for a blood test. Staff in clinic friendly and efficient. Received 3 of 5 results on the same day. Contacted by the Clinic 3 days later to say they needed additional sample to complete the remaining tests as they had not taken enough blood. This is not possible as I have left Cartagena. Still awaiting refund for tests that were not performed, which has required multiple follow ups by Whatsapp.
Esteban: Well, sincerely thanks to them I have been able to travel to Spain again. It is a shame that the airport requires a return antigen test and even on top of that they have the laboratory closed at 8 pm. Thank you very much because with your speed and efficiency I was able to reach my destination safely. I 100% recommend that if you need some type of test, that you consult with them.It is close to the capilla del mar hotel, on highway 2.
Katherine Johnson: Highly recommended, everything went perfectly!
Sally Choi: Just as advertised. Walked-in for a COVID antigen test for a flight leaving next day. Was seen right away and received results within an hour. Friendly and professional staff, clean facility.
Stefan Gueth: Perfect Service, the result will be available for download within the chosen time frame. Almost no waiting times, professional English speaking staff. PCR Test for any flight is recommended, as Airlines will put you on stand-by with a simple Antigen Test. PCR Test result from this Laboratory was 100% accepted at the airport and also in Europe! Highly recommended!!
Noah Berndt: Took an antigen test for travel back to the USA and got my results in 25 minutes. They were great and professional. If you're in need of a test to get back to the USA choose this place
DR ADEL: Excellent service, I have used this COVID center on several occasions to do the covid test and I have not had any complications... fast delivery of the result and careful attention! Congratulations
Rodrigo Farias: Muy rápida atención.
Melissa Chant: These people put us through one hell of an afternoon. Arranged for a nurse to meet us at our hotel. When we scheduled this i went back and forth with someone on whatsapp i asked if they accepted credit card. We needed a place that accepted credit card for a covid test because our debits were not working. They assured me it would be absolutely no problem (it was).So a nurse meets us on time at our hotel (i went back and forth with someone in english- nurse who they sent speaks no english but ok shouldn’t be a big deal) , we give her our information she does the test and now its time to pay. She takes out her dataphone and its flashing low battery. Why she didnt check to ensure she had a working dataphone when they knew we were paying by card is beyond me. Now shes plugging it in, restarting it, its beeping as we all just sit there staring at each other. 20mins of this go by and she decides to call the office. Shes going back and forth with them while my sister and i are asking if we can pay over the phone with a credit card, venmo, paypal we’re open to whatever they need. Nope shes telling us to get cash. Well this is exactly why i asked if they took card because cash isnt an option for us. An hour goes by and the solution is for her to come back in one hour with a working data phone.So one hour goes by dont hear anything. Hour and a half goes by i ping the whatsapp ask whats going on, they tell me 30mins. Well 30mins go by and shes still not there. Again they say 30mins. And by this point im telling them to cancel this whole disaster we’ll figure something else out. They wont let me and continue to tell me shes coming back. Nurse is suppose to be back at 3:30 its now 5:30 and we have plans mind you our tests are still sitting in her cooler im being told. For reference the initial appt was at 1:30. We’ve wasted our whole afternoon waiting for this women and by 5:30 we’re leaving and again i tell them this and to cancel the test.6pm comes around and theyre messaging me on whatsapp telling me oh the nurse is at the front desk! I said im not, i told you guys we left. They insist on having her meet us where we are. We gave them the address and she did in fact come meet us to collect their money with nothing to say for herself.Horrible, stressful experience all around. Do not recommend.
veronica valencia: Fui para un test de antigeno para coronavirus para mi novio. No se necesita cita previa. El laboratorio se ve limpio y organizado. El personas amable y confiable.Tambien ofrecen test PCR para viajar. Y otros test relacionados con Covid.
David Schaub-Jones: Clean, fast, professional. Went in person, fault of four, rapid PCR test that gave quick results.
Sarah J: I used this facility for an express PCR test to fly home. They were very clean and professional, I got in right away via walk-in. They are also quick to respond to any questions on WhatsApp. It took a bit longer than the 3 hours advertised to get my results but overall I was very happy with my experience with them!
Itxaso del Palacio: They give you a number when you arrive and you need to wait until they call you. People were coming and saying that their flight was that night and just moving forward in the line. The ladies have no idea how to manage the place properly. I would not recommend
Dayyan Lord: Fast, efficient, inexpensive covid antigen test for USA entry. Friendly staff, English speaking. A+
Rodrigo Leichtle: Excelente servicio. Entregan resultados de PCR en 3-4 hrs!!
Lucy O: We went there to get COVID AG test for us to return back to US. We arrive early in morning, little after 8:00 am, and no wait. We were checked in immediately after we reach and tested. Whole process took no more than 30 min. They told me that we would get the result within an hour. We did not get the result till that night, so we text them and send it to us in PDF.Besides we had some delay of getting result, the service is fast and price is very reasonable. As American need to get COVID test for now to go back country, it is good place. More than that it is near all the hotel on the Bocagrande beach. We could just walk to get there.
ALEJANDRA DORIA VILLALBA: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are the best, excellent service, everything very agile. The facilities are very clean and organized. They are without a doubt the best in the city. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine J: Easy to book antigen test online needed for my flight back to the USA. $32 and came to my hostel . Received my results in an hour , perfect service
Dharen Manuel Brochero Garavito: Quick, very kind, and affordable prices. I know for next time I come back.

6. Clinical laboratory Eduardo Fernández - Bocagrande

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Clinical laboratory Eduardo Fernández
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Address: Edificio Seguros Bolivar Local No. 4, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +57 5 6656090

Business type: Medical laboratory

Clinical laboratory Eduardo Fernández: what do users think?
Sandra García: Excellent and fast service.
Cristian Alfonso Sarmiento Perez: Excellent medical laboratory, very good attention.
Italy Jah rose Bowie escalona: Hi, do you have remote service? I'm investigating the chemical components of sargassum. Do you do that kind of work? And what would be the price for it?
Hilarion Martinez: Covid antigen test to return to U.S. $70,000. Results w/in 1 hour. In/out in 10 min. Bring your ppt of electronic copy. Amazing efficiency.Done at their main office Edificio Seguros Bolivar, Bocagrande; minutes by taxi from centro histórico.
Xsirixs “RX KLVN” Xtt: No pcr for travelers!
Jeff C: The place was good for getting a covid test but a few days later they charged my credit card again for an antigen test. I think they took my credit card information and double charged my credit card... be careful if you pay with a credit card.
Andrew Lois: I arrived at the opening time, but was told I couldn't get my test until 8:30. It was explained very quickly in Spanish and I didn't catch the reason why. I got my results quickly, but the password they gave me did not work. I called, and it turned out that my passport number was my password. Besides that, this service was good. The lab was clean and the people working there were professional.
Ana Isabel Duque Seguro: Yesterday I took a test for covid for international travel, the results never came. I was never able to communicate by phone because they did not answer.
Xavier Wasserzug: I had to take a COVID test to travel. Although there were people waiting, the process was quite fast and agile, with good service. The results came to me in the time they had told me.
Ferdinando Rangel: (Translated by Google
Ian Carlo Torres: Excellent service and customer service, the girls at the reception are very attentive and explicit, congratulations indeed
Rose Mary Henriquez (Rose): Excellence and quality in its management. Reliable and organized and the staff is friendly and warm in their attention. Right now excellent biosecurity protocol
Omar Cárdenas Luque: Excellent service and reliability. A laboratory at the forefront.
Eduardo Villegas: Very satisfied

7. Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver) - Bocagrande

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46 reviews
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Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver)
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Address: Edificio Nautilus (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cra. 2 ##9 145, Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: (201) 614-3272

Business type: Cosmetic dentist

Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver): what do users think?
Wayne Jackson: It was very clean, professional and the staff was friendly. They responded quickly to my needs.
Denise Tilson: Good experience I made my trip solo staying at Holiday Inn Express across the street good hotel 6 nights $499 staff excellent. Doctors staff an doc also very good. I only wish I had done this 10 yrs ago an not waited till 63 yrs old. I cannot fight the aging process an when I look at my smile I feel younger. Anyone want more of my journey story get in touch with Claudia.Sincerely Denise 😊
Sept Alix: Dr. Oliver and his team are wonderful! I did extensive research before making the decision to travel to Colombia and had many reservations about why I should not go. Nonetheless, I can say it was definitely worth the trip and one of the best decisions I have made.Dr. Oliver is kind and does amazing work! The extensive amount of actual dental work I needed was handled well. I would recommend Dr. Oliver without hesitation for anyone seeking dental work in Colombia.Additionally, Carlos who was my driver most of the time was top notch he spoke fluent English, gave us information about Cartagena and checked on me often. The other drivers were also kind as well. I actually felt like they cared about my well being.Great job!!
Jessica Carter: It was a wonderful dental experience. They were very professional and willing to work with my hectic schedule. I can not say enough about this practice. I would come back, and absolutely recommend this dentist office!
Yatta: I had a appointment for teeth cleaning, received a warm welcome, got work done, satisfied with my results.
Lek Phomlavan: Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole process and was a little concern about my safety. But rest assure. They make sure you are informed about the process. The service I received was outstanding! Starting from the coordinator, the driver, and the assistant, all the way down to Dr. Julio and his staff. I highly recommend them.
Jo Sousa: Excellent site, Dr. Oliver is a true profesional, my dental work is incredible, very satisfied.
Cisco Cruz: Amazing place if you go ask for Angie ! She is amazing and fast
DW: Appointment was changed from 10 to 11 am but was not called in until 11:20. I was finished in 40 minutes with 3 applications for whitening. It did not change much at all. I was told it would not change much so there were no great expectations. It would take several more, I was told. I guess it is worth 100 USD
Jake Jones: Dr. Oliver and his entire team made the entire experience fantastic. One third the cost of my dentist in the USA, and way more pleasant. If you are on the fence about going, stop, make the appointment.
Katrina Llanos: Dr. Julio Oliver and his whole team are the best! I have anxiety about the dentist and they were great. Dr. Oliver made sure I wasn’t in any pain. He does great work. I feel like a whole person again. 10/10 would recommend!
Keith Knighton: The whole staff was wonderful especially Angie, Dr oliver is the man if you want a beautiful smile for a good price visit him you won't be disappointed.
michael mallon: I had a good experience with dental tourism, they cleaned and gave me a filling very effectively and professionally and my tooth ache is gone
Chantelle B: I just want to say this was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I’ve had numerous dental encounters. They are attentive, they respond quickly and the work is amazing. Not only is your dental experience great but from pick up at the airport to drop off you are taken care of. My favorite part is they always ask me to text them when my flight lands safely. Dr Oliver and his team did an amazing job on my teeth and gave me not only my smile back but my confidence back. P.S. I got a implanted bridge on my upper front teeth. I was missing 4-5 teeth.
Marta Nazzar: Dr Julio Oliver is very talented and really cares about his patients. He spent a lot of time with me and was extremely patient. My results were amazing! I would definitely recommend him! He is bilingual and his staff as well.His office staff are very professional and friendly. His office is beautiful, immaculate and all equipment is state of the art. I highly recommend him.
megan garrett: Dr Julio is highly recommend he’s great at what he does.
Corrin Watson: Dr. Julio Oliver literally helped rebuild my confidence. Other dentists told me nothing could be done to restore my smile and Dr. Julio proved them wrong! Everyone I encountered throughout my experience was extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely love my smile and forever grateful! He's the best!
Eye Of Heru: “One of the best decisions of my life”.Let me start of by saying I have been scared of the dentist my whole life, so I did intensive research with a feeling of fear, once I got ahold of dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver the feeling of fear suddenly went away. From the dental coordinator Ms.Claudia to the dental assist Ms. Angie everything went beyond excellent. All my questions were answered in a timely fashion before I even decided to choose them so that speaks volumes to what a great dentistry this is. Once I booked my flight everything went as smooth as possible. The driver Carlos, who picked me up from the airport when I arrived was awesome. Safety wasn’t an issue, as I felt as safe as could be. I was not expecting everything to go as smooth as it did, especially going into another country for dental work. I’m gonna just say this it greatly exceeded my expectations. Just the price alone made it all worthwhile then u add that on with the hospitality of the people, the beautiful country that I never been to, was just a bonus like getting a 2 for 1. Dr Julio Oliver I can’t even begin to say enough about this guy, if u could give a a person 10 stars this guy deserves it. Let’s just say I needed major dental work. After having gold teeth for about 16 years I didn’t know what to expect. Man once I was in his presence I knew I was gonna be well taking care of. Not only did it not hurt that much, but the attention to detail, the precision and patience was on point from the Doctor Julio Oliver. In the US I would have paid at least 4 times more then what I paid here in Colombia the quality was if not better then the US so that alone was just a win win situation. Unlike some other Dentist on social media Dr Julio Oliver did not and doesn’t have to sell the fluff, his reviews on google speak for itself. I recommend anyone that has to have a lot of dental work done consider dental tourism of Colombia and Dr Julio Oliver, him and his team are A+. The trip, the people, the price made it all worth while. Thank u very much Dr Julio Oliver and dental tourism of Colombia.
Bill Hufstader: My visit with Dr. Oliver was received graciously and professionally.My transportation was provided to and from the clinic and my evaluation was prompt and clearly explained. He suggested that the advised treatment of my home dentist was premature and presently unnecessary at this time. His honesty and professionalism convinced me that I can trust this clinic to serve in my best intersests. Thank you Dr. Oliver; I will be back.
Raquel Ritz: Communication was excellent. Easy to set up appointment over website. Staff were very friendly. Dr. Julio Oliver was extremely professional. The implant procedure was fast and painless.
Ed Gaynor: Whilst visiting Cartagena, contacted the team to check availability for a clean and teeth whitening. Helpful, good advice and excellent results. Would come back to Cartagena for a repeat appointment. English speaking.

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